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An ode to some of the most frequently banned books -- VIDEO

As a ramp-up to Banned Books Week (BBW), the American Library Association and other supporters of the event have promoted this video, which celebrates the right to read freely. The clip was produced by Bookmans, an independent bookstore based in Arizona, and in addition to tastefully highlighting frequently banned books, it serves as a call for libraries and other bookstores to participate in BBW’s Virtual Read-Out.

Check out the video below and tell us your favorite controversial classic: READ FULL STORY

Incredible stop-motion books come out to play in an empty store -- VIDEO

The people who brought you this very cool video last year — of books arranging and re-arranging themselves on a bookshelf — have taken their love of curiously mobile tomes to a new level. In a cinematic new short, which takes on a Tim Burton- or LAIKA-esque stop-motion vibe, books come out to cavort in an empty store when the owners are away. Created by the folks at Toronto’s Type Books, hopefully the video inspires some support for independents — somehow it’d feel less magical if this dance happened after hours at Barnes & Noble, and e-books certainly don’t have these moves! Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On' book -- EXCLUSIVE video preview


Marcel the Shell, the itty-bitty star of 2010′s most adorable YouTube sensation, has a beautifully illustrated book out now called Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me. The little dude, who seems alternately amazed and saddened by his own tiny existence, also has a television show in development, according to a Jezebel interview with creators Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp.

EW caught up with Slate and Fleischer-Camp to get the scoop on how Marcel’s handling his growing fame; also, check out an exclusive video preview of the Marcel app, which is available now on iTunes!: READ FULL STORY

Spoof of the National Book Award snafu -- VIDEO

The National Book Awards nomination debacle — which began when the National Book Foundation mistakenly named Shine by Lauren Myracle as a contender for the young adult category instead of Chime by Franny Billingsley — is so ridiculous that it naturally invites parody. This video, animated in the text-to-voice style of the Xtranormal series of GEICO ads, spoofs the incident pretty much by recounting what actually happened. See the video below!


'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On' is back with a children's book!

Marcel the Shell, the tiny star of 2010’s cutest YouTube sensation, is expanding his media empire. The little dude, who seems alternately amazed and saddened by his own itty-bitty existence, will be releasing a children’s book, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me (out Nov. 1). He also has a television show in development, according to a Jezebel interview with creators Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp.

The best part about the Marcel the Shell video is his tentative, pipsqueak voice (performed by Slate, a former Saturday Night Live cast member), so it’s a good thing that Slate has recorded an accompanying audio version. READ FULL STORY

Famous authors and ziplines: another reason to join Team Coco -- VIDEO

It’s always a joy to see celebrated authors doing undignified things. In an effort to bring the high-brow writers to late night — and even more unusually, to TBS — Conan O’Brien came up with a gag to make Tom Wolfe, Joyce Carol Oates, and Maya Angelou exciting to a young audience. I have to say, the choice in excerpts is brilliant, although they probably should have cast this guy for Maya Angelou’s voice. See video below: READ FULL STORY

Top 5 Stoner Movies That Don't Feature Any Actual Weed-Smoking: As chosen by the co-author of 'Reefer Movie Madness'

Reefer-Movie-Madness“18 months. 660 movies. 1 definitive book.” So promise Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom, co-authors of the new tome Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide, which in addition to featuring reviews of assorted cinematic “joints” also boasts “Stony Movie Picks” from Jason Mraz, Andy Milionakis, Adrianne Curry, and Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill. Also included? Informative guides to “Far-Out Acid Flicks,” “Foreign Stoner Films,” “Trippy Spaceships,” “Smoking Animals,” “Smart Stoners,” “Will Ferrell Movies To Watch Stoned,” “Stoner Cops,” “Stony Dream Sequences,” “Stony Mockumentaries,” and “Ganja Girls.” Wow, I think I’ve gotten a contact high just writing that list.

But can we really trust anyone who would pen a stoner film guide to count accurately up to 660? Or 18? Or 1? Actually we can, given that Halperin is a former EW staffer. What we can’t do, on the other hand, is promote or condone the smoking of what I believe the kids like to refer to as “the Mary Jane wacky backy.” Which is why we asked Halperin to recommend her Top 5 Stoner Movies That Don’t Feature Any Actual Weed-Smoking.

You can check out her list after the jump.


The Brontë Sisters, now with Kung-Fu Grip!

“Book on, Brontës!” If you’re a fan of action figures, Victorian literature, or both, you should check out this kickass fake commercial for the Brontë Sisters Power Dolls, as the first siblings of literature fight their way past patriarchic literary norms with book-flinging action, just like they did in real life. These twisted sisters take a cannon to the Western canon!

Are there any other authors you think would make for good action figures? G.I. Poe, perhaps? Barbie and Ken Follett? He-Man Melville?

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