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What We're Reading Now: "The Interestings" by Meg Wolitzer


Once upon a time, I told you I liked all (literary) things weird: Weird plots, weird alternate universes, weird special powers, weird bendings of time and logic. And I do. But recently I’ve been on a kick of devouring novels that are firmly grounded in the real world. Last week‘s was heartbreakingly beautiful in its simplicity. This week’s pick, while not necessarily as beautifully told (no offense, Meg!), is also a keen observation of human relationships.

In The Interestings, Meg Wolitzer follows six creative teenagers — they range from wannabe-musicians to stand-up comedians to cartoonists — and charts their dreams and friendships as they age from kids at a Summer Camp for the Arts to adults. Some become disillusioned 30-somethings. Some opt for practical, lucrative paths. Some stay the course, forever chasing the dream.

I can’t imagine that this novel doesn’t hit home for everyone who reads it. Sure, we didn’t all go to artsy camps or belong to theater troupes, but we’ve all dreamt about being a rockstar, haven’t we? We all grew up wanting to be special, different, recognized. But that doesn’t happen for everyone. In fact, it happens for almost no one. The Interestings (currently in paperback) is an incredibly perceptive account of all that goes into giving up, or sticking with, such dreams; about society and the indignities of actually becoming the starving artist. READ FULL STORY

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