Gayle Forman on the 'Just One Day' read-a-thon and the movie version of 'If I Stay'

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What can you tell me about Just One Year?
I am not going to tell much about Just One Year because even if I tell a little about it, I feel like it’s too spoilery. All I’ll say is it’s from Willem’s point of view, and it will raise more questions and answer more questions. But there’s definitely a lot of Willem in it!

Shifting gears a little bit, what can you tell me about the film adaptation of [2010’s] If I Stay
I feel like Hollywood is that boyfriend that keeps breaking my heart. I keep going back, and it keeps breaking my heart. It’s been sort of back and forth, but the latest is that Chloë Moretz has expressed interest—it hasn’t been greenlit, it hasn’t gone anywhere—but she’s the Mia apparently on deck with interest now. They’re trying to get it together and find people to play the parent roles. But Chloë is the Mia I’ve heard about. A lot of possibilities have come and gone, but she’s the one I’m most excited about. So hopefully that will pan out, and I’m allowed to say the name which is new! [Laughs]

So can you picture Chloë as Mia? 
I can. Just because she’s a fantastic actress, and she’s got such range. She’s the right age for it. She’s actually even a little bit young, so it would be remarkable to have somebody that young. But I think she has a lightness to her, and she also has gravitas to her. She’s a real natural. I would be delighted if that came to be.

Can you share any other specifics about the movie? 
I’ve herad things about dates and pre-production about when things were happening, but there’s been nothing that’s been certain. And I’ve heard it so many times before I don’t know. So yeah, I think when all that really starts to happen, everybody will know.

Anything else you want to add?
I hope lots of people come to the read-a-thon. I think it will be an interesting experience to see people reading it in a day. And then they can ask me whatever questions. I know Penguin has some cool prizes, and I suppose the amount of attendance we get will determine how much I might give away about Just One Year in the chat!

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