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On the Books: Textbooks will now address significance of Obama election

This week, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill calling for the revision of the state’s history and social science curriculum to include instruction on “the election of President Barack Obama and the significance of the United States electing its first African American President.”

Specifically, the law requires the Calif. Instructional Quality Commission to consider recommending the adoption of the requirement to the state board. The bill has been tacked on to the state’s Education Code, meaning that the historical and social gravity of Obama’s landmark 2008 election could soon become required reading in school textbooks statewide. READ FULL STORY

What We're Reading Now: 'California' by Edan Lepucki


You know how when you’re watching a horror movie and you want to cover your eyes, there’s always someone who yells, “Don’t cover your eyes! Your imagination is scarier than the film,” and you find yourself peeking through tense fingers?

California, by Edan Lepucki’s debut novel, relies on similar logic.

Set in post-apocalyptic America—an indeterminate time after society has collapsed—we meet Cal and Frida in the wilderness of California. Vague references are made to the crises (earthquakes, killer storms, profound economic disparity, empowered terrorist cells, rampant crime) that drove them here—but that’s the only detail that’s offered for many, many pages. The end of the world is as much our own construction as Lepucki’s. Do we know why the government gave up? Nope. Do we know when it gave up? Not really. Was there a usurper? Doesn’t seem like it, but it’s possible. READ FULL STORY

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