Exclusive: Twilight, The Graphic Novel

I’m delighted to announce, exclusively, that Yen Press will publish Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1 on March 16, with a first printing of 350,000 copies.  Here’s a first glimpse at the book’s cover, as well as an exclusive peek at one of its panels (for a full ten-page excerpt, and the entire Q&A with Stephenie Meyer, see the issue of EW that goes on sale this Friday).

What strikes me, looking at the book, is how faithfully, and how beautifully, artist Young Kim has translated Meyer’s original vision. Kim, who has a fine arts background—in fact, this is her first foray into graphic novels—didn’t just read the book; she absorbed it. Her Bella is the Bella I had in my mind’s eye the first time I read Twilight; her Edward is the Edward I always imagined. It took me back to reading Twilight pre-movie: Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson faded into the background.

Meyer talked to us about all this, and more. Here are a few snippets from our conversation:

The text of your original novel is boiled down so carefully that it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. Were you the one who did that?

I was definitely involved.  I didn’t do the original “script” for the book, so to speak.  But when I got the dialogue with the images, I did a lot of tinkering. In a couple of places, I asked for missing scenes to be inserted.  For example, the conversation in the car that Bella and Edward have after she faints in Biology.

How does the feeling of reading the graphic novel compare to that of reading the original? Does it bring something new to the experience for you?

For me, it takes me back to the days when I was writing Twilight.  It’s been a while since I was really able to read Twilight; there is so much baggage attached to that book for me now.  It seems like all I can see are the mistakes in the writing.  Reading Young’s version brought me back to the feeling I had when I was writing and it was just me and the characters again.  I love that.  I thank her for it.

When this project is done, are you done with Twilight?

I can’t say that I am done with Twilight forever.  I’m not working on anything new Twilight-related now, and probably not for a while.  But there’s still a possibility that I’ll go back and close some of the open doors.

What do you think, Twihards? Are you excited about this?

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  • rocknmovies

    Yawn! And I am a Robert Pattinson fan. But enough is enough.

    • AnaB

      My thoughts exactly! =)

      • Elizabeth

        Personally I find manga Edward way more attractive than movie Edward (a.k.a. RPatz). Manga Edward looks like he showers every once in a while. :p

      • JacobBlackBaby

        Same here. I may be a Jacob fan now, but in the first movie, I was all edward. ‘Enough is enough’ as rocknmovies said.

    • Stacie

      Did you read this article at all? It has nothing to do with Pattinson or the movies.

      • Annie

        Exactly! Nothing about RPatz in this article!

      • Samantha

        “Her Bella is the Bella I had in my mind’s eye the first time I read Twilight; her Edward is the Edward I always imagined. It took me back to reading Twilight pre-movie: Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson faded into the background.”
        Reading comprehension, get you some.

      • Chaunie

        ya thats kinda the point…its back to the books

      • alyson

        i know i would want to know whats going on with him and kristen and the cast you know?

    • TwiHArderLovER

      Lol youz peeps are losers. It is RISING SUNN LLOL WITh the Edmund sparkle, “vampire” wanna be and his annouying thing Ballers girl. YOu guyz completre idiots if you think that the adaption to the comicc book form has to loook like that hidious Robert Patterson or Pattinson who cares. PEOPLE THAT MAN IS UGLY AND WILL NEVER BE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Just because Hollywood say he’s “hot” all the stupid little fangirls decide ~OMFG he really is HOT!!! LOSERS! GO read Anne Rice. Stephenie Meyer’s book destroys brain cells. Seriously. Venom dweeb~ Peace out.

      • Ameko

        I’m sorry TwiHArderLovER, but you really need to learn how to spell correctly. I could barely read your comment. I agree with you that Robert P. is ‘ugly’. I, however, enjoy Meyer’s books. For those of you who say Meyer’s vampires aren’t vampires at all, think about this: Meyer has to have an extremely big imagination to come up with that. Have you all ever tried writing a book? You need imagination to do so; besides, there are so many books about traditional vampires that it kind of gets redundant to read about the same type of vampire over and over again.

      • Charlotte


      • TwiHArderLovER

        That’s how all you twitards spell so why shouldn’t I?

      • anonymous

        THANK YOU!!! somebodi who realizzess dat robert pattinson iss ugly as h-e double hockey sticks lol

      • lexilooger

        youre an idiot the series is great

  • Nic.

    I’m curious–I might look at it at a bookstore, but I don’t know if I will buy it. I’m ready for something new from Stephenie Meyer.

    • judy

      Meyer was supposed to have finished Rising Sun- but decided not to proceed because it was leaked online. I think it was a cop out because the Twilight series did so well.

      • bern

        it’s midnight sun

      • Ambient Lite

        No, it’s called “Midnight Sun”. Why would it be a ‘cop out because the Twilight series did so well’?? That doesn’t even make sense. Meyer published what she’d completed of Midnight Sun on her website for anyone to read.

      • Abbie

        Midnight Sun, not Rising Sun

      • charlotte

        She is going to complete rising sun just in her own time as the leak set her back but her website def says she is going to complete it

      • Jasmine

        it was called breaking dawn not rising sun

      • Ambient Lite

        People! Are you all part of the same gene pool?!? It’s MIDNIGHT SUN!

      • Alicia

        Midnight Sun, not Rising Sun.

      • Lindsey

        No, it was called MIDNIGHT Sun.

      • Viki

        It was called Midnight Sun, you guys.. what kind of fans are you not to know that…

      • Lynn

        Actually, it’s called Midnight Sun. Breaking Dawn is the 4 book and came out over a year ago.

      • Nic.

        Um, actually it is called Midnight Sun, Twilight from Edward’s perspective. When I said I was looking forward to something new from Ms. Meyer, I meant a completely new story, like the mermaid book I read somewhere she was working on. Or a sequel to The Host would be good, too.

      • Emily

        Actually, I’m pretty sure that the title is supposed to be “Midnight Sun”.

      • Elvis

        It’s Midnight Sun that got leaked.

      • kellie

        it’s called Midnight Sun.

      • Tammy

        It’s called Midnight Sun, not Breaking Dawn. That’s the name of the last book.

      • meenee

        Seriously people! It is called Midnight Sun (Edward’s version of Twilight)- NOT Rising Sun!.

      • Reese

        It is actually called midnight sun and there are over 200 pages that can be read on her website.

      • Tiffany

        Correction to ALL of you, its Midnight Sun. Sheesh.

      • chickie1105

        Um, still wrong…. it was called Midnight Sun. Breaking Dawn is the name of the 4th book

      • Ashley

        It was called Rising Sun…Breaking Dawn was completed; it is the 4th book in the Twilight Series…Rising Sun is “Twilight” from Edward’s POV.

      • Laura

        Rising Sun?? Breaking Dawn?? I think you people are talking about MIDNIGHT SUN… Do you call yourself fans?? Gosh!!

      • Andrea

        You mean Midnight Sun.

      • Hannah

        wasnt it called Midnight Sun?

      • GR

        You’re right about it being from Edward’s point of view, but it’s called Midnight Sun. The draft is available on her website http://www.stepheniemeyer.com.

      • K

        MIDNIGHT Sun.

      • Angela

        It was called Midnight Sun not Rising Sun. The website says she may one day complete the book but not for sure.

      • lauren

        midnight sun

      • Ashley

        just an FYI… the book you all are referring to is MIDNIGHT Sun.

      • elle

        It was Midnight Sun,not rising sun and propably she is not going to finish it.

      • Jan

        It was called Midnight Sun.

      • Ambient Lite

        No, Ashley – it’s Midnight Sun. Sheeeeesh.


      • Nic.

        Check Stephenie Meyer’s website. It’s called Midnight Sun.

      • Nic.

        And “Forever Dawn” was the title of the first draft of “Breaking Dawn”.

      • Joscelyn

        Um.. it’s called Midnight Sun, and there are plenty of us that are interested. So if your not, keep it to yourself and don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

      • Lara

        It’s not “Rising Sun” it’s “Midnight Sun”. And Meyer says she may some day finish it. She says her mother is the one nagging her even more than her fans, to complete it!

      • jen

        It is called Midnight Sun, not rising sun.

      • Joy

        It was not called Rising Sun. It’s “Midnight Sun”.


      • Jessica

        No, it was called “Midnight Sun,” not “Rising Sun.”

      • Kara

        It’s called MIDNIGHT Sun.


      • Tiffany

        I think you mean “Midnight Sun.” That would be the fifth book in the series even though it’s really just “Twilight” told from Edward’s perspective.

      • Tracy Lynn Ford

        It was not called Rising Sun!!!! It was Midnight Sun.

      • Cheesy

        It was called MIDNIGHT Sun, not Rising Sun. And not Breaking Dawn.

      • Amy

        It was “Midnight Sun.”

      • Roisin foley

        it is called midnightsun not rising sun i might buy it i don’t know looks cool though

      • Rachel

        Actually it’s called Midnight Sun.

      • lynne

        for the record, it was called “Midnight Sun”

      • CJ

        It’s not Breaking Dawn or Rising Sun it’s called Midnight Sun.

      • Tracy

        It’s not Rising Sun. It’s Midnight Sun. Do your homework before posting!

      • Lynyrd

        You’re all wrong, it was called “Midnight Sun,” and it might still be published in the future.

      • Josee

        Actually, Edward’s POV book was titled “Midnight Sun”, and Stephenie is unsure whether she will ever complete it.

      • Ingrid

        It’s Midnight Sun not Rising Sun.

      • Donna

        It is called MIDNIGHT Sun, not Rising Sun.

      • s-mac

        It is Midnight Sun that is Twilight from Edward’s POV.
        And as a fan of the books, I liked the draft of it more than Twilight… It is that much better, and she posted it on her website since she may or may not finish it

      • crystalpooh

        Actually it is called Midnight Sun!!

      • Rachael

        Actually twiloight from Edward’s point of view is called midnight sun what i read of it was quite good its on stephenie meyer’s website if anyone hasn’t read it yet x x

      • Heat

        It is actually called Midnight Sun.

      • Selena

        Wow…wrong all of you…it was Midnight Sun.

      • Kim

        It’s called MIDNIGHT SUN, NOT Rising Sun…

      • Emily

        Twilight from Edward’s perspective is called MIDNIGHT SUN.

      • Charl

        Wasn’t it “Midnight Sun”?

      • Violet

        It’s called Midnight Sun.

      • angelina

        Its actually called Midnite Sun, Rising Sun I believe was Breaking Dawn is the final 4th book, there was another book Forever Dawn but the scenarios are different.

      • Emily O.

        It is called Midnight Sun. Look it up on Meyer’s Web site.

      • jen

        are you talking about midnight sun, which is twilight from edwards perspective? it is not finished but you can read it on the authors website.

      • Ashley

        Ok…My bad! Midnight Sun…there are so many books and almost books, it’s hard to keep up. Thanks for clarifying!

      • Laurie

        You mean Midnight Sun

      • emily

        Midnight Sun. you can read the one that got leaked on stephenie meyers website, and it is terrific as far as twilight goes.

      • nona

        It’s actually Midnight Sun. The unedited partial draft is on her website.

      • Ambient Lite

        This thread is unbelievably ridiculous.

      • crispy

        Wait, what’s it called again?

      • Max

        Midnight sun, please. M-I-D-N-I-G-H-T S-U-N

      • cynthia


      • Tamara

        There wasn’t a leak you could download the first 13 chapters from her official website. I was kind of looking forward to it. But I can’t wait to get this new book!

      • Ambient Lite

        I feel like this thread is being hosted by a senior citizen roundtable.

      • Ma’eha’eha

        RSWCA! ROTFLMAO! OK we get it!

      • raingods

        Well this goes to show the intelligence of Twilight fans who can’t even read a thread with an answer given. Nope they’re so rainman like in their obsessiveness, they just have to put their idiocy on display.

      • Celia

        I’m sorry…it’s called Rising Dawn right?

      • Melissa

        yeah, it’s Midnight Dawn. it’s just like new moon only Edmund’s perspective.

      • Princess George

        Uh, it’s NATIVE Son, ok?

      • Kaylee

        i love that a bunch of non twilight fans are reading and commenting on a twilight news post.

      • Mrs Pattinson

        Everyone knows its rising sun! The series goest twilite, blue moon or w/e, elipse, breaking morning and then rising suns from edwins point of veiw.

      • :D

        hmm…im gonna take a guess and say that its called midnight sun…. :D

      • Cat

        WOW!!! Is everyone sure it is called Midnight Sun, because I haven’t been convinced yet! lol

      • GenericName

        I’m pretty sure its called a MidSunner Night’s Dream :/

      • SukiYo1910

        OK wtf? I despise Twilight with a passion, but even I know that its called Midnight Sun.

      • Bee

        Sounds like Midnight sun is going to be Exactly Twilight, with changed scenes and pronouns. maybe less drooling over the emotionless sparkle-fest Edward.
        Maybe the Graphic Novel will illustrate the glitter. I’m interested to see this take on the ‘story’.

      • Ang

        Okay, we get it. It is Midnight Sun. Find something new to talk about guys. Or better yet, go read a book that hasn’t already been beaten to the ground. Every one just needs to relax…

      • brittnay


      • Twihard4eva!!!!!

        The book that Meyer posted on her website is the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edwards point of view. Stephenie Meyer has said that she imagined The Twilight Saga to be a longer series. She has also said that she is thinking about writing sequels for The Host as well as she needs a break from Twilight. Midnight Sun is actually quite good. If you don’t like the twilight books – why come on this web thingy?? And em – what on earth is the mermaid book someone was talking about?? :L

      • Twihard4eva!!!!!

        Forever Dawn is the original, unpublished sequel to Twilight, written for Stephenie Meyer’s own enjoyment. Meyer says that the book did not fit in with her young adult audience, since she “pretty much passed over the rest of Bella’s high school experience entirely, skipping ahead to a time in her life with more mature themes.”[1] The book was therefore never published, and Meyer instead gave it to her older sister as a birthday present. No plans to formally publish the novel exist, as much of its plot was later explored in the three later books of the series. However, Meyer has promised fans the opportunity to read excerpts from Forever Dawn. These excerpts were delayed until after the publishing of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, to avoid spoiling the plotline.

        Stephenie Meyer’s self-designed cover for the book.
        Forever Dawn is discussed on Meyer’s official website in the Breaking Dawn FAQ section, and a cover designed by Meyer is included on the website.
        Rising Sun doesn’t exist!!!!!!

      • Mrs. Robert Pattinson

        It’s not “Rising Sun” it’s “Midnight Sun”

      • LuLu

        lol this is the funniest thread ever – what was the book called again?

      • Ameko

        Well now, maybe all of you replying to this comment should look down before correcting Judy-san. I’ll bet Judy-san and everyone else already knows that it is “Midnight Sun” just from how many people sought to correct Judy-san.

      • bobby

        Agreed. It’s really annoying.

      • lexilooger

        Its Midnight Sun ,Twilight from Edwards perspective Ms. Meyer wrote a draft but it got leaked she says maybe someday she might finish it

      • Eric

        It’s “Midnight Sun” guys. Geeze-o!

    • DE

      I agree, I’m curious and glad they look nothing like their movie counterparts but not sure I’ll buy it.

      • nona

        I’m glad the artist didn’t replicate the actors but stuck to what Stephenie had in her head.

      • Seentheah

        What’s with Bella’s frilly clothing? She would not wear such an outfit.

      • Nemo

        If the artist stuck to what Stephenie had in her head, all the panels would be completely blank.

      • Ruthie

        I do hate how everyone goes for what they see in the movie. I imagined Bella to be much… plainer the kristin and to have a few more facial espressions.

      • Britt

        UMMMMM hello? If the artist stuck with what was in Stephanie’s head, the panels would NOT be blank, think about it. They would be exactly how they are because what was in her head were the descriptions that were written down and put in the book. Have you even read twilight?? because clearly you havnt and if you had you would know for a fact that if the descriptions are in the book, thats what was in stephanie’s head! duhh.

      • SukiYo1910

        If the artist stuck with what was in the author’s head then it would be WORDS not DRAWINGS. DUH.

    • Jasmine


    • Bellatrix

      Actually it is called Midnight Sun.

    • GR

      Actually, it’s Midnight Sun

    • alyson

      im ready for something new if they do the next book would it be in edwqards point of veiw or what? i need to know

    • Textingwiz

      I personally love twilight. But I like picturing the scenes my self and it just will just ruin it for me. I might read it.

  • TellyB

    It’s weird and amusing how the people who claim to hate TWILIGHT, are the FIRST one to always post in any TWILIGHT EW article’s message board. Are they purposely looking for TWILIGHT-related stuff, just so they can bitch and moan? I hate TRANSFORMERS, and I simply ignore anything related to that. Why would I go out of my way looking for TRANSFORMERS articles, to post on them?

    • crispy

      It’s the lead story on EW.com right now. How does that equate to “going out of one’s way to look for it”?

      • TellyB

        You are going out of your way, if your purposely click on a link to an article about a movie that you allegedly hate and that you are allegedly sick of. “WAH WAH, EW IS BOMBARDING US WITH TWILIGHT!!!! OMG, THE ARE FORCING ME TO READ ABOUT THIS, STOP!!!!!!!”

        It’s ridiculous.

      • crispy

        Oh, so now it’s “clicking on it.” In your first comment, it was just “looking for it.” Way to change the argument in mid-stream.

      • Ambient Lite

        I like where this is going, I grow weary of the Twilight drought. What an unexpected treat this morning! :)

      • crispy

        LOL, Ambient. Really, a manga? Even I can’t muster any excitement for a Star Wars manga.

      • Ambient Lite

        No, my friend – I could care less about the weird comic book. I’m excited about the comments. We so rarely get a good Twihard/hater brigade battle in between movie releases.

      • crispy

        Hahaha, I gotcha! You instigator. And see, my New Year’s Resolution was to avoid these types of online battles. I shoulda just stuck to the American Idol posts. Sigh.

      • Ambient Lite

        Ambitious resolution, but I don’t support it. Sorry. It would be too boring without your added…um…spice! heh
        My resolution was to drink more. Cheers!

      • TellyB

        Crispy, how are your HIV treatments going?

      • Ambient Lite

        It’s amazing to me that EW will pull comments based on ‘bad words’ but they’ll let crap like ^ this go. TellyB, this is how you handle someone disagreeing with you? I’m ashamed you and I are even part of the same species.

      • paige

        wow dude- that was just pathetic… anyway, back to the topic- i’m surprised Marvel or DC didnt buy this property considering its gonna make a $hit-load amount of money… ugh- now I’m gonna see Twi-tards at Midtown Comics…

      • Lara

        Well, now that Avatar is a big hit EW can obsess on it and have haters of Avatar whine about it! Personally, I’m not a fan of Avatar, but I won’t go bashing it everywhere just b/c it’s popular. Maybe Twilight can just go back to the fans who love it now and the haters can go bag on something else!

      • Samantha

        @Lara. Have you seen the way diehard Twilight defender Ambient Lite was wanking herself raw over Avatar? It was hilarious, especially in light of her behavior here.

      • Samantha


        HIV comment, really? You stay classy, there!

      • Ambient Lite

        “Samantha”, what’s your point? I like both Twilight (though you’re incorrect in saying I’m a ‘diehard defender’) AND I liked Avatar. So what???

    • jojo


    • Megg

      While it can be annoying, EW readers have a right to comment on anything, whether they like it or hate it. Everybody’s allowed an opinion. I believe it’s called free speech.

    • Emily Nicole

      FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES! They make fun of people who love and enjoy the series, but they seriously have no lives if all they do is track down stories to poke fun of it. You know its just got to be some middle aged man who lives at home with his mom who only hates Twilight because he isn’t as good looking as Taylor or Rob. :P

      • Ali

        I’m a middle aged man now? Weird. All this time I thought I was a 14 year old girl. Hmm…

      • Samantha

        You guys need some newer material. And I don’t mean stroke material which this comic obviously is for you.

    • Samantha

      Telly, I know this is going to come as a shock, but this is not a Twilight fan site. We are allowed to be here and to we can express a dissenting opinion. If you want a place to squee over Twilight without interference from us hatermeaniepants!people I suggest you use Google and find a fansite. It’s not that hard.

      • Skyler

        Bored and decided to read this over repetitious thread and I’d have to say you topped them there. True I am a twilight fan. However I I’m a senior twilight fan meaning I have liked it from the moment it hit stores and now keep it to myself mostly because the new fans scare me. I mean they really do.

    • yup yup

      my thoughts exactly! the super twilight haters that just look at the articles to talk smack about them are just plain stupid! and…you hate transformers? wow….interesting…would you care to give me your reasons?

    • SukiYo1910

      No, because half of us here who hate Twilight are Anime/Manga fans, so if something we hate is going to invade what we love you can be sure as hell we’re going to be all against it! We actually have a reason other than Twilight is stupid. ITS RUINING WHAT WE LOVE!!!! IF SOMEONE KILLED YOUR PARENTS, WOULD YOU NOT BE ANGRY AND “BITCH AND MOAN” IF THERE WAS NOTHING YOU COULD DO ABOUT THE CRIMINAL? Its nearly the same thing! 95% of anime fans don’t just like anime, they LOVE it! We are OBSESSED with it! like how you guys are all OMG MORE TWILIGHT CRAP we’re like OMG NEW EPISODE OF WHATEVER ANIME. And then 50% of that 95% are anime FREAKS, meaning, anime can make them happy no matter what and will always be there for them when people can’t. and THIS PIECE OF CRAP IS RUINING WHAT WE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

      • Annie

        Ok, you’re passionate. But come on now, are you really going to go with “if someone killed your parents”…? Your family is to be pitied, that their “loved one” is online blithely blathering away about dead family/Twilight. You’re a self-absorbed idiot. Try to get some perspective, just a teesy bit, of what’s really important.

  • Sarah

    The cartoon Bella is a lot prettier than Kristen Stewart! Not sure what I think about the cartoon Edward…he looks kind of generic.

    • Heather2

      Well at least Kristen Stewart is a realistic Bella, this is plain and simple and girl next door. I think this Bella could have been taken from America’s Next Top Model.

      • maiv

        This is just the manga (in this case shojo) art style. Most people look ridiculously pretty and it’s not supposed to be a realistic rendition of people.

      • mel

        girl next door? I have never seen anyone who looks like that. Also, aren’t these just retelling the story with pictures for all those people who lack imagination? I thought they accomplished that (loosely) with the movies?

      • Celia

        If Kristen was my neighbor, I would call the cops on her so they could break up her meth lab. That girl is such a druggie. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s very obvious.

    • dee

      “…he looks kind of generic.”

      So are the books.

    • TellyB

      Robert Pattison is kinda generic too.

      • crispy


      • kellie

        I don’t think Robert Pattinson is generic. I think he is gorgeous. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

      • Samantha

        he has a foot face.

      • Ruthie

        He’s nothing special facially. very normal face, doesnt really stand out in a crowd. its the acting that makes him stand out. (And the screaming fangirls)

      • SukiYo1910

        LMFAO so true! And as for those who complain about people bagging on Twilight…SUCK IT UP THIS THING IS DESTROYING THE NAME OF MANGA NAD ANIME! If we lose what we love then you can DEAL WITH IT

      • Skyler

        No actually because twilight is already so popular the manga will be a hit. Alot of people are so clueless to manga they wouldn’t give it the time of day so this should actually boost manga sales

      • Ang

        @ Crispy- As previously stated, this is not a fan site. If you cannot appreciate clashing opinions, I wonder why you are even on the internet…

      • Charlotte


    • nona

      At least the cartoon can do more than one facial expression. lol!

      • Samantha

        Well, there is that…

    • SukiYo1910

      did you just say that this was a MANGA? Please, go look at Shugo Chara, Skip Beat, Fruits Basket, and every Arina Tanemura manga. THOSE are shojo mangas. DOES THIS PIECE OF CRAP LOOK ANYTHING LIKE A SHOJO MANGA?! OR A MANGA AT ALL!?!?!?!??!?! This style of drawing is like, portrait kind of drawing. Its too REALISTIC! In manga/anime they have insanely big orbical eyes! DOES THIS HAVE INSANELY BIG ORBICAL EYES?! NO! THIS PIECE OF CRAP IS NOT A MANGA!

      • cut3

        do you know death note?

      • SukiYo1910

        @ cut3
        Of course I know Death Note! What Anime lover DOESN’T know Death Note? Yes I know that manga does not have big orbical eyes, but they still have orbical eyes if thats what you were going to say =.=

    • Annie

      It’s a cartoon version of Stephenie Meyer in her dreams where she’s skinny, young and hawt.

    • Annie

      This is meant to look like a manga version of a younger, prettier, thin Stephenie Meyer.

  • Crobba

    Doesn’t this defeat the whole “Who cares as long as kids are reading books” argument? I’m all for comics and graphic novels — I’m with those who say “Watchmen” was one of the best novels of the last century. But this is marketing overkill and *will* cause people who might otherwise read the book to skim through this in fifteen minutes instead.

    • StWalker

      If I’m reading your words correctly on this, your saying it’s better for a person to completely ignore any kind of reading medium, rather than pick up the graphic novel version and read that, which might lead them to the original novel?
      And yes, comics and graphic novels do tend to read faster than novels, but since when is reading quickly worse than no reading at all?

      • Zobo

        No, you completely misread it. Probably reading too many comic books. I’ll capitalize key words to help you: “[this] *will* cause people WHO MIGHT OTHERWISE READ THE BOOK to skim through this in fifteen minutes instead.

      • StWalker

        Wow, your ignorance shines through like a light in the darkness. “Probably reading too many comic books.” I completely forgot that if you read comic books, you can’t read novels as well. Thank you for setting the record straight.

      • Crobba

        That was a joke, and I said above (I’m both of these stupid names) I’m all in favor of comics.

      • StWalker


      • Celia

        I agree. Things like this happen when an author lets the media get too much control over their work. There’s too much stupid merchandise associated with this series. It’s overkill. There’s only so much people can take. So, doing things like this will not make the kids want to read the books. It takes the curiosity out of it.

    • Viki

      I’m with you on this one, Crobba

    • Alexa

      I think anyone who was going to read the book would have done so by now.

      And anyway, they’ve already made movies, which has no reading at all. Comics are at least still a reading medium.

      • Annie

        There are continually kids “aging into it” and it’s still being translated – so I think the readership can continue to grow – I don’t think it’s anything near a real classic like Romeo and Juliet or Wuthering Heights – but I don’t think you can ever count on a book being all read out…

  • Zobo

    Oh, deleted scenes. Of course. Just in case some fanatics were considering not dropping $20 on this.

    • Andrea

      It says nothing about “deleted scenes”. She was referring to scenes from the book that were originally missing from the graphic novel.

  • Patrick

    Enough with anything related to twilight, no one cares its the dullest story know to mankind we are all getting tired of it

    • TellyB

      So why did you click on this link?

      • Nemo

        Because it’s fun to watch you Twitards get your panties in a twist? Just spitballing here….

    • angela

      You obviously care since you are on a related site commenting on it…if you understood the books you would have a different opinion

      • Viki

        That’s true and to be honest sometimes I wish there were no Twilight movies. All the fuzz around them ruins the experience of reading the books AND enjoying them.

      • Lindsey

        I think a second grader can understand the books, it’s not like we’re discussing Faulkner. EW can find new things to report on instead of relying on Twilight overkill.

      • Leah

        “if you understood the books”
        I’m sorry but this is an insult to people who READ the book, ALL FOUR, and understood it perfectly fine, yet hate it.
        I read them just to see how bad each one could get.
        There are people who read the books, and just hate them cause they suck, not cause of the movies, or franchise.

      • Samantha

        Oh, I understand the books just FINE, Angela. And to be quite honest, you Twitards need newer ammo. Telling us we haven’t read twilight and don’t OMG! understand the deep lurve of Edward and Bella is rather OLD.

      • Celia

        Or baby, he felt the need to post this comment, so that EW would know that everyone is not happy with their continuous twilight coverage. If there were no negative comments, then EW would think everyone was satisfied and that’s not the case.

      • Celia

        Um…I meant baby, not maybe. Just clearing that up. It’s been a long day.

      • Celia

        Oh f*ck! flip that. maybe not baby.

      • tofumouse

        Oh I understand.

        I understand that Stephannie Meyers wrote a book that made high school girls across the country believe that boys who are moody, standoffish, controlling, obsessive, and manipulative are romantic. And if he ever dumps you its okay to isolate yourself from the world and lose all your friends as long as you keep your grades up.

        Oh and if he sits outside your window and watch you while you sleep that’s just a double-plus bonus.

    • mel

      uh oh, you’re gonna piss TellyB off!

    • Jess

      I can’t understand why people bother to read and comment on things they “can’t stand” either. If you truly are tired of anything related to Twilight, then why add to it? I’m just sayin’. It seems like an extreme waste of time to me. When I read a magazine or go to a website, I read the articles that interest me. (which is why I read all the Twilight ones) I don’t bother with the ones I know I won’t like. Life is too short. Go read something you DO like & maybe leave the rest of us alone.

      • Janie

        People have every right to comment on things they hate.
        Maybe they WANT to waste time?
        Just sayin’

      • Samantha

        We like getting your Twilight panties in a twist.

      • SukiYo1910

        Because its fun, and its a great way to vent your anger. If something pisses you off, why scream about it where someone wont see? Its better to scream about it where it will piss all the twitards off. like this: TWILIGHT SUCKS AND IS KILLING MANGA/ANIME ITS A PIECE OF CRAP IT SUCKS FLYING MONKEY BALLS. That felt good ;) but now I have vented all my anger, and I’m gonna go do something that is actually a REAL anime/manga, and is actually drawn in ANIME/MANGA style and is NOT a piece of CRAP…ok so maybe I’m not completely over it but whatever

      • Twihard4eva!!!!!

        i agree with you – there is absolutely no point wasting your time dissing something when you could be praising something else

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    Ug. Enough is enough, although I should say that I did read the book a few years ago, and this Edward and Bella are much closer to what I pictured as well. But those ruffles bother me A LOT, not to mention pretty much the entire project. I can imagine this being a treat for Stephenie Meyer, just as she said, but I for one am tired of being served up the same plate of cold leftovers time after time. Move on already!

    • Ambient Lite

      I heard about this comic book interpretation of the series a while ago (they also did a comic book about Stephenie Meyer – weird!), but I’m kinda surprised EW is bothering to feature this. They just love to stir up comments!

      • Jennifer

        I can’t believe they used up 10 pages of the magazine reproducing it. Oh for the days when EW (in print) actually covered a wide variety of entertainment and not just a select few subjects, of which Twilight, lately, has been most prominent.

    • nona

      This B and E (minus ruffles) is way closer to what I had in my head while reading than Stewart and Pattinson.

  • crispy

    I smell a cover story!

    • Ambient Lite

      Second that.

      • Cara

        You guys always comment on twilight stories.
        Dont you get sick of it?
        Its not even good.

      • crispy

        Uh, we comment on everything. We rule this school!

      • Ambient Lite


    • Una

      You smell yourself.

  • dee

    Is this really necessary?

  • Tom Brazelton

    Oh, barf.

    Does it come with a Hello Kitty napsack?

    • arisu

      you know, i totally wish it did. cause then i’d snap it right up.

      • Mary Q. Contrary


    • Samantha

      I want a “Hello Kitty” A K 47!

      • Christina

        HAHAHA “Hello Kitty A K 47!”
        thats a good one :D

        (im not being sarcastic)

  • Manda

    What did they do to Edward???
    I’ll have to check it out, though :] it looks interesting :D

  • jojo

    cool! i need 2 check this out!

  • michelle

    Omg I don’t care wat anyone says I’m so excited! Bella is really pretty and that’s how it should be and edward :D

    • Ambient Lite

      Why would Bella be “really pretty” and feminine? The books portray her as average, and something of a tomboy.
      Okay, I just realized you used the terms “omg” and “wat”, so we’re all done here.

      • Lynyrd

        You just took the comments right out of my mouth on that one.

        Although I wouldn’t mind this Bella… if only they didn’t have the ruffles. The ruffles make her look like an idiot.

      • Felicia

        The books did NOT portray her as average. They were told from Bella’s point of view and SHE saw herself as average but there were plenty of signs in the books–like how many boys were interested in her–that she was actually a beauty.

      • Ambient Lite

        She wouldn’t have worn the ruffled top. That’s all I’m saying. This adaptation portrays her as being more feminine than described in the books.

      • nona

        She was never described as a tomboy. In her head she thought herself average, but she was actually the opposite.

  • Tha Phoenix

    I’m a Twihard, but enough is e-f***ing-nough. This is just pushing it, and I will not be buying it.

    Still waiting on Midnight Sun, Stephenie

    • Skyler

      i though it was Rising Sun not midnight sun

      • Skyler

        just kidding lol :)

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