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Authors take to Twitter to toast Alice Munro on Nobel Prize

The book world is a buzz with the news that short story virtuoso Alice Munro has been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. Fans and well-wishers — including other prominent authors — have taken to Twitter to congratulate Munro. Check out Margaret Atwood, Jodi Picoult, Salman Rushdie, and others’ reactions to the “master of the contemporary story” winning the Nobel Prize:

Margaret Atwood

Reza Aslan

Christopher Barzak

Harlan Coben

  Hart Hanson

Jodi Picoult

Anne Mazer 

Patrick Ness

  Andrew Pyper

Corey Redekop

Salman Rushdie

Cheryl Strayed

Melissa Wiley

On the Books: Stephen Baldwin sued for missing book deadline; Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize in Literature

This morning’s books news is all about the Nobel Prize (congratulations, Alice Munro), but aside from the announcement, there’s a bevy of lawsuits, betrayals, and even teenage angst to cover in the literary world. Read on for today’s top books headlines: READ FULL STORY

Comedian Jenny Johnson signs book deal

It Books, a subsidiary of HarperCollins, recently signed comedian and Twitter star Jenny Johnson, according to The Hollywood ReporterThis morning, Johnson tweeted: “Next stop, Oprah’s book club.”

The GQ, Glamour, and contributer and former television news producer became an overnight sensation after her late 2012 Twitter feud with R&B singer Chris Brown.

Johnson’s book of humorous essays is expected to be released in 2015.

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Twitter co-founder lands book deal

The co-founder of Twitter has a story to tell, and he’ll need more than 140 characters. Biz Stone has a deal with Grand Central Publishing for Things a Little Bird Told Me, a book about creative thinking that will include personal anecdotes. Grand Central, a division of Hachette Book Group, announced Monday that Stone’s book is scheduled for April 2014. Stone, 38, has written two books about blogging: Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content and Who Let The Blogs Out?

Q&A: Justin Halpern talks new book 'I Suck at Girls' and having to top 'S-t My Dad Says'

Justin Halpern may very well be the first successful example of a digital era writer. Halpern’s Twitter feed @s–tmydadsays brought the San Diego comedian unprecedented social media success, and most impressively a major CBS sitcom deal (which turned into the erstwhile William Shatner vehicle, $#*! My Dad Says). Now, Halpern is giving readers another taste of his father’s wisdom in I Suck At Girls, his new novel that’s part memoir, part romantic comedy and all side-splitting confessional.

EW caught up with Halpern before the May 15 release of his brave compendium of unfortunate interactions with girls (leading up to his eventual marriage) and pressed him about what it took to admit to the world: I Suck at Girls. READ FULL STORY

Should comic books emulate the TV biz? Plus: More reviews of 'The New 52'

Pop culture in September. A month of beginnings and renewal. A time when a certain sector of entertainment expends much marketing energy to not just psyche up the public about its products but get them excited about the very medium that delivers those products. We’re talking TV, of course, and the “new fall season” that’s imminent. But this month, we’re talking about the comic book industry, too. Last week, DC Comics began rebooting its entire line of comics via an initiative called “The New 52.” Ongoing hits like Action Comics (home to Superman) and Detective Comics (abode to Batman) restarted with new creative approaches, storylines, and creative teams. Launching with them: A bevy of new series, many starring familiar characters, returning to prime time comics the way TV stars of the past return in new vehicles. (‘Tool Time’ Tim Allen/Last Man Standing = Construction worker Alec Holland/Swamp Thing. Grunt-grunt!)


On the Books Mar. 22: Exclusive info on 'The Gaggle,' new book deal for Elizabeth Kostova, and more

Jess Massa and Rebecca Wiegand are not only poster-girls for modern day dating, but also for 21st century book publishing. These best friends came up with a theory on “dating in the post-dating world” called “the Gaggle.” In a nutshell, the idea is that in a time when traditional dating relationships can’t be expected, women now have a group of guys in their lives who fulfill different romantic roles. Massa and Wiegand turned their idea into an interactive blog (, YouTube series, popular Twitter feed, and they even have a movie currently in development with New Line (screenwriters Emily Cook and Kathy Greenberg are attached), which will most likely be reminiscent of recent rom-coms with large casts, such as He’s Just Not That into You and Valentine’s Day. With an already strong brand and film option behind them, Massa and Wiegand, with A-list literary agent Alex Glass, shopped their Gaggle idea for a book, with Massa as author and Wiegand as co-creator. Massa told me exclusively they made a “significant six-figure deal” after a hotly contested auction among six interested publishers, with editor Kerri Kolen at Simon & Schuster coming out on top. Slated for spring of 2012, Massa will pen the book, giving a whole picture of the current dating world and its changing values, and describing the types of guys a girl might find in her Gaggle. Also exclusive to the book will be a rundown of a guy’s Gaggle of girls. READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games': Celebrities tweet their love

Hunger-Games-trilogy-tweetsImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos (2); Jason Kempin/Getty ImagesA few weeks ago, Kristen Bell professed her love for Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy on Twitter. But it seems she’s not the only celeb to give The Hunger Games love in 140 characters or less. Here’s a sample of other celebs who can’t get enough of the books:

Elizabeth Banks: (actress, most recently seen on 30 Rock as Avery Jessup)

  • “MOCKINGJAY!!! Clearing three days of my life to devour this book. 3rd in Hunger Games trilogy. Read these!”

John Gallagher Jr.: (actor, Broadway star of American Idiot)

  • I just finished The Hunger Games and must IMMEDIATELY get to a book store to procure the second entry! Now reading…
  • 1st copy fresh from a just opened shipment box. Thanks Book Court!
  • Finished Catching Fire of the Hunger Games trilogy. Don’t know how most fans of the series waited a whole year for 3rd book.
  • It’s release day for Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins! Get your copy today! No I’m not working for the PR team. Just a really big fan/dork.
  • Had to put down Janis Ian for this. 100 pages in. It’s a nail biter!
  • Just landed in LA. I spied several castmates reading The Hunger Games on the plane. It’s spreading!

Jodelle Ferland: (actress, most recently seen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as Bree)

  • @ZoeyActress Have I read them? Like 5 times! haha Im totally obsessed with them they are AMAZING! Being Katniss would be a dream come true=)
  • Hm….wonder where I could get a bow and arrows…I think I know who I wanna be for Halloween ;)
  • @JoMarie15 I was Gale before…but then I was converted to Peeta after Mockingjay! (gale was a bit of a jerk in it)
  • I got the Mockingjay pin! =)
  • BTW I got my Mockingjay pin at Borders while I was at the airport (it’s US only store) & it’s actually a keychain, gonna turn it into a pin!

Melinda Doolittle:

  • “@SpunkyC 3rd installment of The Hunger Games series!” and “@gavincreel If you like fiction, you should read The Hunger Games! :-)”

And if showing love via Twitter isn’t enough, CBS Style named the trilogy one of this fall’s must-haves to carry around. And at a recent trip to a bookstore, President Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia picked up titles from the trilogy.

Have you read The Hunger Games? And do you know of other celebrities who enjoy the books? Let me know in the comments below.

Neil Gaiman auctions off Twitter follows and personal phone calls for charity

Neil-GaimanImage Credit: Eric Fougere/VIP Images/CorbisNeil Gaiman recently took to his Twitter to announce his participation in TwitChange, the first ever celebrity Twitter auction. Pegged as “changing the world one tweet at a time,” TwitChange allows fans to bid on receiving tweets, retweets, and Twitter follows from their favorite celebrities. All proceeds of this charity auction go to, which builds permanent housing for Haitian orphans.

While receiving a simple Twitter follow may not seem like a huge prize, being the lone literary selection thus far, Neil Gaiman announced via Twitter that the winner of his “mega package” auction will also win a one-on-one phone call with him, where he will read either a poem or a “short-short story.” No word on whether these readings will be penned specifically for the winner or if they will have been previously published. For those not willing to spend the big bucks necessary to win the Neil Gaiman mega package, there are other auctions for Twitter mentions, Twitter follows, and retweets from Neil himself. Just a couple of hours into the auction, the current bid of the mega package is $455, and the auction doesn’t end until September 25.

Kristen Bell professes her love of the 'Hunger Games' trilogy on Twitter

Mockingjay-Kristen-BellImage Credit: Glenn Harris/PR PhotosKristen Bell is drooling and sweating (her words, not mine) over Mockingjay, the third and final installment of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Bell has taken to her verified Twitter account (@IMKristenBell) to profess her love for the novels. “not just ‘a’ hunger games fan. THE hunger games fan. read both books twice & am silently salivating for the 3rd” she tweeted last week. Well, Kristen, ask and you shall receive. Yesterday, she posted a picture of the book, saying “it’s here.”

Twitter isn’t the only outlet Bell is using to talk up the books. In the September issue of SHAPE she said, “It’s a wonderfully engaging story about a young female gladiator. I read the first one in a day — it’s that good.” And she’s even trying to convince her Twitter followers that the books is a must-read: “believe it baby! 2nd time i read it aloud 2 friends & did different voices for each charachter. i am the king of the nerds!” But that’s not all. She shared her thoughts on characters Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark: “hmm its a hard one. peeta is so damn sweet but i wish he would stick up for himself when katniss is being a straight up biiiitch!” and “but i love katniss. shes a hardened criminal & the symbol of a rebellion. embarrassed to say i wish she would smoooch peeta more!”

What do you think? Is Bell’s love of the trilogy a bit too much or are you right there with her tweeting about how awesome the series is?

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