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'Awkward Family Pet Photos': See 10 pictures!


If your pets are members of the family, shouldn’t they be embarrassed with the rest of you? Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, the authors of the New York Times bestselling Awkward Family Photos, bring you Awkward Family Pet Photos (now available). In turns cute, hideous, funny, and always uncomfortable, these real portraits feature families and the pets they love — sometimes too much. That love for pets leads people to do odd things; throw a camera in the mix, and you have instant cringe-worthy memories. I suspect many of these photos were paid for and shot in the 80’s, and as we all know, professionally staged photos from the 80’s are the best kind, especially when they include surly animals. Check out these awkward photos and let us know your favorites! READ FULL STORY

Borders employees list grievances: 'Ode to a bookstore death'

Yet another artifact from the slow, painful death of Borders has emerged. A fascinating look inside a (justifiably) angry bookseller’s mind, this manifesto of sorts, “Things We Never Told You: Ode to a bookstore death” informs us of what those helpful Borders folks had to put up with. (I have to admit — seeing the list, I realize I’ve been a bad customer in the past.) Hopefully, we’ll learn from our mistakes and treat the Barnes & Noble people better. The statements from the list are re-printed below — which ones do you agree with? READ FULL STORY

An empty Borders: Critique of the saddest photo ever

This photo by Reddit user Jessers25 is just heartbreaking. While the subject matter is inherently sad, the thoughtful composition is what elicits an even stronger emotional response. The first thing that comes to mind with this photograph is the “rule of thirds”; READ FULL STORY

Fantastically absurd personal ads from the 'London Review of Books' return in a new book

Male, 24. looking for hilarious collection of absurdist classified ads.

David Rose, head of personal advertising at the esteemed London Review of Books seems to have answered my request with Sexually, I’m More of a Switzerland, his second collection of sad, hilarious, maladroit, and beautifully ludicrous submissions from Britain’s romantically inclined, but incapable.

The ads reach the level of near-poetry. It’s as if Edward Lear, Philip Larkin and Gonzo the Muppet collaborated to try to get a date for Saturday night. Some are direct (“No Beards.”), while some are more cryptic (“Time is the serenest beauty of the camp, but only I have the reflexes of a fox. And a badger’s sense of smell.”); some are rather uncultured (“The song that most puts me in the mood for love is Rick Dees’ ‘Disco Duck’”), and  some are downright learned (“The Schrödinger’s cat of personal ads. Box no. 3611”).

The pieces feel quintessentially British, with that distinct combination of leather-bound erudition, a keen sense of the absurd, ruthless self-deprecation, and Protestant sexual frustration that can only come from that island damp in weather but dry in wit. And it’s coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day, so you can get it for your significant other and show them that they could do much, much worse.

What do you think of this collection? Hilarious, like Monty Python? Or painfully bad?

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