Rick Springfield's icky new memoir: we read it so you don't have to

In the ’80s, Rick Springfield was one of the world’s biggest stars, cranking out excellent power-pop hits like “Jessie’s Girl” and playing Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. Now he’s written a confessional autobiography, Late, Late At Night, and it turns out he was also kind of a creep. Why he’d want the world to know this is somewhat mysterious, but he certainly doesn’t hold back with the details. Here are a few notable moments.

-When he was 17, Springfield says he tried to hang himself. “I hang suspended for fifteen or twenty seconds and am just sliding into unconsciousness when the knot tying the rope to the beam somehow unravels. I’m slammed hard to the concrete floor, rather the worse for wear.”

-One band he played in early on used to hold up local stores. “Incredibly, I remain blissfully unaware of this part of the routine for a while, until we pull up outside a liquor store late one night and all the other band members get out and tell me to stay in the idling car. The next thing I know…I find out that they’ve just robbed the store.” The kicker? “The write up in the paper about the robbery is my first press! I proudly keep the local newspaper article in my bedside drawer for months.”

-He was in bands with astonishingly awful names like Moppa Blues and Zoot and Wickedy Wak.

-At age 25 he dated a then 15-year-old Linda Blair. “I am her first lover and she is an enthusiastic learner…. We share a love of dogs and sex–separately, not in combination. Most of the time we don’t leave the apartment. She’s invited to premieres and Hollywood parties and we go as a couple, blindly and innocently to the media slaughter. We’re actually really shocked by the incensed articles in both teen and regular press about our affair. Either we have zero understanding of what makes the press tick, or it’s a really slow month for news.”

-He tries to blame much of his bad behavior on depression (or as he calls it, The Darkness), which, as he describes it, sounds like little more than ordinary self doubt. The Darkness is constantly “saying” things to Springfield like, “What’s the point, sport? You don’t have what it takes, and you know it.” Springfield deals with this by sleeping around, repeatedly cheating on various significant others. But, you see, it’s not his fault! “I’m feeling worthless and emasculated by having failed my family and myself,” he writes, “so what better way to get some integrity back than to f— this girl that so many men seem to find hot? Makes sense to me. And Mr. Darkness thinks it’s a stellar idea.”

-Toward the end of the book, he offers a message to anyone who might have found the previous 270 pages distasteful. “I’d also like to address those perfect souls who are reading this and saying to themselves, ‘Why is [his oft-cheated-on wife] putting up with this a–hole?’ I’m happy that your life is so unruptured that you can make such a distant judgment call, so I’ll only address the humans in the audience.”

So there you have it. Rick Springfield: pretty gross. But don’t judge him! It’s not his fault, really. And if you’ve never cheated on your wife then you must not be human.

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  • Jennifer

    I’m more grossed out by his present-tense narrative than anything else…

    • @ Jennifer

      I completely agree. I HATE reading things written in the present tense – sounds pretentious.

      • Brianna

        We read it so you don’t have to?? Wow…pathetic and very fake workers! Do you really get a paycheck for your work?? Low Life-Superficial workers!!!

      • Stacie

        Why’d you read it Brianna?

      • RichieRich

        You hit the nail on the head hotlover.

      • RyanK

        Ok, I’m really glad I’m not the only one who thought that about the present tense usage.

    • JN

      My thoughts exactly. Based on his writing style, I bet he refers to himself in the third person in conversations. I feel for his ghost writer/ editor.

      • Aussie

        He DIDN’T have a ghost writer!

    • mark

      haha. Jennifer for the win!

      • just sayin001

        that’s funny mark. the last time i dated a 15 yr old… i was 16. how many of you just went ‘eeeww’. the point is, you get the point.

      • ed

        @ just saying. WTF?

  • Jan

    Wow, what a snotty review.

    • Jan

      A snotty review by an unnamed author.

  • diana

    oh that WAS depression he was talking about…after all, doesn’t depression call everyone “Sport”

    • Liz


      • Bala

        Pistols on to the arm of the sofa about parallel, just did 10 TGU find them very slow and utdioes. I’ll have to check form guide for DUs- I skipped very , very fast! I guess some where doubles:0 -3.30 Prsssups taking hands off at bottom- mad hard! was reduced to knees for last 3 sets to maintain form and not push hips then arms 8.00, Squats well beyond parallel touching ankles up to 75 in a oner then short rest and pumped the rest out 2.48. Had a rest between skips and press ups but straight from PUs to Squats hard that. Would like to see more scores up here as I prefer Crossfit endurance to the main Crossfit but need more scores to compare becuase that’s the motivating factor!

    • Aussie

      ‘Sport’ is an Australian term, like ‘mate’ or to put it simpiler for some of you ‘buddy’.

  • n

    Icky? I get that you’re saying the book shows that Springfield is pretty disgusting, but couldn’t you have chosen a more appropriate title for a professional publication? Even on a blog-type entry it seems a little too immature (especially since the journalist’s name hasn’t been provided). Now I’m just waiting for a “[artist] poopy caca new album: We listened to it so you don’t have to!” C’mon.

    • Jackie

      Seriously. This article, and publication, is such a joke. I came upon it after catching up on Californication today (Springfield guest-starred as himself last season)and wondering where he was now. Having been born in 89 I don’t know much about the guy, but this story is obnoxious and poorly-written. No wonder its author remains nameless.

  • Christi

    Must be nice perched above us all on your podium…maybe you should hear him explain aspects of the book before you hand out your judgment! He completely takes the blame for his actions and has total contempt for what he did…funny, his “story” sounds like many “normal” people out there! Who doesn’t have a few teenage & young adult things in our life we wish we could erase. Perhaps you should get a life…obviously, you poor sheltered soul, you haven’t had one! ;0)

    • D

      You’re right, Christi, his life sounds completely “normal.” He attempted suicide as a teen, robbed up convenient stores, had an affair with a 15-year old when he was 25, and constantly cheated on his wife. Completely normal.

      • Sabrina M

        Actually, it is “normal.” Know why? Because everyone makes mistakes and bad choices. As it says in the Scriptures in the book of Romans “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” If you read about any person in history, you’ll find only one of them walked on water…and he was crucified because people felt threatened by Him.

      • RyanK

        I think by Rick’s definition, then about 95% of the people on the planet aren’t human. I’ve made mistakes before. I’ve screwed up. But come on now, robbery, sleeping with a 10-years-younger 15 year old, and repeatedly cheating on your wife, are not the mistakes that make us human. These are well beyond that.

      • Sabrina M

        @RyanK….are you so perfect that you can walk on water? Who set you up as Rick’s judge or anyone else’s either?

  • Iakovos

    New fodder for that off-Broaway treat that skewers celebrity (auto)biographies!

  • wtfnyc

    I wasn’t going to read about it anyway (having heard enough random stories of his nastiness in various cities over the years), but thanks for taking the bullet anyway, EW Staff!!

    • Maria

      Random stories from whom? You can’t believe 2d and 3d hand accounts. I’ve been to six of his concerts and my interactions with Springfield have been positive. If Rick was ever truly “nasty” to someone, they more than like were the stalker chicas, those pests deserve it!

      • RyanK

        So instead you’ll believe the words straight from the author, Maria? I’m not saying Rick is lying about anything, but considering the vast amount of fake history people are putting in their autobiographies nowadays (heck, even Tony Blair got caught making up a story he blatantly stole from a movie scene) I’m completely disregarding autobiographies as reliable sources of information.

      • Maria

        I’m more apt to believe the author than some tabloid. If you want to continue to be a cynic, fine, but I don’t walk that path. I’d prefer to believe the best of folks even at their worst.

  • Anita

    You know, as a teen and even young adult (actually into my early 30s) I LOVED Rick. Seriously, he was my one huge crush. Then somewhere in my 30s I went to a couple of his shows, where he just let dozens of women on stage to grope him and grind against him. One Atlantic City show was shut down by the fire marshall! And I couldn’t help but think: this guy is pathetic! I mean, everyone else his age doing shows hires security to keep those women at bay. They might invite a select few backstage, but Rick just needed all the adulation he could get – – publicly! And it just sickened me. I haven’t been able to enjoy him since, and this article/book just reconfirms it. He’s a 60 year old success story who is still looking for someone to tell him he’s “cool”. How sad.

    • Maria

      Disgruntled fans…gotta love ‘em. Always ready to find drama where none exists lol Awww…what’s the matter? Rick didn’t give you an autograph? Shall I call a WAAAHmbulance for you?

      • D’Lynn

        No, she is probably upset that she didn’t get called up on stage. And I would have done him when I was 15 (and he was 35 at the time)

      • Maria


  • Darlene

    I think Rick is a great guy. He tells it as it is. As Christi says, he takes blame…I am looking forward to it…if we were all perfect like the reviewer life would be boring…yawn…zzzzzzzzz

    • Christi

      Amen from the back pew Darlene! We are ALL far from perfect!!

    • Felicia

      Hello?! He had sex with a 15 year old when he was 25 and STILL doesn’t see anything wrong with it! Ick. That is beyone “youthful mistake”.

      • Aussie

        This all happened over 35 years ago and they were a very public couple, in all the press, etc. Why is this suddenly ‘news’??

      • Sabrina M

        He didn’t say that. Read the book for pete’s sake and don’t buy into the junk here.

      • Ariez

        Possessing examine this I beilveed it absolutely was quite useful. I recognize you taking enough time and hard work to place this short article collectively. I when once again discover myself paying strategy to considerably time the two looking at and commenting. But so what, it absolutely was nonetheless worthwhile!

  • EW…how appropriate a name

    The negative review is par for the course, I’d say. EW can’t say anything positive, but they can’t bear to say anything at all. Hence, the dog in the manger attitude. It’s amazing how arrogant you people are because you think folks actually take your word as gospel truth…’we read it so you don’t have to?” Oh, please. Get over yourselves EW.

  • Christi

    Funny how my last post to “D” didn’t show up…hmmm…Oh well, you all have a nice life, I think I’ll go to amazon and buy a copy of Late, Late at Night! ;0) It’s so refreshing to see so many people out there who strive for perfection…hehe! Keep it real folks!

  • Sabrina M

    At least Rick has the courage of his convictions to sign his own name to his book. Who is the coward behind this viterol, EW staff? Do you think you are so perfect that you’ve done NOTHING wrong in your lives? If anyone is gross, it’s you!

    • Felicia

      I love all the comments here from ANNONYMOUS POSTERS, complaining because the article doesn’t have an author named. It makes me giggle.

  • jen_s

    Seriously? You people are really that upset by a negative review? Do you get this upset when a movie you like is critiqued as a failure, too?
    The fact that he had a sexual relationship with a 15 yr-old when he was 25 is…well, gross, not to mention Statutory Rape. He deserves whatever lumps he gets; and he had to have known they were coming.

    • saywhat

      Seriously? You’re really that upset that other people are upset? *laughter*

  • Observer

    Owned! There are two reviews here at EW. One positive, one negative. These folks are using the autobio to stir things up and garner publicity for their website…

  • Alan

    People like him ruin our world.

    • saywhat

      Exaggerate much?

    • Ian Moone

      He ruined our world?! How did he ruin yours Alan? I guess compared to Ted Bundy, John Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer, and any terrorist, yeah he ruined our world the most. GET REAL!

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