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Bobby Brown shopping Whitney Houston tell-all book?

Too soon? Looks like Bobby Brown’s concert tribute wasn’t his final word about ex-wife Whitney Houston. The R&B singer is reportedly working on publishing a tell-all book about his life with the late pop diva that he initially shopped back in 2008. A rep for Brown told EW, “We do not comment on gossip and rumor.”

But it won’t be easy to get the book to a store near you. Brown isn’t exactly on good terms with the Houston family after making it his prerogative to duck out of the funeral early. On top of that, he signed a confidentiality agreement as part of the couple’s divorce, reports say. The two were hitched for 14 years before their split in 2007. READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert to release a children's book about a pole

Stephen Colbert previewed his children’s book I Am a Pole (And So Can You!) during his hilarious Colbert Report interview with Maurice Sendak last month. The wonderfully blunt Sendak, author of the kids’ classic Where the Wild Things Are, called Colbert’s pseudo attempt at writing for young people “terribly ordinary” but also added, “The sad thing is, I like it.”

Earlier today, Grand Central Publishing officially announced the May 8 release of I Am a Pole, which follows a flag pole on his search for his life’s purpose. Is there hidden symbolism there? Probably not, as it’s meant to be Colbert’s send-up of a children’s book hastily written by a famous person. In a statement, Colbert said, “I hope the minutes you and your loved ones spend reading it are as fulfilling as the minutes I spent writing it.”

In October, Grand Central will also be releasing Colbert’s next book for adults, America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.

Colbert returned to his Comedy Central series this week after a short hiatus to take care of his ailing mother.

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Composite sketches of famous literary characters

If Law & Order: Literary Crimes existed — and hey, it doesn’t seem that far off — it might star some of the faces found on The Composites, a blog by Brian Joseph Davis. Using descriptions found in novels, Davis utilized law enforcement composite sketch software to render the faces of literary figures like Judge Holden from Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, Aomame from Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, and Edward Rochester (pictured left) from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Some of the mugs, like Keith Talent’s from London Fields by Martin Amis, look appropriately creepy, and the sketch of Humbert Humbert from Lolita is especially interesting, as it’s based on character description that’s inherently unreliable.

Are these accurate depictions of your favorite literary characters? Who else do you want to see get the police sketch treatment?

See the trailer for 'The Hunger Pains,' the Harvard Lampoon's 'Hunger Games' parody -- EXCLUSIVE


Is there endless comedic potential in a dystopian novel about children who are forced to kill each other on national television? Of course there is, and the smartasses at the Harvard Lampoon have written what they promise to be a “scene-for-scene parody” of Suzanne Collins’ mega-best-selling YA novel The Hunger Games. The Hunger Pains (Feb. 7) follows the inept heroine Kantkiss (Katpiss?) Neverclean, a young girl living in the telemarketing district of Peaceland, who is forced to compete in the violent annual Hunger Games.

EW has obtained the satirical trailer for the movie spoof based on the parody of the book (one more level of irony and the world really will end), and it features celebrity cameos, impressive production values, and an incredible Effie Trinket doppelganger (Katie Amanda Keane as Effu Poorpeople). Watch below! READ FULL STORY

Your favorite authors in doll form -- see photos!

Ever wanted to fit your favorite authors into your back pocket? Now you can! If you need a little stocking-stuffer for the reader in your life, these tiny, handcrafted dolls (the manly men can call them literary action figures) by Debbie Ritter are available on Etsy. Click through below and tell us your favorites!


Soundbites from Donald Trump's new book 'Time to Get Tough'

Most of Donald Trump’s new book, Time to Get Tough: Making America No. 1 Again, reads like a 190-page diatribe against the Obama presidency, illegal immigration, and the people and media outlets who have dared to criticize him. The former presidential hopeful obviously has strong opinions on the nation’s current political climate, but the Celebrity Apprentice star also has plenty to say about celebrity and the entertainment business. Here are some of the self-proclaimed “ratings machine”‘s thoughts on Hollywood: READ FULL STORY

'Cake Wrecks' for the holidays: See photos!

Who knew such hilarity could be found in confectionery calamities? Blogger Jen Yates has an eye for botched cakes — her first book, Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong shot to the New York Times best-seller list, and her new holiday-themed edition, Wreck the Halls, is sure to be a stocking-stuffer for adventurous bakers everywhere. It’s amazing that anyone would buy, let alone eat, these gross, scary, or just plain wrong dessert disasters, but they’re certainly good for a laugh. Sample a few slices below! READ FULL STORY

Famous authors: Their rejection letters

Take heart, aspiring writers! You aren’t the only ones whose manuscript has been rejected by publishers.

Flavorwire has posted a whole host of rejection letters from now-popular works that at least one publisher didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

Sylvia Plath, for example, received this note about The Bell Jar:“I’m not sure what Heinemann’s sees in this first novel unless it is a kind of youthful American female brashnaess. But there certainly isn’t enough genuine talent for us to take notice….One feels simply that Miss Plat [sic] is writing of them because [these] things did happen to her and the incidents are in themselves good for a story, but throw them together and they don’t necessarily add up to a novel.” Brutal!

Also included are takedowns of Lolita; a children’s book by Tim Burton; and Kerouac’s On the Road. Hugely successful contemporary authors have their war wounds as well: J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was turned down nearly a dozen times.

But my favorite isn’t, technically, a rejection letter. It’s a note that Hunter S. Thompson sent to William McKeen, who had written a biography of him.


'More Badder Grammar': See some funny, ridiculous mistakes!


Take out your red pens, grammarians! In case you’re feeling turkey or family overload this weekend, treat yourself to a laugh by checking out these hilarious grammatical blunders from More Badder Grammar (available now) by I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar author Sharon Eliza Nichols. SWEEPING DISCLAIMER: Any spelling or grammatical errors I make in this post are completely intentonal.

NEXT: Attack of the mutant goldfish …

'Awkward Family Pet Photos': See 10 pictures!


If your pets are members of the family, shouldn’t they be embarrassed with the rest of you? Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, the authors of the New York Times bestselling Awkward Family Photos, bring you Awkward Family Pet Photos (now available). In turns cute, hideous, funny, and always uncomfortable, these real portraits feature families and the pets they love — sometimes too much. That love for pets leads people to do odd things; throw a camera in the mix, and you have instant cringe-worthy memories. I suspect many of these photos were paid for and shot in the 80′s, and as we all know, professionally staged photos from the 80′s are the best kind, especially when they include surly animals. Check out these awkward photos and let us know your favorites! READ FULL STORY

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