Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don't have to!

angelina-coverBiographer Andrew Morton, known for tackling high profile people in his works, is at it again, this time chronicling the life of Angelina Jolie in Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, out Aug. 3. Earlier this week, the New York Times published a review which noted the obvious lack of sourcing throughout the book. I set out on a three-day journey to read Morton’s book and see what all the fuss is about.

As it turns out, the critique is not that far off. Although I thought many of Morton’s revelations were interesting, I found myself questioning the credibility of his research throughout all 16 chapters. There are seven pages of ‘source notes’ at the end of the book, but it’s really just a letter from Morton acknowledging the people who would speak with him. (Angelina is not one of them.) Morton said he relied on “original research and interviews with contemporaries” for the most part. But I would say the majority of the book relies on interviews done by other people, including two quotes from interviews Angelina did with Entertainment Weekly in January 1998 and November 1999. (I checked. At least these two quotes were placed in accurate context.) Many of his other sources spoke only with the promise of anonymity. And while that’s fine and dandy, there are too many anonymous sources to make me believe everything he writes. I kept wondering “Who said so?” and “Why should I believe this?” as he drew his many conclusions. For example, he quotes a psychoanalyst who has more than 20 years of experience, but has never treated Angelina. This doesn’t scream credibility to me.

Here’s an abridged list the book’s, um, highlights. (If you do choose to read it, you’d be OK skipping the first four chapters. They’re boring.)

  • Angelina’s mom, Marcheline, had feelings for Al Pacino. Morton claims she was in romantic turmoil over her feelings for Pacino and Jon Voight. When Voight proposed, Pacino begged her not to marry  him. But Marcheline went along with her mother’s wishes, and chose the more successful of the two men at the time and married Voight. (It really is a small world. Even for famous people.)
  • Morton also claims Marcheline gave her children the names Angelina and James because they were anagrams of Al Pacino’s full name, Alfredo James Pacino.
  • During the filming of Voight’s Conrack, he and Marcheline went on a long drive. They saw a church bus with the name “Shiloh Baptist” painted on the back. Voigt wanted to name his next child Shiloh Baptist, but Marcheline said no. She later recommended the name for her first biological grandchild. (For a woman who hated her ex-husband so much, this is quite a big step.)
  • Both Angelina and her brother, James Haven, were given middle names with the intention that they would drop their surname to go into show business. (Well, that plan definitely worked.)
  • At 14, Angelina’s boyfriend, Anton, moved in with her at her mother’s suggestion. Apparently, Marcheline gave up the master bedroom for her teenager daughter. This was all in the name of keeping a close eye on their budding relationship. (WHAT?!)
  • Angelina wanted to be successful without using her father’s famous last name. But her mother told an agent that he could start telling people she was Jon Voight’s daughter, unbeknownst to Angelina. “To this day Angie doesn’t know that it was her father’s name that helped her get her first big break.” (Well, I’m guessing she has a hunch.)
  • After the 1998 Golden Globes, Angelina partied with Leonardo DiCaprio after their agents set them up. They didn’t hit it off in the long run, but they did share a shower together. (Morton actually said Leo didn’t “float her boat.” Eww.)
  • In 1999, Angelina received a tattoo of Billy Bob Thornton’s name way below her bikini line. The book reveals it was tattooed in Helvetica. (A nice sans-serif choice, if you ask me.) That tattoo has since faded.
  • Billy Bob Thornton and his “morbid fear of flying and a hatred of harpsichords, silverware, and antiques, particularly French furniture. Born into poverty, he was literally terrified of putting a silver spoon in his mouth.” (Hatred of harpsichords? )
  • In September 2002, Jolie officially had Voight removed from her name. But Morton said at one point she told a Toronto newspaper, “I actually hate Jolie. I would rather have been Voight.”
  • She’s quoted talking about adopting a child from Russia, but it didn’t work out. (Can you imagine being the almost child of Angelina Jolie? Neither can I.)

So what do you think? Is this a book you want to read? And do you trust Andrew Morton’s research on a person he’s never (to my knowledge) spoken to?

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  • Andrew Morton was Proven Right w/ Princess Di

    Time will prove him right about Jolie as well. However, I have to give it to her that she’s a master at public & media manipulation. How many people can openly steal someone else’s fiance and then yet another woman’s husband, make out w/ her brother in public, and those aren’t even some of the more bizarre things she did and end up w/ the career and current reputation she has. I however, don’t buy the bull and happily skip anything she’s in. I prefere to give money to people I actually like & respect. Yes, she doesn’t need my money, but this is an opinion section. I prefer actors like Mery Streep, Tom Hanks and Pierce Brosnan or the great ones like Audrey Hepburn who I root for in real life as well as on screen.

    • spaghetticats

      I agree :)

    • C

      Princess Diana helped him write that book.

    • Basher

      Tom Hanks? The same Tom Hanks who started an affair with Rita Wilson on set and during his first marriage. Then he left his wife and two small children to be with her?

      Audrey Hepburn? The same
      Audrey Hepburn who had two affairs with married men while she was also married?


      Ang didn’t steal anyone’s fiance or husband. If they left their relationships to pursue AJ it was not her doing.

      • Dave

        While I think it is dumb to “respect” celebrities just because they are famous, don’t defend Jolie’s actions of (yes she did) steal Pitt from Aniston. I agree with you regarding Hanks and Hepburn, but give ME a break with “it wasn’t her doing” nonsense. Jolie is spoiled rich girl, with sub-par acting skills and a flare for the dramatic. However, whoever does her PR is a genius!

      • Nina

        @Dave: How do you “steal” a person over the age of 18? Brad is not a car or a book. You can not make a person do something they did not want to do. People don’t leave a happy relationship. (Happy meaning both individuals are satisfied as a couple.) I find it funny that so many people hate Angelina for “stealing” a grown a** man, but very few criticize said married person for allegedly cheating on his wife. Honestly, I don’t really care about the messed relationship between the 3 of them, but the hypocrisy people show about Angelina is quite silly. (Insert sarcasm here: I mean tattoo a red A on her for goodness sake.)

      • Dave

        @Nina: Simple, you entice a married man to leave their wife. That’s how you “steal” a person over the age of 18. Jolie is a skank and frankly so is Pitt. I don’t like Pitt either, but the conversation is on Jolie, not Pitt. If you would like my opinion on that cheating piece of wasted space, then I will (I got spare time). However, like you I don’t want to dwell on these people who I could really care less about. My statement is based on the why anyone respects celebrities just because they are in movies or whatever. Its stupid and pointless. Jolie, Pitt, Hanks it doesn’t matter, they are just people. However the Pitt’s can leave the spotlight and I won’t miss them and neither should you.

      • whatevs

        The thing is that the people you love are the ones you hurt the most. But for Angelina to hurt a complete stranger at the time, Jennifer, is seen as more disrespectful. Of course, it’s disgusting on both parts, but you would think a woman whose mother was cheated on would be more sensitive to others.

      • Dave

        PS-I’d be surprised she hasn’t tattooed a red A on her chest yet with all the tats she’s got, what’s one more.

      • Brett

        Everyone seems to think that Jennifer Aniston “owned” Brad Pitt before Angelina Jolie came along. They weren’t married, kids. Brad was an adult, decided he liked Jolie better, and made up his own mind. Frankly, I would have done the same.

      • Liz

        Umm, yes, Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston.

      • m.

        Am i’m the only one who remembers that there were constant Aniston/Pitt break up stories BEFORE they broke up?!
        Also considering how many children Pitt/Jolie have and how many Aniston has, this may have been one of the big reasons. I know several men who would leave women if she didn’t want kids…

      • lin

        You’re right, m. — every tabloid out there said Aniston and Pitt were on shaky ground for YEARS before he took up with Jolie. Why believe the tabloids now but not then? Either the JA/BP marriage was breaking up *as reported* before Angelina Jolie came on the scene, or the truth behind the scenes is something far removed from the tabloids. My guess is the latter.

      • jasmin

        i agree!

      • Dana

        I’m with Nina. “Steal” a grown man? Excuse me, but Ms. Jolie did not promise to love and honor Ms. Aniston, Pitt did. He broke his vows. He allowed himself to be “stolen”. It was completely up to him. Somehow he managed not to fall in love with Julia Roberts in The Mexican or Drew Barrymore in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind or Rose Byrne in Troy. The married Pitt obviously chose the available Jolie, but she’s the one who gets slandered for it.

      • guest

        Angie and Brad had a f*cking affair. I am so sick of hearing her STUPID fans lie about it. There was nothing altruistic or selfless or pious about it. It was two people being completely self absorbed. Get over yourself and get over her! Ugh….their fans are just so incredibly stupid.

      • guest

        A married man is not UP FOR GRABS!!! I do hope that you stupid women on this thread have let your husbands know (if you have one which I doubt) that he is totally free to cheat on you whenever he feels like it. I am sure he will be happy to know that he is still, even with a marriage certificate and a wedding ring….a FREE AGENT!

    • este

      Oh God, this if freaking Hollywood & ancient history. 6 kiddos later can we let the past go & stop vilifying her for “stealing” a man all to willing to cheat. Apparently they fell in love while playing husband & wife in a movie. No wonder Hollywood marriages don’t work out!

      • steph

        THANK YOU. For crying out loud it’s been over 5 years. Quit playing Jennifer Aniston as distraught victim – I’m sure they’ve ALL moved on with their lives.

      • casi

        First, anyone following any Pitt & Aniston interviews pre-divorce would have been aware of the schism related to having children -he always said he wanted a bunch 6-7 and she always hesitated when asked.A major conflict. The girl wanted a career. Plus, I think her personal issues with her mom sullied her maternal instincts. Also, Jolie had settled into being a single mom after her divorce from Billy Bob -she was beginning her metamorphysis and self-reflecting of being a single mom and her new revelations of the plight of others causing her to eventually become a humanitarian. She wasn’t looking for a man. Pitt pursued her & Maddox)- they were of like minds- they found each other at the right time. They have more in common than Pitt an Anniston. SO GET OVER IT! Actually, one could say that ironically their divorce and eternal gossip coverage is what has kept JA relevant – it hasn’t been the same 10 movies a year she makes. She’s cute, sweet but redundant. It was unfortunate, break-ups always are – but none of you know enough to chastise either of the 3. Move on . . .

      • Nat

        Agreed! And no one cheated, Brad left his wife and fell for another woman. What, is every divorced person in the world not allowed to ever fall in love again? Stop judging people!

      • Magi

        @Casi- thank you! I’m so glad someone finally brought the kids thing up. Pitt had been wanting a family forever, he’d been engaged twice before the marriage to Aniston, and Jolie had the beginning of a family. Don’t blame people for not wanting to spend their life miserable in bad-choice marriage.

      • Tintswalo

        Sherry thanks for these guergoos pics of Brad and Angie at the premiere of Salt! They look just stunning together! That dress Angie was wearing is just beautiful and shows her long legs very well. kimmy thanks for that pic of Jon and James! They both seem to be really thrilled taking part to this premiere! Jon must really be very proud of his daughter and James seems to be very proud of his sis. Brad and Angie both sure were thrilled to see those two there. Brad looks absolutely sexy with that clean-shaven face and that new hairdo. And together they look sooo sexy!

      • guest

        Jennifer doesnt nor has she ever played the distraught victim. I am pretty tired of seeing Jolie playing the distraught cancer victim and the distraught daughter of an alduterer and the distraught daughter of a dead mother. If anyone cries and whines and plays the victim card, it is Angie!

    • furrrball

      you couldnt have said it better. my money goes elsewhere too

      • anon

        who cares furrball!!

    • AM

      What you are neglecting to realize is that Princess Diana helped Morton with his book on her. She was interviewed by him and gave him sources to contact. With this book all the information is from “anonymous sources”. I’m sorry but unless you can name at least one person who actually knows her I take what you say with a grain of salt.

    • Jasper

      AJ is NOT stealing a husband, boyfriend, lover, or whoever from anyone. If you are objective, you should see that if a *man* really loves his wife, girlfriend, lover, it does not matter who or how the other person seduces him or her, he or she would not leave. It takes two to cannot force another person to leave another person without his or her own free will to do so.
      Remember also that people are not possessions, only possessions can be stolen. Human beings can decide whether to leave or not to leave, and if they truly love their wives or girlfriends, no one, not even AJ could take them away from their wives, girlfriends. Look not only on AJ#s relationships, look at your relationship, look at any average John or Jane Doe’s relationship and you will see that there is consent on both parties, not just one.

    • Nan

      Oh, you think Tom Hanks goes home every night like a good boy? Wow, have you got a lot to learn.

    • RSYY

      @Andrew Morton, you’re an idiot.

    • adpirtle if Tom Cruise is respectable.

    • ID

      SALT was great!

    • V

      WORD UP!

    • craig

      If he was proven right with Princess Diana it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is always right. If this book will be a bestseller then he has to thank Angelina for making him very rich for writing recycled and made up stories. Is Angie that so interesting and famous as Princess Diana for Morton to choose as his victim. I think unauthorized biography should be illegal. This is like black mail or extortion done in a legal way leaving the victim defenseless.

    • lggray

      Oh my god!! Get over it. It is sickening how after 7 years ppl are still saying that Angelina stole Brad from Jen. Obviously he is happy with Angelina and he was not with Jen. Angelina is a very beautiful lady with great talent and handles herself with dignity and grace! Jen is self-involved and who’s only true claim to fame is her haircut in the 90’s!! If she was such a wonderful wife then Brad would still be with her. Her current boyfriend is important to her because as she has said ‘ First of all, he has a great sense of style.’ Seriously!! That’s what’s important to her?? Ridiculous!! Should she not have said something about his character? I will not be reading this book, it is obviously an attempt by Andrew Morton to stay in the public eye and he is using Angelina to do so. And you are just jealous of Angelina, her beauty, talent and her happiness with Brad and her children.

    • mikki g

      Everyone has their own path in life. No one should judge another unless they have walked a mile in that person’s shoe. Especially when your ranting n raving and spelling names wrong. It’s Meryl Steep. Angelina’s found her way, let’s focus that.

      • mikki g

        Correction Meryl Steep. Tablet malfunction. Lol

  • annie

    I don’t trust Morton. Anything juicy will be online. I think I can pass on this one – thanks for the highlights!

  • anonymous

    that’s it?

  • Henry

    Riveting. No, really.

  • mohsen

    it’s good

  • shinda

    its nonfiction, princess di helped him write the book bout her he has had no contact with angelina jolie this guy is a joke

  • Robin

    I think your review is incomplete. Several others have reviewed this book and included much more, things that are damaging to this actress, things that you obviously don’t want to highlight.

    How is that for manipulating a book release. He should sue you for trying to discourage people from buying it. I am not a fan of Morton’s because I believe he was sell out in the end on this book, but what you are doing here is a travesty. So much for journalism and freedom of expression.

    She is movie star, she has to expect she can not hide all of her past. One day it all will catch up with her. She is fortunate he did not write it all the way up to present day. Mr Morton did her favor, and you apparently are doing her one also.

    If you are going to write a review, write it honestly. Then let the public decide if they want to buy it. Her fans may be pleasantly surprised and have even more respect and adoration for her for overcoming so much. Those who see her as a manipulator and fake may see this as a whitewash, but that is not your call. How arrogant to say, I read this book so you do not have to.

    Shame on you.

    • Basher

      Why are you interested in bringing Angelina down Robin? What is “damaging” about this book and why are you so eager to have EW print it?

      Angie has never tried to hide her past. You just want her truth to be YOUR truth.

      • Carly

        You and “Angie” are on a first name basis?! Wow! It is galling to me that she is revered by the majority in the press and by assigning her superlatives that get repeated and re quoted have elevated her to a status that she does not deserve. Her good works are as much for publicity and burnishing an early tarnished reputation as they are anything else. Yes, some good comes from it, but why oh why is she always given a complete pass? She is every parent’s nightmare … do dangerous stuff while you’re young because there’s plenty of time time to make it better later. That is not the message a parent wants their child to internalize. Not this parent anyway.

      • furrrball

        your name suits you – basher. hoping to get a tip of the sales, are you? hahahaha

      • Brett

        Your conclusions have no basis in fact, Carly. You cannot say that Jolie’s good deeds are for publicity; you don’t know what her motivation is. You’re no mind reader, and Jolie’s never come out and said that she does what she does for the publicity.

    • Brett

      Robin, here in the real world where the sky is blue (most of the time), people who get bad reviews can’t sue the reviewer. Just a little tidbit I thought I’d pass along to you. Also, reviews aren’t book reports – they’re not graded by how many stories they capsulize from the book. A review is not more “honest” because it includes more anecdotes from the book. In fact, a review can be most honest without listing any stories from the book, if the reviwer writes honestly about the writing style and in this case, the apparent absence of any real corroborative proof of any sources.

    • Michelle

      Does the reviewer work for Angelia Jolie? The fact that the reviewer says I don’t have to read it makes to read it all the more.

    • jasmin

      @carly, if your an effective parent, your children will be taught whats okay and whats not. i haven’t heard of any teenagers doing drugs and getting tattoos because angelina jolie did it. if AJ is your nightmare, then clearly its time to take on some parenting tips, because if you have good communnication skills with your children, NO ONE in this world will influence to d something just because they see it.

      • A.J.Monk

        well said.

    • craig

      Hey Robin how did you know that he did her a favor perhaps you read the book again. What do you mean it will catch up with her? She is the most outspoken celebrity and she live an open life. You made it sound that she is hiding something and you even said he didn’t write it all. Why would you write an unauthorized biography if you only write bits and pieces? Are you saying you personally know Angelina or are you the buddy of Morton?

    • oh please

      Ok, you are talking about Angelina Jolie here. Know what you know for fact about her why would anything you read shock you or feel it will ” catch up with her”? She was a wild child and adult. She stated once that when she meets the man that can catch her and “tie her up” ( which I took as literal ) she would settle down. Obviously Brad knows how to use rope and makes strong knots. Get over being shocked about anything she has done or will do.

  • Jenn

    Assuming it’s true, what is the point of hating harpsichords? They’re barely even around anymore. I feel like that hate could be put to better use somewhere else.

    • kat

      LOL. Best comment so far….

    • Mike

      Great comment, but at least a harpsichord is different. I think I’ll take it up as a phobia.

      • Karla

        Sherry thanks for these btefaiuul pics of Brad, Angie and the elder Pitts at the premiere of ITLOBAH! Itb4s so wonderful to see that Bill and Jane came all the way from Missouri to honor the premiere of Angieb4s movie. The way Jane and Angie look at each other so lovingly tells its own story. Jane really loves and respects Angie very much no matter what the rags say. And Bill Pitt looks so proud of Angie too. I can see a lot of Bill in Brad. If Jane and Bill wouldnb4t love Angie they certainly wouldnb4t attend the premieres of Brad and Angieb4s movies from time to time. And itb4s great for the kids too since they can spend some quality time with their Grammy and Papa. Wonder if Jon Voight attended this premiere. Hopefully he did. And as far as James is concerned he certainly wouldnb4t have missed his little sisterb4s directorial debut. He sure is very proud of Angie. And the pride is easy to see on Bradb4s face too. he is sooo proud of his lady.

  • craig


    • Joe

      Dude, enough with the all caps.

      • Ali

        Funniest comment so far.

  • Jessie

    I cannot wait to read it, I love love love Angelina.

    Who am I going to read about the Kardashian Katzkill act?

    I am going to buy it for sure.
    So is my neighbor.

  • Whodunit?

    LOL Who in the world would buy this book? She’s on the cover of every magazine every week with another ridiculous made up story–this book is no differnt. If you’re going to buy something you might as well buy the tabloids as they are a lot cheaper.

    And Im sorry–she’s been pretty open about pretty much everything in her life–drug use, cutting herself, anorexia, bisexuality–so If Im interesting in reading something juicy I can just read an old Angelina interview. Everything there but FOR FREE.

    And Its obvious there are posters here who have been planted to try to get people to buy this book. LOL At the b.itch who is all Shame On You. LMFAO–She obviously works for the publisher–who’s trying to recover the money they put out for this crap. I heard they printed 150 000 copies. Good luck getting the money back. Next time maybe you should write about someone who has something to hide not someone who’s be so open.

    Better luck next time.

  • Kenny

    Everything in this article can been found in old Angelina Jolie interviews from 1999-2010 AND THAT IS THE TRUTH.I’m sorry “Jessie” but no true Angelina fan would buy this book.Andrew Morton is trying to cash in on Angelina’s fame.I just find to rather pathetic the way the tabloid media keeps rehashing this womans past.I don’t see Robert Downey Jr STILL being taken to task for his past sins.Which BTW make Angelina’s past look like Sunday school.Guess Mr Morton can’t make a buck off Robert.

    • r u effing kidding me kenny?

      Please do not bring up RDJ. His ‘past sins’ are drug addiction and a marriage that ended due to the stress of the disease of addiction. Whatever you believe about the genesis of Pitt and Jolie’s relationship, RDJ was never near breaking up someone else’s marriage. He was hurting himself and he’s recovered and become more successful than ever. Why bring him into this discussion?

      • hedge

        Thank you!

      • oh really!!!

        You can’t break up a solid relationship. It is so wrong to always blame the woman as a homewrecker. Another thing… Jennifer Aniston seems boring as hellz in my humble opinion where Brad likes wild and crazy!!! I also don’t think he would have stayed with a woman who wanted so many children if he didn’t want kids. We know Jennifer doesn’t. And all you ever read about her is she’s making a new movie or she is hooking up with another of her co-stars. Seems Brad & Angelina knows how to keep a relationship going strong. Which means they are both willing to work at it since it does take work, compromise, among other things. You can love someone but not be in love with them

      • A.J.Monk

        Pitts a big boy. He broke up his own marriage. If there was a solid marriage this would not have happened. Jolie is drop dead gorgeous,though…

  • sorry but

    You CAN’T steal someone away who already wants to leave.

    • Erin

      Exactly, it takes two to tango. She may have been wrong, but dear old Brad was just as bad if not worse.

      Angie is one crazy lady and has reinvented herself so many times too numerous to count. I don’t doubt any of this material unlike the reviewer and I’m a long-time cynic. Especially considering the writer has yet to be sued. A&B sued that UK magazine who said they had broken up and I’d say this would be a lot more damaging yet not a peep. Would someone really do a Blomvkist and write this kind of explosive stuff without anything to back them up? I doubt it.

      I really don’t know how I feel about her. On one hand she’s interesting, a good actress and a good humanitarian but some of her past choices and actions, yuck.

      • Basher

        You do realize don’t you that Morton doesn’t make any claims himself. He relies on his anonymous sources. And what claims is he making. It isn’t even officially published until next Tuesday. What action does AJ have for a suit and what is damaging from her POV — Morton’s lie that she was a bed-hopper? How do you prove a negative? Why give him the exposure?

  • loveyouangie

    Robin:You are the one that should be sued and read about your past.
    Who are you to be the judge of human beings and thier past?
    Is this your goal to destoryed Angelina cause your wet dream of Brad is gone?
    Shame of you as human being!
    Angelina said everything about herself but people like you still want to condenmed until they have no voice.
    Baby , Angelina will kick your ass with the truth but you won’t believe but Andrew Morton who never have a conversation with Angelina is who you trust.
    Get a real life and start living cause Angelina had made pleny mistakes ,owns it and change it for the better and that my friend is person I would rather listen to than you or Andrew Mortan!

    • Michelle

      you should turn on your spell check.

      • amie

        hahahaha….and your grammar check!

  • Basher

    Sounds like regurgitated crap to me. I didn’t know any of this stuff about Angelina’s Mother liking Al Pacino but so what? I like him too. How is that harmful to AJ?

    Apparently Morton says Angelina was a bed-hopping, party girl which is a well known lie. AJ’s reputation in Hollywood is of a shy, homebody and many, many men have struck out with her. In fact everyone I know who tried got shot down.

    • Erin

      Yeah but she still has taste. Not to say she was or wasn’t a big floozy but perhaps the people you know just weren’t to her taste, or are just downright unattractive and or suck?

      • Basher

        No one in Hollywood believes this crap about AJ bed-hopping or being promiscuous. It just doesn’t scan on any level.

      • Greg

        Basher, what are you Jolie’s mother? You defend her better than Lohan’s attorney. If no-one in Hollywood believes “AJ” bed-hops its probably because their are all doing some bed-hopping of their own. Anyone who doesn’t believe she was promiscuous if full of the crap you have just mentioned. Jolie can go buy a country in Africa, appoint herself as Queen Mother and stay the heck away from any more films.

    • whatevs

      She was/is obviously promiscuous. You are the only person on this earth who would believe otherwise.

      • Rebecca

        So what if she was promiscuous. At the time, she was single person living in LA. Gosh, if she was a dude, you’d give him high 5s, but a woman, you vilify her. Like Jennifer Anniston didn’t get around. Check out all her exes….

    • amie

      Everyone you know got show down? Who do you know? And, how could you possibly know everyone who tried to get with AJ?

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