'Mockingjay' review: Spoiler alert!

In Mockingjay, the riveting final installment of her addictively readable postapocalyptic Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins introduces readers to District 13, the underground city that has become the headquarters of the resistance movement. At the center of the impending war with the oppressive Capitol is, of course, Katniss Everdeen, the 17-year old heroine who chooses—despite her reservations—to be the very symbol of the uprising, the Mockingjay. But becoming the face of the rebels’ video propaganda efforts doesn’t come easily, since Katniss doesn’t fully trust their motives. She’s also riddled with guilt, believing that her actions in the previous games led to the destruction of her home and the capture of her ally Peeta. Fans will be happy to hear that Mockingjay is every bit as complex and imaginative as Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Collins has kicked the brutal violence up a notch in an edge-of-your-seat plot that follows Katniss as she tries to fulfill her role, protect her mother and sister and, in the end, finally choose between her two greatest loves. B+

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  • Ems

    Waiting not so patiently for Barnes and Noble to open….

    • Emily


  • Anitamargarita

    Wow. It sounds like it won’t be as simple as Rebels:Good; Capitol: Evil. I was very much hoping that is how it would be. They hinted at the end that Katniss felt a little used by Hamich and the other tributes because they didn’t let her in on the plan, and rightfully so. Yes, she is just a kid, but if they are using her for more then she has the right to know to what means!

    • Catherine

      I promise I won’t spoil anything, but I’ll just say that yes, it’s not as simple as rebels: good, Capitol: evil. There’s a lot of manipulation and deception that makes the book so spectacular, but also extremely tragic

  • Erin

    Seriously, EW? This is all the review you’re going to give this book?? I haven’t picked up my copy of Mockingjay yet, but I think I could’ve written this review without having read the book. So general. So disappointed.

    • Cris

      I’d rather they give me this than potentially expose some of the major plot points in the book. I’d rather read it myself than find out about it in a review.

    • DW

      I’m just thankful EW managed to write an entire paragraph about a YA book without mentioning Twilight. Progress!

      • Kaley

        Haha, so true. Great progress, indeed.

    • Thaylane

      That is the BEST EVER! (Not the cpaethr, just the Princess Bride reference. The cpaethr was insane.)

  • Melissa

    I am getting my copy after work and I cannot wait to start reading!! As for her two loves…..Team Peeta all the way!

    • Bri

      oh yea, team peeta ALL THE WAY. i hope he doesnt die. :(

    • Liz Lemon

      I think I want her to end up with Gale…but I really like Peeta.

    • Hunger Games

      LOVE Peeta! I don’t fully understand Gale. Meaning, I don’t really know what his personality is… but I know Peeta’s.

      • Biebz

        she ends up with peeta. they have two children

      • Gabriela

        you sulhod read following the third novel… called The Girl who Caught Fire I think.

    • Sarah

      I finished the book yesterday. The ending was very satisfying. I LOVE Peeta. I did like Gale but in the 2nd book i switched to Peeta.

  • Liz Lemon

    I’m not reading the review, because I don’t want to be spoiled. But I can’t wait to read my copy!! :D

  • IowaGirl

    I downloaded Mockingjay at 11:30pm Central last night and finished it around noon. It was very good. It is definitely a bloodbath for many of the characters we’ve been introduced to in the first two books. There were a couple of deaths that I was really not happy about but I think most people will be pretty pleased with the final installment. A worthy finale to an excellent series.

    • Hunger Games

      I know! SOME of the deaths were a little much

      • Catherine

        I agree. I’m sad that they killed off so many characters that had bright and happy futures ahead of them. The ending I think most people will be happy with, myself included.

      • Sarah

        Yeaaah. I agree. Some of the deaths were very disapointing. But it can’t be a happily ever after ending.

      • Lucas

        I now feel old and have cmrofoted myself by cranking it at work *dances in a way that was acceptable in the 80s*

  • TC

    I have been waiting for this book for months. I am a mother of 3 and these books are not just for kids, I have turned on many of my friends to this series and I picked up my copy of it and my kids start school tomorrow so mommy will be reading this book!!!! As far as Gale or Peeta, I don’t think she could go wrong with either of them..Love this series!!!

  • Janine

    Just finished it and I won’t be dumb enough to list some spoilers…but all I can say was…Wow, this book literally blew of my socks. Seriously. Everything was so good, so shocking, so painful at times, I couldn’t help but close the cover once in awhile. Still, the third book just goes to show that despite the love-triangle thing going on, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about war. The brutality of war, of violence, of hate. The epilogue did leave me wanting somewhat, but I read it over again and I thought it was a fitting way to end it. Overall, Mockingjay certainly goes up a higher notches in my favorite book list.

    • Kaley

      I agree completely. And I feel that in the few reviews that have been released, few touch upon that. How in the end, it’s not the romance or who she chooses that matters, but the message the author is giving us about war and hatred and revenge. And I agree, I felt the epilogue left much to be desired at first, but that’s how I always feel at the end of a great series. And, wow, was that a great series.

      • Eve

        I get what you’re saying, but there was no sense of closure with one of the main characters. The readers, and the character, deserved better than that!

      • Hunger Games

        (replying to Eve)
        I agree completely with you!
        [the character (if it’s who I think you mean) ] kinda just disappeared! I didn’t like that so much :(
        but the rest of it was great!

  • Claire

    I originally liked Gale over Peeta, even though I knew we hadn’t seen enough of him for Katniss to choose him. All I can say, is in the last book (which was breathtaking, by the way), I started liking Peeta even more! Mockingjay was so dark and painful, I’m still in shock from reading it. I’m glad it wasn’t all about the love triangle, and more about the war. Great read.

    • Buffy

      I always liked Peeta but I completely agree with the whole ‘shock’ thing, I just finished it a half an hour ago!

  • Sarah

    I just finished this book today and I loved it!!! I think it was actually a little darker than the other books but it still had moments that made me laugh out loud. there were some times where i got so frustrated with how things were going that i had to close the book and walk away for a bit but i could never stay away for long. there where many “What the ____?!?!” moments which it awesome. It was a really great ending to a terrific series! Loved it!

  • Vivian

    It was a letdown after Hunger Games and Catching Fire :((

    • Lisa_lovesbooks

      I am so sorry and I totally agree ! :(

    • Becky

      I agree, Vivian. I didn’t like this book nearly as well as the first two books. The pacing was odd and it felt like a lot of the characters had changed their personalities. Not a fan of this book.

      • Eve

        You’re right. I understand war changes people, etc… but I felt the characters became to ‘out of character.’ It started to not make sense.

      • Lesley

        I totally agree. The personalities were completely different. The pacing was very odd and the plot felt muttled all the way through… until it was completely lost near the end. The epilogue was too vague, short, and convenient; it was just tacked on in a failed attempt at closure.

        Disappointed, but I’m still glad I was able to read the end of the series.

      • bri

        I loved the first two, but this one was so dark and confusing. It was hard to read because Katniss was half-insane the whole time…I still think the first one was the best of all!

    • Koolkat

      Personally, I loved the first two books and I enjoyed this up to the point that Boggs gets killed- from then on I really was let down (if u havent read the book-dont read on) and I thought that Finnick- who was one of my favorite characters- shouldn’t have died because it was pointless and ruined his happy ending with Annie, Why the author killed Prim is beyond me- its tragic, un-needed and since the point of the first book was how she SAVED Prim, I think that the entire series was kind of pointless because when Katniss ends this book she is more depressed it seeems than when she began in the first book. Personally, I was also rooting for Gale and Katniss never sees him again? Or her mother? I think that the issue was that the author is so spectacular in making the books seem impossible to end right and making them do things you dont expect, she misses the point of how to end a book well when she can’t just use a cliff hanger. I loved all of the books but the end of this one was AWFUL.

      • jaybird

        I agree with all your points. Starting the book I thought I was 50/50 for Gale or Peeta, but at the end I was VERY disappointed. Gale deserved a much better ending or even some closure with Katniss. Also I felt like there needed to be a scene with Peeta and Katniss at the end for us to feel Katniss’s love and want for him again. It was like all the sudden, “I choose Peeta.”

      • saraj

        I keep trying to make sense of this last book and I think Koolkat really explains it perfectly! I LOVED the first two books and had a countdown for the release of Mockingjay. Such a let down.

      • Sarah

        I agree with you except for the last part. I liked the ending. It was awful when Prim died. And the fact she doesn’t see Gale again was confusing? The past two books showed how much they loved each other, so i was just so shocked about that.

      • ash

        She doesn’t see Gale again because she’ll forever assciate him with Prim’s death. It wasn’t his fault but he did help design the weapon that killed her.
        I liked Gale more than Peeta, but it makes sense for her to end up with Peeta.
        She and Gale are too much alike.

      • Amy

        I think the author is trying to portray that in war, no one ever wins. It’s never a “happy ending” and she’s basically just putting the truth out there. It hurt when she died and I admit, I cried, but I think it was perfect that she put the people that died inthere

  • Lisa_lovesbooks

    Really are you high? It was horrable it should have receved an F it was confusing and deppressing ticking away at every ounce of hope and happyness that in the end I was way to numb to notice she had a tiny bit of happyness this book was a huge disapoinrment I have never been so sad and confused reading a book mostly because the first two were so good so to end it like that with all those kids reading it shame on you mrs collens !

    • Koolkat

      I agree, the first two ruled, the last one was confusing and the end seemed mashed together, what happened to the rest of Panem and Gale and Haymitch never became happy and just went back to drinking???

  • fg

    War is hell and anyone who lives through it is changed forever. Kids will understand.

  • Walter

    It is horribly depressing. Ruins the whole series. I beg you not read it.

    • Trepear

      Totally agree, I regret reading this book. Terrible. Much too dark, I am majorly dissapointed.

  • myteacher

    As an adult reader/teacher: the style and writing were less polished than HG and CF. Many really interesting things did not get as much attention as I would have liked…but there was so much ground to cover.

    As a fan: I didn’t think a 3rd book could really finish the series…but it DID. And it managed to throw about a thousand curve balls that were all believable. which is what I thrive on as a reader. Story A+, Writing B-

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