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Disgraced author Jonah Lehrer sells a book detailing his 'private shame'

Simon & Schuster is willing to give a second chance to Jonah Lehrer, the best-selling author of How We Decide and Proust Was a Neuroscientist. Lehrer’s most recent book Imagine was pulled by his previous publisher Houghton Mifflin after he admitted to falsely attributing quotes to Bob Dylan. He subsequently resigned from his post at The New Yorker, where he was accused of recycling material from other publications. Despite the controversy, Simon & Schuster announced the future publication of Lehrer’s next book, tentatively titled The Book of Love.

According to a book proposal obtained by The New York Times, it appears Lehrer is actually using his public disgrace as the driving force of his next book. He wrote in the proposal, “Careers fall apart; homes fall down; we give away what we don’t want and sell what we can’t afford. … And yet, if we are lucky, such losses reveal what remains. When we are stripped of what we wanted, we see what we will always need: those people who love us, even after the fall.” READ FULL STORY

Author Jonah Lehrer is really very sorry about lying

Jonah Lehrer — wunderkind science writer, former New Yorker contributor, and plagiarizer — would like to apologize.

Or, in Lehrer’s own words, “I am the author of a book on creativity that contained several fabricated Bob Dylan quotes. I committed plagiarism on my blog, taking, without credit or citation, an entire paragraph from the blog of Christian Jarrett. I also plagiarized from myself.”

This week, Lehrer was invited by the Knight Foundation to speak. And many wondered what, exactly, he would say — or rather, how, and how often, and to whom, would he apologize?


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