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On The Books: Lewis Wolpert admits using unauthorized works of others; new E.L. Doctorow interview

Scientist and author Lewis Wolpert has recently admitted to using the work of others in his texts, particularly in a book called You’re Looking Very Well, about the science of aging. More than 20 passages were taken from academic papers, Wikipedia and other websites, and passed off as Wolpert’s own. “I acknowledge that I have been guilty of including some unattributed material in my last book to be published, You’re Looking Very Well (2011) and in the initial version of my yet unpublished book Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man? This lack of attribution was totally inadvertent and due to carelessness on my part,” Wolpert said in an email statement from his publishing company, Faber and Faber. “It is my sincere hope that no damage was done to any individual by the inclusion of any of these passages.” [The Guardian]

Off today? Spend your holiday reading a new interview with author E.L. Doctorow, who talks about his writing style and current preferences. [NYTimes]

With all the reports about the rising popularity in e-readers, should you be concerned about the downfall of print? According to a new post-holiday survey, apparently not. The 2014 survey found that not only do most people who read e-books also read print books, but only 4% are “e-book only” readers. Another interesting stat, according to the survey: at least 87% of e-book readers also found time to pick up a print book in the last 12 months. [Publisher's Weekly]

Not exactly book related, but close enough, considering: Amazon has always been one step ahead of the game, and now they’re taking their already-advanced shipping ideas even further. According to a report from The Verge, Amazon has acquired a patent that could allow packages to ship before you even buy them. Remember how you used to need to click something in order for it to show up in your cart? Now the company expects its customers to “preemptively” buy, based on what the user has searched and purchased, and how long the user hovers their cursor over an item. This technology is probably farther away than the drone concept, which most likely will be put into development first, but it does raise interesting questiosn about the future of online shopping. [The Verge]

On The Books: Hilary Mantel to pen new book on Margaret Thatcher


Author Hilary Mantel has announced that she will publish a new short story collection in September. The double Booker winner, who hasn’t published short fiction since 2003, will title her new book The Assassination Of Margaret Thatcher. [The Guardian] READ FULL STORY

'Orange Is the New Black' Star Laverne Cox to Pen New Memoir

Harlequin announced today that it has secured the rights to a memoir penned by transgender actress Laverne Cox, who shot to fame this year in Netflix’s hit original series, Orange is the New Black. The book, which hits shelves in 2015, will describe Cox’s personal journey growing up transgender and how she overcame the personal obstacles in her life to become not only an acclaimed actress, but a popular advocate for LGBTQ organizations.

Cox made history when she became the first African-American transgender woman to appear on an American reality show, VH1’s I Want To Work For Diddy. She also produced another VH1 program, TRANSform Me, and starred in a number of small films before landing her breakout role of Sophia Burset in Orange Is the New Black.

“Laverne Cox is a powerful, accomplished actress and a beacon of hope to countless people of all ages around the world. The story of her life to this point is nothing short of an inspiration,” said editor Rebecca Hunt in a press release.

Watch Cox eloquently respond to an invasive question from Katie Couric about transgender people’s bodies here.

2013 National Book Critics Circle Awards finalists announced


It may not be as famous as the Pulitzer or as remunerative as the Booker, but the National Book Critics Circle Award is high in prestige among writers and publishers. Among the 30 nominees in six categories are National Book Award winners Jesmyn Ward for her autobiographical work Men We Reaped and George Packer for his nonfiction book The Unwinding. One of EW’s picks for best novels of 2013, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, is in the running in the fiction category. The highest-profile nominated novel, however, is Donna Tartt’s best-seller The Goldfinch. See the full list of finalists below: READ FULL STORY

See the paperback cover of 'Crazy Rich Asians' by Kevin Kwan -- EXCLUSIVE


What does it mean to be a crazy-rich Asian as opposed to a plain old rich Asian? To find out, just delve into Kevin Kwan’s delicious beach read Crazy Rich Asians. The story explores the social and political hierarchies of three pedigreed Chinese families and the drama that strikes when Nicholas Young brings his American-born Chinese girlfriend home to Singapore for the summer. The bedazzled hardcover was a best-seller last summer and has been optioned for film by the producers of The Hunger Games movies. But if you want next season’s hottest look — as so many of Kwan’s characters do — hold out for the paperback version, exclusively revealed above, in May 2014.

Read an interview with Kwan here.

'On Such a Full Sea' debuts as the first-ever 3D book cover


3D movies. 3D televisions. 3D…books?

Yep, you read that right. Riverhead Books has released what they’re dubbing “the first-ever 3D printed slipcover” for Chang-rae Lee’s On Such a Full Sea. Hitting the market at a cool $150, the title will be available as a limited-edition white slipcover, which shows the words rising off the edges – just as if you were to look at the book through a pair of 3D glasses.


On the Books: Ylvis' 'The Fox' children's book breaks records; 'Harry Potter' prequel headed to the stage


A fox and a boy wizard lead today’s book headlines. Read on for more news: READ FULL STORY

On the Books: New 'Dragon Tattoo' novel to be written by new author; A-Rod reportedly about to sign book deal for tell-all

Lisbeth Salander’s story is set to continue with a fourth book in the Millennium series, while a New York Yankee  is allegedly planning a tell-all to take down the MLB. Read on for more of today’s top headlines: READ FULL STORY

On the Books: Hugh Howey to publish Kurt Vonnegut-inspired book


Today’s top headlines include authors adapting from previous works, as well as some e-book related news and notable deaths. Read on for more: READ FULL STORY

'The Illegitimates': Peek into the first issues of 'SNL' star Taran Killam's comic book debut -- EXCLUSIVE


One of comedy’s most exciting rising stars, Saturday Night Live breakout Taran Killam, is venturing into the world of pen and ink with his debut comic book The Illegitimates (which hits stores on Wednesday).

Here’s the hilarious premise (co-penned by Marc Andreyko): After the death of a James Bond-esque super-spy named Jack Steele, a secret organization turns to five of Steele’s bastard children — sired by the women he haphazardly romanced during his adventures — to form a new spy team.

If it seems crazy that no one has told this story before, it is. “It’s such a trope of those spy movies — he’s always left with the lady of the moment on the beach, or in a car wreck,” Killam tells EW. “He was not carrying a condom with him on the island of Dr. No.”

Killam is a self-described fanboy of comics and says he’s never been prouder of anything else creatively in his life. “Christmastime in particular, I got a comic in my stocking and would build my collection through that, or [I’d] at least discover a new title and continue it on through the rest of the year,” says Killam. “The fact that Wednesday I can walk into a comic book store and see my title on a shelf is the most thrilling thing.”

Interest piqued? Intrigue prickled!? Enjoy an exciting preview of Killam, Andreyko, and Kevin Sharpe’s first two issues of The Illegitimates below! (Issue No. 1 is available Wednesday; No. 2 comes out Jan. 8, 2014.)

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