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'Kindness in America' author admits to shooting himself

Talk about a plot twist. A West Virginia man hitchhiking across the country for a memoir project titled Kindness in America claimed he was shot in Montana, but it turns out he allegedly made the whole thing up.

Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier told the Associated Press that Ray Dolin, the 39-year-old photographer behind the project, admitted to fabricating the story — and shooting himself — after a confrontation with investigators in the hospital where he was recovering.

What appeared to be an ironic act of violence now appears to be a “desperate act of self-promotion.”

Authorities had arrested 52-year-old Charles Lloyd Danielson for allegedly shooting Dolin, but he was released Thursday, and the felony assault charge against him has since been dropped.

Where are people reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey'? Here's a map

You can’t hide behind your Kindles forever, Fifty Shades lovers. The infographic artists at Goodreads have compiled user data to determine the states most enamored of sexy billionaire kinkmaster Christian Grey. Utah, one of the states where Twilight rates highest, is lily white on this map, and in Georgia — where several libraries have banned the BDSM saga — the few who have read it are also big fans. As a New Yorker, I’m not sure how I feel about the stats showing that the Tri-State area — New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut — is the epicenter of E L James love. Check out Goodreads’ “Fifty States of Grey” map below!


'Between Shades of Gray': Discover the book that's being confused for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Employees of some bookstores have to be alerted that Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James and Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys have nothing to do with each other. James’ kinky erotica novel is the biggest publishing phenomenon of 2012. Between Shades of Gray is a phenomenon in its own right, landing on several 2011 year-end best lists, and even more impressively, getting teens to read about genocide in Baltic countries at the hands of Stalin’s regime.

Both James and Sepetys are currently on book tour. James is attracting huge crowds of people who want to hear her read from her spicy trilogy. Sepetys is drawing crowds interested in her YA novel about a young Lithuanian girl’s unspeakable struggles — but she’s also getting confused Fifty Shades of Grey fans who show up at her appearances by mistake. “The subject has come up at every high school and every bookstore I’ve been to,” Sepetys says with a laugh. However, she counts the title confusion as a positive. Many of the E L James fans who wander into her readings — most of them men, she notes — stick around and end up learning something. You can read more about the funny mix-ups in the current issue of EW, and you can read more about Ruta Sepetys’ novel below: READ FULL STORY

Poll: What book has the weirdest title?


Each year, the U.K. publishing magazine The Bookseller and the Diagram Group open a vote to the British public to decide which author should win the coveted prize of weirdest book title of the year. The 2011 Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year went to Cooking with Poo by Saiyuud Diwong. The title might sound unsavory in English, but “Poo” is the Thai word for crab, and it’s also chef and author Diwong’s nickname. Strangely enough, another similarly titled book, Cooking with Pooh as in Disney’s Winnie, existed before Diwong’s culinary guide. (Clearly the potty humor wasn’t lost on the Amazon customer reviewers.)

Just for fun, vote for our own favorite bad/weird title out of the 10 finalists below! Or tell us about some of your other weird titles in the comments. READ FULL STORY

J.K. Rowling's adult novel titled 'Lairs of Lady Po'

April Fools’! Yesterday, the merry pranksters at Mugglenet posted the news, which they claimed came from a press release from Little, Brown, J.K. Rowling’s new publisher. They also included an “official image” that depicted an old-timey typewriter holding a blood-splattered sheet of paper — it seemed to confirm rumors that Rowling’s next book would be a crime thriller. The alleged title, Lairs of Lady Po, has a bit of Rowling’s whimsy to it, but as many clever Ravenclaws have pointed out, it’s actually an anagram of “April Fools’ Day.” (Take out your parchment and try it for yourself! It’ll make you feel like Hermione). READ FULL STORY

‘The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook’: Stews, soups and a whole lot of direwolf meat

Let me address what you’re thinking: Yes, there is a recipe called “Khaleesi’s Heart,” and yes, it’s disgusting. But that’s probably what you’d expect from The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook, which features over 150 (!) recipes inspired by the George R. R. Martin book series and the hit HBO drama.

If your ideal dining experience involves Renaissance Fair fare and your ultimate date night finds you and your partner gorging on chicken legs at Medieval Times, then you’ll probably find Alan Kistler’s tome of recipes to be a heaven-sent culinary miracle. But if you’re accustomed to more civilized cuisine, then lucky you: In the vein of “I read it so you don’t have to,” I planted myself in front of the cookbook and sifted through the vibrant gastronomical offerings of Westeros and beyond. (And maybe now I can finally open my own literature-themed medieval food truck, Game of Scones.)

Check out some of the titles and then head over to Amazon to grab your copy (unless you plan to wait for the official cookbook due out in May): READ FULL STORY

Facebook making trademark claim on the word 'book'

Facebook made a potentially significant status update last week. On its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which was released to its users, Facebook made this statement:

You will not use our copyrights or trademarks (including Facebook, the Facebook and F logos, FB, Face, Poke, Book and Wall), or any confusingly similar marks, except as expressly permitted by our Brand Usage Guidelines or with our prior written permission.

“Book”?! The other terms have been in the Statement before, but “Book” popped up in the latest revision. The social network apparently wants to prevent other websites from using [blank]Book in their name; they hit with a suit, claiming that the word “book” dilutes the Facebook brand.

What do you think of Facebook’s claim to the four-letter word? I just hope they don’t go after the fictional social network “FaceUnion” on Law & Order: SVU.

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11 pounds of marijuana addressed to St. Martin's Press intercepted by feds


Two Express Mail parcels of marijuana en route from San Diego to the New York City offices of book publisher St. Martin’s Press were seized by federal agents after postal workers detected a “suspicious odor” coming from the packages, the Smoking Gun reports.

The sender had either been smoking too much of the stuff or reading too much fiction; the packages, the contents of which could be valued as high as $70,000, were addressed to Karen Wright — no one by that name works at St. Martin’s, according to a company phone operator — and the supposed sender “ABT Books” does not exist either. St. Martin’s Press publishes many major books, including titles by Robert Ludlum, Emily Giffin, and Augusten Burroughs. READ FULL STORY

J.K. Rowling is no longer a billionaire

The billionaires club has hit J.K. Rowling with a banishing spell. According to the newly updated Forbes Rich List, the Harry Potter author has gone from billionaire to millionaire (several hundred times over, of course). She apparently broke a few rules of how to stay rich by giving away a lot of her fortune — reportedly $160 million of it — to charity and by paying her top-rung British taxes.

There’s no way that the socially minded Rowling, who once lived on welfare, gives two Quaffles about her standing on the list, and no one should shed a tear over a stratospherically rich woman becoming slightly less so. But I always liked knowing that an author of imaginative, timeless, honest-to-goodness books became a billionaire.

Perhaps Rowling’s upcoming book for adults and the April opening of Pottermore will help bring her back above the line. Honestly, I don’t really care as long as she stays richer than Stephenie Meyer.

Follow Stephan on Twitter: @EWStephanLee

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Cee Lo Green is writing a memoir. Please let there be a chapter dedicated to Purrfect

Grand Central has announced that the “Forget You” singer and Voice coach is working on a memoir, which will probably be one of those books that’s more appealing the more incomprehensible it is. The memoir, coming out in 2013, will feature “insights” from fellow Goodie Mob member Big Gipp. Cee Lo’s statement in a press release teases what his memoir has in store:

Talk about art imitating life? Enter into the super-natural, the surreal and the extra-ordinary that is [Cee Lo Green.] Do you think this is by chance? CRAZY? FORGET YOU? After reading this book, there will be no doubt that I am meant to be. CEELO GREEN A.K.A ‘everybody’s brother’ will make you a believer, not only in me, but also…yourself. READ FULL STORY

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