Spoilers flood the Web after R.R. Martin's 'Dance with Dragons' ships early


It’s every fan’s nightmare: You wait six years for a book, and then a couple weeks before it finally hits bookstores, the spoilers start popping up on fansites. As Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin wrote on his personal not-a-blog blog, “Amazon Germany screwed up big time and started shipping A Dance with Dragons before they were supposed to. I am told that about 180 copies got out before they were made aware of their mistake and shut down shipping.” Martin’s response to the situation would make Tywin Lannister proud: “If we find out who is responsible, we will mount his head on a spike.”

Because of the early shipping, spoilers for Dragons are popping up everywhere on the internet — especially in A Song of Ice and Fire forums. Elio M. Garcia, Jr., webmaster for Martin fansite Westeros.org (which also manages A Wiki of Ice and Fire) explains that, at first, the website was planning to keep Dragons spoilers in a separate forum. (The Westeros.org gang got an early look at Dragons when Martin personally sent the book to them for “continuity checking.”) But after Dragons‘ UK publisher, Voyager, issued a statement pleading for people to avoid spoilers, “We’ve now tried to move to being spoiler-free,” says Garcia. “But that sort of made us a target.”

While noting that most of the spoilers are inaccurate or garbled — “Most of the trolls have been misled by other trolls,” he jokes — Garcia notes that real genuine spoilers are out there…and predictably, they’re mostly coming from horrible teenagers with nothing better to do. “There’s an 18- or 19-year-old guy from Kentucky. There’s a teenager out in Australia that we’ve had problems with before, who occasionally sneaks in and causes trouble. It’s just guys having a laugh.”

Dragons publisher Random House had no comment on the early shipping, and indicated that there were no plans to bump up the book’s July 12 release date. So, if you’re a Dragons fan, you might want to avoid fan forums, Facebook…heck, maybe just don’t go on the internet or speak to anyone for the next 11 days.

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  • Steve

    I hope the publisher learns from this mistake and initially releases the next book in the USA and maybe the UK — and once the books hit shelves, then send the books to the other countries.

    • YyyyYyyy

      TYRION DIES!!!!!!

      • BFD

        EVERYONE dies at some point. No one lives forever.

      • Tom

        Well forget buying that book now. :(

      • Spoiler Monkey

        Snape kills Dumbledore!!

      • Tug

        Yeah, in a fantasy series, everyone dies at some point…..

      • Charlotte

        valar morghulis

      • Rachel

        Well I guess I will have to find something else to read instead

      • Notmy Realname

        You read it, too? Those dragons sure have an appetite, huh?

        I really liked the scene where Jon and Dany hook up. And the other part where they raise Ned from the dead to lead the Night’s Watch.

        I thought the Arya chapters were kind of contrived, though. This is fantasy, not sci-fi, where did those cybernetic implants come from?

      • Rachel

        Yep once I heard he dies in the end of it I was like, ok time to find something new to read.

    • Al

      No, just USA we dont care of raining country

    • Al

      And love of us no more Brits actors or actress

    • MCS

      Can’t tell if trolling or just stupid.

    • dee

      F U Steve! I know America thinks the whole planet revolves around the one country but not the rest of the world does.

      • Desmo

        Yeah your doing the rest of the world a big favor with your incomprehensible sentence.

      • LaLoLa

        Yay for grammar police who can’t even tell the difference between ‘your’ and “you’re”.

      • the empress EugĂ©nie de Montijo

        well actually the entertainment/literary/economic/political/just about everything in the world revolves around america. sorry but the world is greatly influenced by america we are a super power get over it and be thankful we stand for the good things in this world

    • arhfdhsrh

      free shipping
      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17
      free shipping

  • Lisa

    Just bump up the release date to July 5th.

  • Yeechang Lee

    A Dance with Dragons spoiler follows! You’ve been warned!!!

    Darth Vader is Snape’s father!

    • Doris

      I thought it was the other way around–Snape is Darth Vader’s father?

      • Monty

        Don’t be stupid. Darth Vader is Rosebud and Snape was dead the whole time. And the flashforwards were really just a place for them all to meet after they died but before they moved on…

      • ROFLMAO

        LOL! Thanks for the laugh XD

  • nerdvortex

    Gah I planned on banning myself from forums et al (possibly the internet) on july 12 until I finished the book. Looks like I’m going to have to start early

  • MultiPass

    This is so stupid. Just don’t read the spoilers if you effin care that much.

    • well

      thats the thing about trolls, they put the spoilers where you aren’t expecting them.
      For example, I was reading an article about casting for season 2, and someone put a spoiler about the new book in the comments to that.
      I have never understood people’s need to ruin things for complete strangers.

      • mb

        Well, the exact same thought crossed my mind. Why do people intentionally do that? It seems so malicious. It makes me wonder what people like that are like in general, day to day life. I have a feeling they wouldn’t be very pleasant, and they probably have issues.

      • Mark

        Are you guys serious? Dont read things that possibly have spoilers, I am reading this because I want spoilers, Im dying to know what happens.

      • well

        did you read my comment at all? I don’t read things that might have spoilers. That is why trolls put spoilers where you are not expecting them.

      • bob

        you know, if you detect a spoiler, just stop reading the sentence or post. You don’t have to fin…

  • Michelle

    I’ve manages to avoid the spoilers so far. *knock wood* I’m staying clear of the forums until I’ve finished the book. I just hope my copy arrives ON TIME.

  • chase

    Wow, I’m picking up the original four books today. I have pretty much avoided contact with anyone whose read GOT since its

  • Eric P

    If you dont want to be spoiled dont look at spoiler sites, its that simple…

    • jodipo

      and you are not reading very well. If they were only putting them in spoiler areas where they would be well flagged it would not be an issue.

      • Eric P

        I did read all that, but you have to assume people will be jerks. Personally i dont go on any message board of things i like for that very same reason.

      • AB

        Then what are you doing here, dummy?

      • Eric P

        Speaking of jerks… I said i dont go to message board of things I LIKE. Just because i dont like GOT doesnt mean i cant have an opinion on people who spoil things to be mean.

      • jodipo

        Well Eric, if all you are looking for is information that is all well and good. Many of these boards are not wiki only types of sites.
        For instance, I belong to a site dedicated to a different series of books. Even when there isn’t a new book to be discussed I go there every day and talk about everyday life with the other people that are also there daily. Now, imagine that situation and having some total douche start putting details of a book you had waited 6 years to read and are unable to at this point. Putting them in areas where people are talking about other things. You are reading a post from someone about what he did saturday night and BAM, the book you waited for, and probably prepaid to get, is now ruined for you.
        Yes, people have reason to be upset.

    • Jennifer

      The problem is that trolls are putting spoilers in the places that aren’t flagged as such, the comments sections on this very site, for example. Not all the spoilers are accurate, but one shouldn’t have to stop reading any article that even mentions GOT & its sequels just to avoid the trolls.

      • Eric P

        Actually that is what i would do. I’ve done it before and it has worked just fine.

      • @ Eric P

        That’s fine for you, but the rest of us want to read things about GOT, just not spoilers from stupid trolls who get their jollies ruining things for total strangers. We shouldn’t have to give up all GOT related articles because of the idiots.

  • Dave

    The butler did it!

  • ree

    I seriously hate spoilers, and the people who post them. My only hope is that some of the people posting GoT spoilers on boards for the HBO show will get theirs, and stumble across some major plot spoilers for the next book…. karma’s only a b*tch if you are.

  • bailey

    my social security number is:


  • boohoo

    Ummmm, old news. The books have been shipped since monday and it was all over the internet right away. Way to go, way to slow, EW. Well, im off to pat my copy of ADWD.

  • RyanK

    I’m on page 300 or so of A Feast for Crows. Should be finished well in time for the release!

  • luvprue1

    There has been a lot of movies base on books. When that happen there are bound to be a lot of spoilers. However it had never hurt a movie or tv show. (re: Harry Potter)

    As for the new book spoiler that a whole different thing. People are going to discuss the book, so there are going to be spoilers out there. People will just have to deal with it. It’s not fair, but what is fair , really?

    • Hannah

      It’s not that they’re JUST posting spoilers. It’s that they’re posting spoilers when not everyone has had the chance to read it yet, and the spoilers are available only because someone at Amazon screwed up.
      Big difference between going to an HP fansite in 2009 and saying “Snape killed Dumbledore” and what’s happening with Dragon’s spoilers. Distinction should be obvious.

  • Charlotte

    I’m such a spoiler hound that I think I’ve basically read about everything that happens in A Dance With Dragons. It’s a sickness, I seek them out. I wish I wouldn’t do that.

    • Lyndsey

      LOL!! Charlotte I do the same thing. I’m just too dang impatient to wait! I hated Stephen King when he did The Green Mile serial because I couldn’t flip to the end to find out what happens!! Usually though I just do it to check if a favorite character survived (Koontz & King always do that to me). I don’t want whole plots spoiled but I have to keep my heart rate down! ;-)
      However, I think it’s unbelievably ridiculous that some people have nothing better to do than spoil such things for others! That’s just beyond juvenile!!

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