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Jennifer Weiner talks 'All Fall Down' and reveals the cover -- EXCLUSIVE


Jennifer Weiner already spooked you last Halloween with her eShort “Disconnected,” and now in her upcoming novel All Fall Down (out June 17), she’s taking us back to rehab but in an entirely different light. In All Fall Down, Allison Weiss is a typical working mother, trying to balance a business, aging parents, a demanding daughter, and a marriage. But when the website she develops takes off, she finds herself challenged to the point of being completely overwhelmed. Her husband’s becoming distant, her daughter’s acting spoiled, her father is dealing with early Alzheimer’s, and her mother’s barely dealing at all. As she struggles to hold her home and work life together, and meet all of the needs of the people around her, Allison finds that the painkillers she was prescribed for a back injury help her deal with more than just physical discomfort—they help her feel calm and get her through her increasingly hectic days. However, when Allison’s use gets to the point that she can no longer control—or hide—it, she ends up in a world she never thought she’d experience outside of a movie theater: rehab. Amid the teenage heroin addicts, the alcoholic grandmothers, the barely-trained “recovery coaches,” and the counselors who seem to believe that one mode of recovery fits all, Allison struggles to get her life back on track, even as she’s convincing herself that she’s not as bad off as the women around her.

See the first peek at the cover of All Fall Down above, and read on for more from Weiner about the novel: READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Weiner writes another Halloween-themed eShort


Although she might dread forced alone time with Jonathan Franzen more than ghosts or witches, author Jennifer Weiner taps into some more universal fears with her latest Halloween-themed eShort Story Disconnected (available today on on, iBooks, B&,, Bookish, and IndieBound). The story centers on Shannon Will (who will also appear in Weiner’s upcoming novel All Fall Down), a recovering drug abuser who begins getting mysterious — and extremely creepy — text messages once she leaves rehab.

Disconnected follows in the tradition of Weiner’s previous haunting eShorts like A Memoir of Grief and Recalculating.

On the Books: Authors feud over Jonathan Franzen essay; Man Booker Prize goes global

Double the feuds, double the fun essays, with the Man Booker Prize and Jonathan Franzen stirring up literary controversies left and right. But even without the fighting, Thursday’s headlines include appearances by Junot Diaz and James Franco. Find out more below on today’s top books news: READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Weiner shares her summer reading list!


Jennifer Weiner is the immensely popular author of novels like Good In Bed, In Her Shoes, and Then Came Younewly out in paperback — and she’s also a Bachelorette junkie who will be live-blogging Emily Maynard’s dating travails for tonight! In the meantime, check out her must-reads for this summer.

JENNIFER WEINER: I’m working on a piece about books that take on the topic of vacations — messy family reunions, escapes where women walk off the beach and into a brand-new life, long weekends where a bride-to-be meets her fiancé’s family (and his family compound) for the first time. These are all books I’ve read before, but I’m happy to revisit Kate Christensen’s Trouble, where a settled, successful Manhattanite takes a glimpse of herself in a mirror at a party and realizes she owes it to her reflection — this beautiful stranger — to leave her staid, boring marriage, sleep with a man she picks up at a bar, and eventually move down to Mexico. It’s wonderfully written, full of vivid details about tastes and smells and what it’s like to be totally out of your element, in a new place, and a new life. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Weiner encourages fans to petition ABC to pick up pilot

Could author Jennifer Weiner bring us the next Ally McBeal? (Only, as she notes on her blog, with “no starving cast members.”) If her devoted following has anything to do with it, she might.

The Best Friends Forever author has taken to her popular blog to encourage fans to petition ABC to pick up her pilot. And right about now, I’d bet Weiner is now dancing like a McBeal baby: Over 1,000 folks — and counting — have signed it since 9 a.m.

So what have they signed up for? On Friday, Weiner informed her followers that she was working on jumpstarting a series called Jane and Dick, which is “about a smart, funny female attorney who’s turned her father’s law firm into a version of career Utopia — an all-female, kid-friendly law firm where the formerly mommy-tracked lawyers can have it all…Into this paradise comes the man she’s secretly loved since she was an awkward, insecure fourteen-year-old — her beautiful big sister’s old boyfriend Dick. Now a cutthroat litigator with an active social life, Dick’s been hired by Jane’s Dad to bring a little balance into the firm.” Weiner even boasts a co-writer, Michael Reisz, who has written for Boston Legal.

To me, this series sounds like a lock going into pilot season. (The Deep End got picked up, right?) And Weiner’s plenty smart to use grassroots support to back her pilot — even if her name alone would seem enough to guarantee success. After all, this is the same woman who has penned best-seller after best-seller, right?

Does this seem like something you’d want to watch, Shelf Lifers?

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