'Twilight'-branded 'Wuthering Heights': Love or loathe?


In hopes of taking advantage of the never-ending Twilight frenzy, HarperCollins decided to design a new cover for its paperback editions of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights that’s inspired by the teen vamp franchise (as noted by Ron Hogan at the books blog Galleycat). Why, you ask? As all Twilight fans know, Brontë’s classic novel is Bella and Edward’s favorite book (duh!). Don’t believe me? Well, just look at the new cover, branded with the sure-to-pull-in-young-readers slogan, “Bella & Edward’s Favorite Book” (as well as the Team Edward appropriate tagline, “Love never dies”).

Though most people taking a first glance at the new cover might be overwhelmed with images of Brontë rolling in her grave, I can’t completely dismiss it. I’m always in support of corporate decisions that encourage young readers to pick up the classics, even if said decisions are likely inspired by moolah. And at least the U.S. cover is better than the U.K.’s (the middle one above), which features a font that I probably used while designing posters in seventh grade.

Are you shuddering, Shelf Lifers? Or do you see merits to the re-branding?

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  • mm

    That’s a shame that they have to make classic literature look like crappy teen vampire novels.

    • maddie

      omfg. waz up with that like i can’t wait for the books but wow. this has gone a little far dontcha think

      • Viv

        learn to type and grow a brainstem.

      • Jay

        Hahaha couldn’t have put it better myself. Good one.

      • Jay

        That was directed at maddie, by the way. Good joke.

      • lilah

        you bet cha

    • bookworm1190

      I agree 100%. Does everything literature-related have to revolve around Twilight? Classic literature should be able to sell just fine w/o the influence of overrated teen vampire romance. When will this Twilight frenzy stop?!!!

      • Olivia

        I agree. I am a 15-year-old bookworm going into 10th grade and I got into Twilight when I was in 7th grade. I really wish I hadn’t. It’s become such a mainstream mindless fad that it sickens me to think of reading the books anymore. I also don’t like the idea of changing a classic’s cover to match a trendy book that wont be popular forever (unlike classics).

        But here’s the real question. Can you really object if it is getting my useless generation to read? I don’t think I can.

    • ME

      Agreed! That’s DISGUSTING!!

      • Karina

        Yeah, New Moon drove me crazy, and the only reason I could put up with it was becasue I’d just flown back from seeing my long-distance boyfriend and was all “T_T” about it…and when you do that, your brain automatically exaggerates it so that you can almost sympathize with Bella. For about two pages. Maybe one and a half. And then you’re like, “STFU and kill yourself already!”Eclipse at least has all the vampires floating around. And all the werewolves. Buuuuut it also has camping and angst by the bucketload. *sigh*

  • Tiffani

    If it gets kids reading classic literature then they should revamp more books. As a teacher, I’d do anything to get kids to pick up a classic of their own free will and if Twilight helps do that then it has accomplished a lot.

    • hannah

      yeah, if it revives the pastime of reading, why not!? i’m all for it! i think they should do harry potter covers too! lol

      • Annie Crimefighter

        “i think they should do harry potter covers too! lol”
        WHAT?! Why would you say that?!

      • Carlie

        WTF?! No just no… please don’t bring Harry Potter into this.

      • Kamilla

        Harry Potter has nothing to do with Twilight, and that wasn’t even funny.

      • lilah

        yeah they should

      • Rebecca

        Why would they change the Harry Potter covers, When Harry is more popular than Twilight?

      • alice

        or maybe there will be a future book with printings on the cover: Harry Potter’s favorite book LOL. I hope the first book is Romeo and Juliet or any Jane Austen’s books (ROFL right now)

    • Klaudia

      Isn’t wuthering hetghis one of the books bella read? heehee! Perfect book to follow the twilight saga with Let me know if it’s any good!Good luck this sunday, I can’t even imagine how hard this is for you I still have a hard time visiting my cousin’s grave and he passed away 5 years ago

  • Monique

    I’m all for getting anyone to read a classic, as long as they don’t change anything that’s BETWEEN the covers. That’s the most important part of the book. Besides, what’s that saying – “Don’t judge a book by its covers”?

  • Jane

    Frankly that’s an insult to Emily Bronte.

    • ME

      She’s seriously rolling in her grave right now. What’s wrong with the WORLD?!!!

      • lilah


      • alice

        I guess she is. Either from awful grief, heart attack, or laughing.

      • Tyler

        Exactly what I thought to myself when I saw the new branding at the bookstore.

  • Nick

    *shudder* Twilight is taking over the world. “Bella and Edward’s favorite book”? Please, kill me now. They’re making Wuthering Heights look like a cheap Twilight knockoff. And putting what a fictional character’s favorite book is is ridiculous…even if Twilight was a halfway decent book it would be a horrible idea; Twilight is an entirely different book…no need to have blatant Twilight placement on any cover but its own.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Actually the book cover has it wrong, Wuthering Heights wasn’t Edward’s favorite book, in fact he couldn’t understand why Bella liked it so much.

      Neither can I for that matter, too much depression for my taste I’d rather read Austen any day over Bronte.

      That being said, come on people it is JUST a book cover. If they started to change the actually book than I would join in on the riot but a cover is nothing to get excited about.

      It’s JUST a book cover, I say so what and move on.

      • Jennifer

        My thoughts exactly! On a side note, my mom bought me a copy of Wuthering Heights. I am curious about the book.( I do like classic lit.) In October, publishers will be releasing The Twilight Journals, in which Stephenie Meyer writes about which books inspired the Twilight Saga. It might give readers of the saga more ideas for reading material like the classics. Of course, I could be wrong about the release date. I hope not. They have been putting of release of the Official Guide to the Twilight Saga. It was supposed to come out this month, but I read on the Barnes and Noble website that the date is being pushed back to Dec. 31, 2010. Oh well! Anyway, Bella also read Animal Farm by George Orwell in one of her classes. I recommend that book (as does my younger brother). It is meant to be a satire about Communism and how ridiculous (and harmful) it is.

      • Lulu

        I like the twilight books. that being said i agree with you 100%. i think this is a little over the top, to put it mildly. And after a little chuckle, im moving on.

      • Doucheberg

        The last thing I need to see is classic books “endorsed” by non-existent sexually-awkward closet-goth teenagers who fall in love with non-existent sparkly closet-goth “vampires”. Illiteracy, never have I been happier to see you. It’s been a while. I’ve missed you.

    • Amber

      Actually, if you’ve read Twilight-you would know they are not making it look like a cheap “Twilight knockoff” they are giving credit to the love story that inspired Stephenie Meyer’s writing of the story and she uses reference to Wuthering Heights as being a classic-which her character reads in the story. I think it’s brilliant-I would love for the younger generation to get into the classics-what better introduction than through literature they are already reading! :) Kudos to Harper Collins!

      • Viv

        Since I did read twilight, I can safely tell you they bastradized the Wuthering Heights novel. It has absolutly nothing to do with twilight. This is just another sad attempt at Smeyer the whale trying to sound smart by using classic literature (that she needed Sparknotes to help her with) in her fanfiction.

      • Nick

        I know Wuthering Heights has nothing to do with Twilight. I’ve read most of Twilight and Wuthering Heights. I said they’re making it LOOK like a cheap Twilight knock-off. I didn’t say it had anything to do with Twilight. And the younger generation isn’t going to bother with the book when they notice that it’s nothing like Twilight. They’ll just go Ohmigosh Twilight, read the fist chapter, put the book down, and never finish reading it.

      • Olivia

        Dearest Nick, I have already commented on this page, so you can find my opinions elsewhere, but I would like you to know that Twilight made me curious about Wuthing Heights, SO I READ IT. That’s right, the whole book. And you know what? I loved it. So I would really appreciate if you didn’t make fun of “the younger generation” and make incorrect assumptions. Thank you.

    • To Viv

      Are you actually using Stephanie Meyer’s weight as an insult? How pathetic and immature. You’re the one who sounds like a teenager.

      I personally have also read Twilight, and even though I never became an obsessed fan, I think that the one theme they have in common is that they are both stories about unconditional love. Other than that, they couldn’t be more different.

      • Jennifer In France

        I’ve read Wuthering Heights and sorry but I don’t see that story about unconditional love. I see it as a bond between two people that is unbreakable through life or death. if you remember, heathcliff hated catherine because she gilted him and she married another man to help him with his position. She liked nice things and she wasn’t willing to wait for it for heathcliff so heathcliff became twisted and did everything he could to get vengance on Catherine and everyone related to her. I don’t see the stories as being remotely the same.

      • Annie Crimefighter

        Twilight is not a love story. Edward and Bella are not in love. they’re in lust.

      • Kamilla

        Twilight IS a love story. Who would give up their mortality for lust?

        And i agree with Jennifer, Wuthering Heights isn’t a love story, it’s just pointless.

      • Charlotte

        Umm… a 17-18 year old girl with no backbone and a lot of hormones (Bella)

    • lilah

      ur rite wat they done

    • sam

      money thats all they want money

      • Ani

        the cover of Twilight is resembling the fdrbioden fruit. The fruit is Bella and her blood is forbidin to Edward no matter how much he may want it. So it is representing how bella is the frobidin fruit to edward. New moon the cover is symbolizing how bella is comming apart. The pettal falling off of the tulip looks like a tear and represents how edward has fallen out of bella’s life and she is bleeding (thats why its red) for him. Eclipse has the broken ribbon on the front and that represents how Bella loves edward and jacob and she is torn because she can’t have them both. It shows how her love for Jacob and her love for Edward can’t coexist together and she is being torn apart. The pawn ,the little red chess piece, represents bella as a human, weak and red because blood runs through her veins. The queen represents how she becomes strong and beautiful when she is transformed into a vampire. hope this helped.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I’m all for encouraging reading, but to promote a dense, complex classic as if it’s a moronic teen romance is just cynical and wrong.

  • Wilson

    I only have two thoughts after seeing this, and I can’t decide which one best describes my loathing. “Uuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhh” or the always effective ‘Sideshow-Bob-rake-voice’.

    • Christina

      Wilson, I love you. The Sideshow-Bob-rake-voice is a favorite of mine. Anyway, this is absolutely horrific. “Bella and Edward’s favorite book”??? WTF. Yeah, its possible that a handful of Twilight fans will read this book now, but as many of them are of the “LYKE OMGZ EDWARD IZ SO HAWT!!11!!” mindset, nothing will get them to read Wuthering Heights. I predict decent sales for the new covers but most of them going unread.

      Oh, and to Kamilla, Bella and Edward ARE in lust, not love.

    • Craig

      While I agree that the Sat In Your Lap video is a pretty bad (I love the song itslef), I still watch it because she is incredibly hot in that video. No I’m not that shallow and have loved Kate’s music, lyrics, voice and artistic choices for many, many (many) years. I’m just saying that although she is beautiful in most videos, I think she is particularly hot in that one in an early 80 s way – even with the roller skating bulls and stu-stu-stuttering edits still making me roll my eyes after all of these years.

  • Amie

    I think it’s great. It’s obvious coattail marketing, but hey- if a vamped out book cover gets tweens and young adults to start reading classic literature by Brontë and Austen, then I’d say it’s a smart idea.

  • John

    I’m in agreement with those who support this if it helps get the kids to dive into a classic. What they get in return will remain long past the day that their “Twilight” books get packed up with the rest of the relics of their youth.
    My only hesitation is that the covers will stop young men from reading this book– and they are the ones we need to be encouraging to read. “Wuthering Heights” may be ostensibly a romance, but it’s got a lot to offer to “boys” as well as “girls.”

    • Jane

      Really great point about boys reading. Excellent point.

  • Meg

    Following the same idea, shouldn’t they be giving the Twilight makeover to Romeo & Juliet then since that is a Bella favorite mentioned in New Moon? And wasn’t Bella reading Austen in Twilight?

    • michelleg

      meg you are sooooooo right. this idea is kinda stupid, people can get the wrong idea and think its just another addition to twilight. it not people….its not. the cover just seems like a twilight knockoff to me. Even if the book did have similar covers to twilight i still wouldn’t read it…though i should lol

  • v

    I think it is a good idea.

  • Jordan

    This makes me hate everything.

    • Crystal

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Patamon

      Ugh. Wuthering Heights is annoying too no wdnoer it is Bella & Edward’s favouite book. Also that middle cover is awful that misty white flower looks like it has an AIDS ribbon wrapped around it.

      • Ilse

        Both boys went to examine Jacob’s prjceot, drilling him with educated questions. Many of the words they used were unfamiliar to me, and I figured I’d have to have a Y chromosome to really understand the excitement. Because girrrrrrrls can’t enjoy awesome things like motorcycles. Unless they’re trying to kill themselves.Suck on my gall bladder, Bella. I love bikes and I especially love cars. You don’t need an Y chromosome to appreciate the powerful, beauty that is .

  • Katja

    Ughhhh…it makes me throw up a little in the back of my mouth, but I understand why they’re doing it and it does seem like a very clever move. It’s a shame that’s it’s necessary, though. And I kind of wish they hadn’t gone as far as stamping it with “Bella and Edward’s favorite book”. That’s getting a little ridiculous.

  • myrna

    i do not feel that the following reaction is in any way over-reacting: wtf? what?? sacrilege! blasphemy! you are belittling wuthering heights by associating it with the poor, horrendous writing of twilight. emily bronte is.rolling.in.her.grave

  • claire

    Most kids will drop the 10 bucks or so, get about 2 pages in and then realize that the words are a little too confusing for them to handle.

    • Viv

      100% agree. This is giving more benefits to booksellers than the teenyboppers themselves.

    • Jackie

      I completely agree. They may buy it, they’ll never finish it. Heck, if they pick it up at the store and bother looking through a few pages, they won’t even buy it. I love Wuthering Heights. It’s one of my most favourite books. I named my daughter Emily after Emily Bronte.

    • Olivia

      Not true. I read the whole thing. And guess why I started reading it? TWILIGHT. (of course, now I hate the twilight books and everything they stand for, but that is besides the point).

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