Richelle Mead's new series 'Bloodlines' cover reveal -- EXCLUSIVE

BloodlinesRichelle Mead has graduated from Vampire Academy, her popular YA series that wrapped up in December with the release of its sixth and final book, and now she’s moving onto new territory. Well, somewhat new: Bloodlines will be a spin-off of VA, moving the previously tertiary character Sydney, a human alchemist, from the sidelines to the forefront. It will also be set in a sunny Californian high school instead of that rigid, preppy-bloodsucker academy, which I imagine will be like transferring from the Undead Poets Society to Bayside High. Check out the finalized cover for the first book of the series—that’s Sydney with the filigreed face, by the way—and watch a video after the jump of Mead talking about how it will differ from Vampire Academy. Bloodlines is set to hit shelves on August 23.

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  • mari

    oh my god did i mention i love you guys
    this cover isamazing
    its not like were used to
    i will miss rose
    sydney model is wow they couldn’t have picked a better one love the tatoo
    and i think i’m going to die if i have to wait til agust
    this is the best early birthday present ever!!

    • Lauren

      Wow! cant wait! I’m so used to following Rose and Dimitri but am looking forward to reading about Sydney! Richelle Mead you are a fantastic writer!

      • Melody

        I’m really hoping Sydney and Dimitri fall in love.

      • Amanda

        In my opinion Rose and Dimitri are perfect together, I truly believe that Sydney and Ian are going to be together if she is with anyone, for that fact that she is HUMAN!!!!!

      • Janet

        have u read the last book in the VA series, Rose and Dimitri r together there isn’t a shot that Sydney and Dimitri will be together which is good i like Rose and Dimitri being together

      • Grace

        Amanda, how is Ian. I don’t remember him in any of the books. Is he a new character in the spin-off???

      • alesha

        ok so u guys dont make fun of me but i making somewhat of a mini book of whaty happens to rose and all of them and by all the comments i read it seems like u guys want to see what happens to them and it sounds like richelle actually wrote it and my friend actually loves it and shesa crazy lover of VA too!! and i think its actually really good!! so i think i mite post in on here and see what u guys think!

      • alesha

        ok ppl dont make fun of me but im making a mini book to what happens to rose and dimitri and christian and all of them its really good so far!!!! even my friend who is like just as crazy bout vampire academy as me loves it!!! and it sounds like richelle even written it its not quite done but so far its really good! and by the comments on here bout all the characters and how u want to see what happens to them i think my story is actually getting good so far even though i only HAVE like a lot of sentences haha but its really good and i think i want to post it on here and all of u shud just check it out and read and give me info and wat u liked!!!!!?????!!!!!??????

      • Getlin

        Ian came in the last book hes an human like sydney

      • JMS

        @alesha, while that sounds liek it would be interesting, it may also be illegal to do. IF you go through Richelle’s blogs she says that in Bloodlines you will still get to see what happens with the other characters, that is why she left the books so open at the end because she can expand on them in her new series. BUt if you do make a mini book of your own, I wouldn’t go posting it all over the internet or you could find yourself in a lawsuit.

      • chucky

        how can u say that??!!! dimitri and rose are together for freakin eva and if anything happens the world will fall apart. Sydney can find her own romeo coz dimitri is taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooo way will he leave rose after all they have been through….maybe adrian though>??!!!!!

      • elena

        Who’s Ian? o.o

      • elena

        Oh no, wait, i rememeber. He was the dude who had a crush on Sydney, wasn’t he? Though i forgot about him. I had this feeling Adrian and Sydney were going to have something, since Richelle said he still was in the plot.. though i’d rather see him with Rose. I mean, i want Rose and Dimitri together, but i’d feel sad if Adrian got over her. I know it sounds selfish, but >_<

      • brittany

        sydney and dimitri CAN NOT I REPEAT CAN NOT fall in love
        he’s meant for rose and only rose

      • makayla

        I wanna keep reading about Rose and Dimitri!!!

      • makayla


      • Samantha

        Grace, Ian is the other alchemist that was with Sydney at the royal court when she got busted for helping Rose and Dimitri. He has a crush on her.

    • coleen

      AGREED. omg my bday is august 22, cant wait

      • Kate

        Apparently the release date is the 23 of august

      • amy r stinnett

        Sydney and dimitri? umm no. rose and dimitri. are you crazy?

      • niks

        omg my birthday is on august 22nd too lol…;)

      • alesha

        so do u guys want to read my amazingly kool story its actually really good!!!!?!?!?!!?!?

      • elena

        Sure, why not (:

      • Alliannah

        mines the 24 of august…but i’m soo excited for the books to come out..! =)

      • cass

        I beat all of you :) My birthday is ON the 23rd of August. I literally squealed when I saw this.

      • lildhampire

        y do yal guys think that dimitri and sydeny r goingto be together he said that he would never leave

        why would sydney even try to get with dimka she hates their kind even though hes not vampire well not like lisa or the dead dead ones so quit thinking that

        if you remember in one of the book he said that he would never leave

      • lildhampire

        it would be sweet if she give he a chance or they meet at one the town and she says she and him r haveing problems and dimitri is on a mission and so looks to him 4 comfort and she really suppose to be on a mission at the town she in that would intresting

      • Pamela Reyna

        dont worry sydney and dimitri wont fall in love thats the point the author did she wanted rose together with dimitri sydney might be with the guy ian or with eddie or with adrian but we well have to find out :)

      • yaya

        rachell mead its the best authore and writter everrrrrrrr i meat her at a book store and she was awesome, nice and politeeeeeee. she is the best i wish i coul talk to her personally and i she sign my boookkksssss i swearrrr. keep it up rachell u r the best

    • alyssa booth

      i think i just might die too
      i just finished the vampire acedemy seris today and i cant belive the last thing in the book it leaves u woundering a bit i hope rose and lissa are somewhat included in this seris

      • Abbie

        OMG i finished last sacrifice today too….CANNOT wait for bloodlines but i wanna see more of dimitri rose lissa and the others in it too….i wanna know if rose and adrian become friends.

      • jessica

        yea there going to be a “cameo” which means that they will be in it but only for a short of amount of time :)

      • Gemma

        That’s What I’m Hoping To :) Even Though I’m Glad Richelle Is Moving On I’m Still Excited To Hear What Has Gone On With Lissa As Queen And More Of What Rose Is Like Without The Bond And Her Protection Over Lissa :)

      • Samantha

        Abbie, y wuld u want to know if adrian and rose will be friends? ive always hated adrian. i was happy wen rose cheated on him with dimka. dimka and rose are soul mates so how can he get mad?

      • Samantha

        ricelle mead said she’d write a small story about wat happens to rose and dimitri after the last book. but she said a story, not a novel

      • Pamela Reyna

        im shure they are going to be and also my adorabel fierce eddie :)

      • Sydney rice

        I think she is going to do a short story about Dimka and Roza after she has the baby thats what she has on her blog at least.

      • Naima

        Wow thlukfnaly this hasn't happened to me yet. Ha! I laughed just imagining you doing the hashtag symbol with your hands while saying 'Waiting Sucks' #SometimesDorkyIsCute

    • kayla

      You should right a series of what happens after Rose becomes Lissa’s guardian. Also what happens to Rose,Dimitri, Christian, and or course Lissa

    • yaya

      me tooo!!!!i read all the 6 book and i cant stop readimg them again!!! i love them!!!i will miss rose because i want to know what happen with the other characters such as eddi, adrian and the rest… but im forward looking into sidney side. love the cover n i think its going to be great. they should do a tv episode or a movie i think its going to be ameizinggggg and every1 will enjoit. n i saw rachell in reall life and she was great and a very nice person!!!i lov her and her book’s!!!!!

    • kit kat

      I read the vampire academy series in 5th grade (last year) and ofcoarse my mom had to block out some parts… but i did luvvvv the series i cant wait untill bloodlines! i am so happy adrian is in it I LUVVVVVV HIMMMM!!!!!!!!! not more than christian of coarse tho! and u all mite b surprised to hear this but my favorite character is Victor! and altho i never really liked sydney i cant wait till august!

      • Destiny

        How is your fave character Victor kit kat?!?!?! he is a jerk and i like sydney she’s pretty cool. I really hope adrian and her get together! I <3 him! If she does go wiht Ian (which she probably will) i'll be a little bit sad that she didn't chose adrian. lol… any of you know what day in august is it coming out??? :)

  • Deborah

    I can’t wait to read this book. I’m so excited!

    • Destiny

      i agree! lol so excited! I love richelle mead i got her last book for Xmas and guess what suprise i found in it. SHE SINGED IT! i was so happy lol she is a amazing author! when i got her first book i stood up until 7 am reading it just because i couldn’t fall asleep thinking about how just the beginning was awesome! and yes i did finish the book the same day i got it! :D

  • Gabrielle

    So gonna buy it this summer!!!
    Love Sydney’s tattoo, by the way!!!

    • Destiny

      I am too!!!! And i couldn’t agree any more Gabrielle! I want it lol it’s so out there!!!

  • esma

    Hmm..that is so not how I picrured sydney.. -__-

    • ashley

      I agree, i pictured her as more of a blonde and well not so mysterious looking more uptight and pretty not like that.

      • Georgia

        yes, agreed it took me a while to figure out who it was… i pictured her as more blonde and pretty… Adrian’s type… haha

    • Moranda

      Lol…Yeah, me neither. I saw her as a more simplistic looking chic, but I guess that’s not what they were shooting for…obviously. Personally, I think they could have found someone better. Tattoo is really nice but not so much the model. Btw, it will always be Dimitri and Rose. Even Adrian didn’t stand a chance. :(

      • Sydney rice

        I agree but Adrian is so cute. I loved him when I was reading the series yes even at the begining even though he was kind of a jerk. But Adrian didn’t stand a chance with Rose he shoul have known when Dimitri turned back she would fall back in love with her true love.

      • Destiny

        i agree that Adrian didn’t have a chance all though a small part of me wished he did but when Dimka and rosa got back together i was really happy ;D

    • Emma

      I Agree, i thought she would be plainer looking and although the tattoo is great i pictured it as smaller and less fancy, seen as how the male alchamists also have one.

      • Tabi

        i always see emma watson, when i think bout her.

      • tanvi bhakta

        i totally agree, i always pictured it as more below, tinier, and VERY unseeable… like a watermark or something.

      • Destiny

        hmmmmmmmmmmm i never thought about it that way. Good point! Why would the males have a feminine tatoo??? unless that tatoos are similar but the the exact same. You never no!

    • makayla

      Me either!

    • Katia

      Thats not what I thought she would look like either, but I reckon its good anyway. Actually I reckon its AWESOME!!!

      • pauline

        why i the hell would anyone think that dimitir and sydney would get together? it him and rose, who ever thinks otherwise is just dumb!

    • Destiny


  • Dawn

    Omg I love the cover! Sydney is perfect and just how I imagined her! I cannot wait to read how her story continues! <3

    • Deborah

      yeah totally agree!! so thats out aug 2011…so ‘last sacrifise’ is out already yeah?? cant find it anywhere..any ideas where i can get it!!

      • Pat

        it all depends where you live but i know they have it at Borders. if you dont live near it then you can also find it at walmart. i spent so long looking for it and found it there!

      • Karen

        Head on over to and download the audiobook! I loved it. As a matter of fact, i did actually “read” any of the VA books – I listened to them. Awesome.

      • Gemma

        amazon have it i think

      • Melody

        A bookstore a duhhh duhhh

      • Sabrina

        They also carry it at Wal-Mart and Target if you live near one of those.

      • Rusty

        I love the whole series, and also listen to the audiobooks, but I am more interested in Lissa & Jill story & how it goes on, Lissa’s College life, Queenship roll, But I guess Sydney Life will be cool.

      • SYNTHIA


      • Leila Zarkhin

        yeah try Barnes and Noble. It’s a great book i hope you enjoy it!

  • Sam

    How do I watch the video? It won’t work!!!

    • sona

      go under n ull c it just click the arrow button on the screen.

      • Annabelle

        I cant see the video either and i pressed the arrow

    • Melody

      Or u can go to YouTube and search bloodlines.

  • B

    So would the guy be Eddie??? Interesting cover!

    • sona

      It’s Adrian.

      • Bridgette

        OOOOOO REALLY???????? So he is in this story as a main character???

      • feli

        are you serious THATS Adrian omg…lets hope he hasnt gone nuts shall we

      • Jayne Ohagan

        I thought it was Adrian
        I love the cover

      • payge

        I think its Ian from the sixth book

      • da_Ju

        It makes no sense for it to be Adrian, I agree it has to be Ian, because why would Adrian end up in an ALL HUMAN high school? I think it is a mistake to stray so far from the series because no matter how I see it SYDNEY IS NOT A MAIN CHARACTER and she doesn’t have the neccesities for them. Why can’t the story be about Adrian or Abe, those are interesting characters, oh well as long as its not on lissa.

      • Ericka

        idk bet its one of her own!!!! she don’t like their type, the bloodsuckers:)

      • flamo

        do u guys love being retarded? its not adrian and its not eddie! if its anyone weve already read about, it would clearly be ian!!!

      • makayla

        You guys are really fighting over this? howbout rereading the books and seeing how the people look!!! geezuusss.

      • ?


      • lildhampire

        honsety i think it Ian

      • neha

        hell yeah dats ADRIAN…… <3<3<3 Adrian…… how abt SYDNEY N ADRIAN!!!!

      • Destiny

        i got to tell you i never imagined Adrian like that. I think it’s Ian although i do wish it’s Adrian Sydney falls in love with! :D

    • Melody

      I want it to be Dimitri.

      • flamo

        oh my freaking god! ITS NOT DIMITRI!!!!!!!!!! HE IS WITH ROSE!

      • tasha

        Dimitri BELONGS with Rose !!!!!

      • Katerina

        That is so stupid Dimitri totally belongs with Rose. I mean he rescked eaverything for her.

      • taylor

        OMG the next person who says they want dimitri on the cover all the rose and dimitir fans will start group and take the sydney and dimitri fans down

      • Tabi

        @taylor: *like* i’m in!

      • pauline

        why does everyone think dimitri is on that cover, i believe its adrian, i mean after what happened with him and rose, i think him and sydeny would be a cute couple. and if you dont think so whatever. i believe im right.

      • lildhampire

        i dont cause he with rose

      • Leah

        DIMITRI is with ROSE! they love and belong to eachother. its ADRIAN on the cover

      • Destiny

        Would everyone stop saying that! >:( Why on earth would Dimitri go with Sydney when he has Rose a waaaaaay better girl in my opinion. I mean come on a human is nothing compared to a half human half vampire who can kick a full vampireds but.



  • Tani G

    Love the cover, Sydney looks perfect from what I’ve read in VA Series. Big question, who’s the guy? Woo woo!

    • sona

      The spin off series pretty much has to do with Adrian,Sydney and Jill. The guy is Adrian I’m guessing.

      • Amanda

        It can’t be doesn’t Adrian have blond hair…

      • cyntia

        Adrian has black hair.

      • C

        Adrian is described in Frostbite as having brown hair with gold streaks. He could be the guy on the cover.

      • faye

        don’t forget eddie. he killed a moroi remember? and oh.. what about christian after what happened to tasha?… cn’t freakin w8!

      • sam

        No.. look at his hair and eyes. Its Christian.

      • Morena

        amanda thats sad, adrian has dark brown hair, have u even read the books??? and the eyes are green! its adrian!!!
        cuz it cant be eddie ], he has light hair

      • Kat

        Adrian has brown hair!!
        And green eyes.
        This dude has black hair and blue eyes! Totally different.
        I honestly don’t want Adrian to be with Sydney.

      • Pamela Reyna

        dont forget Eddie too :)

      • Destiny

        Why can’t I remember who Eddie is?!?

    • Sille

      I think it’s the fellow alchemist of hers. The one supposedly into her. Rachel commented somewhere that if we’ve read LA, then we can guess who the the male lead is.

      • kju;

        I can’t wait for this but I’m really gonna miss Rose and dimitri, I don’t think It’ll be the same without them

  • Tasha

    wow, the cover looks hot, i really do like sydney’s tattoo :) and yeh that’s not how I would of pictured sydney either, but she’s still hot for the part. I don’t know what im gonna do with out Rose :( I loved reading about her, hope she makes guest appearences :) and maybe Dimitri too!

    • jessica

      She dose for alittle bit she makes a Cameo IDK about Dimitri.. and i agree i’m gonna miss them to… but atleast they get together at the end… and BTW the guy on the cover is ADRAIN not Christain he is not int he book he is with lissa

    • megan

      i agree im going to miss rose and dimitri as well …… and im also hopping they will make a guess apperence .

    • Melody

      Is Dimitri even in bloodlines??

      • Ashley Bancroft

        Yeah ive been wondering that, cause i really like Rose and Dimitri.

      • Brittany

        I hope so!!!

      • Destiny

        hope so! :D

      • bianca

        i HOPE SO TOO!!!!

    • kayla

      what i think she Richelle should do is make a series about what happens to Rose and Dimitri or at least make a book or two about what happens from Dimitri’s point of view

      • Danelle

        yeah i agree she should write a book about dimitri’s point of view!! that would be awesome!!

      • MAKAYLA

        Thats exactly what she should do. i really dont care about all the other charactors… i just wanted to read about rose and dimitri!

  • L

    ooooh! can’t wait!! hopefully Adrian gets to be in a major part of the book! (hopefully he doesnt fall for sydney!) xb

    • Bridgette

      You dont want him to fall for her??? Dont u think he deserves a happy ending too???

      • Ashley Bancroft

        Yeah, I mean I felt pretty bad for Adrian when he found out about Rose and Dimitri. Cause it even said in the Last Sacrifice that his whole world came crashing down when he seen Dimitri give Rose a kiss on the forehead

    • Destiny

      hopefully he does! ;p

  • Dimikaroza

    OMFG!!!! cant wait

    • Leah

      CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    I’m looking forward to the book. Adrian is my fav character, and I’m hoping he gets a better shake in this series.

  • Lily

    ! I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Kiya

    Eh I pictured Sydney a little different :/ But this does look good ;D

    • Mellamee

      My Sydney was Maggie Grace. But this girl isn’t bad too. I don’t like the guy anyway.

  • Stephanie

    Maybe Adrian hooks up with Sydney?????

    • Trish

      The cover is awsome i just hope thats not Adrain with sydney. I think it would be cute for him to end up with jill since shes always had a crush on him.Cant wait till this summer!:D

      • faye

        yeah, but jills like 14 or something… oh whatever.. didn’t stop dimka and rose after all.. but rose was 17… and jills like 14..

      • chucky


      • chucky

        adrian is lyssa’s cousin any jill is lyssa’s sister sooooo wtf?? have you read last sacrifice???!!!

      • Jasmine

        Just for the record, Adrian and Lissa are NOT related. He calls her his cousin cause it has to do with something about royals.

      • Tabi

        but sydney said in sb tht adrian is hot.

    • Katerina

      It wont be Adrian as much as he desrves a happy it wont be Sdyney or Jill. His nickname for Jill is jailbait. Besides Sydney dosent even like people from their world.

      • cyndi

        I do sorta home adrian and jill end up together. not while she’s fifteen but in a few years time their age difference will be irrelevent, besides we already know he has enough dragonmir blood for their kids to carry the name. I think their is a better chance of saving the line if there is more than just christian and lisa to make lil dragonmirs. I think through the spinoff we’ll find out that there are keepers that are dragonmirs too.

    • kit kat

      i hope its adrian and jill cuzz tht would be sooooooooooo perfect! just the thought makes me happy

    • Destiny

      Hope so!

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