Kaya Scodelario and Lyndsy Fonseca receive 'The Hunger Games' script

Who will play the girl on fire? It’s still early in the casting process for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hunger Games, but there […] Read the full post.

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  • Sagittaria

    Personally, I think they should hold open auditions across the country–that way they will be more likely to find the absolute perfect girl. It would also probably help increase publicity and fan hype for the movie.

  • Anna


    KAYA KAYA KAYA KAYA! Loved her on Skins, Moretz could play PRIM – when someone could be Prim they are NOT Katniss. Kaya please!

    • Tori

      Your basing it all off of Skins? Really?

      • Rey

        I know right?!!

  • RB

    As much as i like Kaya, she would be a terrible Katniss. out of the 3 i think Lyndsy would be the best

  • Bree

    Kaya definitely !
    I ♥ Kaya

  • Mark

    Remember this is a trilogy…we dont want lyndsy playing katniss when shes like 26 years old… Chloe would eventually catch up on katniss’s age of 16-17… Im sure hollywood can make chloe look a couple years older esepcially if production starts next year

    • Tori

      Lyndsy looks youngs, she played a 17 year old in Kick Ass when she was what, 22? She can pull it off.

    • Rey

      Mark, you get it but, Katniss says she looks 14 and petit. If you ask me a little hair and make up, she is already there. Tori, maybe in the movie adaptation they should just make Katniss 25 and make everyone sparkle!

      • Brittany

        God Rey you are annoying. Repeating the same argument over and over is not going to make people believe that Chloe it right for the part. Most likely they are going to cast someone 18-23 to play Peeta. No amount of makeup they use on Chloe would make the Katniss-Peeta romance look anything other than wrong. If they shot the movie a couple of years later she would be perfect, but that is not the case. Right now she would be the perfect Prim. For Katniss they should actually cast a girl with naturally tan skin, as Katniss is described as having olive skin. But since this is a Hollywood movie they will probably just cast a white girl and have her tan a lot.

      • Eliza

        I agree with Brittany. Wouldn’t it be creepy to watch a movie with a girl from middle school making out with a guy who’s probably already graduated from high school and like 18 or 19? If you want to watch a movie like that you’re a sick pervert! All of you people who think Chloe should get the part are all SICK PERVERTS!!

  • Kristin

    Kaniehtiio Horn from The Trotsky should play Katniss.

  • Kaitlyn

    KAYA KAYA KAYA! I can’t stress enough how perfect she is for the part. She’d be amazing. If Lionsgate is smart, they’ll choose Kaya.

  • spencer

    Kaya! Kaya! Kaya! and no one else could ever play Katniss.

  • ak

    Lyndsey, no contest. She’s perfect! In the photo above she looks a little old for the role, but catch her on Nikita thursday nights with minimal makeup, hair pulled back, rocking The Division gray uni. I would very much dig her as our girl Kat.

    • Emily

      Actually I think she looks kind of old on Nikita…

    • Rey

      I like Lyndsy a lot. But to stay true to the physicality of the book, she is way to healthy looking. Chloe can pull of a famished 16 yr old. Katniss actually describes herself as looking 14 in the book. Emily, the more I read the more I like you!

      • Lulu

        I hope you don’t get your hopes up about that little blonde girl because we all know there’s no way in hell that she will ever even get a glimpse of the script!

      • KE-PM-GH

        ok rey really i dont care if she maches the discription i care how she acts mostly and chloe being so young could be good with all the guys in the book and kaya fits the discription just fine and would do a much better job acting the love part because she is more mature but lyndsy is to mature u still need an adalesent relationship and like u said there is hair and make up for kaya to make her look more like katniss but she can act and she is very age appropriate

  • Kate

    My vote is with Lyndsy!

  • Jackie

    Lyndsy Fonseca!!!

  • Sasha

    Lyndsy. I think she looks perfect for the role of Katniss. She’s pretty enough to be the object of affection to two good looking men and she also looks like she could be tough too. I hope she gets it cause the others dont match to me for that role.

    • Brooke

      agree!! : )

  • maarthev

    totally KAYA!!! i mean what’s up that they keep mentioning Moretz i think by know everybody agree she is way too young and way too not right for the part so stop suggesting her and Lyndsy is just not right, way too old and don’t know how to act.

    • ForAnAngel

      Not everyone agrees that Moretz is too young. Most of those people still think she looks like an 11 year old. She’ll be at least 14 in the first Hunger Games movie and can easily pull off 16 with the right wardrobe and makeup. Besides, she’s the only actress of those three that can kick serious ass. I think people put way too much importance on appearance.

      • Rey

        @ForAnAngel, but her appearance is perfect when you compare her to the other 2. She can pull of a famished and undersized 16 yo. She can kick ass, and if you go see Let Me In you can tell she has the range to be a beast in this business for a long time to come!

    • Rey

      Another one who reads the book with out any comprehension. Read it again and listen to Katniss describe herself. Don’t worry about the blonde hair and light skin, hair and make-up artists can fix that physicality you can’t change.

  • C

    AWWWW HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE OF THEM!!!!!! THEY’RE ALL SCREWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((( :PPPPPPPPP OH THIS TICKS ME OFF!! OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! COULDNT THEY HAVE PICKED SOMEONE ELSE?????? COME ON!!!!!!! GEEZ. i may as well stop being a fan of this if Kaya gets it. frik. insulting if Chloe gets it. :PPPPPPPPPPPPPP >P

    • Fireflystare221

      I hope that was a joke..

    • Rey

      Hahaha, poor guy has no friends!

      • Eliza


  • Brooke


    i say Lyndsy, but yea i think they are all “screwy” as well.. :/

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