Attention, Sarah Palin bashers: Lookalike book 'Going Rouge' is coming!

Sarah-Palin-books_lWe know that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can hunt, and even field-dress a moose, but how will she take to poachers on her book sales? Start-up publisher OR Books has announced plans to publish Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare, a collection of essays about the maverick Republican with a title — and cover design — remarkably similar to Palin’s upcoming memoir. What’s more, OR’s paperback tome will be released on Nov. 17, the same day that Palin’s own Going Rogue: An American Life hits shelves — and one day after Palin’s just-announced, first-ever appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show. (A shout-out to Ron Hogan at GalleyCat for the tip.)

Going Rouge is compiled by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, two top editors of the left-leaning weekly The Nation, and includes essays by Nation regulars like Katrina vanden Heuvel, Naomi Klein, and Katha Pollitt. It’s the first release from OR Books, a fledgling outfit founded earlier this year by publishing veterans John Oakes and Colin Robinson that “embraces progressive change in politics, culture and the way we do business,” according to its website.

I realize that this anti-Palin book is a paperback and probably won’t be stocked anywhere near Palin’s hardcover memoir in bookstores, but do these jackets look too similar to be, well, fully kosher? At the very least, might some hockey-mom-loving conservatives be confused enough to pick up the wrong book? You betcha!

cover-promoUPDATE: It seems that OR Books isn’t unique in its attempt to capitalize on Sarah Palin’s upcoming memoir, Going Rogue — nor in rearranging the letters of the title for its own effort. Cartoonist Julie Sigwart and political satirist Micheal Stinson are self-publishing Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book, a 48-page paperback that will be released Nov. 17 (the same day as the G.O.P. firebrand’s autobiography as well as OR Books’ anti-Palin essay collection, also titled Going Rouge). The sample pages on the book’s promotional website fall clearly into the realm of political satire, including a coloring page with lipsticks and pigs (naturally) and a caricature of Palin in fishing overalls and possible “fishing gear”: a gun, a saw, an ax, and a bomb.

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  • Sue

    I’m sure Palin’s attorneys are already looking at a lawsuit. Frankly, I don’t want to read EITHER book. I am sick of the whole Palin persona. The only talent this woman seems to have is that of self-promotion. Exactly what else has she done? (And spare me the list of ‘accomplishments’ from her days as mayor and governor.) Without the approval of the Alaska Dems, she would have gotten nothing done at all. No man, or woman, is an island.

    • Brooke

      My thoughts exactly.

      • blue stater

        brooke do you have any thoughts beside “how do i turn this air pump on again”

    • Kinereth

      You could say the same about Barack Obama: self-promotion. And what has he done except get elected? Show me his track record. Oh, yes, there is none…

      • BigBM

        No, you are wrong about BO. His talent is getting *others* to promote him…kinda like a puppet!

      • Hmm

        Haha…seeing you agonize in frustration and foam at the mouth is oh so fun to watch. burn baby burn. go Obama!

      • Henry

        No, to be fair about Obama vs Palin, no one comes close to the transparent self-promotion of Palin. Her interview with Curic show that she simply isn’t smart. Which isn’t so bad. Savvy could work. But she PRETENDS to be something she is not, with no intellectual background, and BOASTS about it like being a commoner (aka ‘ignorant’) is to be worn like a medal.
        At least Obama is smart, well-educated, and doesn’t grossly exaggerate his accomplishments like a little kid trying to impress the grown ups.

      • Mariann Pepitone

        Obama doesn’t have a track record. His book called Audacity of Hope was copied from the words of Pastor Wright in his sermon while Obama was sitting in the pew. Obama took that sermon and made a book out of it. Obama is not a book writer he is a copier. All his speeches were copied from JFK, RFK and MLK. He will never balance the deficit. It will take Bill Clinton to help him. It is larger than what Bush had.

      • Rick

        What the hell does Obama have to do with this? Sarah Palin is insane and now she has a book out. Good for “Going Rouge”!

      • Lucy

        Well, he won the Nobel Peace Prize! For absolutely nothing, I might add.

      • Walt

        I suppose you could say the same about Barack Obama or anything else you wanted to say about anyone.
        IF THIS WAS ABOUT THEM. IT’S NOT! Pay attention. Stay on subject. Did you go to school in Alaska?

      • Smart Smart Blonde

        I dont even want to read this article! But I do want to say I think David Letterman is a scumbag who happens to be famous! :)

      • ShadowLighter

        President Obama has accomplished plenty and more is on the way. Millions breathed a sigh of relief that the ultra neo-conservative’s like Ms. Palin = FAIL.

        Lets isolate the haters and rabble rousing and move forward as a GREAT NATION. We can hold our heads high once again, the shame of the previous administration is fading like a bad smell. Too bad Mr. Obama seems to be dragging his feet on prosecuting the war criminals who sought to trample our rights under their jack boots.

        Hey I would have hesitated to even respond to this poorly worded and illogical post. As far as the other Obama haters out there, keep it up and you will miss the fun. Remember when America used to celebrate? The future will be better as long as our Republic stands and the Constitution protects us from the ones seeking to revamp the situation and bring SANITY.


      • Dean

        Fair enough:

        Following high school, he moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to attend Occidental College.[21] After two years he transferred in 1981 to Columbia University in New York City, where he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations[22] and graduated with a B.A. in 1983. He worked for a year at the Business International Corporation[23][24], then at the New York Public Interest Research Group.[25][26]
        After four years in New York City, Obama moved to Chicago, where he was hired as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Greater Roseland (Roseland, West Pullman and Riverdale) on Chicago’s far South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988.[25][27] During his three years as the DCP’s director, its staff grew from one to thirteen and its annual budget grew from $70,000 to $400,000. He helped set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants’ rights organization in Altgeld Gardens.[28] Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation, a community organizing institute.[29] In mid-1988, he traveled for the first time in Europe for three weeks and then for five weeks in Kenya, where he met many of his paternal relatives for the first time.[30] He returned in August 2006 in a visit to his father’s birthplace, a village near Kisumu in rural western Kenya.[31]
        Obama entered Harvard Law School in late 1988. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year,[32] and president of the journal in his second year.[33] During his summers, he returned to Chicago, where he worked as a summer associate at the law firms of Sidley Austin in 1989 and Hopkins & Sutter in 1990.[34] After graduating with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude[35] from Harvard in 1991, he returned to Chicago.[32] Obama’s election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review gained national media attention[33] and led to a publishing contract and advance for a book about race relations,[36] though it evolved into a personal memoir. The manuscript was published in mid-1995 as Dreams from My Father.[36]
        From April to October 1992, Obama directed Illinois’s Project Vote, a voter registration drive with a staff of ten and 700 volunteers; it achieved its goal of registering 150,000 of 400,000 unregistered African Americans in the state, and led to Crain’s Chicago Business naming Obama to its 1993 list of “40 under Forty” powers to be.[37]
        For 12 years, Obama served as a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School; as a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996, and as a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004.[38] In 1993 he joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a law firm of 12 attorneys that specialized in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development, where he was an associate for three years from 1993 to 1996, then of counsel from 1996 to 2004, with his law license becoming inactive in 2002.[39]
        Obama was a founding member of the board of directors of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife, Michelle, became the founding executive director of Public Allies Chicago in early 1993.[25][40] He served from 1994 to 2002 on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago, which in 1985 had been the first foundation to fund the Developing Communities Project, and also from 1994 to 2002 on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation.[25] Obama served on the board of directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 to 2002, as founding president and chairman of the board of directors from 1995 to 1999.[25] He also served on the board of directors of the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and the Lugenia Burns Hope Center.[25]

      • BrunswickChick

        I agree Kinereth. All Obama knows how to do is campagin. How many promises has he broken, no pork, transparacy in government, the list goes on and on. All he knows how to do is read the telepromter and smile. If that is all his education has taught him I’m glad I didn’t attend the same schools.

      • dabouv

        He ran a long campaign and was elected as President of the USA. As an African American and at age 46 or so. He was elected US senator from a large state. He was a state senator before that. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and was a law editor. I know you small minded people want to push the narrative that this was an affirmative action pick but he finished in the top 5% of one of the top law schools which would definatley suggest his intellect to be in the top 1% of all lawyers. He is a self made man, the thing that you would think that the Reps would like. You can spin this however you want but he has accomplished more in his life so far than almost anyone and he has already done more positive than GWB (truly a man without accomplishment other than a last name and the same handlers that are trying to feed us Sarah Palin) ever did as President.
        As President, he has avoided a depression which many thought we were on the verge of. He did not get us involved in Iran like the Neo Cons wanted, we see how well that works with Iraq and Afghanistan. You are right that he has not done much yet as Pres but he hasn’t been their long and he has a ot on his plate. He doesn’t have the luxury of a Rep congress that has any interest in governing and he doesn’t have a Dem congress, like Bush did with the Reps, who always stick together and will approve the stupidest policy.
        Obama has a lot to prove but you prove your ignorance with your statements.

      • Linda

        My thoughts exactly

      • notayoneg

        Obama is President of the United States. I’m not sure how this plays in your thinking but it IS part of his track record. Any objective observer knows Palin’s resume is much less impressive – BA in Journalism (after 7-years of trying), Mayor of a very small town, and 1/2 term as Governor of a state with a total human population smaller than many small cities in the lower 48.

    • Ben

      So, um, you seem to want us to explain why she’s a prominent political force, but then immediately tell us not to tell you anything about her years spent as a politician. Maybe what you want is to keep believing the fantasy that she hasn’t accomplished anything so that you have a reason to hate her?

      • Sam

        The same can be said about you in the opposite sense – you are ignoring her incompetence and plain idiocrity and somehow found a reason to love her. The interview with Katie Couric demonstrates her true worth – watch it if you haven’t done that it.

      • Karen Bledsoe

        Yes Ben and Kinereth – We’re all stupid, and your comments are really helpful to your cause – right? Barack Obama hasn’t accomplished anything, and Sarah Palin is a dy-no-mite politician. Hah! Barack Obama is the reason you’re not standing in a breadline right this minute, and we’re not headed into a full on ridiculous war with Afghanistan, but are instead about to get health care reform – something that’s been impossible up to now for 40 years or more. It would be an accomplishment to say that Sarah Palin could dress out a moose, but that’s freaking laughable. She doesn’t even know which end of a rifle shoots, nor did she do anything much at all for Alaskans. Just keep on keeping on with spreading your stupid FOX news propaganda – good thing most Americans were smart enough to vote for and still do support Barack!

      • Chappel

        Stupid, vapid and brainwashed people need someone who can represent them. Palin certainly qualifies.

      • bmwmom

        Brainwashed describes all the Obama lovers who refuse to hear the truth about him.

      • Cindy 4 NEW health Care

        I cant wait for the new health care system it will save my life! Those who oppose it are selfish. I wish YOUR life depended on it!

      • Jennifer

        Notice how Ben neglected to mention anything Palin has actually accomplished.

      • MiSalesGal

        @ Cindy 4 New Health Care:
        Sorry you feel your life depends on HC. You probably don’t realize that if this monster passes you and all of us have to pay into the program for 4 years. HC reform won’t even start up until year 5. Don’t you all see what they are trying to do here? They want to take our money for 4 years – the HC system will then be deluged in year 5. This is their way of saying this reform is “deficit nuetral”. Get a clue people.

      • Darrell

        > Barack Obama is the reason you’re not standing in a breadline right this minute…

        Yuck. I think I just threw up in my throat.

        This sort of mindless adulation is so nauseating I can hardly stand it. People with no understanding of the issues worshipping Obama for reasons they don’t even understand.


    • RealityChick

      Only talent is that of self promotion? Exactly what else has (s)he done? Hmmmm, sounds very familiar. Anyone? A certain Presidential candidiate last year? Anyone?

      • Henry

        Get real.
        Or at least be honest.
        Obama at least has a very succesfull record as a lawyer and a scholar. This may not count for much in a politician, granted, but he is a smart guy. Not some ‘anyman’ who can shoot off their mouth without knowing how to work hard.

      • Hmm

        Mitt Romney.

      • Darrell Radin

        So when did intellectual’s run a government effectively. Common sense is what counts in my book! Harry Truman, where are you now?

      • One guy talking

        Barack Obama was editor of the HARVARD law review. That alone is an accomplishment of the highest intellect and scholarship. Call me an elitist. The man is one of the most intelligent living humans. Palin, by contrast can’t name a magazine. Plus she’s unemployed. Her 15 minutes were up about 9 months ago.

      • RPM

        Sam,you belittle Palin and her “idiocrity?” Not a word,dude. Hypocrites are so idicrotic.

      • MultiPass


        Knocking Palin or Obama or Oprah or Eve Longoria or Angelina or Madonna or Zac Efron for being self promoters is like knocking a trout for being a fish.

        Such a ridiculous simplistic and pointless debate.

        Palin sucks but it’s good to have someone as bizarre as her for the stupid people to gravitate towards. Makes the sensible people of the world realize they want NOTHING to do with the conservative aqenda. I say keep the b1tch around.

      • talkin’

        shut the front door

    • Mariann Pepitone

      And may I ask what you have accomplished in your lifetime? What position do you hold in your job. What makes you think your smarter than Palin. When are you going to run for office?

      • Hmm

        Seriously? My neighbor’s cat is smarter than sarah the self-serving brainless palin

      • Jess

        Well, first of all, I know that Africa is a continent and not a country. Secondly, I have a graduate degree. Oh, and I also know the difference between “you’re” and “your.”

      • Jess*

        I just scrolled down and started cracking up. Just so everyone knows, I’m a different “Jess” than the one below who clearly doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.” What irony…

      • Julia

        Let’s see. I worked for 10 years as a management consultant for a major firm, earned them millions of dollars in revenue, managed a practice of 120 consultants, helped shape strategies for Fortune 100 companies like Sony and Morgan Stanley, and earned an MBA and an MS after graduating from an Ivy League university. Now I’m a faculty member at a major university. I’ve gone from teaching companies how to do business to teaching undergraduates how to do business and succeed in the workplace.

        Palin was a small town mayor and a less-than-one-term governor. She couldn’t even stick to the job she had because she was bored. The woman cannot name a single news publication or broadcast. She is as dumb as a post. You cannot wink and nod your way through a presidential campaign. I hope the Republicans do nominate her. I miss Tina Fey, and then I can vote for Obama again with full confidence that he will win.

      • Walt

        Mariann must be smarter than Palin, if she’s not running for any office.

      • Laura

        Jess, then I assume you would know that there are 50 states, not 57 as Obama stated.

        I know plenty of people with extremely high IQs and huge educational backgrounds that don’t have the common sense God gave a gnat. I dare say that’s what we’re witnessing with the intellectuals in the current admin (leader included) and most of congress. So… how’s that workin’ for ya? IF they pull of their agenda (I doubt it, 2010 isn’t that far away), I will look forward to using YOUR money in all the gov’t handouts that the admin advocates. Once they have you paying 60-80% in taxes, THEN let me know how much you dig the socialism you’re cheering on now. LOL

      • Natalie

        since when is socialism a bad thing? it means giving a leg up to those less fortunate, sharing the wealth. lets not get it confused with communism. much of Europe, and Canada are living quite happily with “socialism”. so i pay more taxes, at least i know that a person making much less than me still receives the same quality of health care.its about collective, rather than individual good. Obama understands this.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Julia, how could someone so educated and intelligent, so knowledgeable about business success be so unaware of how Obama’s actions are destroying businesses? We’re losing 500,000 jobs a week! Please pay attention.

        And Natalie – socialism is a fancy name for communism. It’s the same thing, government controlled businesses and now the daily lives of ITS citizens. From telling companies what to pay their employees to what we drink (ref: soda tax). Giving a leg up for the unfortunate is about giving them the freedom to take advantage of opportunities created by free will!!! Refusing to educate yourself and work hard is not being unfortunate.

    • Mariann Pepitone

      I just replied to this comment. I have not seen it yet.

    • Jess

      Wow ,talk about the kettle calling the pot black! OBAMA is still in his self promotion tour.
      So i guess Sara makes other women mad because shes not being pulled around by the ring in thier nose put there by the democratic party.

      • Amanda

        I’m pretty sure Obama’s been working on things like health care reform and a strategy in Afghanistan. Let’s ask Palin if she knows where Afghanistan is, shall we?

      • dbs

        No, she was pulled around by the GOP, because they knew they were losing, and said “QUICK! An outspoken woman! Put her in charge!” – without doing basic vetting.

        Cmon, enough with thec omparisons of Palin and Obama. Read, with a critical eye, the things that Palin says – she is so blithely ignorant, everytime she opens her mouth, even the GOP cringes. “Obama Death panels” “I don’t read any newspapers” – please.

        Obama is doing his job, and he’s doing it in a subtle way, unlike the heavyhanded GOP “We gotta do something even a COW can understand! Quick! Invade a country!” approach to politics.

        Remember the mantra – this is as applicable to these people as it was in W’s day:

        Democrats think, then act.
        Republicans act, then justify.

        Which would you prefer in the white house?

      • Hmm

        RIGHT ON dbs. couldn’t have said it better.

      • wakeforce

        Who’s using the race card, now? To anyone who doesn’t believe criticism of Obama have to do with race, just read the above statement! Any questions?

      • Jess*

        It’s SaraH Palin! Seriously. And as a woman, Sarah Palin makes me mad not because she is “rogue” or “mavericky” (not a word!) or “being pulled around by the ring in their nose” but because she is uninformed on global affairs, unintelligent when interviewed, unprepared for the job at hand, she exploits her family by dragging them out for everyone to see and then complains when people criticize her mothering skills or her children, she cries “SEXISM!” when people point out her flaws, she doesn’t support equality for gays and lesbians, she doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose, and she plays up her looks and then pretends to be shocked when people comment on them. Oh, and she talks out of her a**. That’s why I don’t like her.

      • gene

        Evidently Obama doesnt know where Afghanistan is, just ask those who are stationed there. He’s an egotistical empty suit who has never had an original idea, depends on others do do his dirty work so he can keep his hands clean, and at the same time is trying to run this great country down the black hole of Socialism. The fact that those Nowegian freaks gave that guy an award shows you where his prioritys are. Damn the U.S.A. as long as the rest of the world loves you. God help us

      • Natalie

        take a look at Canada and Europe and then explain to me why “socialism” is a bad thing. we’re not talking about the end of the world here.
        and last time i checked, the current system isn’t working so well…recession anyone? collapsing health care? self interest is the real “black hole”.

      • Chris

        Let’s take a look at Europe. Sweeden specifically. Socialist country. Enormous tax rate (I believe around 70-80%), stagnant economy, food and necessity shortages… sounds like a blast.

      • Christoffer

        Haha oh my god Chris you are a blittering fool. I grew up in Sweden, got a job straight out of high school making about 50-60k a year, which certainly is enough to live a good life in Sweden. payed 30% in taxes, not 80. Ive never heard of ANYONE paying that much tax in Sweden. We have no shortage of supplies whatsoever, maybe you mixed up Sweden with a third world country? Get your facts straight next time, but then again, Republicans doesn’t car that much about facts….

    • Chris R.

      Using your stated logic, i’m sure you feel the same way about Obama then…right?

    • Dawn

      Right on! Palin knew zero about being a Governor. When she began, she hired someone to guide her. Throughout her career as Governor, her staff did all the work on everything. And to make it even more frightening, she did not know what they did or what they were talking about. Ever watch her governmental conferences? Whenever a topic was brought up, Palin brought up a staff member who would knew the subject and talked on it. Palin stood at the lectern, a good MC, nothing more.

      • bmwmom

        Kind of like Obama’s Tsars?

      • carolewash

        Its called manageing. Deligation of duties. No one in charge does everything themselves. Some people actually do nothing. They are finger heads. Or Puppets. Like Obama a puppet. So what is the difference? Marxist vs Patriot. I’ll take the dumb patriot any day.

      • Hmm

        Patriot huh? Would that be the patriot that riled mobs against a fellow american and basically called him a terrorist? or the one that quit her duties of serving her state so she could make money selling books? you are as misguided as your fellow sheeple.

    • KH

      you want all she has done without counting her career.. where she cleaned up corrupion in her OWN party and negotiated tougher deals with Oil and Gas companies for Alaskan taxpayers.

      Ok So what has she done besides give speeches and write a book? Oh wait.. wasn’t that Obama’s resume for being president?

      What I love is the reference to “rouge” as in “make up”.. it takes a leftist to really work the sexists and racist attacks on people they disagree with..
      This is almost as bad as if someone did a book.. called “Living in the Big House, Obama’s nightmare Presidency” Which I use as an example of the double standards leftist have.. I have no tollerance for anyone who makes racist comments about President Obama, even if I disagree with him about 70% of the time.

      • gene

        And forced the Dems to take the death panal language out of the House Health Reform Bill. Lets also not forget the spanking she gave Biden during the VP debate,and how she forced David Scumbag into a public apology for the filthy remarks he made about her minor child. I think Libs show their own ignorance when instead of debating an obviously bright womans stands on issues of the day, they can only make sexist and I dare say childish remarks about her and her family. You people really do obsess on her. Maybe instead you should probably focus on the fact that your guy isn’t a Savior after all, just another Chicago thug politician who just happens to have a great smile and can read a teleprompter.

      • Hmm

        your ignorance is hilarious. a bright woman you call her huh? one that can’t name a book or magazine she reads or attended 5 small colleges so she could actually graduate, with a mass comm degree no less. if you think she spanked biden in vp debate, you are living under a rock. that was a circus show where he had to try his best not to laugh at her and biden laughed his way to the white house.

    • Chris

      Hey now, she’s managed to gouge people for big bucks, buy a $200,000.00 lot next to her home and build a mega castle.

      She’s accomplished that much. Gotta give her credit for being an outstanding grifter. She’s no quitter, she knows when the cover is blown, when the gettin out is good.

      I wonder how the Aug. 31, 09 law suit bribery charge is coming. They have evidence to prove she offered State funds and supportive legislation to make a prior suit go away. How is that different from other corrupt politicians. She’s so not Rogue.

    • Laura

      ” Without the approval of the Alaska Dems, she would have gotten nothing done at all.”

      The key to any president or governor’s success in passing what they want to pass is whether or not they can convince their congress that their ideas merit passing into law. Reagan did it with a Dem congress. Obama seems to be having trouble doing anything with a Dem congress, unless it’s pushed thru so fast no one knows what it’s about.

      Palin had very good success, and she didn’t play the game. Sorry if you feel her writing a book and getting royalties from it, or giving speeches or going on Oprah is all for her personal promotion.

      Oh, wait! Didn’t Obama do the very same things?

      And Jerry Ballas, check out the facts. McCain would have lost much worse than he did had Palin not beein on the ticket. It was she who had the charisma, who said what the American ppl needed to hear that energized a pretty slow campaign. Had it not been for the first bailout (that Obama voted for, too, btw), it would have been neck and neck to the end.

      Oh well, revise history all you want, folks. Twist things to make yourself think you’re accomplishing making her look bad. She’s gaining popularity every day with this admin and congress working as hard as they are at making everything she says sound like gold.

      • Tim

        Laura, the only reason they brought in Sarah Palin was because they wanted a quick, easy way to bring in women who were pissed that Hillary didn’t get the Dems’ Presidential nomination. If you think that it was anything other than that, you’re deluded.

    • Kristin Magee

      Excuse me, but she ran a state government and wiped out her own party’s corruption. Oh! I forgot you liberals voted for a community organizer for ACORN who helped the corruption. You people are an obamanation to the country just like the president.

      • Hmm

        would that be the same type of corruption she used to get the state trooper fired? or the one where she gouged money from her state for living in her own house and taking trips with her family on state “business”? the only abomination in our country is the loq iq unpatriotic rethuglicans who will ignore facts for their own convenience.

      • Ann

        The biggest problem besides her running all over the place acting like she,s somekind of rockstar is the fact that she wants to run for president when she couldn,t even finish her job as governor of alaska.

    • gomerspile

      What are you libs so afraid of, according to most on hear, she is a nothing. Why would that put fear into you. Your comments about her are (just change the name and skin color,Obama has no balls either)everything that is a fact obout Obambi. , Every one of them, she picked people to guide her etc:etc: yet we as a nation know more about her that Obama, no school records, no law judgments nothing…….

      • Hmm

        another delusional hate filled repub. dude, we are not afraid, we are thrilled. why don’t you elect her in 2012 for the race so we can roll right over her on the way to the white house, AGAIN!

    • Robert E Deason

      When did you go to sleep?

    • Deborah Leigh

      Sue, let me get this straight. Working one’s way up from soccer mom to governor of the largest state is not enough, and then the accomplishments are all because of the Democrats? ROFL!!! BTW, nice touch asking to be exempted from hearing about the extensive list of accomplishments while asking what they are. Liberals always talk about womens’ rights, yet when a strong woman emerges they are first to jump on her if she is Conservative. The hypocrisy is amazing. Thank God I can say I am recovered from liberalism/Democratitis.

      • Hmm

        you can bs all you want but its not going to change the facts. largest state by what standards? alaska has less people than most american metropolitan cities. crawl out from under your rock one day and take off the shutters.

        extensive list of accomplishments? really? what are they?

        local weather girl (sports caster), 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with fewer than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with 650,000 people

        lets not forget the biggest achievement of all: QUITTER!

        quit as a mayor, quit as a governor. that’s her accomplishment – putting herself before the “country”.

      • glitch

        Sarah Palin doesn’t have to do anything; she has already done what the Republicans needed her to do.

        She got feminists to claim that being gov. while having a house full of kids – with the husband helping out and making it all impossible – makes her a ‘bad’ woman.

        She got Democrats to argue that a community organizer is more qualified and experienced than a gov.

        She got the Dems to attack her for being good-looking, thus proving that no, it is NOT “just Hillary”.

        She got the Dems to attack her intelligence in ways that repeatedly emphasizes how intelligence is used as a euphemism for “social class”. Of course, the self-proclaimed elitists don’t even see the problem – doesn’t EVERYONE agree that being in the right social and intellectual circles is what intelligence is all about?

        The Democrats are just too darned smart for the rest of us. And the Republican party no doubts hope they’ll keep it up. After all, every time they throw out “white trash” jokes about this attractive, popular, high-achieving woman, the rest of America gets a nice reminder that if you’re not “the right sort”, Democrats think you’re dirty and dumb. What a brand message for the Democratic party!

      • glitch

        excuse me i meant ‘making it all possible’.

        Sarah did what the feminists used to call their goal: hold down a high-power job, have kids, and be married to a man who can handle playing second fiddle. Only instead of congratulating her….

    • Vance Lunn

      Much of the direction of the current debate on energy and health care is being controlled from her Facebook page. The Left doesn’t care about any other potential opponent to Obama and Congress’s destruction of our freedoms. They only attack Sarah Palin. They are afraid of only her because they feel only she can beat them. Nobody set out to do a near-copy of Newt’s book bashing him, now did they?

    • Robynsu

      Exactly, and yet Sarah Palin enjoyed not only the cooperation but the respect of the local Dems she worked with and before the national Palin-bashing craze, she was the top most popular governor in the US. Why don’t you spare us? Get back to us when you’ve accomplished half as much as a woman who’s governed a state.

    • hugo menjivar

      you brainless moroon,so you think you’re so smart than just adding your senseless opinion of a woman that has achieved more that your own commander in chief,educate yourself before you open your big mouth.

    • zed lerp

      Sue: “Without the approval of the Alaska Dems, she would have gotten nothing done at all. No man, or woman, is an island.”

      Apparently Palin is smart enough to realize this and capable of working with the Dems to get things done. But this sort of thing always has a way of coming back to bite you. No wonder so many Repubs are calling for a TOTAL disengagement from the Dems. Sad that the DEMS have brought this upon themselves.

    • Ken

      Thats the point, she got them to work together to better Alaska and got things done. That is the greatest accomplishment of all.

    • Marija

      Your total ignorance is showing. Of course you won’t read her book cause you might learn something. All you have to do is search: Obama vs Sarah qualifications to see that she has more CEO/governing experience than BO. Open your your narrow mind.

  • Jimmy Kennedy

    Yeah, I’m coming out with a book too: Truly Halfass. It’s my take on Ted Kennedy’s life and you can even use the book as a flotation device in case you drunkenly drive your car into the water, to save yourself and let your passenger(s) drown.

    • Jerry Ballas

      Considering what she did to McCain’s campaign, it sounds like she read an advance of your book….

      • KH

        McCain only had a chance because of her and he lost it when he “suspended his campaign” to go joing Bush and Obama in voting bailouts for bad businesses..
        She gets larter crowds and donations that he ever did.. BTW.. if you actually look at interviews she did with CNBC before the VP announcement vs the gotchya interviews with the Obama press corp.. you see she is a very smart woman.. who does need to get as savvy about national and internation affairs as she is about Alaska and Energy issues.. and she can speak without teleprompter because she knows what she beleives before it is focus group tested and written by a Whitehouse staff.

      • Kristin Magee

        Mccain was the loser in that race. It had nothing to do with Palin. Conservatives need to stand up. The polls prove that conservatism is growing. republicans need to kick out the moderates. it’s just the Dems infiltrating our ranks to nullify the party.

    • Lewis

      Wow, still hung up on that? What a miserable life you have.

      • Ben

        I love how some people try to get other people to forget about someone’s f**k up by turning the tables with, “are YOU still hung up on that?”, usually followed by a cheap insult about what a miserable life the OTHER person must have. Cracks me up. How about if people just accept that if someone gets away with a crime, some people may have a hard time “getting over it”. I doubt that Nicole Brown’s family and friends will ever “get over” OJ killing her due to their own “miserable” lives. What a crock.

      • Hung up on….

        a woman’s death? Yeah, geez, let it go. Meanwhile, maybe we can stop obsessing over an irrelevant former VP candidate and governor. Nobody talks about her more than peope who say they’re sick of her.

      • Kristin Magee

        Are you talking to me or about me? Regardless, I’m not hung up on anything and I have a very great life with my family. I also, love teaching the constitution to my students, so they are not as ignorant as you when they grow up. Do you need a tutor?

    • Ruby

      LMAO. That was funny. Ignore the trolls.

      • ejcrispin

        ..we’re talking about her…. a lot..that is great…Palin 2012!!!

    • Ben

      lol, but the real trick is to make this book both a flotation device while preserving it’s ability to absorb copious amounts of alcohol.

  • Hedda Lettus

    hey j kennedy-don’t quit your day job-your attempt at being funny is lame.

  • jimz

    If you’ve been paying attention, Sarah Palin cannot shoot a gun and never field dressed a moose, according to Levi Johnston.

    • Ruby

      Yeah well Levi is also an idiot saying anything to continue his 15 minutes of fame. I wouldn’t believe a thing that comes out of that moron’s mouth.

      • KarenJ

        But you’d believe anything Palin has said, even though true vetting by several different investigators has proven her to be a serial pathological liar?

        There’s a list of more than 2 dozen of her most egregious lies on the ‘Net, just relating to her political career alone — not even getting into matters relating to her house, her children, her high school basketball accomplishments, her finances, her closest associates…

    • SeaTacky

      She *DID* field dress a Moose… dressed it in designer fashions paid for by the McCain campaign.

    • Mariann Pepitone

      If you listen to Levi Johnson then you must be in his category. He is nothing but trash and has not done anything in his lifetime but go nude in playgirl. He has no respect for himself or anyone else for that matter. Its a good thing Palin’s daughter didn’t marry him. She would be living on welfare.

      • ptm

        And yet Sarah Palin thought he would make a wonderful son-in-law . . . . or was she lying?

      • Hmm

        so if levi is trash and palin boastfully trotted him around on the campaign as family, what does that make sarah?

    • Pipian

      And you believe Levi Johnson, a guy who can only take his clothes off?

      • Blubik

        Not true – Levi could get Bristol’s clothes off, too!

      • Flyer

        Good one, Blubik! It’s funny cause it’s true….

      • Hmm

        hahahaaha i cant stop laughing at blubik

    • Laura

      I can’t believe there are actually ppl taking Levi seriously. About anything. The kid’s a joke. Even the liberal media that are using him are laughing at him (they certainly aren’t presenting him as a force to be reckoned with). And he’s too flippin’ stupid to get it. Sigh.

  • USMCveteran

    Gonna put both books on the same shelf as the ones written by Kate Gosselin and the ones sure to be written by her soon to be ex and Nadya Suleman.

  • mrsct

    I love the idea. Brilliant!
    Martha Stewart takeoff books were hilarious. I look forward to this takeoff. After her star performance at the RNC it was all downhill. No one should take Sarah Pallin seriously

    • Vance Lunn

      They do, though. There’s a reason for that.

  • randy hawkins

    Why don’t you Palin supporters do what a supporter should do: support your girl? Instead of bashing people totally unrelated to Palin, why don’t you show why Palin is so good? Why not? Because you can’t. Instead you do the Pee-Wee Herman defense: “I know you are but what am I?” Pretty pathetic.

    • akcoyote

      You want to know why some of us supprt her? Here’s why. I’ve live in Wasilla AK since Sarah was mayor. This is the fastest growing city in Alaska (not by choice but because Anchorage is running out of affordable land). Yes taxes went up but infrastructure had to be built to take care of the growth.

      When Sarah ran for governor, it was against Frank Murkowski, then governor and former long term senator. Sarah bucked the system as she called thing as they were and was shunned by so called mainstream republicans. The result? She trounced Murkowski and became our first female governor.

      Our oil is running out so she began work in getting us a natural gass pipeline and was making progress in dong so. Unfortunately, when selected as McCain’s running mate, political cooperation in this state stopped and the ability that made her who she is (that of working together) became an anchor around everyone’s necks and nothing was getting done.

      And then after the election, a disgruntled leftist hack filed over 20 ethics complaints, only one of which had any merit whatsoever. Sarah wasn’t a rich person (but she is now)and had run up over $500K in legal bills defending herself. She really had no choice but toresign as she was literally being ruined financially.

      You may hate Sarah and have a lot of company doing so but you do so at your own peril. She’s earned the respect she gets unllike some others.

      • ks

        She has polarized our state, I have met her and do not care for her. Her running mate in 2006 was my boss, glad they did not win.

      • ks

        sorry, ment to say 2004

      • C

        So what you’re saying is that she had an idea but was unable to accomplish what she set out to do? Sounds terrible.

      • RonniNY

        The ranting about the $500K has got to stop! She took the majority of it by choice. It was due to a suggestion by the McCain camp. You can find the details on any number of websites. They are backed up by cold, hard facts. Google “Palingates” and you’ll find an excellent site that covers all of Palin’s different fiascos. This would fall under Troopergate.

        The other thing about Palin is her involvement with this extreme radical version of evangelical Christianity. This is NOT your grandmother’s evangelical teachings. It’s like extreme church on world domination steroids. I’m a publisher and have been following this story for nearly a year now. Trust me when I saw that Ms. Palin is being looked to as an anointed leader and is expected to help lead the devotees to taking back the world for Jesus. That’s a good start.

        Nope – Palin has got to go. Simple as that.

      • One guy talking

        I agree that she earned the respect she gets. What’s she polling now?

      • MultiPass

        Keep her around. It gives the crazy people a place to call home, and makes them easy to avoid. Together they help illustrate and clarify why an extreme rightist agenda is not sensible and not good for the country.

      • zyggy

        You really need to get out of Wasilla more often. Most of the ethic complaints were filed by a diehard Republican and former Palin supporter. As far as the legal fees? 3/4 of them were from Palin’s own ethic complaint against herself. Do you have newspapers in Wasilla or even TV? You need to get your facts straight before boasting about your ex almost one term governor.

      • Logicgrrl

        Isn’t Wasilla the meth capital of Alaska?

        Also, when Caribou Barbie was mayor, the biggest deal made during her tenure is the construction of the sports complex that was built on SOMEONE ELSE’s land. She had to raise sales taxes to pay for it. THAT’s why taxes went up!

        The $15 million multi-use indoor ice arena was supposed to be her legacy as the mayor. This was a very big deal for a city that had a budget of $3.9 million in 96 (increased to $5.8 million in 2002). Although the city subsidy has gone down from the initial $600k per year to about $125k per year, the sports complex still does not break even.

        The biggest problem, however, was the process of how the land was acquired. The whole thing ultimately cost the city an extra $1.7 million in settlement and court cost for a piece of land that would have costed only $125k if they had handled it right from the beginning in 1998.

    • Laura

      Randy, Palin supporters ARE supporting her. That’s why her book went to #1 within an hour or so after being made available for advance ordering. And it will be number 1 after it’s released. But as far as justifying what Sarah says or trying to convince ppl who hate her (for no real reason except that she believes in things they don’t) that her ideas and solutions have merit, perhaps the left ought to do their homework. Check out her editorials on Facebook. If they don’t make sense to you, that’s fine. But they make a lot of sense to a lot of people. And a lot of those ppl vote.

  • David

    Can we please just stop paying any attention to her. Seriously, just stop.

    • a person


    • Mariann Pepitone

      Are you jealous of Palin because you haven’t accomplished your goals? There are a lot of women out there in you category. It appears that college has done nothing for you and the people like you. I give credit where it is due but I don’t give credit to people who vote for a WH president that cannot run this country or make decisions regarding Afghan. We are in one war and he now has started another war. It will be another Vietnam again.

      • Hmm

        you are seriously delusional and need some education. stop watching faux news and get out into the real worldd. bama is trying to clean up your fav president’s mess. god knows thats a tough task. typical low iq repubs, create the mess, blame it on others, and then get in the way when someone intelligent and sane tries to help

      • Gavin

        Read some newspapers, Pepitone. The name of the country is Afghanistan (can’t spell it? Neither can Sarah Palin). Obama didn’t start that war, Bush did, and then forgot to fight it. And I’ll bet you voted for the Shrub twice (you know, someone who can’t run the country). . .

      • Henry

        Seriously: I will wager that even in 5 years, Palin’s accomplishments will not exceed her short record to date:
        a) Mayor of a town smaller than my sons high school (literally), and 1 term governer of a state that was of no notable events (good, or bad). What’s left, will be ‘inspirational speeches’ and self-promotion. No real work – or even attempted work. Just a lot of ‘back seat driving’ Which is easy for anyone with a spotlight to do

      • E

        Hey….Obama uses Afghans whenever he is cold! He makes that decision correctly everytime!

      • MultiPass

        Mari, you are exceptionally uninformed. YOU are the problem in this country. Please get an education. From a non-religious school and not from stupid parents. Sweetie, George Bush started the war in Afghanistan, not Obama. We invaded shortly after 9/11/01. Of course, given your answers here you may only be 8 years old, in which case I guess it’s forgivable that you weren’t alive yet when we invaded and aren’t smarter than a 5th grader because you’re only in 3rd.

        but seriously? are you really that dumb that you blame Obama for the war in Afghanistan??????? That gets an “OMG”

      • Robynsu

        Multipass, why are you giving Obama a pass? It’s his war now. The first thing he did in office was to strongarm the Dems into increasing funding for a war they didn’t want to continue. He and his WH literally strongarmed them. And, when asked in a press conference about human rights in Afghanistan, Obama said they were a “nice ideal” but he was there to “protect Americans.” So much for women’s rights. So much for human ideals. Obama’s continuing and increasing Bush’s war, continuing rendition, giving Bush’s torture abusers a pass, so I would say it’s dupes like you who are what’s wrong with America. Hope and change, my arse.

      • glitch

        Robynsu, they really really NEED to make this be about Bush, so that they can enjoy talking down to you in horribly patronizing tones. The entire “market message” of the Democratic party is “we’re smarter than they are, we’re better than they are, and, gosh darn it, people LIKE us!”

  • Ellis Dee

    I’m ashamed to be an American any more. What a failed culture.

    • Nick

      then get the **** outta here! Stop complaining about your poor self. You are not important, get over it.

    • Tommy

      Ellis: I’ve been feeling that way for some time now. People are so ignorant of history and that’s why we’re going down the decrepit path we are as a country and culture.

  • Ben J

    Only a moron would compare BarakO, who saved us from a Bush depression, to a SarahP, who can’t read. -Ben

    • Claire

      We’re saved?? I don’t think so, Ben J. Not even close.

      • Bjammin

        Yeah, we’re not saved until Fox News says we’re saved…

    • Mariann Pepitone

      Obama didn’t save us from Bush and we are not in a depression. et a grip. If your so smart why don’t you run for office or write a book. There are a lot of college students working part time at McDonald’s to make ends meet and you talk about Palin. She has more money than you will ever have in your lifetime.

      • wakeforce

        You have officially won the most idiotic, uneducated stupid poster award. You have your head buried so far up Palin’s hole, the sheets are getting dirty. Put down the meth pipe and go read a book, something other than your beloved Sarah’s!

      • jk

        No, there are a lot of middle aged people working in McDonalds thanks to eight years of Bush/Cheney.

        And, let’s see, who else has more money that I’ll have in my lifetime? Jon Goslin, Paris Hilton, Eliot Spitzer’s call girl.

        P.S. Palin did not write her book. I know, I know, your [sic] shocked, but it’s true.

    • Jack M

      Hey Ben, you’ve had too much “kool-aid”. I’d take the Bush economy anyday compared to what the Messiah has perpetrated in just 10 months. He’s created about 10 part-time jobs. WOW, He’s really used his experience as a, Oh sorry, he doesn’t have any experience even running a lemonade stand, but now he is the King of the World. Bow down to the King, Ben, you’re a Fool

      • Hmm

        idiocity knows no bounds. sure jack, lets all go back to bush economy and watch our nation sink into oblivion as we burn surplus and turn it into trillions of dollars of debt, deregulate greed, fight two wars with faked intel, screw the constitution, and let the market crash and burn. oh but wait, dont forget to leave right before the house burns down so you can blame it on the next guy. repubs cant be any more delusional. no wonder they are going out of existence in the future.

      • Jesse

        I am so sick of people calling Obama the Messiah, second coming, etc… I find it extremely offensive. To many Christians this is an insult to the One that we follow. Find some other term to express your view!

      • GinaBallerina

        Jesse, if you read his whole comment I think you can tell he’s being sarcastic. Obama is only the messiah in his own mind!

      • Tim

        I like how the only people who call Obama the Messiah are republicans, people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I’ve never heard a single democrat refer to him as such, though they are very high up on him. And you talk about how badly Obama’s tanked the economy in 2009, when W is the one who wrote the 2009 budget. I guess they don’t mention that on Fox, seeing as they need to use any means to turn every democrat into a fall guy. Seriously, every republican comment I’ve read on here looks like it comes from Limbaugh, Hannity, or O’Reilly’s talking points. And that’s fine, if you want to get your news and “facts” from them, more power to you. But they’re gonna do everything in their power to put a negative spin on anything a dem does, while they make their own party and candidates look as pure as the driven snow. You think they’re straight-shooting, honest guys, when really they’ll say anything to get you on these sites to say exactly what they want you to say. And I know someone will come back at me with “Oh, I bet you watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow,” No, I don’t. I have no use for the commentators, because all they give is their opinion, based off of watching and listening to speeches and reading legislation. Their opinion is no better or worse than mine, and I get mine in the same way they do. I’d suggest that many of the people on here try it.

    • Claire

      Who said anything about FOX News? Can you honestly say we have been “saved”? I want to know what has gotten better since he became President. I don’t think anything has gotten worse, but I definitely don’t think anything’s gotten better.

      • E

        1) the economy (really, it has…according to the experts we’re in a jobless recovery, which happens because after corporations downsize, they are able to make as much money with their current labor force, which doesn’t require new jobs. What has happened is that companys are now making profits again, and soon enough entrapreuners will fill in holes where business left, and jobs will start growing again. But the recession is over!)
        2) foreign relations. We have improved relationships with: Spain, Russia, France, Mexico (well kinda), Iran (I know, they’re evil…but we still need to work with people to prevent evil from harming us), most of Europe actually…most of Africa….hell, pretty much the world.
        That’s what I’ve got for now…more to come! (It has only been 2 years)

      • GinaBallerina

        What about Israel? How are we doing with them, our (former) allies whom BO won’t even say we support? He is a spineless, unethical coward.

      • One guy talking

        The appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice is an accomplishment.

      • glitch

        Obama “fixed” the economy by paying with new debt…the equivalent of paying off a debt with a credit card. Sooner or later it’s got to be paid for, and in the meantime, there’s “moral hazard”, squandered TRUST, and those “experts” you’re quoting are the same ones who insisted real estate prices would keep going up for ever … they are not coincidentally profiting from what is going on, personally….

    • bmwmom

      I don’t think we’re saved. Didn’t you hear that Obama has tripled or quadrupled the debt that Bush left him? This Health Care Plan will make it even worse!

    • blue stater

      are you on our knees. thank you for “saving us”? how pathetic

    • Vance Lunn

      I have time to write this because I’ve been furloughed from work tomorrow so can stay up late. Somehow I don’t yet feel saved from this depression. We should be out of it by now. But the politicians won’t stop messing around with the economy. It is Obama’s mess now, no matter who started it. It is getting worse and now they tell us that 10 % unemployement will be the norm for the forseeable future? Unacceptable! Turning us into a Third World dictatorship is not “saving” us.

  • mozilla

    going rogue??? haha LOL
    its really unbelievable ridiculous how to describe this woman.
    no talent at all( and she wanted to be president?)
    (she was caught on tv making mistakes that only a clown wannabe would make “what is the role of a vicepresident”? ) haha

    its really a no brainer comparing palin to obama, its comparing a bubba university graduate vs a Harvard graduate .
    thank god the majority supported Obama/Biden, what an embarrasement would have been to have a vicepresident like palin, geeez , thank god it didn’t happen.

    • GinaBallerina

      Haha, I love how BO’s Harvard degree is almighty, yet Bush’s Harvard degree was irrelevant. Dems = Hypocrites.

      • Amy

        Bush’s Harvard degree only existed because his dad’s money and political clout. In case you haven’t noticed, it isn’t that hard to get into an Ivy League school if your family is rich and powerful. Bush was a straight C student while there. Obama worked his way up and was accepted to Harvard (without the entitlements of a rich and powerful daddy) and was named editor of the Harvard Law Review. They are not at all the same. Nice try though. Repubs- do some research before you speak.

      • Mariah

        Maybe Bush’s Harvard degree would be more relevant if there was any proof he ever used it.

      • MonaLisa

        Maybe Bush’s Harvard degree would have been more relevant if he’d gotten it from Yale…

        Oh, wait….

    • bmwmom

      As long as he has his teleprompter in front of him he sounds like a Harvard grad.

      • Amy

        Which is sad because even when Bush had a teleprompter in front of him he still couldn’t manage to sound like a Harvard grad.

  • tux

    ” Ben J
    Wed 10/21/09 10:56 AM

    Only a moron would compare BarakO, who saved us from a Bush depression, to a SarahP, who can’t read. -Ben ”

    i couln’t agree more.

    • sp

      Sarah can’t read, you can’t spell.

      • oh you.

        And your grammar is terrible.

  • Nick

    Truth hurts…sometimes it even “kills.”

  • john gorumba

    The Obama star is falling. His ratings are going down. His policies are wildly unpopular when polled. The Republicans are primed for a comeback if they get their heads out of their butts.

    Bush was an embarassment to the Republican Party.

    Sarah Palin is a moron. Her interviews and not the media KILLED her. Republicans are so starved for a savior that they refuse to let her go. She’s another Bush and who in their right mind wants that?

    Get out of your respective political corners and SEE these people for what they are!

    Stop being Lemmings!

    • Mariann Pepitone

      If you think Sarah is a moron what do you classify yourself? I have read a lot of comments about Sarah made from pigheads like you that will never accomplish a goal in your lifetime and hate the fact someone else like Palin did. Its all jealousy and that’s what is eating a lot of people up. They hate themselves for not having the ability to do what she has done. People will be lined up at Oprah’s studio just to get a glimpse of her when she comes to Chicago. Make something out of your life instead of complaining about someone else.

      • Henry

        Get a life.
        In the world of Politics, Palin has accomplished incredibly little.
        Elected mayor of a town smaller than my son’s high school (literally) and governor of the 3rd smallest state by population in the country.
        In the stage she claims to play on, she is a bit player with a loud voice. Little more..

    • Mariah

      Have you also noticed the poll numbers that suggest that even though Obama’s are going down, most Americans still prefer the Dems run the country?

      • MiSalesGal

        That’s because consistent entitlements lead people to consistently re-elect Dems whose goal is for all citizens to become dependant upon big Gov’t. The monster is awake and this will all change in 2010.

  • hubman

    Sarah’s resume is now on “linkedin”; given how thin it is, she could have put it on twitter (140 character limit)

    • Mariann Pepitone

      Sarah doesn’t really need a resume. She was a mayor, governor and selected VP. What goals have you accomplished? And are you going to run for office? You couldn’t hold a candle to Sarah because its people like you that will never get ahead in life.

      • Hmm

        hmm she went to five different small colleges before graduating with the easiest degree out there. what an accomplishment. was mayor of a town with less than 7000 people. i think most big universities have more students than that. quit her mayor job, quit as a governor, couldn’t do a thing without alaskan dems, has an iq lower than my neighor’s cat. america wasn’t built by self-serving opportunists, it was built by intelligent leaders and she is far off the mark.

      • Bjammin

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure she would burst into flames.

      • Amanda

        Mariann – you seem to have a preoccupation with the inadequacy of those who criticize Sarah Palin. I certainly have no desire to run for office, but that doesn’t make me “worthless” or mean that I haven’t “accomplished anything.” While I respect that you share the same politics as Ms. Palin, I find your response to her critics to be childish and irrational. It’s not helping your case.

      • wakeforce

        Seriously,Pepitone-Are you SLEEPING with Sarah, Now?

      • Natalie

        Mariann Pepitone…IS Sarah Palin.

      • Marija

        You’re so right. All people have to do is do a search: Obama vs Palin experience and it speaks for itself.

    • Nick

      Right, because BO’s is much longer huh? Affirm Action got him into law school…community thug (organizer), senate, president…

      • Jess*

        Wow, racist much?

      • Will

        Seriously Nick? People like you show no respect and come off like GOP talking points.

        You really think affirmative action is the only reason he got into law school? Community thug organizer? You may not see it, but racism really seems to come out in anti-Obama comments.

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