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'Definitive' Courtney Love memoir and tell-all coming your way

An as-yet untitled memoir, which promises to be a “no holds barred” look into rock star and actress Courtney Love’s wild life, will be staggering your way in Fall 2012, according to a press release from William Morrow. Co-written by Anthony Bozza, the memoir will set the record straight on a number of topics, including Love’s tumultuous marriage to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, her drug use and recovery, relationship with daughter Frances Beane, and highly publicized affairs with Billy Corgan and Ed Norton.

By Our Staff: An excerpt from 'Green River Killer: A True Detective Story'

Ten years ago this month, my dad caught a serial killer.

From 1984 to 2001, my father, Detective Tom Jensen, hunted one of the worst mass murderers in history, Seattle’s so-called Green River Killer, responsible for the strangulation slayings of over 48 women. At first, my father was a member of a task force of detectives. Eventually, and by choice, he became the only detective working the case full-time. He privately referred to the investigation as “The Quest” – the choice of words inspired by the song “The Impossible Dream” from the musical The Man of La Mancha. “Privately,” because Dad rarely talked about the case with the family, never told us what it truly meant to him – not until it was over. In September of 2001, my father, using DNA technology, put a proper name on the Green River Killer: Gary Leon Ridgway, a seemingly mild mannered painter of commercial trucks. Ridgway was arrested in December 2001, and  my father and his colleagues believed they had brought the Green River Killer to justice and brought an end to a nightmare that haunted Seattle for nearly 20 years. But a bizarre endgame still awaited them.

In 2008, I asked my father if I could dramatize his story in a slightly unusual fashion. I love comic books. My father, in fact, introduced me to comics when I was kid. So I wanted to write a graphic novel. The result is called Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, published by Dark Horse Comics. READ FULL STORY

Arnold Schwarzenegger writing memoir titled 'Total Recall'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a memoir for release in October 2012, according to a statement from Simon & Schuster. Tentatively titled Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, the book will discuss the breakup of his marriage to Maria Shriver in addition to his youth in Austria and his work in bodybuilding, film, and politics. A source told PEOPLE that the book will “not be a tell-all.”

Simon & Schuster publisher Jonathan Karp said, “Truly, Arnold is one of the most fascinating figures of our time, and one of the greatest success stories in the world. READ FULL STORY

'Being Kendra': I read it so you don't have to!


Quick poll: Does Ex-Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson writing, “I would always ask some of my black friends how they got their butts and thighs,” make you A). Uncomfortable  B). Bored or  C). Amused?

I’m going with a combination of A and B, but for those that say, “Kendra’s just being Kendra,” there is more where that inner monologue came from in Wilkinson’s new book, Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails & Getting My Sexy Back, out today.

Being Kendra is the follow up to the New York Times best-seller Sliding Into Home, in which Wilkinson discussed the path that led her to the Playboy mansion and beyond.

In the follow up, Wilkinson talks about life post-baby. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Close, J. Courtney Sullivan, Sloane Crosley: Chick authors who avoid the 'chick-lit' stigma

For some smart, young female novelists, having their books branded “chick lit” is the worst imaginable insult. On Friday, author Polly Courtney wrote about her decision to drop her publisher, HarperCollins, after it tried to “shoe-horn” her latest non-chick-lit novel into a “frilly, chick-lit” package. When the pastel-hued cover doesn’t reflect the work inside, she writes, everyone is disappointed: “the author, for seeing his or her work portrayed as such; the readers, for finding there is too much substance in the plot; and the passers-by, who might actually have enjoyed the contents but dismissed the book on the grounds of its frivolous cover.” No surprise, Courtney’s complaints drew ire from those who have more nuanced views on chick-lit, and this debate will undoubtedly pop up again and again.

But isn’t the term “chick-lit” itself a bit passé, very pre-2006? READ FULL STORY

Three great anecdotes from Roger Ebert's moving new memoir, 'Life Itself'


Film critic Roger Ebert‘s new memoir, Life Itself, comes out tomorrow, and it’s a great read — thoughtful, entertaining, and emotional (here’s our review). The book is rambling and a bit eccentric, but in a good way. It’s packed with nicely written accounts of his memories and adventures. Here are a few highlights to give you a taste. READ FULL STORY

Book trailer: Jane Lynch shamelessly promotes memoir 'Happy Accidents' -- FIRST LOOK

Authors are expected to promote their own books these days. Jane Lynch, vaguely in character as Sue Sylvester, invades a Barnes & Noble to force her memoir upon unsuspecting book buyers. But come Sept. 13, you probably won’t have to twist anyone’s arm to get them to read about this funny lady’s life. Check out the endearingly homespun trailer for Happy Accidents below. READ FULL STORY

Bravo exec Andy Cohen to release memoir in 2012

Bravo executive vice president and Real Housewife wrangler Andy Cohen has signed a book deal with publisher Henry Holt to release a memoir in the summer of 2012, a rep for Cohen confirms.

The coming-of-age book will detail Cohen’s journey from closeted teen in St. Louis to high-level executive and television personality, and it will also explore the Watch What Happens Live host’s extensive pop culture knowledge/obsession, which is clearly on display for anyone who’s ever turned into the chatfest.

Are you excited for Cohen’s memoir?

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and husband Mark Kelly to publish a memoir

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Navy Captain and astronaut Mark Kelly, will publish a joint memoir through Scribner. The “deeply personal” memoir will recount the couple’s love story, Giffords’ rise in politics, and the tragic shooting on January 8th that killed six people and severely injured Giffords and 12 others. READ FULL STORY

On the Books June 16: Denise Richards' 'love story,' 'Hunger Games' tie-in editions

++ Denise Richards says her upcoming memoir, due for release on July 27, will be more of an “inspirational” story than a tell-all about her marriage to Charlie Sheen. She calls her marriage to Sheen a “beautiful love story” before the “rotten stuff” took over.

++ Scholastic announced today that a special gift edition of The Hunger Games will be released in time for this holiday season. The Hunger Games Collector’s Edition, available November 2011, will feature a special slipcase featuring new mockingjay artwork. In February 2012, Scholastic will publish three titles — The Hunger Games: Movie Tie-In Edition, The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion, and The World of the Hunger Games — in anticipation of the March 2012 film release.

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