'The Hunger Games': Jodelle Ferland dresses as Katniss for Halloween


Jodelle Ferland had a tiny part in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as Bree Tanner, but for her Halloween costume, she set her sights on a lead role. The actress tweeted a few images of herself dressed up as Katniss Everdeen, complete with a Mockingjay pin, a bow and arrow, and the District 12 tribute’s iconic braid. Was this a stealth audition for the upcoming movie? Ferland insisted that she’s just a Games fanatic, tweeting, “I thought Katniss would be a really fun costume. Don’t take it so seriously…I’m not trying to say, ‘Hey, look at me. I should be Katniss.’ It’s not a competition.”

True, it’s not a competition. But with rumors circulating about other actresses receiving the Hunger Games script, this is an intriguing new development. I was operating under the mistaken impression that Ferland was roughly 10 years old, but she’s actually 16…the same age as Katniss in the first book. What do you think, Shelf Lifers? Should Ferland’s name be thrown into the running for Katniss? Or do you think she looks too young for the part? Shouldn’t she at least get points for dressing as Katniss two years before everybody else does?

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  • Nan

    Please. God. No. She may look the part, but she is a horrible actress.

    • K

      How do you know she is a horribl actress when she hardly has anything on her resume?

      • emmy

        ‘Hardly anything’? Um, go on IMDb again, honey.

      • Steve

        This just in: emmy pwns K! News at 11!

      • hi

        Her resume is large compared to other child stars her age, and she can totally act!! Twilight does not count. Check out her other movies that she stars in.

    • nikki

      thxs for being nice. dont be a hater cause ur life sucks. she is awesome atress and is way better than u could do.

      • Amrul

        I have to admit that Taylor is ggoerous…although I am not a Twilight fan. I don't like anything that has to do with vampires. Yikes!

    • balmydrizzle

      Are you nuts? She’s a fantastic and extrodinary actress in several movies.

  • Beth

    I love the idea of Jodelle as katniss. She does have such an innocence to her look, I guess cause she’s so young, but at the same time, a strength too! You got my vote girlfriend :-)!

    • Victoria

      I haven’t seen anything she’s been in other than Twilight but I somehow liked what I saw in it. She looks the part but I’d have to see how she acts other wise to say for sure.

      • Joseph

        I saw her in Case 39 and Silent hill, she scared the hell out me and i can’t say that about any other actor or movie, i’m the type that laughs at scary stuff but she is a different story >.>

    • nikki

      yeah, shes got my vote to. katniss is suppsote to be small for her age. she so desevres the part.

  • bruno


  • makayla!

    NOOO!!!! NO NO NO NO NO! NEVER! EVER! I hate even the IDEA of her being Katniss! This irks me….she’s had her turn at fame….let anohter girl come out into the spotlight! Let someone UNKNOWN play the part as Katniss….geez….how many times do the crazy fans have to say this?! D:

    • Coco

      I hope the part goes to an unknown as well, none of the actresses whoes names have mentioned seem to fit the role and I prefer new artists get a chance to breakthrough.

    • nikki

      as many times as the crazy fans want, cause she should be katniss. ever one who doesnt want her are haters who should get a life.

      • Renata

        i think u are suffering from Fan-o-mania.Ok,U want her as Katniss but others don’t.So what??Everyone is entitled to there views.Why get abusive ?
        And i agreed that someone new should play the part.It adds a freshness.U urself think-how wud u feel if Kristen Stuart did the part?Horrible i guess coz u wud always see Bella in her.

  • Rosie

    One word ‘Famewhore’.

    • raisa

      omg…ur SO rite!! LOL! i don’t know…she seems determined but also like she’s just doing it for the fame.

      • nikki

        ur the hore

  • cam

    the desperation is hilarious. she’s been pimping herself for a long time, cutting down others mentioned, saying she’d be the best, etc. Funny, but sad.

    • jane

      agreed, but i find it more on the annoying side.

  • Rebecca

    Hey, if she wants the part and the directors are interested then good for her. Why not be proactive and put yourself out there rather than wait to be approached?

  • Carrie

    I don’t blame her for wanting to be Katniss. She’s an awesome character.

    • meggie

      I agree, who doesn’t want to be Katniss?! If I was a young actress with the correct hair/eye color, I think I would be vying for the part too.
      Now, I’m not too familiar with Jodelle, don’t remember much about her Bree Tanner role. She doesn’t look ‘wrong’ for Katniss exactly, its just, she seems to have this wide-eyed innocence about her. Maybe because she is young…or maybe just because she has big eyes:)

  • Feuerherz

    NO! She’s gonna be Bree Tanner (cause I’m quite sure they’ll make that a movie, too) and that’s it. When we say “No Twilight people in THG” then that also applies to her!
    Oh and somehow I don’t buy her “this is no application for the part, it’s just fun!”-attitude. In my mind, she’s trying very hard to get it. But maybe that’s just me :P
    She’s a suitable age and her looks are okay, but I think she’s too famous to be the face of a new saga.
    I still vote for Kaya Scodelario, who has been said to also have a script! *crossing fingers*

    • Elizabeth

      I thought Bree was killed by the Volturi…

      • Jessica

        Feuerherz is probably referring to them making a movie of Stephenie Meyer’s novella “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” which tells the story of Bree from when she becomes a vampire to when she is indeed killed by the Volturi.

    • Abby

      Nu-uh. Not Kaya Scodelario either. I want it to be Lyndsy Fonseca. But I suppose Jodelle wouldn’t be totally terrible at the role.

    • raisa

      when kaya tweeted that she had the script, she lied. her agent confirmed it. i nvr liked her for katniss.

      • Tyler (Girl)

        she looks too old and too..hmm sharp? like a knife Katniss should seem more bow and arrow like!

    • Skyler Everdeen

      Dude, I don’t think it matters what movie they were in. At Least be glad it isn’t KRISTEN STEWART! I have a friend that that looks pretty much like Katniss. She even has the attitude. She slammed a guys temple into a locker. Man was she ticked.

  • Jazlynn


    • Amy

      Totally agree

    • nikki

      u know slots, a good person has to be katniss

    • Mabior

      IronReviewer on October 20, 2011 21 bsuacee it has a mix of adventure, skill, entertainment, and romance. Great movie that could be a great game!

  • RBC

    No No No NOO!!! I liked her in Twilight but let someone unknown get the part. No twilight in the hunger games.

  • Rosie

    Hey f… off from The Hunger Games, Twilight!!!!

    • THGfan

      100% agreed!

  • Panemwarrior1

    FU Twilight! FU! Go Home and Leave The Hunger Games Alone!

  • PanemWarrior1

    FU Twilight and go home finally! And leave The Hunger Games alone!

  • THGfan

    she’s been in twilight!? i hate her already.

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