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Watch the trailer for Benjamin Percy's new novel 'Red Moon' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Benjamin Percy (The Wilding) is the latest author to take on the supernatural world, mixing werewolf mythology with a zombie formula of modern horror. In Red Moon, humanity is threatened by an animal-borne pathogen that transforms innocent bystanders into supernatural beings, and the government’s reaction to that epidemic is nearly as dangerous as the disease. In the book’s exclusive trailer, we see the beginnings of what appears to be a war between lycans and the human race. As the trailer puts it, “They live among us. They are our neighbors, our mothers, our lovers. They change.”

Watch the exclusive Red Moon trailer below, and find the book on shelves May 7: READ FULL STORY

See the new covers of 'Gone Girl' author Gillian Flynn's 'Sharp Objects' and 'Dark Places' — EXCLUSIVE

Gone Girl by former EW staffer Gillian Flynn might be the surprise runaway hit of 2012 — and it’s still killing it on the best-seller chart deep into 2013 — but it’s not her first rodeo. If you loved Gone Girl, you might want to check out her first two novels Sharp Objects and Dark Places, the film version of which will reportedly star Charlize Theron. Flynn’s previous books are certainly different from Gone Girl, but they carry some hallmarks that might seem familiar by now: heroines who are deeply screwed up but always engaging; bleak, low-skied Midwestern settings; smothering parental types; and, of course, sneaky, viperish twists.

Broadway Paperbacks is releasing new covers for Sharp Objects and Dark Places in early April, and they hew closer to the Gone Girl motif. Take an exclusive peek below! READ FULL STORY

Jo Nesbo's 'The Bat' gets U.S. release date -- See the exclusive new cover!

If you’re a U.S. fan of Norwegian author Jo Nesbo, we have some good news!

Nesbo’s first novel, The Bat, is going to be distributed in the U.S. for the first time as a Paperback Original on July 2. The first of three books in the Inspector Harry Hole series, The Bat tells the story of Harry Hole’s work on the Oslo Crime Squad, located in Austrtalia. When called to observe a case, Hole discovers a serial killer. The crime thriller then mixes suspense with romance when Hole stars to fall for a friend of one of the victims.

The Vintage Crime/Black Lizard publication of The Bat follows the U.S. release of Nesbo’s second book, Phantom, on Apr. 23 and the final book in the trilogy, The Redeemer, in May.

Check out an exclusive first look at The Bat‘s new cover below! READ FULL STORY

The End of 'Sweet Tooth': A deep dive with Jeff Lemire about wrapping up his acclaimed comic book saga

Jeff Lemire isn’t just one of the most acclaimed talents in comics, he’s also one of the most prodigious. In 2012, the Toronto-based writer/artist’s illustrious output included the monthly serials Animal Man, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E and Justice League Dark for DC Comics (all of which earned Lemire an Eisner nomination for Best Writer), and the much-praised graphic novel The Underwater Welder published by Top Shelf Productions. But this week, Lemire’s workload officially becomes one title lighter when DC’s Vertigo imprint releases the last issue of his epic fantasy, Sweet Tooth. READ FULL STORY

'Gone Girl' author Gillian Flynn to write her first Young Adult novel

Gillian Flynn, best-selling author of 2012’s runaway hit of the summer Gone Girl and former Entertainment Weekly critic, will pen her first-ever young adult novel, to be published by Delacorte Press. In addition, Crown Publishing, a division of Random House, has signed her for a fourth adult novel, slated for 2015, and an additional novel for adults after that. Release dates for her fifth adult novel and her first young adult novel have not been disclosed. READ FULL STORY

See the cover of 'Joyland' by Stephen King -- FIRST LOOK


2013 will be a double whammy for Stephen King fans. The big headliner may be Dr. Sleep, the Shining sequel slated for Sept. 24, 2013, but King’s other much-anticipated novel Joyland comes three months earlier in June from publisher Hard Case Crime. Joyland takes place in a small-town North Carolina amusement park, where college student Devin Jones arrives at the park to work as a carny for the summer, but he ends up experiencing much more than he bargained for when he confronts the legacy of a vicious murder and the fate of a dying child.

EW got a peek at the cover of Joyland before anyone else. Check it out below! The original cover painting is by Glen Orbik. READ FULL STORY

See the R-rated trailer for Derek Haas' 'The Right Hand' -- EXCLUSIVE

Derek Haas is no stranger to R-ratings, having written for movies like Wanted and 3:10 to Yuma. But it’s pretty rare for a book trailer to get an R-rating. Haas’ new spy thriller The Right Hand (Nov. 13) comes with an effects-heavy clip featuring Medusa-headed, bare-breasted women.

The novel follows three CIA agents: one captured, one on a mission, and one stationed in the U.S. When undercover field agent Blake Nelson disappears while undercover in Russia, fellow agent Austin Clay is called in. The title refers to the secrecy of CIA dealings: sometimes the left hand can’t know what the right hand is doing. As the CIA’s right hand, Clay’s search for Blake Nelson gets complicated once he finds a former nanny, Marika Csontos, who knows confidential Russian secrets. Austin must decide whether to follow orders or defy them in order to discover the corruption that could be taking over the U.S. government.

Check out the lightly NSFW trailer below: READ FULL STORY

See the creepy trailer for 'Breed' by Chase Novak -- EXCLUSIVE

Scott Spencer, the award-winning author of Endless Love and Waking the Dead, is shifting gears completely under the pseudonym Chase Novak to bring you his first horror novel Breed (Sept. 4). It’s a bit like a a literary, contemporary version of Rosemary’s Baby — a well-to-do Manhattan couple has everything they could possibly want, only they desperately want children. After trying everything treatment they can, they resort to a highly unusual procedure that’s successful in that they conceive twins. But there are also some seriously nasty side-effects that lead to a creepy, bloody, hairy thrill ride.

Check out the trailer to Spencer’s highly anticipated horror novel below! READ FULL STORY

Read five chapters of 'The Rise of Nine', the sequel to 'The Power of Six' and 'I Am Number Four' -- EXCLUSIVE


After the 2011 release of the I Am Number Four movie starring Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron, plans for more films have been shelved for now — but the intergalactic saga continues on in book form. Alien-author Pittacus Lore (the pseudonym of James Frey) has written the third installment of the series, after last year’s The Power of Six. The Rise of Nine picks up where Six left off, after John Smith saved Number Nine in a perilous mission to the catacombs of the Mogadorian caves. Now, separated from the pack, John and Nine are as good as dead unless they find Six, Seven, and Eight … only they don’t know where to look. The Mogadorians captured Sam, the sole being who knew where the Loriens were to reunite. Time is running out and John’s life, his friends, and the fate of his race is on the line.

Can’t wait until The Rise of Nine comes out on Aug. 21? EW has an exclusive peek at the first five chapters. Read it below! READ FULL STORY

See the cover and an excerpt from Kathy Reichs' upcoming novel 'Code' -- EXCLUSIVE


Crime writer and board-certified forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs is best known for her Temperance Brennan novels, which were adapted into the Fox television series Bones. But Virals, her latest series, has been infecting an altogether different and younger crowd. Code, Reichs’ highly anticipated third young adult novel, won’t be coming out until March 7, 2013, but EW has a peek at the cover and a teaser excerpt. Check out both below! READ FULL STORY

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