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'The things you don't want to admit you feel': Scott Snyder previews 'Wytches' #3-exclusive

Over the past five years, Scott Snyder has quickly become one of the most popular writers in mainstream comics—largely due to his stellar, chart-topping run on Batman. But in his creator-owned work, Snyder has displayed a knack for gripping horror stories that double as explorations of very real and relatable anxieties and concerns. It’s horror steeped in humanity.

In Wytches, the Image Comics series Snyder co-created with the superstar art team of Jock and Matt Hollingsworth, the writer isn’t just completely reinventing witches—through the story of the Rook family’s dealings with the titular monsters, he’s diving deep into very real fears about being a parent, and the ugliness that hides in all of us.

In a characteristically honest fashion, Snyder sat down with EW to chat about where Wytches is going, what scares him as a parent, and the things that make normal people become the stuff horror is made of. Come for the interview; stick around for the sneak peek at this week’s Wytches #3.


DC announces 'Arkham Knight' prequel comic -- exclusive

Rocksteady Entertainment’s Arkham series of Batman games are among the best superhero games ever made. Granted, that’s a bar that wasn’t terribly hard to clear, but the trilogy that began with 2009’s Arkham Asylum and about to conclude with next year’s Arkham Knight has effectively raised the bar sky-high. One of the reasons for the game’s success is the way it subtly remixes the Batman mythos, coming up with a take that’s true to the story beats that everyone knows, but with a texture and feel that is uniquely its own.

Arkham Knight is different. While the previous two games—Arkham Asylum and Arkham City (Arkham Origins wasn’t developed by Rocksteady)—all told original stories, Arkham Knight is the first to introduce a new character, the titular Arkham Knight. As such, a prequel comic is an interesting prospect.


Batman Day: DC Comics celebrates hero's 75th anniversary with free issue, Dark Knight timeline

DC Comics is celebrating 75 years of the Dark Knight with a free comic book. On July 23, a.k.a. Batman Day, DC Comics will give away copies of Detective Comics issue 27. No, not the actual 1939 comic book that introduced readers to Batman, but a retelling of that original story by best-selling author Brad Meltzer and artwork by the always amazing Bryan Hitch in an all-new, special edition of the mega-size New52 issue, designed by Chip Kidd (Bat-Manga!), and I have to say it’s nice to see one of the original creators, artist Bill Finger, credited on the cover of a Batman comic. READ FULL STORY

On the Books: Printing faux pas in new 'Bridget Jones'; writers celebrate Alice Munro


Today’s books news kicks off with a goof that’s worthy of its title character, while in other news, McDonald has replaced Happy Meals toys with books about nutrition. Read on for more headlines: READ FULL STORY

'Batman Beyond 2.0': Kyle Higgins talks new digital comic series, his dream movie version

Like headstones in a cemetery, the streets of Gotham City are a logbook of past tragedy and loss. History won’t stay buried in Gotham, and that makes the far-future especially tantalizing to storytellers like Kyle Higgins.

Higgins, best known for his work on Nightwing, visits that future in Batman Beyond 2.0 (now on sale), the digital series that revisits the mythology of Batman Beyond, which aired for 52 episodes (1999-2001) on The WB and presented a future where young Terry McGinnis wears the mask and the aging Bruce Wayne is (like Gotham herself) the stone-faced monument that never forgets the painful past. We caught up with Higgins by email:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Batman Beyond began on TV as an animated series, but it has since put down roots in the comics world through the sheer ingenuity of its ideas. What’s your sense of the place it holds now, and does it still need to “win over” DC readers?
That’s a great question. First, as it relates to Batman Beyond 2.0, we’re actually continuing Terry’s adventures from the animated series. So all the continuity of the cartoon stands, and I’m doing my best to make the book feel like it’s nothing less than a lost season of the show. We’re not connected to the New 52 in any way.

I say that, because it’s a question I’ve gotten a lot since we announced the book. To me, that speaks of the passion that fans have for Terry McGinnis and his Gotham City. I may be wrong, but I feel like a lot of DC readers presume — and embrace — that Bruce’s story will one day lead to some a version of Batman Beyond. A couple months ago, Scott (Snyder) had a scene in the Wayne Enterprises trash compactor that featured Bruce putting on a “scrapped prototype” suit in order to escape. It was jet black, and had a big red bat on the chest. From what Scott and Greg (Capullo) said, fans really dug it. As a fan myself, that made me quite happy to hear.

'Battling Boy': Paul Pope's epic creative quest to create a new generation superhero -- Exclusive Excerpt!

“What is the Superman we need for today?” The question haunts Paul Pope, and the comic book artist’s long-awaited opus Battling Boy, which publisher First Second Books will release on October 8. The graphic novel — the first of two volumes which combined will exceed 400 pages — represents the first major work from this leading light of independent comics since his mainstream breakthrough in 2006, the Eisner winning Batman: Year 100, a future-punk take on the dark knight rendered in his distinctive Kirby-strong storytelling that mixes kinetic Manga energy with expressive lines often associated with European comics. Battling Boy will arrive about three years behind schedule, and following a creative journey as epic as the saga itself, involving such larger-than-life characters as Oscar-winning producer Scott Rudin, acclaimed novelist Michael Chabon, and superstar Brad Pitt. Says Pope: “It’s been a strange couple years.”

More about Pope’s adventure through the Hollywood looking-glass in a bit. First: The book. Battling Boy is set on an alternate Earth – there are countless within this Lovecraftian multiverse — that’s having of a crisis moment: Monsters from another realm are terrorizing the dystopian sprawl of Arcopolis. When the ghouls assassinate the city’s high flying protector, a stern and gadgety Batman-meets-Iron Man type named Haggard West (he has a jet pack; drives a “Westmobile”), the suffering masses receive a new hero from the interdimensional mystical mothership from which all heroes come from: A haughty yet naïve superboy, the scrapping son of a war god. (You’ll meet both father and son in our exclusive excerpt from the book, which begins on page three.)  READ FULL STORY

'Batman' #16: Exclusive preview of the DC comic!

In Batman #16, the Caped Crusader returns to Arkham Asylum to meet his greatest nemesis, the Joker — who, as you might imagine, has prepared a curious welcome for the Dark Knight. Check out the first five pages of the new comic book in our exclusive preview, plus variant covers! Just click forward.

'Batman' #15: Exclusive preview of the DC comic!


The Dark Knight faces off against his most terrifying villain yet again in next week’s Batman #15. It’s the latest chapter of the “Death of the Family” crossover, which sees the Joker’s predictably gore-splattered return to Gotham City. EW is proud to present four variant covers and the first five pages of the issue. Be sure to check it out when it hits stands next Wednesday!

DC postpones release of 'Batman Incorporated' due to Aurora shootings


In the wake of last week’s horrifying shooting at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, DC Entertainment is postponing the release of a Batman comic book due to concerns over some of the material in the issue. The third issue of Batman Incorporated — the Grant Morrison-penned ongoing series about the Dark Knight’s attempts to “franchise” his crimefighting methods — had already reached retailers with a planned release for Wednesday. But DC sent a statement to retailers on Monday explaining that they would prefer to hold off on releasing Batman Inc #3 for a month. As the publisher explained in the statement:

Out of respect for the victims and families in Aurora, Colorado, DC Entertainment has made the decision to postpone the release of BATMAN INC #3 for one month because the comic contains content that may be perceived as insensitive in light of recent events. We request that retailers do not make this issue available as previously solicited.  Its new on sale date is August 22, 2012.

Artist Chris Burnham clarified on his Twitter feed, “It’s not just a Batman comic with guns in it. There’s a specific scene that made DC & the whole Bat-team say “Yikes.” Too close for comfort.”

Follow Darren on Twitter: @EWDarrenFranich

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'Batman: Earth One': A fresh take on The Dark Knight -- EXCLUSIVE


If you’ve been reading superhero comics for awhile, then you know that Batman’s origin story has been told and retold countless times. Or exactly 913 times, if you have been counting. “915,” corrects superstar scribe Geoff Johns, whose prodigious bibliography includes memorable runs on The Flash, Green Lantern, and Justice League. On July 4, just a couple weeks ahead of The Dark Knight Rises, Johns will add another title to the list: Batman: Earth One, a graphic novel drawn by Gary Frank and yet one more retelling of the caped crusader’s beginnings. But it also happens to be a very good one, marked by a fresh, accessible, emotionally resonant take on the character. “I hope people bring that perception to the book,” says Johns of possible ‘not another Batman reboot’ fatigue, “because I think they’ll be even more surprised if they do.” READ FULL STORY

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