After a taste of Tina Fey's prose in 'The New Yorker', we want more!

BOSSYPANTSIf Tina Fey’s New Yorker essay “Confessions of a Juggler” is a taste of what’s to come in her upcoming book Bossypants, we’ll be getting what we’ve come to expect of her: razor-sharp observation delivered with trademark prickly wit. Her writing here isn’t quite what you’d expect of a typical comedian’s book—there are a number of joke-free paragraphs, and, like Liz Lemon, Fey the author isn’t afraid to pontificate. She covers a lot of ground in a few short pages: the trials of being an extraordinarily busy working mom; women over 40 in Hollywood; having children later in life. Individually, the topics are nothing groundbreaking, but the smart-girl humor and Fey’s relatable honesty makes the piece readable and laugh-out-loud funny. Her rundown of the types of roles Hollywood gives women of a certain age is the centerpiece of the story for me: a villainous boss; several different types of overworked women, a lesbian therapist in “Disregarding Joy,” a desperate cougar-type in “The Wedding Creeper” in which she falls in love with a handsome videographer played by Gerard Butler … Brilliant! The essay is a taste, but not enough. Come April 15th, I’ll be shelling out way too much money for the book, despite the scary cover.

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  • ^ ^

    So overrated…

    • Alex

      So underrated…

      • EdStillLivesWithHisMom

        Add another one sucked into the hype of mediocre talent.
        You can tell how far downhill comedy has slided when people trumpet Tina Fey as some sort of gifted genius.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Dude, where’s my car?

      • Kay

        Just because you don’t like her type of humor doesn’t mean she’s overrated. There are plenty of comics out there who get lots of praise from critics and public alike that I personally think are terrible.

      • Yo Ed…

        “Slided”? Really? Let’s just take a second here and allow for the possibility that you may not be the best judge of who/what is/isn’t a comedic “gifted genius.”

    • Darcy

      Overrated!? You must love them sour grapes.

      • Yayan

        Your suejbct is very up to date, and I was searching just for that informaion you gave to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dav

    I love Tina Fey. I can’t wait to get this book!

  • zozo

    Excuse me, Edstill…whatever the hell the rest of your name was, how long did you try standup comedy before you decided you couldn’t hack it?…jeeeezzz, you are either really bitter, hate successful women or gave into the whole poor me, I’m a failure nonsense or possibly all of the above.

  • Mr. Beepo

    Despite the media’s attempt to shove Ms. Fey down our throats and sing her paraises…she simply is not funny. Ditto for her partner, Amy Poehler. NOT FUNNY.

    • UGH

      People are just too easily entertained.

      • KC

        I think it’s because she was the first female headwriter for SNL, but those were probably some of the most dismal years of the series. Then people try to point out the “genius” of Mean Girls but that movie’s concept was already made at least half a dozen times in the 80’s. I’ll give her some credit for flashes of brilliance in the first couple seasons of 30 Rock, but that kind of disappeared around season 3. I think she started to believe her own hype at that point whenever the accolades started pouring in.

    • M

      Meh. I’m sure there are lady comedians who are better or funnier than Tiny and Amy, but I’m a busy person and don’t have time to seek them out. When my workweek is over and I have the chance the catch up on my weekday TV, I always watch 30 Rock and Parks and Rec first. I can actually identify with both their characters and they are the only shows that make me laugh out loud. In fact, those are the only two comedy series I watch, aside for HIMYM, which I actually gave up on ages ago but can’t stop watching. So for your average-everyday-couch-potato, I think Tina and Amy are pretty damn awesome.

      • reader

        love Amy, hate Tina. Go figure. They are not one and the same. I think Amy is incredibly talented and in an un-funny show right now.

    • un chien andalou

      @Mr. Beepo You sound weird, do you have a beard?

  • Cindi

    I don’t watch 30 Rock, but really. Anyone who can come up with MILF Island and have the two contestants be DeBORah and DEBorah (one black, one white) is pretty funny to me.

    • fancypants

      Also, Queen of Jordan is hilarious.

      *it’s my way til pay day!*

  • Flyer

    I love Tina Fey’s humor, but I hope I can buy her book on Kindle, so I don’t have deal with that horrible cover. Wish they’d re-thought that one.

    • Cris

      It’s a book cover. If you get the hardcover, you can take it off if it so bothers you.

    • Brad Adien

      The cover perfectly encapsulates Fey’s humor at it’s best – cring inducing and hilarious at the same time.

      • leo

        Very good meattr. I have found a great deal a new challenge below. Keep working.

  • R

    I cannot wait!! I don’t understand why people are so offended by the cover?

    • ^^

      Because it’s not funny, much like everything else she puts out.

      • Diane

        No, it’s actually because it’s creepy as hell.

        I think I’d be able to deal with the big hairy arms/hands better if one wasn’t TOUCHING HER FACE.

    • Resty

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  • Kristen

    Definitely will be getting this book via my Nook Color. I too do not like that cover. It’s..odd.

  • Jeff

    Tina Fey is the queen of modern comedy, and whoever doesn’t like her (or Amy Poehler for that matter) is probably too stupid to understand what exactly constitutes “smart humor” and is likely someone unfathomably enamored by the CBS slate of lame one-note comedies like Two and a Half Men. Judging by the bulk of the comments on this thread, I’d have to say this applies to a good chunk of you.

  • un chien andalou

    This is from amazon, Bossypants page, Editorial Reviews “praise for Tina Fey”: “Tina Fey is an ugly, pear-shaped, overrated troll.” (The Internet ) I bet she wrote this “praise”.

    You see haters, you are wasting your time here. Suck it.

    • Tulga

      I like the one about cinyrg. I've only cried at work twice and it's true, it does freak the hell out of my coworkers.

  • un chien andalou

    I wonder, if @^^, @EdStillLivesWithHisMom, @Mr. Beepo, @UGH, and @KC are the same person. That explains a lot.

    • Erica

      How did you get past the border patrol?

  • stickittotheman

    Wow, why all the hate. If you don’t like her so much then go troll another review, ya dorks!

    • Hunter

      I like Your Article about Bossypants- Tina Fey Selections from my tower of shame Perfect just what I was loinokg for! .

  • lizzielou66

    I’m probably the only one who read her article in the New Yorker (yes people, it is a magazine with really long articles), and frankly it was quite smart: thoughtful, honest, clever, biting and funny. But alas, no fart jokes for you folks out there who can only laugh on that level.

    • reader

      mmm, yeah, probably. You must be the smartest person in the whole wide world! You read articles with lots of words????? Wow. You read a magazine called the New Yorker? wow! It must be so cool to be you!

      • un chien andalou

        Oh hai thar, Sarah. New nickname? Cute but i prefer this one >>>> ^ ^

    • Gregory

      i love these seires they are amnaizg i have read them all three times in the past week!!!!! i cant wait for the iron night to come out i have drove my family isane over the past few days over these books . i will never stop loving them . there romantic yet action and adventcure its just the whole package its so hard to read and cry haha .but you get the point i love them till the end and Ash rules !!!

  • un chien andalou

    People who hate Tina Fey obviously can’t read.

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