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More found footage hints at darkness under the surface in 'Night Film'


Aug. 20 is only four days away, which means Night Film and all of its secrets will soon be revealed as it hits shelves next Tuesday. But to further shroud Marisha Pessl’s novel in mystery, two new videos have surfaced related to the genre-bending thriller. The book — and its transmedia additions — centers on the mysteries that unfold after horror film director/ recluse Stansilas Cordova’s daughter is found dead.

The first video is a “never-before-seen” screen test of a young actress trying out for one of Cordova’s horror films. But this is no regular audition — there’s more than meets the eye to this seemingly innocent ingénue. The other is seemingly innocuous surveillance footage that may or may not capture the image of the one and only Cordova.

Check out the cryptic videos here:

Check out found footage and 4 posters from 'Night Film' by Marisha Pessl -- EXCLUSIVE


You have to wait until Aug. 20, when Night Film by Marisha Pessl is released, to learn the truth about Stanislas Cordova, the enigmatic, reclusive figure at the center of the novel.

Until then, let the mystery build with this found footage-style man-on-the-street video in which New Yorkers sound off on Cordova’s work and his intentions. In the novel, it’s said that Cordova’s horror films and psychological thrillers are so harrowing that they’ve been banned and can only be seen underground — even fans suspect that the reality behind the “night films” might be as disturbing as the films themselves.

Check out the found-footage film called “The Liberator” (written by Pessl, directed by Brendan H. Banks with ApK) and four posters for Cordova’s fictional movies (conceived by Pessl, artwork by Kennedy-Monk) below. READ FULL STORY

See the chilling trailer for 'Night Film' by Marisha Pessl -- EXCLUSIVE


Usually when we call book trailers “cinematic,” we’re being generous. But the trailer for Marisha Pessl‘s upcoming genre-bending thriller Night Film (Aug. 20) really may be the slickest book trailer we’ve seen in a while.

And the novel, if you can even call it that (I prefer “multimedia experience”), warrants the big-budget ramp-up. It begins when the daughter of a reclusive horror film director Stanislav Cordova is found dead, and fallen journalist Scott McGrath falls into the maddening wormhole of trying to uncover the truth behind the girl’s murder. Night Film gets darker and more twisted the deeper McGrath ventures into Cordova’s world—the man hasn’t been seen in public in 30 years, and his films are so horrifying that it’s believed the person who created them must be seriously disturbed as well. Pessl, author of Special Topics in Calamity Physics, includes artifacts and case evidence, like authentic-looking screenshots, police documents, and transcripts, into the maze-like narrative, and in a meta twist, the promotion for Night Film assumes Cordova’s world is real. The trailer below, produced by ApKMedia, is just the first taste.

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