Kaya Scodelario and Lyndsy Fonseca receive 'The Hunger Games' script

Who will play the girl on fire? It’s still early in the casting process for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hunger Games, but there […] Read the full post.

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  • Genoa

    To me, none of these girls looks bad-ass enough to play Katniss. You’d want someone who had muscle, not somebody bony and fragile. They should find a performer who has dancing or athletic experience to make sure she has the physique to pull off the role, which is of a character who has hunted for her food every day.

    • Brian L

      Chloe moretz played hit girl in kick ass…shes been through a lot of training, im sure shes bad ass enough

      • Neko

        Chloe can pull off any role. And yes, she would be bad ass enough. Just gotta dye her hair color.

      • Thalia

        Lol! You’re joking right?

      • john036

        you got to be kidding me! katniss,should be lyndsy, she kicks ass in nikita, and she has the looks all they have to do is teach her how to shoot a bow and arrow!

    • Unknown

      Katniss never had muscle, her whole life she was on the cusp of poverty up untill when her dad died and the food situation got worse. Why would they cast a muscular girl when Katniss is anything but (as is stated in the book so many times)

      • Rey

        @Brain L,Thank you. @Neko,Yes that girl has got game! @Unknown, You have not only read the book, have good comprehension as well. You guys get it!!!

  • Allie

    saoirse ronan! and i think that sammi hanratty would be great for prim. i do like the girl on the far right in the pic. she might be great

  • Allie

    would emma watson be too old for katniss?

    • Unknown

      A little, I always thought Emma Watson looked More like Madge than Katniss.

      • Rachel

        That would be awesome casting, actually. Emma Watson as Madge. I want to see this!

  • Seattle

    Kaya’s a good choice but I was hoping Saoirse Ronan would be consisdered too. I think she could pull it off.

  • Seattle

    Chord Overstreet should play Peeta. : ).

    • jen


    • Deb

      no one else should even be considered!!!

    • Rachel

      OMG yes! He’s perfect!

  • Brysahn McKenzie

    I think Chloe Moretz should play Katniss. And just because she’s thirteen it doesn’t mean she’s too young. She very talented and she acts so mature for her age. Give the part to Chloe!

    • Laza

      Yea ands she doesnt even look 13, she looks older… I also think she has the best acting skills as far as fighting… She also can pull off the emotional yet strong character Katniss is… You can see it when she plays hit girl in kick ass

    • Emily

      All things aside I just don’t think I could watch this little girl kiss Peeta (who will very likely be over 20) and not throw up in my seat!

    • Rey

      Brysahn, right on the button. Laza, you can see her range in Let Me In as well, you get it. Emily, as much as I don’t want to admit it, you’re right. Stop screwing up my day!(J/K)Moretz is slated to be the lead in an upcoming book to film adaptation called Hick. The main character gets raped. I don’t want to see Chloe go through that, or see some 20 yr old pedo mack on her either. But, this is Hollywood and you can’t please everybody.

      • Emily

        Yes but making us watch a minor kiss an adult is not pleasing anyone.

  • Name

    Kaya, hands down.

    She’s pretty in a different way without being too gorgeous, like I feel Lyndsy is. She has the closest look to the book’s description. She’s also the best age of the 3. Chloe is 13, which many, including me, consider too young. Lyndsy, who is a year older than me at 23, is considered too old. But, Kaya is only 18, which is a good age to be downplayed to 16 and 17. So, Kaya Scodelario is it for me.

  • m1

    Miley Cyrus should play Katniss.

    • Seattle


    • emmy

      Lol that’s a funny one

    • Rey

      Umm, no.

  • Steve

    Much as I loved Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass, she’s still too young to portray Katniss (who’s 16-17 in the books, I believe). However, I think she can pull off Prim…

  • Mia

    Kaya! She’s perfect. I guess Lyndsy is fine, but Chloe just isn’t Katniss.

  • Trish

    KAYA SCODELARIO ALL THE WAY. Lyndsy’s really a good actress but I prefer Kaya. Chloer Moretz is way TOO YOUNG for the role of Katniss. And duh, she’s blond. She could play Prim.

    • Rey

      Duh, hair and make up! It’s amazing how many people read the book and have no comprehension! Katniss describes her self as looking 14 and malnourished. She could easily count her ribs!!!!

  • Alison

    Kaya is pretty and a good image of Katniss, but I also like Lyndsy Fonseca because she has more experience doing nitty-gritty roles. I don’t mind either though, as long as it’s not goddamn Chloe Moretz.


    • Rey

      Oooh , a hater!!!

  • E.

    What’s wrong with Hollywood?

    • Deb

      I’m with you. Neither of these girls are right. Just like we hardly know Kristen Stewart before Twilight..the right Katniss is out there but these are not it.

  • Katie

    Kaya! I definitely want Kaya.

    And not just because she tweeted in Hunter Parrish in regards to the role as well.

  • Bribri

    If the movie films next year chloe should play the part.. its better young than old because the hunger games is a trilogy so chloe would eventually catch up on katniss’ real age

    • Neko

      This is correct. We don’t want them to do the Harry Potter thing where he looks like he’s 30 years old now…

      • Bribri

        Yea exactly

      • Emily

        Harry Potter is a completely different story as that has 7 books and 8 movies, The Hunger Games has only three book so I don’t think it would be a national crisis if maybe Kaya Scodelario played her instead.

    • Rey

      Bribri & Neko, Bravo. You guys comprehend what you read and live in reality. Emily go play outside.

      • Neko

        Get a life!

      • john036

        @rey: SHUT UP!!!!! i would rather see an eighteen year old kissing a twenty somehting year old
        yeah lets get a twenty year old making out with a thirteen year old! who cares if its against the law! lets just do it! you are retarded. the end

      • Emily

        Who was talking to you! Lol

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