Read it here first: opening chapters of 'Crossed', sequel to 'Matched' by Ally Condie -- EXCLUSIVE


You’ll have to wait until Nov. 1 to get your hands on Crossed, the hotly anticipated sequel to Matched — luckily, EW got a hold of the first two chapters before anybody else! As suggested by this snow globe-shattering cover, our heroine Cassia is exploring the wild, open world on the outer edges of the oppressive Society. Braving perilous canyons and dangerous terrain, Cassia embarks on a mission to save Ky from certain death. The locations make for a novel that has a look and feel that’s different from the first, without losing author Ally Condie’s cool prose and breezy pacing. Also different: alternating perspectives, as you’ll see below, between Cassia and Ky!

For those of you haven’t been inducted into the Society yet, check out the book that started it all, Matched, new in paperback a week from today. In the meantime, start reading below. (If you’re on an iPad, download the PDF of this excerpt here).

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  • nodnarb

    Why do people in young adult novels always have such stupid names?

    • Mel

      look at your stupid name

      • nodnarb


      • james

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      • Shea

        Lol. And she was looking for futuristic names, there’s an article about it on her website if you’d like.

    • mnm50angel

      i just finished match… it left me hanging… im soo looking forward to crossed…. i fell in love with cassia and ky..!!!

    • Cassia

      Cassia, Ky, and Xander are all great names. I know plenty Xanders. Ky sounds just like Kyle? And Cassia is kinda like Cassy. so lay off.


        yeah Xander is half of AleXander!

  • Sarah


  • Ana

    Is it already a year since Matched? Can’t believe how much I missed Cassia’s adventures on her way to finding true love. I’m counting the days ’til Crossed is available. Thanks Ally!

    • britney

      i know ritght i want it to come out now!

  • Flip

    Why don’t they match same-sex couples? What’s up with the lack of diversity?

    • Elise

      People are matched for the purpose of creating healthy, optimal offspring. Gay couples can’t do this. I believe they exist in the Matched world but chose to be one of the Singles.

      • Jessica

        Great answer, Elise. Agreed.

      • Flip

        Wow, the author of this book sounds extremely bigoted, homophobic, and anti-gay. Glad I didn’t read this book when I had the chance!

      • Taylor

        The whole point is that it’s wrong, Flip. The author (and the readers) aren’t saying that gay people should be forced to be Singles. The book is about challenging these ideas.

      • Shea

        Read it and you’ll find out. It has nothing to do with the author’s moral opinion. You obviously don’t know what we’re talking about, so figure it out yourself.

    • Avalon

      Think of how the society works. Do you really think they would match couples that could bare no children? Not saying its right but they wouldn’t do it.

      • Flip

        There are plenty of straight couples who choose not to have children, so it’s pretty offensive that the gay people in this universe would be forced to be “singles”. What a piece of garbage…I can’t believe our young people are reading this.

      • Anne

        It’s a book. Shut up. I bet most people who read this don’t even go that deep.

      • meep

        Flip, in this book they are matched to have perfect offspring for long lived healthy humans. and yes im sure you know there are a lot of couples that dont have kids but if you read the book, its not their choice, they have to have kids for the community. If you were matched you have too. end of story, read it before you judge it. Dont make everything so offensive.

    • Jessia

      The entire point is that it is an oppressive and destructive society and the main character tries to break away from it. It would be helpful to know what you’re talking about before condemning it.

      • Julie

        Exactly! The Society rules everything- they have their reasons for why people are Matched. If Flip read the book, they would know more of the reasoning behind this.

    • Jo

      The entire point of the book is the lack of diversity. The society has stripped people of everything – choice, individuality, difference. Anything different is shunned or destroyed. It’s not a piece of garbage to comment on society by taking a point to its extreme end. If anything, the book is probably on the same page as you, that it is bigoted and short-sighted to assume that people should only mate to produce viable offspring.

    • Bambi

      They can’t match same-sex couples because they are matched so that they can have healthy children. Not based on love, or diversity but science and controlled procreation.

    • ?

      Troll, much?

  • Audra

    I’m even more excited to read Crossed now! Thank you so much for postin this! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!!

  • Lo

    :O :O dfhweufgweugfegffg Whyyyy did it end there?! I need it to be November NOW. So excited

  • Katie G

    I read Matched…but am having serious issues remembering the entire plot, or how it ended…

    • britney

      the ending stuk but it is a phanamonal book

  • Tiffany

    Omg, I just finished matched and cannot wait to read crossed. I hope there will be more with Xander!

    • Shea

      Me too!

      • Yusif

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  • Christy

    Such a tease with just 2 chapters…UGH!!

    • yared

      I know I didn’t even understand it but I can’t wait!!! 

  • Michelle D E

    Love it!!

  • Julie

    Ally did such an amazing job on Matched and it left me wanting more, more more! Thank you EW for giving me this little bit which hopefully get me through the wait until November when I can have this book in my hand!

    I love that in Matched everything seems so happy go lucky on the surface. Members of the Society don’t have much to worry about. Their food is chosen, their clothes are chosen, and their partners are chosen. I’ve heard people say that the book is slow, but that is one of the things I LOVE about this book. Ally doesn’t give everything to you. The book flows like a long poem, working up to the romance between the two of the main characters as they pick apart the things that are wrong in the Society.

    I can’t wait to read more of this world in Crossed! Thanks EW!

    • britney

      Ditto what she said.

      • Valentina

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  • Andy

    Why is this stuff still called “Young Adult”? Its clearly written and marketed towards 20-40 year old women. Despite what you may think, you are not young adults anymore.

    • Megan

      So, only young adults can read Young Adult novels? That’s like saying only kids under 12 can see G-Rated movies. If you read any scholarly abstracts on these young adult books, you’ll realize there is a lot more to them than what’s on the surface….commentary on social mores (pronounced more-ays), feminist perspective, cultural nuances, political criticism, etc.

    • Anna

      It’s marketed towards a “young adult” audience, and that can be anyone. And I think I’m a young adult, being 15. They’re for young adults since most adult novels have different subject matter, where the relationships are different, based around adults, not teenagers.

    • Taylor

      It’s a teen title featuring teen characters. What’s not to get? It’s not an adult fiction title. (Not that I’m suggesting non-teens shouldn’t read it).

    • Shea

      Well, I actually am a young adult. Just because a book is apart of the young adult genre, doesn’t mean it’s strictly for that age, though.

  • Elara

    I loved Matched and am so excited for Crossed! This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting this!

  • Leah

    Megan, why are you telling us how to pronounce something that everyone knows how to say? You, sir, are a fool (pronounced fool).

  • britney

    Aaaaaaaaaaah give me Crossed NOW!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Katia

      Why does November have to be so far away?!?!?!?!!?!!!
      I’ll have to reread Matched just to fill up the spare months…. *shmerr* >_<

      • Kat

        ITS ALMOST NOVEMBER YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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