'The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide': See Bella in her wedding dress -- EXCLUSIVE


EW has not one but two exclusive images from Stephenie Meyer’s new book, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, which goes on sale April 12: Bella as a vampire and Bella in her wedding dress. A nice walk-up to the first Breaking Dawn film, no? I didn’t expect to like the first Twilight graphic novel as much as I did, and these illustrations are by that book’s illustrator, Young Kim, who did such a great job bringing Meyer’s characters to life.

What do you think? Is this how you visualize Bella in the upcoming film?

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  • Paloma

    Perfect wedding dress!

    • Silv

      More importantly, is this what Stephenie Meyers visualized?

      • Ruby

        if a book is being made into a graphic novel then all authors have to approve the pictures, and tell the drawer for changes and all that, so yes she did approve of the dress

      • KLC

        wasn’t it an Anne of Green Gables sort of thing?

      • Twilight

        It will be. If you look at the description it says that Young Kim drew them. Young Kim and Stephanie worked together to create the graphic novel so it’s highly likely that Stephanie has worked with her on these drawings too. ;)

      • Leticia

        I hope so, because I have to say the ring they chose was hideous! I’m hoping the dress is much better.

    • Karate Pants

      I’m looking forward to *real* Breaking Dawn movie news…but this isn’t it. This is a non-story.

      • Tom

        They have changed the working title from Breaking Dawn to Breaking Wind.

      • Mindy

        This wasn’t intended to be Breaking Dawn movie news. It’s about a book being released soon. It is titled ‘The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide’

      • Audri

        It’s still considered movie news, because it’s related to the movie. The pictures are both of events that happen in the movie..

    • Teresa

      I think the dress is to modern.Edward prefers the old fashion wedding attire.

      • Dominic

        If we’re really being honest Edward prefers boys.

      • taylor l.

        ye rite…….but bella’s amodern girl, isnt she?? Then y d hell vud edward choose her if he is “OLD-FASHIONED-TYPES!!!!” ???

      • lkoussan

        don’t you wish!

    • cheryl Ransier

      I love the wedding dress

      • angel

        i love the dress
        it illustrate the old time with the touch of the modern time
        good work
        wisdh it well be real

  • tarp

    Is Saga sucks I cannot wait for it to end > Bad script , lame story , bad make up

    • tiana

      Obviously you don’t know a good love story when you read it.

      • tiffy

        You r absolutely rght, they dnt no wht a good movie is.

      • Natalie

        This isn’t a love story!!!! This is just a lame story about two hormonal teens, one that happens to be a vampire. I’ve the read the books and hated it. Plus the movies are even worse. The script is terrible and every time edward and bella are on screen, everything is so damn awkward!

      • Mellissa

        If you want to watch a good love story, put on Gone With The Wind. Hell, I’ll take Titanic as a better love story than Twilight.

      • Becki

        got nothing nice to say don’t say it, and who said gone with the wind is a good movie..please its for people like my grandparents.. get a clue tarp what are you 80…

      • Marina

        I am all for the freedom of speech but if you don’t like something would it not be better to avoid anything to do with that subject and then we would not have honor right to speak freely because you would not be here.

      • kim

        I must say, I did like the books…guilty! The movies are ummm, not the best! Although, I feel like I’m on a train and I want to know where the track ends to I keep riding. The make up is horrid and I agree that Bella and Edward are very awkward. I didn’t see it being that awkward when I was reading it. I think Zac Efron would’ve made a better Edward, he’s more perfect! :) However, I’m not a crazy fan with a tshirt displaying my “team” or carrying the books around as if my life depended on it! Guess I’m just curious and well, The Notebook is a love story this is just kind of a sick obsession!

    • Princess Leia

      1.Twilight isn’t a ” Saga”
      2. I agree with you
      3. I know a good love story, and this certainly is not one.this is a lust/stalker story

      * saga-a narrative and heroic tale of epic proportions.

      like..Star Wars Saga

      • Melissa

        It is epic to some people—and the amount of followers–for this puny saga–makes it epic on its own—it is all a matter of opinion—I just dont understand why people have to be negative about it—I do agree with on Star Wars—def epic—this is just epic in a different way–in its own way–

      • Jackie

        Isn’t “saga” also used to describe a story with more than three volumes? Two would be a duo, three would be a trilogy, and four and beyond would be a saga. I asked a friend of mine that was a lit major what you would call a series of more than three, and she said saga.

      • LittleMo

        Then you’re as nuts as the other poster who didn’t like it. This movie is in the Guiness book of records for the most money made on opening night- something that Romeo and Juliet, Gone With the Wind, and even Harry Potter didn’t achieve. There are more of us than there are of you. And I’m not a tween, either. I’m 55 and these kids are fabulous.

      • crispy

        Tell your friend to demand University of Phoenix give her her money back.

      • Lit Major

        sa·ga   /ˈsɑgə/ Show Spelled
        [sah-guh] Show IPA

        1. a medieval Icelandic or Norse prose narrative of achievements and events in the history of a personage, family, etc.
        2. any narrative or legend of heroic exploits.
        3. Also called saga novel. a form of the novel in which the members or generations of a family or social group are chronicled in a long and leisurely narrative.
        Use saga in a Sentence
        See images of saga
        Search saga on the Web


        1700–10; < Old Norse; cognate with saw3

        2. epic, tale, history.

      • lili

        Oh who gives a *** about semantics? If you liked the series, great you should be reading bits bout character’s wedding dresses; if you didn’t and you are lame enough to even be reading this page, much less posting on it, then you are a troll. Stop feeding the trolls!

      • rearea

        Jackie, a series with four books is a quartet.

      • jessica

        @jackie: there are more than three books, there will be at least four. midnight sun, twilight from edward’s point of view was leaked during the writing process… so it has been put of for a while, but supposedly after stephenie meyers finished breaking dawn she was going to come back to writing midnight sun… so regardless of the definition of saga, the twilight series has more than three books in it

      • lkoussan

        to reply to the doofus who read all the books and saw all the movies…why didn’t you stop if you hated it so much?

    • Kalley80

      If you hate it so much just stop watching and please stop spending you time on post like this

      • Danni

        i agree

    • Bri

      If you think it’s all so bad then why watch/read and comment on it?

      • Summer Bay

        Cause’ it’s fun to annoy people who wouldn’t know good books or cinema if they tripped over it.

      • Kalley80

        Summer Bay people like you have no life i feel sorry for you. instead of spending quality time doing something wonderful, you spend your time trying to upset people, you really must be a small minded no life type of person who truley deserves our pity. So you have mine.
        Maybe one day you can get a life and stop trying to annoy others. Ill bet you are one of those ppl who sit in the dark at your computer with noone in your life. Truley if the only person to touch you , is you, i can see why this is how you use your time to vent.

      • Kim

        HAHAHA Kalley that was awesome. Lol I was going to something similar to what you said, but you beat me to it.. LOL

      • yazzi

        My true opinion on this is that if this is my SM saw in her mind as Bella’s wedding dress then that’s wonderful. Now as for my opinion on the saga well I loved the books I was so dragged into them, now the movies were Spookier crappy and excuse me for my opinion I really love twilight even named my dog that LOL, but I just thought that Robert pattingson and Christen Stewart didn’t quite fit as the Edward and Bella Stephanie Meyer tried to portray in her books, they’re so awkward and gloomy and they’re not like that in the book so that ruins the whole movie right there

    • Krissy

      What?? I think it’s the best thing ever!!

    • SpitFyre

      i agree, tarp. it is lame. when i was forced to see eclipse with my cousin at the movie theater, i made it fun because whenever robert pattinson came on, instead of screaming edward, like everyone else, i screamed ” oh my gosh, its Cedric Diggory back from the dead!” it was too funny. everyone just glared at me.Harry Potter is SO much better.

      • District 12

        he will always be Cedric to me, HP rules!

      • JV

        i feel sorry for your cousin, you probably embarrassed the crap out of them!

      • TY1

        Wow aren’t you clever and original…your mother must be insanely proud!!!

      • kylie webb

        i think u wanted to watch the movie urself, cause no one can make u watch anything, only u can

    • Nirveeze

      I agree with the statement that this sucks! Beyond the lame love story, Bella Swan has got to be one of the most self absorbed, snobby protagonist ever. She only notices Edward because he’s pretty, same reason she gives Jacob the time of day (notice she immediately starts getting flowery with describing his appearance before ever talking to him) does nothing but insult or use everyone in Forks and treats them like they’re beneath her.

      The humans she actively hates on do nothing more than not kiss her ass and worship her, she belittles her parents every chance she gets, claims she’s mature but the only things we actively see her doing is cooking, and ANYONE can do that. Not to mention the only reason she (or Meyer and her fans for that matter) can comprehend anyone not liking her is out of petty jealousy.

      She’s a bigger sociopath than Edward and rarely gets called out on it. Jessica and Charlie are easily more likable, because they’re realistic and I felt so bad for the treatment of Charlie, even making him like the bad guy in the beginning of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn after treating him like dirt in the previous two books. What does this say about anyone who relates to Bella?

      • Crystal

        I totally agree with you. She is definitely NOT a role model for teenage girls. I really pray & hope that Kristen Stewart, who is a fantastic actress, is NOT remembered for this role, I mean it did wonders for her professionally (actress wise). But the way Bella is and how chooses to treat people because of her never growing obsession of Edward Cullen, is manipulative & childish.

      • Jezebelle

        Whar a nasty person you are…..You really got into reading it didn’t you, bet you were a mean girl! (or guy)

      • Allie

        Nirveeze, I doubt you read the book. Bella didn’t treat anyone like dirt and her parents were no candidates for parents of the year, her own mother found it more important to take a call from her husband, whose cradle she robbed, than being at her daughter’s side when she was in the hospital and then she was judgmental to Edward who showed devotion to her. Her father barely talked to her except around the time when Edward left and she was having a nervous break down, and if you read the book you should remember that Charlie said after a while he quit coming to check on her. Bella was raised around Jacob and his family and in the book and the movie she got close to him after Edward left her. She loved him because he was there for her, but her love for him was not like her love for Edward so she made the decision to follow her heart. Don’t get me wrong, Bella’s character annoyed me in the series because she played too many games, but many young girls are like that. Until they mature, they play the field and revel in the attention they get from the opposite sex. And Jessica being likeable? that’s laughable, she sweetened her up in the movie, but she was a real lady dog in the book and anyone who could take to her and Lauren, who is MIA in the movies, must be running with the hounds as well.

      • bug

        Its just a story… Chill

      • miracle

        lmao wow i love the books nd the movies but u have a piont

      • Nana

        Definitely agree! Bella is really messed up and I don’t like the way she does things or even thinks for that matter. But I do love the serie anyway, it is a great story despite this hateful girl. And let’s be honest : as a teenage girl, I was a jerk like she is. So I forgive her. Grow up Bella please ^^

      • Nirveeze

        How do you say she doesn’t treat people like dirt? She spends almost all of the first chapter bitching about Forks and pretty much comparing the people to small town hicks, compares the boys who give her attention to dogs, habitually lies to her father and goes out of her way to say “I don’t want him to think he has a right to dictate when and where I go” with her bad precedent remark about asking for permission to go on a three hour drive to Seattle, she constately hates on Jessica when Jessica does nothing wrong other than trying to be friendly and fills in uncomfortable silences (in New Moon in the truck, that’s how I interpret her ‘babbling’)

        She belittles her mom, her mother husband, the people of Forks who don’t blindly worship her or only talk when SHE wants them to. The only people she views as worthy of her attention are BEAUTIFUL! RICH! POWERFUL! And not to mention, the biggest reason for her loving Edward at all is that she wants that for herself and he can give it. Why do you think she wants to be a Vampire so bad? If she truly loved Edward, I think she could handle being OMGOLDANDUGLY!!! because he has genuine concerns about her soul. I do have that to say about the books, I’m rather convinced he cares for her, he takes it to abusive extremes, though. She, on the other hand only seems to care about herself.

    • s


    • crunchy

      Everybody is entitled to their own opinion… that doesn’t mean you have to crap on everybody else’s.

    • Becki

      got nothing nice to say dont say it, and who said gone with the wind is a good movie..please its for people like my grandparents.. get a clue tarp what are you 80…

    • ciella

      from your comment, I suppose you lack the wits to read the novel and appreciate it. the movie doesn’t come close to the novel but it gave life to those beautiful words.

      • miracle


      • Andrea Lott

        Nice, I agree

    • Cathy

      You think the saga sucks, you want it to end, why did you click on Bellas wedding gown story? and why are you commenting? sounds like your more interested than you think.

    • Leeann

      Are you people who are hating on Twilight really being serious. I am a 57 yr old woman and I have dealt with a lot of people in my life and I have read the books all twice and do not see it like some of you are saying. I think Bella is simply and girl in love with a guy. And her friendship with Jacob has always been that, she makes it clear to Jacob over and over. But because he loves her so much, he can’t accept it. I love Twilight and anyone who doesn’t obviously doesn’t have the maturity to see the Saga as the powerful story that it is. Lighten up people, it’s all just fantasy. But…just in case my neck is always available, Edward. lol

      • TY1

        Well said LeeAnn..Bravo!!!

      • megan

        i agree.Ive read all the books probably5 times n breaking dawn 7 times. I loved the four books and i’ve read midnight sun the draft one also..Im 25 and i think bella is a young girl that happens to be in love with a vampire. I dont really read that much before i picked up the new moon book i thought im not going to like it because its just a tween book n no interest but i watched the movie n it really didnt get to me but then i read new moon and then eclipse and then breaking dawn. I SERIOUSLY DONT HAVE A CLUE WHY EVERYONE HAS TO HATE. kristen is an awesome actress n plays bella exactly. I dont care wat anybody says i love the books and the movies….

      • Susan

        Ok anyone who fell in love in High School,Likes the Twilight series,that is what it is about your high school love!! Who cares about the ones who hate it,they probably hate everything…The books are excellent,I do think the movies should have been more like the books,they left alot of stuff out of the movies that where in there books!!!

      • teeta

        I agree. I am 65 and you are never too old for a good love story. Age is just the amount of time you have been here. Sure won’t change who you are. Loved the books, and love the movies. I am not understanding the character analysis . It is fiction. Good fiction. Interesting to me how critical you all are of young love….and yet except the vampires and warewolves so easily. Funny folks. And you would not be HERE if you were not interested. Me thinks we have a lot of liars out there.LOL.

    • LoriE

      if you dont Like it why are you on this site and reading Stories about it. Stay the Hell away From here and Stop Ruining it for Others.

      • LoriE

        Also that is a great Dress I Just Hope to see somthing a Little More Modern Mixed with the Early 1900’s. I think it will be perfect no matter what It Looks Like. Stephany Meyers is a GENUIS!!!!

    • Mindy

      Then why are you here reading a story about it? You might enjoy reading about something that does interest you. If you wish to post about that I promise I want criticize the things that you like.

    • Angela

      I never could figure out why someone who apparently doesn’t like the Twilight Saga looks at something related to it online. If you don’t like the story then don’t spend your time looking at things like this and then commenting on the site.



      • REYNITA


    • Lori Cullen

      so exactly why are you even on this page then-haters go home!

    • Haters

      I cannot wait for haters such as yourself eat sh*t and die because your jealously of Twilight cracks me up LOL!!

      Breaking Dawn is going to be huge or haven’t you seen the leaked pics? Even Perez Hilton is impressed and he was a Twilight hater. Dude, we have 2 more years of awesomeness of Twilight so get ready LOL! BTW, we don’t care what you think.

    • Natalie


  • tarp

    Harry Potter >>> Twilight

    • crispy

      Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell >>> Harry Potter
      (this is a fun game)

    • Princess Leia

      Bellatrix(Bella) Lestrange>>>> Bella Swan

      your right this is a fun game.

      • CM

        Li’l Sebastian>>>>>Twilight & Harry Potter

      • Dana


        I would argue that Li’l Sebastian=Harry Potter>>>Twilight.

    • Quirky

      Ice cream>>>>Broccoli
      (This game is fun)

  • AN

    If only Kristin Stewart looked that good in real life.

    • Jackie

      I was gonna say, the Bella in the drawings above is WAY prettier than Kristin Stewart! I do love the wedding dress, though.

      • KRV73

        I have to agree. The photos above appear more like Bella appeared in my mind while reading the books BEFORE they cast the movie (hell before they wrote the movie). I can’t say who would have been better as Bella, but KS didn’t emote the character I saw while reading.

      • Jillian

        I also agree. I didn’t notice it when they casted KS but when I saw her on the big screen playing Bella I knew it just wasn’t right, immediately my mind went to this movie and the question, “How are they going to make her as stunningly beautiful as the Bella Vampire that was described in the book?” I’m sure KS cleans up ok, but I highly doubt that she will come close to fitting the image that the book portrayed post-vampire. Guess we’ll find out soon =/

    • Billie

      :O what are you talking about?! she is beautiful !

    • Princess Leia

      no…she always looks constipated or pissed off.

      • Marie

        Oh, I’m sure you’re a supermodel too right? Kristen is beautiful and those who criticize should look very carefully in the mirror. And if you still throw stones, then you’re not beautiful on the inside either.

      • Mellissa

        Marie, you can find someone unattractive and still be a good person. I’m sure you’re not attracted to every single person you’ve seen.

      • Wha’ever

        Beautiful on the inside… You still believe in that crap ?
        Anyway, I don’t like Twilight, but Kristin Steward is a beautiful young woman. But insulting someone who thinks she isn’t with arguments as childish as “you’re not beautiful in the inside” is ridiculous. As if only mean persons could find someone unattractive.

      • ?????

        HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! About time some one said Stewart looked constipated. She’s pretty as long as her mouth is shut.She’s akward acting on screen. Her movie like Panic Room, Zathura and the Messengers was great. the others: bad. Well at least she can sing.
        The Twiligt Books are great, love them. the movies not so much.
        Looking forward to buying this book

      • Jillian

        Sure she’s pretty, so are half the girls in my high school. It’s not being petty or ‘mean’ by saying we expected more from a character that we grew to relate to and picture in our minds. What are you Kristen’s internet bodyguard? They could have done better, bottom line.

    • lls

      I agree, I have read the books and when I saw the cast for the movie I thought “are they going to get someone else to play bella when she becomes a vampire”? I don’t have an issue with her looks as a normal human the the vampires are supposed to be much better looking than the average human. For me, that just is NOT k-stew. Whatever,the entire plot of both books and movies is so terrible that I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

      • Kalley80

        The movie isnt even out yet, why not wait to judge her looks until you actually see her as a vampire, Bella wore very little make up in the movies, and according to you she looks fine as a normal human, Ive seen her with her makeup done and she is very stunning.
        everyone is so judgemently on this board, it must be nice to be so beautiful yourselfs and great actors, im surprised none of you were cast for the movies

    • Danielle

      She is a beauty …..don’t be a hater

  • Dahlia

    How very boring.

  • maria

    Dumb comments never fail to make me lol at the small minded ppl.Love the pics hopefully they bring it to life on the big screen

  • crispy

    I’m shocked this is not this week’s cover story. Scream must have paid more.

    • Sasha


      this made me literally laugh out loud!

    • Sharon

      You took the words right out my mouth.

  • Granny Fairy

    For the period of time this dress represents, it’s beautiful. Not for modern tastes. As for how Bella will look, too bad she can’t have her natural green eyes. I think she’s beautiful even with the brown eyes.

    • Lisa

      Bella never had green eyes. Her eyes in the books were brown. Edward’s original eye color was green.

      • Ing

        I think Granny Fairy was referring to Kristen Stewart’s eye color, not Bella. Kristen Steward has green eyes, she wears brown contacts for the Twilight films. Look up google images if you don’t believe it.

      • Ing


      • Sbrecker

        I came to this site to look at the dress, it’s like rubber necking at a morbid car accident you JUST CAN’T HELP IT!Same as the movies, I don’t dislike or really like them, I just have to watch. Bella will be a beautiful (ha Bella/beautiful), if I have to explain that then you aren’t smart enough to be on here at all. The movie will do great, I will surely enjoy it. I wouldn’t put this Twilight “series” in the same category with the Harry Potter movies/books.

      • Celine

        Lisa, I believe Granny Fairy was referring to Kristen Stewart’s natural eye colour…it is green.

    • Danielle

      Bells has brown eyes always

  • Sasha

    Personally I think the Twilight Saga is overated.

    I’ve read the books which are fine in its own way…

    But the movies, they pander to the tweens and teen girls who are obsessed with the actors/characters

    I saw the first one….was made to see the second….and didn’t see the third.

    I’ll wait till Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD before i watch it…maybe

    I’m definitely not going to see the movies in theatres

    LOL also…why split Breaking Dawn into to? Its not to preserve the integrity of the material (because really there is not much there too) but to make Summit more money …everything from that book can fit into 1 movie…just saying

    • Melissa

      You have a lot to say about something you care nothing about. just saying

      • Sasha

        Well smarty pants I did say I like the books…or maybe you can’t read that well

        Try reading the entire comment before you say something so inane

      • Becki

        good answer,shes sounds negative…

    • Anita

      Sasha, I tend to agree with you. I much prefer the books to the movies…even though for the most part I’ve enjoyed the movies too. For me the books are far better.

      • Sasha

        Thank you, I dont think people understand what I’m trying to say. Just because they see I dont like the movie they assume I’m “hating”. I’m not I just think the books are better.

        And some of the actors (I’m not saying who, I might get attacked) could have done a better job.

        And some should be replaced.

      • Amanda

        Sasha i agree with you…the books were way better and yes they could have picked better actors for some people (well alot) i didnt hate the movies, they just dont follow well enough to actually be good…but then again i have the same issue with Harry Potter books adn movies also…if your going to watch the movies and your a reader…dont read the books first, the movies will either be boring as hell or piss you off! and your not hating and i cant beliee some of the comments above…its all a matter of opinion…why do people have to make a huge big argument over someone elses opinion…so what if the “haters” are wasting their time…dont give them the satisfaction of commenting back and for the lovers of twilight books/movies…Good for you! it shouldnt matter we all have a difference of opinion on one thing or another…

      • elfy143

        I think all books r better than the movies that bring them to “life”

    • Melissa

      It is all a matter of a opinion—If you dont like the Saga–what are u reading the article–why make negative comments–the people that search this movie love it and cant wait to see it—you dont have to see it–so it is really not necessary to be negative–and the book needed to be split into 2–it is 2 big of a story to shove into a 2 hour movie—just saying

      • Sasha

        Again, as I said before I like the books. I clicked on the link to see what they came up with for Bella IN THE BOOKS.

        I think as a fan of the books it gives me a certain opinion as to what I prefer. I’m stating my opinion based on what I saw when I compared it to what I read. Yes I understand that people are fans of the movie and my opinion is that I think that the movies are pandering to THEM and not necessarily the content of the books.

        As for splitting the movie, you say that there is too much to put into one movie, I don’t think so and I stated that.

        If you cut out the unnecessary (and there is a lot that you don’t need for the movie) you can fit everything into 1

        I know someone who is a fan of both the books and the movies and she was the one to bring up that fact.

      • Bridget Flynn

        Actually, I agree the books are better than the movies; that being said, I think they did an excellent job (so far,we’ll see what Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 bring). What I do find confusing is the break up of Breaking Dawn into 2 movies. I actually feel MOST of the casting was.spot-on…I don’t think however, they put enough emphasis on Bella’s awkwardness and clumsiness… She is NOT supposed to be some graceful beauty queen, she is supposed to be average, both in looks and intellect, but with a huge capacity for love and goodness…she is the type of “person”, if u will, who puts others needs above her own, she finds the good in people, and yes, this is an EPIC/SAGA. Movies seldom live up to the books they recreate,however, all things considered, I feel like they did a good job with the movies, although again, I still don’t understand why they broke up Breaking Dawn into 2 movies. Where are they ending part 1? Will part 2 be all about the last couple of chapters where the showdown with the Volturi happen? I just don’t get that one….

      • C

        They’re ending the first when Bella wakes up as a vampire.

      • Chy

        just to reply on your part about why they’re breaking ‘Breaking Dawn’ into 2 movies. You’ve obviously read the books so could you imagine trying to get most of the details put into just a single movie? Yes they could make the movie ridiculously long but it would still leave out many things plus people gets antsy. It would be like trying to fit the 7th HP into a single movie it wouldn’t have worked at all. Personally the 1st part isn’t going to be as great because the main action doesnt start til after Bella is a Vamp. Hopefully with the Jacob POV it will at least be interesting. And like ‘C’ said above it’ll end with Bella waking up as a vamp, which I like cuz that’s where I pictured the end of the 1st half. Part 2 will pick up with Renesme (sorry if I spelled that wrong it’s been a while) and all the drama that starts because of the Volturi coming… but yeah, just my thoughts on it :]

    • lls

      Sasha, I totally agree. I’m a teacher so I read the books because my students were all so obsessed. They were okay. Not great, but the plot was interesting enough to keep me reading despite the terrible writing. My step-sister was watching the first movie one time so I saw the beginning part but then fell asleep. I never felt a need to see the rest. The acting was pretty terrible and I found myself just hating Bella even more than I ever did reading the books (and I thought she was a terrible heroine then). I just find it mind-boggling that these have become such a pop culture phenomenon. Usually I can see the appeal of things that become so massively popular, but this Twilight is just lost on me I guess.

      • Sasha

        Oh My gosh! Thank you, thats exactly how I feel!!

      • Kalley80

        Just because you are a teacher, doesnt mean you are a good judge at what is a good book. The writing was far from terrible. And these movies just dont apply to school girls, women of all ages have loved the books as well as the movies. Sorry Teach but money talks, the books and the movies are a huge success. and PS im glad I didnt have teachers like you, that were so uptight about a book. Its made to sit back and enjoy, let go of the worldly cares and just get into it, apparently you were to interested in criticing and sleeping, to just have a good time.

      • Melanie

        You are completely correct with all of it. The books play on a very important value that young preteens and teens look for. The writing, as you said is not great, and if anybody says that the writing is great, they need to take university English courses and then you will read well written works. Meyer has even said she has taken some ideas from well-written works such as Pride and Prejudice. Just because the book has a good plot that catches people’s values doesn’t mean it is well-written. But, that being said, one cannot say it is not a good book just because it is not literature.

      • Danielle

        I totally agree: compelling story, terrible writing (so overwrought).

        However, I can see why the series appeals to teenagers: EVERYTHING is a life or death situation. EVERYTHING is totally dramatic. EVERYTHING feels like the end of the world. That is exactly how life feels when you’re a teen. And Meyer really captured that element.

        I do think the best writing Meyer did was in Breaking Dawn—the section that was written from Jacob’s POV. Jacob’s voice really allowed her to loosen up—-stop taking herself so seriously. And the story (and quality of the writing) really benefited from it.

        Separately, I often wonder what the movie would have been like with Meyer’s preferred choice for Bella, Emily Browning (currently in Sucker Punch). Browning sure looks a lot like the Bella of the graphic novels…

      • ?????

        I agree. Totaly. I get tired of just because I love the BOOKS, everyone just assumes that you Love the movies. And if you dislike the movies everyone atoumatically asumes you hate the books.
        Really there are Twilight Fans who don’t like the movies. I would apreiciate it if viewers (and readers) would please stop putting the two groups together.
        At least the soundtracks are good.

      • liz

        i agree with mealnie… i read the books several times, and while the plot is interesting enough, and the writing descriptive and the language alright, the books are truly not well-written. this is not to say that they’re badly written, it’s just to say that there’s a tangible difference between the writing of twilight and classics such Pride & Prejudice or Gone With the Wind.

    • Kalley80

      Splitting Breaking Dawn into 2 separt movies means we wont be jipped of any of the details , the first 3 were lacking time to actually get everything in, now with this one, we shouldnt be ripped off in the time department.

      • amanda

        I agree.. We were jipped in the first 3 movies of vital parts of the books.. As to all these people gripping about the books.. Why are you even looking at the dress? YOU don’t care right? This is crazy you can actually see the people who really are interested in things and the people who just like to set people off.. Grow up!

    • Shar

      You do understand the concept of movie making, it’s to MAKE $$$. Oh, and entertain. As for books/characters, I tend to embrace them, which the FANS certainly have with Twilight.

    • Becca

      First of all, have you seen the size of the book its huge and to pack it into a 90 minute film would be insane. Second, before Twilight, Summit made a whole lot of “Flops” and all the big grossing films came after Twilight. Third, if you hate Twilight so much why are wasting your time looking up something you hate so much. Lastly, the rest of us are just excited about the movie so if your not don’t bother commenting.

    • Dysgnosia

      At the urging of a friend, I bought a nice shiny fresh copy of the first Twilight book from Amazon.com. I never got around to reading it and eventually donated it to the library.

    • Te A

      Maybe you should learn to use spell check before you start trying to insult the tastes of others.

    • kedveskem

      To me it does NOT mean that you like it :
      Reply Sasha

      Thu 04/07/11 11:09 AMPersonally I think the Twilight Saga is overated.
      I’ve read the books which are fine in its own way…
      Over rated? Fine? that wa´s Titanic for me. i never seen it never will. but I make no comment about it.

  • Alicia

    What do I think ? I think I can’t wait to see Edward in this wedding!

  • jodipo

    Its very pretty… except that is not in any way shape or form the dress that was described. This one is much better in my opinion, but total fail on it matching the description in the book

    • Petra

      exactly! thank you!

  • can i say something

    haters= nonnies.. LOL

  • JoAnn

    The pictures are beautiful, kristen is beautiful as she is but I am anxious to see the transformation and if it follows true to the story.

  • Anita

    I really wish they had cast someone other than Kristin Stewart as Bella. Stewart, to me, just doesn’t have acting chops really…she’s the SAME way in every movie I’ve seen her in. She’s ok looking physically as Bella, but acting-wise, I just don’t buy her as Bella. Everyone else is cast well though, she though is not only awkward (as I know Bella is supposed to be)…she’s annoyingly awkward in some of her physical habits, especially how she talks.

    • emmaisthebest

      Yeah because Robert double Razzie Pattinson is so much better. I was so thrilled that Emma Watson didn’t lower herself to work with him and risk the wrath of his crazy fan. Twilight sucks donkey balls. Read Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Kristen Stewart was good before she did that.

      • angie

        agree with you kristen stewart was good in cake eater movie.
        not stewart ,,,bella the character was badly described…

      • Dana

        Ummmmm RPAtz was in HP #4, he played Cedric Diggory. I love RPatz, he’s really charming in his interviews.

      • Vicky

        Who the do you think you are? HA?
        So you’re trying to say tha Christoph Waltz is some lame ass dude from C and D movies?
        And Reese ?
        I haven’t heard anything about that chick Emma Watson in anything except that Harry Potter.
        And I can’t effing wait for this movies to be over.. I love them,but the hate is too much for me.

        Looking forward to the water for elephants.

      • anti

        who the hell do u think u are. go back to closet. Why have Emma Watson done aside of HP. I love HP compare to Twilght. why would Rob want to work with her, he has all those gorgeous oscar winning actress to work with.

    • ahm ahm

      it’s kristen stewart not kristin…lol..
      and don’t blame on actors..its script that suxs even books get bad reviews.
      stephenie meyer is not a good writer…

    • mE

      I totally agree with you anita !! 100 percent.. She is the same in every movie and takes hours to get one sentence over with. I think the movie would of had been MUCH better if someone else played bella. Im a fan of the books not the movie.. I keep saying she’ll be better in the next one but it was a disappointment when i watched newmoon and eclipse, she hadn’t changed.

      • you

        hello nonnies..

      • mE

        Am not a hater I just don’t think the role fits her !

    • Danielle

      She nailed it I wouldn’t want anyone els to play bells that all kristen!

  • Bridget Flynn

    In Breaking Dawn, Stephanie Meyer describes the dress as “a one of a kind (Alice bought in preparation for several futures) and doesn’t describe the dress itself in detail, just that it was very intricate,made of silk, and old-fashioned looking”. Renee says she looks as if “she stepped out of an Austen novel”, so anything that resembles that would be appropriate…the pics shown here are sooo lovely.

    • lara

      I’m not sure if I would describe this dress as “austen looking”.. I wasn’t a huge fan of the books and never made it to breaking dawn, so I am going to have to take your word on the description.. I do think its interesting how the wedding dress does have the traditonal mormon covered shoulders thing instead of the strapless thing that most girls do. just an observation.

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