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Johnny Depp launches his own publishing imprint


He’s been a tipsy pirate, a crazed milliner, and a blade-fingered freak. Now Johnny Depp is trying out a different kind of role: book publisher.

The actor’s imprint will be a division of HarperCollins and will bear the same weighty-sounding name as his production company, “Infinitum Nihil,” which means “Nothing is forever.” Already slated for Depp’s imprint is The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan by journalist Douglas Brinkley, to be released in 2015. Brinkley and Depp are already co-editing House of Earth, a long-forgotten novel written by the late folk musician Woody Guthrie, which is scheduled for some time next year. READ FULL STORY

Author Jonah Lehrer resigns from 'The New Yorker' after admitting to faking Bob Dylan quotes

Author Jonah Lehrer has resigned from his position as a staff writer at The New Yorker after admitting that he falsely attributed quotes to Bob Dylan in his best-selling book Imagine: How Creativity Works. His publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has removed the e-book from the market and halted shipment of new copies of the physical book.

Lehrer, a 31-year-old once touted as a younger Malcolm Gladwell, admitted to the falsification after Michael Moynihan, a writer for the magazine Tablet, questioned the Dylan quotes while reporting an in-depth article. The Tablet article claims that Lehrer invented quotes on Dylan’s process of writing songs, including “Like a Rolling Stone.” Prior to this latest scandal, Lehrer had already been under scrutiny at The New Yorker for re-using passages from articles he wrote for other publications. READ FULL STORY

'The Advanced Genius Theory': Author Jason Hartley explains which artists are on a whole different level

Jason-HartleyJason Hartley’s Advanced Genius Theory (“are they out of their minds or ahead of their time?”)was hatched over a pizza with his friend Britt Bergman as a way to explain why musical artists like David Bowie and Lou Reed are seen as brilliant in the beginning and slightly kooky as time goes on. EW spent some time talking to him about the theory — and the book.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you explain the Advanced Genius Theory as simply as possible?
JASON HARTLEY: It all kind of comes down to there’s a certain level of genius that is so great that it should always be trusted, no matter what the appearance is. So for instance, most people think of artistic geniuses starting out early, making their great statements when they’re young, then as they get older their work seems to decline. The idea behind the Advanced Genius Theory is that there are certain people who start out great and they get greater and greater, but they’re so great that we don’t understand them.

Who’s a good example of this?
Bob Dylan is the perfect one. There are a lot of components of the theory, and some superficial characteristics, and he meets basically all of the foundations and superficial stuff. The foundations are you have to have a long career; you have to be working on your own, you can’t be in a group; you typically end up selling out like doing a commercial; and also you seem to completely lose your way and you also embrace religion. Bob Dylan does all these things. READ FULL STORY

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