On the Books July 12: J.K. Rowling's working on new projects, Sookie Stackhouse series to end


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++While J.K. Rowling may have more money than the whole of Gringotts, no person has been so inextricably linked to a literary work since the Bible and that Jesus guy. But is it possible that we’ll finally see something not Potter-related escape her pen in the near future? At the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part Two, Rowling let slip that she’s been “writing hard” ever since she finished the series’ final novel in 2007 and that she’s already “got a lot of stuff.” It’s unlikely her immediate plans involve returning to the Potterverse, with the exception of the website project Pottermore, but she’s certainly leaving the back door to Hogwarts unlocked, saying, “Never say never. It is my baby and if I want to bring it out to play again, I will.”

++Bon Temps will soon be rouler-ing to a stop. Perhaps running out of possible supernatural hookup combinations, author Charlaine Harris has intimated that she may be ending her Sookie Stackhouse series of novels—the basis for HBO’s  True Blood—after lucky number 13.

++The working manuscript for Jane Austen’s unfinished novel The Watsons is being auctioned by Sotheby’s. It’s expected to fetch somewhere between $330,000 and $490,000.

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  • Ben

    That would be a shame if the Sookie Stackhouse novels end, but I guess all good things must end sometime. I just hope the series ends with a bang. Meanwhile, I doubt Rowling can come up with anything that will top her Potter books. I hope she can live with her massive success as a one trick pony.

    • AJ

      I don’t think I would mind being her sort of “one tick pony”..
      That being said, I have faith that she can capture everyone’s imaginations in a different way.

      • Jen

        I’ve always heard that trying to top “Thriller” was one of the things that made Michael Jackson start to go crazy. Lightning doesn’t strike twice and no matter HOW successful anything else JKR writes may become, it won’t be as big as Harry Potter. And hoonestly, it shouldn’t have to be.

      • Maggie

        Well, at least maybe we should give her credit as a 7-trick pony.

      • Mocha

        A few years ago, I read somewhere that she was working on an adult mystery novel. If it’s true, I doubt it’s going to be able to defeat Harry Potter in terms of success, but I think that’s okay. She’s a great writer and I will read her books for their own merit, not because I want them to replace Harry Potter.

    • j

      The Sookie Stackhouse novels have been declining in quality for awhile, I think – and it sounds like Charlaine knows it. It’s time for her to end them and move on to another character, imo. The last one bored me. Oh, well.

      • kate middleton

        Yes, agree. It’s been said for a while that the 13th book will be the last. The quality has gone WAY down – the last one was awful. We’ll see how well she can wrap it up.

      • crispy

        Wow, I can’t imagine the quality going down… because I read the 3rd one and it was terrible. How bad can it get?! She has a great imagination, but she’s a horrid writer.

      • Kim

        Agreed. Even the character of Sookie seemed bored with everything. Definitely time to retire the series.

    • BC

      The last few sookie books have been awful. I quit after the Dead in the Family because it was so terrible. Thankfully she’s realizing the well is dry.

    • Sara

      There’s nothing worse than a series that goes on and on with no real resolution. She should have quit about three books ago.

      • ash

        Tell that to JD Robb (Nora Roberts).

    • Veronica

      Considering the popularity of HP means Rowling will forever be included on lists of most popular authors of all time, and that HP became not just a series but a phenomenon (and made her billions), I’m pretty sure she can live with it.

      Plus, I’m sure she doesn’t have any plans to try to “top” Harry Potter, because why would she even want to, let alone think it’s possible? It would be like Lucas trying to top Star Wars or Tolkien trying to top Lord of the Rings.

      • karen

        Rowling said that what happened to her with Harry Potter was a once in a lifetime experience and that it probably won’t happen to her again, but that it can happen to someone else…. or something along those lines. I don’t believe she will try to top Harry Potter.

  • JDB

    JK Rowling doesn’t have to top Harry Potter. Not every writer has massive success with every book published. In fact, most don’t. Harry was rare because it crossed generations. I don’t believe she will expect that again (she didn’t this time). I don’t see her as a “one trick pony”. I think any future books will be well written and well liked. All any author ever asks for.

    • Sara

      I’ll see her as an author who only had one story to tell unless she gets the guts to actually write another book/series.

      I would hope that she will stick to writing for the middle grade audience. She’s very good at it and her style of writing is needed and enjoyed.

  • cam

    It’d be interesting to see what an “adult” non fantasy novel by J.K Rowling would read like. A large slice of the appeal of the Potter books are due to the cleverness of the “mysteries” the Potter kids solve. Cleverness is impressive in both the kid world, and adult world. It’s remarkable how relativly young she still is too. …But I don’t want her to become one of those ‘novel a year’ type of novelist, although I’m sure she could easily pull that off. She just seems to good for that. (and she really doesn’t need the money).

  • Nathan

    It’s only a matter of time before Rowling starts writing the Potter prequels, James Potter as a young wizard, the rise and fall of Voldemort etc etc, you know it’s coming.

    • thin


  • Ken

    I think it would be interesting at some point if Rowling revisited the Potter universe…maybe with a book that is set pre-Harry Potter, followed by a book set during the time of Potter’s children. Sort of act as book ends to the series.

    But, in the end, that’s up to Rowling. I think it would be great if she wrote and published a non-Potter book. I’d buy it.

  • Drago Harley

    I don’t think the author of this piece, Keith S., intended to be offensive…but He is not “that Jesus guy”. I highly doubt EW.com would allow its writers to disrespect “that Muhammad guy”…because of EW.com’s fear of insulting Muslims by calling Muhammad “that guy”.

    But, Christians have to endure little jabs like Keith’s…in articles that should have NOTHING to do with religion.

    Please do not take jabs at my Lord. Please show respect. Or, if you can’t manage that Keith…be equal opportunity and start taking jabs at Muhammad. And then see just how peaceful “the religion of peace” is when its adherents make their response to your humor known to you.

    • @ Drago

      Drago son, go into a corner, bend on both knees and pray for common sense. Please don’t be so sensitive!!! With me being a servant of Christ, I did not feel offended by the remarks. Don’t forget what separates us from the infidels.

      • Drago Harley

        Why does Jesus need to be used as a joke in an article about Sookie Stackhouse and Harry Potter books?

        Why not make a Muhammad the Prophet joke?

        Why isn’t fair fair when it comes to equal opportunity for making “jokes” about religions?

        Why are Christians always the target here at EW.com?

      • thin

        The point, you uptight moron, is that everybody knows who Jesus is. This type of tongue in cheek comment is used often when mentioning people or things that are so well-known that literally everyone knows them. Why not make a Muhammed joke? Because in writing to a largely American, English-speaking audience, he is not as well known.

  • chase

    NO MORE PREQUELS!!! For me, Lucas destroyed the Star Wars saga with those three horrible movies. I hope that someday, Rowling revisits the wizard world but in a different light. There are so many wonderful stories that can be written and it would be a shame for her to waist her wonderful talents on a story that has already been completed.

    • Sara

      She needs to grab a new group of Characters. Rick Rordian did a fantastic job with his new companior series to Percy Jackson, the first was Lost Hero. It took place in the same universe but with new characters and a new enemy. That’s all she needs.

    • thin

      It’s not just Star Wars. The prequel has become a cheap and lazy money grab, and the vast majority of them are terrible and pointless.

  • Merrilee Heffernan

    For all of you that have just read the Sookie books, go discover the other fantastic series by Charlaine Harris. Her “Grave” series and her “Shakespeare” series are fantastic and, at least to me, better than the Sookie series. I enjoy Sookie and all her vamps, but Lily Bard (Shakespeare) is my favorite of Harris’ ladies. Give them a try.

  • Mel B

    Most likely the biggest problem with the Sookie series is the editor. They want their cash cow, and perhaps Charlaine has a contract the requires 1 book a year to come out and she’s burned out. For me the series started going down after “Dead And Gone.” Last year’s book, “Dead In The Family” felt like the Sookie I cheered for suddenly was replaced by Anna Paquin with all the “y’all”ing going on. I honestly can’t recall her using that word much in print before Alan Ball got a hold of the character. I haven’t even bothered to read “Dead Reckoning.” I’d much prefer if she took a break and fleshed out a good solid plot.

    • Sara

      That’s been a problem with a lot of the “Series” authors. You’ll see the same thing with PC Cast’s Marked series. It wasn’t anything fantastic to begin with but it was entertaining. After book four or five the plot ground to a halt and the books started to be horrible.

  • GG

    I just have to say, as one of, if not THE richest woman in the world…That’s the dress she picks for the premiere of the finale? might want to spend some of her money on a stylist, just sayin’

    • karen

      That is a stunning Oscar de la Renta. You might not like it, but it is beautiful.

  • Andrew

    Regardless the story, I would definitely read any book concerning the Potter world. She’s a fantastic writer and created a whole new world for all ages. It would be sad if she just quit here. Prequel or sequel, I think she would know how to make it good while keeping justice to the “Original Potter” books. I wish everyone wasn’t so negative about her decision to write another book, cause like she said, THIS is her baby. Let it grow.

    • Shani

      I alyaws thought it was funny how Christians will embrace Narnia and LOTR, but Harry Potter is supposed to be evil?

  • Tracy

    I will be sad to see Sookie go, and I hope that Jo does write some prequels and sequels.

  • sally

    Never say never,and nothing is impossible.

    • Festina

      this is a good comparison:movies = herhesy kissbooks = gourmet, rich, delicious dutch chocolate the best in the world.the books are a million times better than the movies. they’re AMAZING lol!!!! you should definately read them, but you probably won’t understand much of it unless you start from the beginning. i know, it seems like a lot, but i honestly go through a book a day, cause they’re so good.

  • Alt

    Lol, Jesus didn’t write the Bible. P.S. Too bad that all the money in the world can’t buy a better looking face…

  • tresorparis

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