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Sneak peek at DC's 'Superman #4': The Metropolis police ain't happy -- EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW


The Man of Steel has not been having an easy time of it in DC’s reboot of Superman. Metropolis has been besieged by an ever-escalating series of villains and villainy, all seemingly bent on nothing other than trying to defeat the invincible superhero from the alien planet Krypton. Meanwhile, a reporter at the Daily Planet has been arguing that Supes does more harm than good. And in this exclusive sneak peek at Superman #4, written by George Perez with art by Jesus Merino, the Metropolis police want to know why TV anchor Heather Kelley mysteriously disappeared in Superman #3 — and what Superman had to do about it.

You can read the full issue when it arrives in stores Dec. 28, but you can check out EW’s four-page first look here.

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Sneak peek at DC's 'Superman #3': A brief history of Superman -- EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Currently, DC is offering two specific flavors of Superman. While Grant Morrison’s Action Comics presents a slightly younger (and politically motivated) Supes freshly arrived in the big city, Superman features the hero as a well-established fixture in Metropolis society. Next week’s Superman #3 provides some intriguing connective tissue between the two eras, beginning with an extended monologue that doubles as a nice revisionist history: It almost seems as if the speaker is saying that the presence of Superman has made Metropolis more dangerous, not less.

You can read the full issue when it hits stores Nov. 23. For now, check out EW’s full sneak peek here.

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Superman gets picketed! Sneak peak at 'Action Comics' #3 -- EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Many superhero fans rolled their eyes when DC Comics announced it was going to give Superman a youth culture makeover — edgier attitude; blue jeans instead of tights — in order to make the icon more relevant. But with writer Grant Morrison at the helm, Action Comics has emerged as one of the best books in the publisher’s ‘New 52′ line.

The third issue — which hits comic book stores on November 2  — shows what happens when the citizens of Metropolis get fed up with their self-appointed protector. (#OccupyMetropolis!) And as this exclusive preview shows, the story also offers a sense of what life was like on Post-Flashpoint Krypton. The art team: Rags Morales, Brent Anderson, Rick Bryant.


Twitter: @EWDocJensen

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Superman #1, The Dark Knight #1, Aquaman #1: New comics reviews

Superman #1 George Perez writes and supplies the breakdowns for Jesus Merino’s art in this Metropolis-centric issue. About half the issue is spent establishing that The Daily Planet is a dashed-to-smithereens victim of the internet and new media — the newspaper is now merely the “print arm” of a “multimedia news super station” called The Planet Global Network, or P.G.N. The other half of the book depicts Superman battling a mysteriously out-of-control fire — I know it’s laying ground for future developments, but this is not the most thrilling of adventures. The dialogue is stiff (“At what price, Lois? Our integrity? Our souls?”), but then, Superman has long been the stiff we love to love, right? Oh, and Lois has a boyfriend, Jonathan Carroll. (Not the novelist. Alas.) At this point, I much prefer the Grant Morrison Superman of Action Comics #1.


Should comic books emulate the TV biz? Plus: More reviews of 'The New 52'

Pop culture in September. A month of beginnings and renewal. A time when a certain sector of entertainment expends much marketing energy to not just psyche up the public about its products but get them excited about the very medium that delivers those products. We’re talking TV, of course, and the “new fall season” that’s imminent. But this month, we’re talking about the comic book industry, too. Last week, DC Comics began rebooting its entire line of comics via an initiative called “The New 52.” Ongoing hits like Action Comics (home to Superman) and Detective Comics (abode to Batman) restarted with new creative approaches, storylines, and creative teams. Launching with them: A bevy of new series, many starring familiar characters, returning to prime time comics the way TV stars of the past return in new vehicles. (‘Tool Time’ Tim Allen/Last Man Standing = Construction worker Alec Holland/Swamp Thing. Grunt-grunt!)


Comic-book consumer guide: Grading the new DC #1s, 'Batgirl,' 'Detective Comics,' and more

DC Comics has released so many new #1 issues this week, it seemed as though a collection of quick, concise reviews is in order. So, with a deep bow to Robert Christgau, who invented the music version of this format, here’s a Comic Book Consumer Guide.

Detective Comics With writer-artist Tony S. Daniel doing Batman, you know the art (sinewy anatomy lessons; crinkly fabric textures) is going to be superior to the story (someone’s been reading his old Thomas Harris/Jack Ketchum paperbacks, hasn’t he?). Still, if you’re up for a bloody, naked Joker fix, this is your go-to book. B READ FULL STORY

'Action Comics' #1 review: A radical Superman, forever in blue jeans?

Taken by itself — isolating it from the rest of DC Comics’ newly launched “The New 52!” line — the freshly renumbered Action Comics #1 as written by Grant Morrison released today is a rousing Superman tale. It presents a Superman who’s the guy we know from the waist up (blue shirt, red cape, “S” symbol on chest, forelock dangling flirtily from dark hair) but new from the waist down (think Bruce Springsteen on the cover of Born In The USA). READ FULL STORY

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