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  • Bizzaro Mike

    How about a list of “Things Customers never told you about retail clerks”?
    1. No Pressure sales? Then why is everyone in the store asking me if I want another credit card or sto join a silly ISP or reward program?

    2. We already know you think being in a low wage retail nightmare you think you are better than all of your customers but please bear with ius as we try to spend $$ in your stores

    • Rachel H.

      You know why they pushed that stuff on you? THEY HAD TO. I’m sorry, but apparently you’ve never worked in retail or customer service. I do and frankly most people work retail at least once in their lives. I’m really sorry that you have no grasp of that concept. In addition, many of us who work in retail have or are working on our degrees. Stop acting as if job status equals intelligence. If customers were nice, understanding, and cooperative, maybe we would not feel this way.

      • Joshua

        I wish there was a like button for Rachel H’s answer.

        FYI – Some company’s will fire their salespersons for not asking customers if they would like to open a credit card. Trust me, we don’t like to ask.

      • jeni

        I’m with Joshua and Rachel- I worked at [unnamed chain bookstore] and were required to sign up a certain number of people a month or we would get the same kind of punishment as if we had done something wrong (verbal warning, written warning, fired). The job sucked but I love books and I needed the money!

  • Bret

    . . . and the biggest reason why people didn’t shop at Borders was because of the rude employees (highlighted above).

    • Berny

      I’m with the employees on this one. It’s hard to be polite when you’re confronted by some self absorbed moron who thinks the sun shines out his butt.

      • jeni

        Where’s the darn like button? Couldn’t agree with Berny more!

  • Katie

    Everything on here is true. When I worked there? “I’m looking for a book. It’s blue?” Meant The Lovely Bones. I grew to hate Oprah because of her list, and I used to tell customers who left their kids in the kids section that my babysitting fee was $20 for any part of an hour. Ugh.

    • T

      Yes! I loved working there, but “I know the cover was blue…” is an idiotic way to find a book. And I LOATHED working the kids’ section. Most parents suck.

  • Bonnie

    Why are people getting their short in a knot over this? It’s funny and it’s true. Especially threatening to shop at the competitor, isn’t that what you always say when you’re unhappy with a store? Like it’s a source of power even though no retail chain is ever going to care.

  • Big Walt

    I don’t get the non-fiction section one. Are they just saying that everything (not fiction) is non-fiction and they need a more specific category?

    • T


  • T

    My favorite idiotic request: “I need a book with PHOTOGRAPHS of dinosaurs! NOT drawings! PHOTOS!”

  • Heather

    My favorite bookstore story is about the lady that GRABBED my arm and loudly stated that she’d been WAITING for me to help her. Ummm, ma’am, I don’t work here, I’m just helping my grandmother. She then asked (not nicely) if I could help her too. No, no I can’t. That said, even 10 years out, I love recommending books to people and helping them find things in my favorite stores. I even still straighten when I’m browsing (to make up for all the times I browsed while I straightened). I also wished they’d added a complaint about teachers who wanted to use their educator’s discount for bodice-ripper romances.

    • Yvonne

      “I even still straighten when I’m browsing (to make up for all the times I browsed while I straightened).”
      So cute! Thanks for the smile, Heather.

  • tvrmx

    This is almost sad, it’s as if these people had a stake in this business, other than just being wage slaves. Such is the tragic case in all corporate bookstores, people who know and love books, being used at $7.45/hour.

  • Rex

    Absolutely brilliant! Having worked as a cook, aside from ” No those pants do not make you look fat” lie the next biggest lie in the universe, is “the customer is always right”. We all know what that really is. Butt kissing the idiot who has absolutely no clue as to what they want, much less how to ask for it. I love this list, and only wish it were a world where folks could simply speak the truth. Alas, we like our fiction to be dummied down and our reality to be fraught with adorning smooches slathering the idiot’s asses. The real American Business Model.

  • deedee

    How dramatic! Adolescent angst!

  • WT

    Exactly what in that list is supported to make me care enough about them to shop there instead of at Amazon?

    • lt

      Seeing as how they are going out of business, I don’t think the point is to get you to shop there!

    • Laya

      I am pretty much upset that there are no plans for DVD. I am a big fan of Cher but I just could not aofrfd to go to Vegas, so I hoped to see the show on DVD. Even more disappointing is that I read it is Cher herself who is against to releasing the show on DVD. I donb4t understand this.VA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

  • RT

    Anyone who has ever worked in retail hell understands what this list is all about. There is nothing like do such work to make one so deeply cynical about the human race.

    • Me

      I work retail and every statement on that list is true. People are complete morons it doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not people are morons. I’ve seen people without degrees more intelligent than people with degrees. It always amazes me that people who work at a high paying job think they’re status carries over to sales people which it doesn’t. I don’t give a rats ass if you’re a CEO of a company or not what matters to me is your total disregard for being polite and actually being human. People wonder why other people go crazy it’s because people treating other people like they’re not worth a damn just because of their so called status at work. People get a clue you poo just like everyone else in this world.

      • Sandra

        IT has to take so long for that labum to be released, and it makes me so deepessrd, because i was really hoping it would be released a little sooner than the end of next year (i was rooting for fall), but i guess it takes time. The only thing about it is that us Cher fans haven’t heard a new amazing Cher album of new material in years (since 2002 to be exact), and that is way too long for an album gap. Someone even mentioned that this is the longest time gap for a new Cher album for her entire career. =( Keep dreaming, Vince.VA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

  • dash3088

    Hmmmm, I actually felt bad about Borders closing, but it seems that the employees thought they were better then people who read. Just like most of the closed video stores around the country.

    • jeni

      I think it’s more that they felt they were frustrated by people who felt entitled and thought that the people who worked at a store were their own personal servants.
      That, and it’s hard to deal with people who don’t actually read but want to be seen with a certain type of book so they can impress other well-heeled idiots.

  • tresorparis

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  • viviennewestwood

    Great article. I can¡¯t wait to hear more about your research tool. If it is as good as your other products, then you will have another winner. Your article pretty much summed up what I have been seeing too. Great to see some hard data.

    • Maggie

      I have a great story for fans of Cher.When she played the Manchester UK date of her Farewell Tour, Cher gave a mitneon to a man named Harry Goodwin who was in the audience. He is a British photogarpher who took many if the now iconic black and white pictures of Sonny & Cher in the 1960 s. The footage of this was also shown on a regional news programme a few days later. At the time, I was working in a music store in Manchester, and a few weeks after the show I spotted Harry in the store. I went up to him and he told me of how Cher remembered him and gave him a free ticket to the show. He met up with Cher before the concert, and without any publicity Cher gave him a cheque for a31000 as a donation to a local cancer charity that he supports (Marie Curie Cancer). How kind and lovely is Cher! Harry told me that That sort of thing doesn’t get in the papers, because they’re too busy focusing on the likes of that bastard David Beckham , which made me roar laughing. Harry is in his 90 s now, but is still as sprightly as anything and is still taking pictures.So Cher if you’re doing a 60 s album, why not call Harry up to do the album photo’s?, I’m sure the results would be incredible!VA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

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