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'Buffy' Season 9 spin-off 'Spike': The cockroaches aren't happy -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

At the end of the most recent issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, Spike and Buffy went their separate ways. (Well, it was actually Buffy’s consciousness inside a robot version of Buffy, but let’s not get too technical.) Spike had had it with having his non-beating heart jerked around by Buffy’s inability to fully commit to him, and he blasted off in his spaceship piloted by a loyal crew of giant alien cockroaches. Naturally.

That’s pretty much exactly where the five-issue spin-off miniseries Spike (written by Victor Gischler and pencilled by Paul Lee) starts off, and EW has an exclusive sneak peek at how well — or, really, not well — Spike is handling his self-imposed separation from Buffy.

You can read the full issue when it arrives in stores Aug. 22, but you can check out EW’s four-page first look here.

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Joss Whedon talks about the end of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Season 8 comic, and the future of Season 9 -- EXCLUSIVE

Buffy-comic-Joss-whedonImage Credit: Dark Horse; Inset: Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesThe acclaimed (oc)cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air in 2003 after seven seasons. But for nearly four years, Buffy’s story has lived on in creator Joss Whedon’s “Season 8″ comic book series, which finishes its 40-issue run today. Whoa, boy, did things go down. (WARNING: Some big time spoilers follow, for both “Season 8″ and the impending “Season 9.” Consider yourself warned now.) Over the course of the “season,” Buffy became a god, battled (and boinked) her ex Angel, and watched him kill her mentor Giles. And then she effectively destroyed the seed of all magic on earth. Issue No. 40 deals with the aftermath, and — as Whedon makes clear in his exclusive Q&A with EW — it also gives some pointed hints for what to expect in Buffy “Season 9.” Whedon also talks about his new comic series about Angel with publisher Dark Horse, some of his controversial plot turns in “Season 8″ — Buffy goes lesbian? Xander and Dawn get domestic? — and what actor Anthony Stewart Head’s reaction was when Whedon told him his character Rupert Giles was going to bite the big one.  READ FULL STORY

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