'Twilight' exclusive: Graphic novel version on the way!

twilight-manga_l[1]For those of you who can’t get enough Edward and Bella, EW can announce — exclusively — that Yen Press will be publishing Twilight in graphic-novel form, publication date still to be determined. Though Korean artist Young Kim is creating the art, Meyer herself is deeply immersed in the project, reviewing every panel.

Take a close look at the biology-class sketch we’ve obtained (that’s an empty dialogue bubble between their heads, if you’re wondering). What’s interesting to me is that it doesn’t look simply like an artist’s rendering of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. In fact, the characters seem to be an amalgam of Meyer’s literary imagination and the actors’ actual looks. The description of Edward from biology class: “His dazzling face was friendly; open, a slight smile on his flawless lips. But his eyes were cautious.” And Bella: “I was ivory-skinned …. I had always been slender, but soft somehow, obviously not an athlete…” To me, this graphic-novel Bella seems much closer to me to Meyer’s book than to Stewart’s sultry portrayal. The Edward shown is closer to Pattinson, but not a real duplicate; there’s something very winning in the sketch that I don’t see in Pattinson’s all-too-perfect tousled bronze locks and piercing eyes.

What do you think? If you’d like to see more before weighing in, pick up a copy of EW magazine, which will hit newsstands on Friday, July 17 — it contains finished illustrations of Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

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  • Switz

    I was just thinking to myself how great it would be if this was a graphic novel too. Can’t wait.

    • Addicted

      i gonna buy this stuff…..and i am completly agree new moon will rock..

  • Aurorarose

    I absolutely love it! I am a huge fan of manga and graphic novels so it is a delight to see one of my guilty pleasures (Twilight) take this form. I agree with Tina regarding the appearance of the characters. They look more like how I imagined them while reading, especially Bella. I will definitely pick up a copy when it is on sale ^_^

    • yuki-chi

      i know i love manga and graphic novles to and this will b a great 1^^

      • SukiAnime

        I love manga, but I can’t stand that this is going to become a manga! They are taking Twilight way too far! I wont allow Twilight to pertrude on my passion! Never!

      • Ramona

        You really have no say in the matter. It’s a graphic novel now no matter what you say. I didn’t think I’d like it either, but I do. I bought it today and I’m already done reading it! The art is amazing, and I’m sure if this version hit the shelves first, then Twilight would have been given many more positive reviews.

      • Nurul

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    • David H

      It’s being created by a Korean dude, and the style is that of korean, so I’d guess it should not be called “manga”, which is a Japanese word, but “manhua”, a Korean word for cartoon.

      • David H

        Scratch that, it’s not spelled “manhua”, it’s “manhwa”.

      • Evanjeline

        Actually, 90% of the manga/anime are done by Koreans these days. :)

        And in my opinion, that doesn’t look like manhwa or manga at all, more like American style’d graphic novels!

        In any case, I’m super excited in any case over this. :)

      • moomoo

        you tell them

      • james

        “Actually, 90% of the manga/anime are done by Koreans these days. ” <— im pretty sure that's not true…

      • Jon Gorga

        Well, as I understand it: “manga” is the Japanese word for comics, “manhua” is the Chinese word for comics, and “manhwa” is the Korean word for comics. So if Young Kim is Korean, he’s a manhwa artist.

        A graphic novel is just a very long comic.

        So I suppose you could call this thing a graphic novel, manhwa, or a plain old comic.

      • austina

        yeah edwards hot and so is jacob but they are liked to much what about emmet or jasper?dude obsesof

  • Sia

    I actually love the idea. I always wanted to know what Stephenie had envisioned !


  • Sia

    Krystal I agree with you. The actors are nothing like what the books describe them as or will live up to it. The books will live longer than their careers haha.. I still love them but the books are just too good.

    • Michie

      Sia I definately agree with you whole heartedly.

    • medina

      I will have to agree with the move was nothing like the book the book is so much better I have read them all three times and I still cannot get enough. At the sametime I would love to see waht happpens to the family with the new baby grown up.

      • kathy

        I also would like to see what happens with the family the morning after and how they deal with nessie’s growth and jacob

    • Wereja

      i agree.. absolutely

      • Mohit

        My baby is also 8 months old. I think every woman is denierfft. Just think of it as a little surprise from mother nature! There is many factors that make your question hard to pin point an answer (Like how often you are feeding, and are you pumping too) I have not got mine yet. And after my son it took me a good part of 2 months to get it back. And good for you for nursing for so long! You rock!

  • nami86

    i want to see Alice!!!

    • Hope

      meee tooo! shes my favorite character!!

      • Doug.

        YEAH!!!! Go Team Alice!!! … Edward and Jacob are over rated :P

      • Roen

        I totally agree.. Edward and Jacob are super overated!!! Alice rocks!!

      • medina

        I would have to say that I love Alice but not as much as Emmett and Jaspor.

      • Nikki

        I am SOOOOOOOOOOO on Team Alice! (though i’m on team jake next)

  • Robin

    I love graphic novels, but hate the drawing. Since when did Bella become a blonde?? Not at all how I saw Edward and Bella. No charm to Edward drawing at all.

    • Dontneed2kno@whatever

      Dude who cares the comic is just not in color(some ppl are so STUPID!!!!!!)duh did you think of that one???????!!!!!!!!and I think edward is cute and bella 2……but I wanna see JACOB BLACK…..omg im melting for jacob :]

    • Xio

      I understand how you think Bella here looks blonde, but if you’re a true graphic novel lover, you’d know the white part (usually meaning blonde) is the SHINE of her hair

      • SukiAnime

        Your both wrong. Yen Press, Yen as in Japanese money, Graphic Novel, another term for Manga, Japanese comic, and only the bad mangas are in color. Manga is black and white, which is why its believed that Bella is blonde. If she were brunette then she would have to have darmer colored hair. duh. Any manga reader would know this

    • Melichard of the Dark Corners of Pennsylvania, I mean, Transilvania

      Ehhr here EVERYBODY is wrong. Comics ARE in color, except for some, mostly independent ones, and those with different style, like Sin City. The ones that are always in black and white are the mangas, WHICH BTW, they’re not another term for “graphic novel”, StukidAnime, “graphic novel” is a comic book with a length of more than 40 pages. Btw, not onlye the “bad mangas” are in color. Akira and other mangas have been re-colored after their publishing, and they have being received positive. Melichard has spoken, and now goes to not-glitter through the dark sun.

  • Stretch

    Meh, does Twilight really need any more merchandise? I mean, I’m a Twi-Fan and a comic collector, but I still feel like this is too much…

    • morgan

      i totally agree im in love with the book the movie was kinda disapointing but i think twilight has gone to its peek with merchendise

    • Twi-lova

      I totally agree. Ive read the twilight saga about 20 times and counting and am awaiting midnight sun with no patience but this is too much even for me. I personally hate movies. They limit your imagination and same goes for Manga. Ive always imagined Edward with black hair. Seeing him in the movie and in this comic just killed of the moment… -.-

      • brianna


    • brianna


      • Izzy

        I hope I’m not the only one here that finds that disturbing…

  • jordan

    good news or bad news? good news is that twilight fans can finally “read” twilight without having to attempt to imagine such an imaginatively complex world [cough]. bad news is… well, there’s another twilight.

  • Sienna

    I think Edward looks like a soap opera actor–you know, kinda cheesy? I don’t know why. I like comics, but I’d rather it not be manga-style.

    • Kennedy

      Are you talking about the movie? Because the Manga style edward looks weird with his hair pulled back that way. And Pattinson squinted a lot in the movie.

      • brianna


    • Celia

      I, personally, prefer it be in the manga style. I dont read regular comic books since I don’t like the art as much as I like manga. And I think Edward looks fine in the manga style. he looks so much more like I had envisioned him when I read the books. I think that this project may just turn out to be better than the movie did. ^.^

      • SukiAnime

        MANGA STYLE? you call THAT manga style? there’s nothing manga related in that other than it being called a graphic novel and being black and white! Go to Barnes and Noble or w/e bookstore and go into the manga section and tell me what does the majority of the drawings look like? LIKE REAL ANIME/MANGA! mo! omae baka!

      • krb1961

        SukiAnime, you are a hundred percent correct, this is not a true manga, it appears to be just a graphic novel. I’ve read a lot of mangas and the style does not appear similiar. It doesn’t seem as if it’s going to have the unique left to right reading style either. It looks like it might be interesting, but I sort of like the characters in my head from reading the books which never fit the movies or TV versions. Sort of like one of my favorite “Hana Yori Dango”, the cahracters in the Korean (my fave), Japanese or Taiwanese versions did not look or act anything like my mind’s versions.

      • Kaja

        look at the above comments, and you will see that there has been all of about 2 or 3 people that actually grasp that this is a MANHWA not a MANGA! Manhwa is the Korean style of comics, and Manga is the Japanese style. Examples of other Manhwa’s include The Bride of the Water God. While Mangas are more plentiful and popular, Manhwas are just as good

  • Anne

    Honestly, I don’t agree that these illustrations closely capture the characters. I thought I was looking at one of the animated sections from the 80’s music video “Take on Me” by A-Ha.

    • shershauna

      i agree with anne they don’t look like the charaters and what is bella wearing?

      • Diana

        i know, what is bella wearing!?

      • Sarah

        I know, HONESTLY, it would only look appropriate if Alice was playing “dress-up” with her.

      • Twi-lova

        so true… she looks like a sassy version of Elizabeth the first! lol Hello! 21 century here! that bella reminds me of rachel in the tv show friends and edward reminds me of ross in friends…

  • BrandonK

    The artist is obviously talented, but I’m not sure I completely like the manga-esque style.

  • Jess

    I like what I see so far, but I’m going to hold judgement until I see more. I love anime, manga, graphic novels, etc. so I’m at least going to check this out.

  • K

    Wow this is unexpected. Pretty cool! I love graphic novels.

  • Lexie

    1. Why?
    2. I strongly disagree with your characterization of Stewart as sultry, particularly compared to this illustration. Stewart always came off to me as appropriately awkward, perhaps too much so, while the illustrated version with the wide eyes and pouty lips looks like she’s never been flawed in her life.
    3. What’s with the ruffles?

    • Hope

      1. because its a good idea.
      2. it’s not a characterization of stewart its of bella and what stephenie pictured in the first place.
      3. who cares

    • princess0764

      i think they should just recast bella. kristen looks nothing like the books describe.

      • Katie

        I agree with Lexie mostly.
        1.Why? Honestly I don’t think they should do anymore. The movie (in my opinion) sucked. They left so much out and they already messed up most of the characters. And this is just as bad. That is sooo not Bella.
        2.Yes, Hope it is a characterization of Bella not Stewart. I think Stewart gets the klutz part right (like she doesn’t look like shes trying to hard) but other than that, shes too much. She’s not the shy Bella. And I agree with Lexie with the whole wide eyes etc.
        3. We care. The ruffles and the jacket are so not Bella. She’s too…. simple for that.

      • Jen

        I completely agree with princess.
        The fact is…Kristen is too non-emotional for the part of Bella. Shy? I didn’t see that in the movie. She just came across as anxious and bored at the same time. (no offense to any fans)
        I have to say the manga version of her is much better. It kinda looks like how I imagined Bella to be.
        Only thing, Katie’s right too. The clothes aren’t her style. Looks too flashy for simple Bella.

      • kayla

        i think that they should not recast bella or any other character and that i am a huge twilight fan.(the biggest fan ever).

  • Chinna

    I am glad the artist made the characters look more like what Stephenie imagined than Robert and Kristen. Oh and I will totally buy this graphic novel whenever it comes out. I am a twilight freak from way back in the day an original twilight fan.

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