Kaya Scodelario and Lyndsy Fonseca receive 'The Hunger Games' script

hunger-games-castingImage Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic.com; Dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesWho will play the girl on fire? It’s still early in the casting process for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hunger Games, but there are already some names popping up in connection with the much-desired lead role of Katniss Everdeen. The heavily fan-touted Skins actress Kaya Scodelario apparently tweeted yesterday that she had received “a certain script for a film based on a book,” referring to the Suzanne Collins-penned screenplay. The tweets were later deleted, but a screen capture can be found here. Additionally, Lyndsy Fonseca of Kick-Ass and Nikita told NextMovie at New York Comic Con that she was also sent the script. Not to toot our own Magic 8-Ball—it usually just says “Ask Again Later”—but this means that for now it’s basically EW’s pick vs. EW readers’ pick.

Except…there are rumors abounding that Fonseca’s Kick-Ass co-star Chloe Moretz is lobbying for the part as well, which puts the age range of our potential Katnisses from 13 all the way to 23. Clearly there’s still a ways to go before we find out definitively who will be notching her first arrow as The Hunger Games heroine, but what do you think of the options so far? Is Moretz too young? Fonseca too old? Scodelario too just right? All three are hoping the odds will be ever in their favor, but there can only be one Katniss Everdeen. Who gets your vote?

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  • lefty

    I would love kaya in the role. She’s amazing as Effie on Skins. Lyndsey would be alright, but not as perfect as Kaya. And Chloe is way too young. She can be Prim…

    • m1

      Rude much?

    • misschia

      hhahha! AMEN.

      • jones

        sdidsm dms’dowdiw

    • Apolloallyn

      muahahahahaha! i think the only time you have been spot on!

    • Katie

      It’s Effy.

    • Cookie

      Why isn’t anyone saying Jennifer Lawrence from Winter’s Bone? she just needs dark hair and she’s got everything else.

      • TeamHaymitch17

        I like her in everything she’s in but, I think she would play a better Glimmer. It’s still a great pick though!

      • GoodGurl

        she would be better than the rest of them, but its only my op.

      • Paula

        You can see the future? You actually got it right! And Lawrence is really a great Katniss

    • Conesis Joe Mctrashcan

      Hehe no justin beiber has ruined enough in my life not this i hope or crap to you

    • Tori

      It’s LYNDSY there lefty. And Kaya’s manager said she didn’t have the script. So why is she in the riding?

      • lefty

        I’m sorry to have horribly offended you by adding an “E.” My SINCERE condolences douche.

    • casey

      You right

    • Gabi

      YES GO KAYA!!!!!! She is perfect for Katniss! Lyndsey looks alot older than Katniss’ age range! Kaya is an EXACT copy!!!!
      I love her in Skins too!!!!!!!!!

    • Tammie

      Aw, I was tiknihng the same thing, and I’m a pretty big guy. I’ve never actually tried to SDHP w/ 275, but…….just realized it’s not SDHP. I assume just start like you’re going to do SDHP, but don’t bother with the part where you pull the weight with your arms to your chin, once you stand up with the weight, you’re done, like a traditional deadlift, but with you’re feet farther apart.

  • Jeannie

    KAYA KAYA KAYA. That is all.

    • Annie

      Kaya looks like she is drunk.
      I want Lyndsy to play the role.

    • Juan

      LOVE LOVE LOVE these snicetloes!!!I agree Emma Watson was a surprise to me but I liked it.Only one I would change is I would have Kristin Chenoweth be Effie

  • Coco

    Kaya looks more how I envisioned Katniss. Chloe neither fits the physical description or the age range, how did her name even join the conversation?

    • Rey

      Read the book again. Katniss describes herself as looking 14. She is scrawny and malnourished. Moretz is 13 going on 14 and her physicality is on par with the books description of Katniss. If your gonna stay true to the book, Scodelario and Fonseca are too old and healthy to be Katniss. Physicality you can’t change, Hollywood has hair and make up to handle the rest.

      • Sasha

        Watch Skins and you won’t think Scodelario is too healthy for the role.

        I personally think she’d be the best Katniss, but I know it’s different for everyone.

      • MaximumRide

        yes yes yes yes!!!! i agree!

      • taylor hayes

        katniss is 17! so kaya is the best oick by far!

      • Melissa

        Katniss is 16 FYI. And i dnt like any of those actresses I should play her. I’m skinny enough and I have good accuracy with a bow and arrow.

  • Aubrey

    Kaya! Yes! Enough said.

    • casey

      No one but Kayaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Nan

    I know nothing about either Kaya or Lyndsy (although I did see her in Kick Ass). I do think Chloe is too young and not right for the part.

    • Rey

      See above.

  • Monica

    Kaya looks a lot more like I’ve pictured Katniss but I’ve never seen her act…

    • mary q contrary

      She’s pretty terrific on Skins, but sometimes I think the character is a little one-note, and it’s hard to judge her range.

  • Melissa

    I love the Hunger Games books and am so excited for the movie!! I think Chloe Moretz is a talented young actress, but too young for the role of Katniss. After having watched her in Nikita I think Lyndsy Fonseca would be great in the role.

  • emmy

    KAYA. Definitely.

  • Mia

    I think Chloe would be a good fit for Rue, but not Katniss.

    • mary q contrary

      Ahem. Rue was black, and needs to be played by an African American actress. I would be so pissed if they changed her race. I fell in love with Rue. She was one of the most honest, genuine characters in the series.

      • JB

        I recently read the book and if I’m mistaken, Rue’s skin color was not brought up. Her features, aside from her stature being similar to Prim’s, were never written of.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, JB. Rue’s race is made very clear in the book. Read it again.

      • Genoa

        Anonymous is right, JB. Rue is definitely black. So is Thresh, for that matter.

      • Name

        @JB Listen to the other two posters. Rue is described as having brown skin, dark hair and brown eyes. If you read any description of District 11, you can easily draw many parallels to plantation life of American Slavery. That’s also where a lot of the District 11 being African-American comes from.

      • Brandy

        I could have sworn Rue was Mexican…

      • TeamHaymitch17

        I agree with you! In the first book, page 45, paragraph three, it clearly states that Rue has DARK BROWN skin!

      • MaximumRide

        i think that they said that Rue and Thresh were darkly colored…meaning anyway you want to take it…either really tan or black…so its not their fault if they mess it up because i dont think that it comes right out and says which one specifically =]

      • Melissa

        I also recently read the books and it does say Rue is an african american. Maybe JB you need to reread the boooks.

      • GoodGurl

        Actually it just said she had dark skin, not that she was black and I thought of Rue more like just a very tan girl from being in the fields in her district. But she could be African American.

  • mary q contrary

    Kaya could be good, I just haven’t seen her in anything but Skins, so it’s hard to say if she can handle the part, which isn’t an easy one. If they can put it off until next fall or so, Chloe Moretz might just be able to pull it off. I still say Saoirse Ronan would nail it.

  • melissa

    Chloe is way to young to play katniss.

    Since the movie isn’t supposed to come out till 2012 lyndsay may look way older than 16 when it starts filiming.

    Kaya is totally the best pick for katniss

    • fg

      They need to remember is a probably a three picture deal and choose someone who is not going to age beyond the point where they no longer look the part. I say no one over the age of 17. Since it probably going to take two years to make the movie, Chloe might not be a bad choice. The Harry Potter movies got it right by choosing kids the correct age so that they didn’t totally look ridiculous playing the characters at the end or having to hire new actors everytime.

    • Rey

      You just contradicted yourself. @fg Yessss! Finally somebody who gets movies!!! Too many Twihards on this thread!!!

  • nora

    Kaya Scodelario would be awesome. She is great at playing the elusive yet confident one, and the depth of her performance on Skins (particularly in the last series) shows that she can take on a difficult role.

    • Selena

      I completely agree. If you read the last part of mockingjay, It’s very very emotional and deep. I think Kaya has more experience now that she became Effy. I don’t think anyone else could play Katniss except for her. And I personally say that Lyndsy is just too old, and she’s already known for Nikita here in the U.S, but Kaya on the other hand, is just known in the U.K and some parts of the U.S. It’s Kaya’s time to shine (:

  • Shiny

    Kaya would be very cool but why not go ahead and give it to Chloe Moretz? This is her year.

    • Kat

      Because she is absolutely completely not suited to the role?

      • Rey

        You read the book but have bad comprehension.

      • Mary

        Someone needs to get this Rey girl away from the computer and into some strait jackets.

    • panky

      yeah…morets Tourettes! and beaver fever for petta. although when i started reading the book the first person who poped up was Kaya, even before I found out there was a movie, now i cant see katniss being anyone else.

      • Rey

        Moretz, yes. Beaver, no.

  • Dreamkitty

    I choose Lyndsy, she is a very good actress and apart from the age she really looks like Katniss. :)

    Second choice is Kaya

    Third Choice is Chloe- she is just too young.

    • Tori

      I support DreamKitty’s response. Lyndsy has the training from Nikita for physical work, she’s got the acting chops and the looks. She’s a perfect fit.

    • mack

      agreed. Lyndsy is way a better first choice than Kaya. she has more potential and is far better at the whole wild card ordeal.

      • Mohammad

        Yes, bauecse they described her to be tan, actually referring her to be African American or minority.

  • JR

    moretz is way! too young and too blonde to play experienced, hardened katniss. how about her for prim?

    • Rey

      Moretz has more range in her pinky than the other 2 actress’. Katniss looks young, and is scrawny and hair and make up can fix the rest.

      • Rachel

        Katniss does look young, but nowhere near as young as Moretz. As others have been saying, Moretz is better suited to Prim. That said, however, I think she’s a little too old for Prim. She shouldn’t play either of the Everdeen sisters.

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