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EW: After reforming Bruce Patman in Confidential, he’s at the center of a scandal in The Sweet Life series. Do you like this guy?

Francine Pascal: I like him very much. I like him because he loves Elizabeth and he’s loved Elizabeth for years and has never wavered. Also he’s exciting because he’s obviously smart and talented and successful and still a good person. I think they make a wonderful couple.

EW: So my dream of Liz and Todd getting back together is dead?

FP: I’m not going to tell you a thing!

EW: Other fan-favorites show up in TSL, including Lila Fowler, who joins a reality show called True Housewives of Sweet Valley. Have you ever seen The Real Housewives?

FP: Never in my life! I went online and I picked up some dialogue from the first fifteen minutes from one of the Housewives, and I don’t even know which one it was, to get the feel… I don’t watch it purposely, but I couldn’t resist using it.

EW: Will you do another e-book series if TSL does well?

FP: Well let’s see what happens. No one has done this — we are first. I wanted [the installments] to be further apart, but [the publisher] said no, this is the way it should be. It’s going to be available on smart phones and things like that, and because it’s a novella it gives you a feeling that you can actually read it quickly.

EW: What’s happening with Diablo Cody’s Sweet Valley High movie?

FP: You could probably ask [anyone] sitting next to you and get more information on it. Unfortunately when people sell things to the movies, that’s the end of you. I have not even seen the script… Diablo is terrific, she’s my dream writer for it, and it’s a musical and they’ve got a Tony-award winning composer and lyricist… My daughter, who lives in LA, went to a reading — this was quite a few months ago — and she said it was coming along very nicely, the music is very good. Everything looked kind of good, there needed to be work done on it, but other than that it was sort of exciting… At this point, I’ve lost interest. It would be nice if it came out and it was a proper success, and then it might bring back the entire series.

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