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See the trailer for 'The Hunger Pains,' the Harvard Lampoon's 'Hunger Games' parody -- EXCLUSIVE


Is there endless comedic potential in a dystopian novel about children who are forced to kill each other on national television? Of course there is, and the smartasses at the Harvard Lampoon have written what they promise to be a “scene-for-scene parody” of Suzanne Collins’ mega-best-selling YA novel The Hunger Games. The Hunger Pains (Feb. 7) follows the inept heroine Kantkiss (Katpiss?) Neverclean, a young girl living in the telemarketing district of Peaceland, who is forced to compete in the violent annual Hunger Games.

EW has obtained the satirical trailer for the movie spoof based on the parody of the book (one more level of irony and the world really will end), and it features celebrity cameos, impressive production values, and an incredible Effie Trinket doppelganger (Katie Amanda Keane as Effu Poorpeople). Watch below! READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio


“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.” So begins 10-year-old Auggie Pullman’s story in Wonder, the bighearted, uplifting debut novel by R.J. Palacio (out Feb. 14). Born with a severe facial deformity that shocks even well-meaning adults, Auggie — in many ways a regular boy with a sharp sense of humor and an obsession with Star Wars — takes the plunge from being home-schooled all his life to mainstream Beecher Prep, where he encounters the type of cruelty and bullying only found in middle school as well as genuine kindness. See below for the trailer for Wonder! READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'Tempest' by Julie Cross -- EXCLUSIVE

Touted as “The Time Traveler’s Wife meets The Bourne Identity,” Julie Cross’ action-packed debut novel Tempest (out Jan. 17) has already been optioned for film by Summit. The first of a trilogy, the book centers on Jackson Meyer, a 19-year-old college student who’s fairly normal except for the fact that he’s unstuck in time — he finds himself able to travel to the past, but usually only for a short chronological distance. His quirk, while highly unusual, is something he’s able to have fun with until 2009, when his girlfriend Holly is fatally shot by intruders. In a panic, Jackson leaps all the way back to 2007, and unlike his usual time-jumps, he can’t get back to the present. He falls in love with 2007 Holly all over again and tries to protect her as the people who shot her in 2009 come looking for them again.

Tempest is already one of publisher Thomas Dunne Books’ most anticipated titles of 2012. Interested? Take a look at the teaser below: READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green -- EXCLUSIVE


Author, vlogger, and “nerdfighter” John Green has written books for young adults on a number of difficult topics, and he’s back with a remarkable book, The Fault in Our Stars, (out Jan. 10) about Hazel and Augustus (who goes by “Gus”), two teens battling cancer. It might sound like a dreary topic, but the novel is quite the opposite. It’s bursting with humor and exuberance, even if there are some extremely sad moments. Green took the time to talk to EW, and he also shared with us the exclusive trailer for this must-read novel. See below, nerdfighters!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you choose to tackle cancer as your next topic?
JOHN GREEN: When I first graduated from college, I worked as a chaplain at a children’s hospital for about five months. While I was there, I saw a lot of young people with cancer and other serious diseases, and I was struck by how different they were from my expectations. The culture surrounding sick kids tends to tell us they are either going to be these fountains of wisdom or they are going to be these sad-eyed, terrible tragedies — the truth is a lot more complex than that. Sick kids are a lot like other people. I learned that during my time at the hospital and also the next 10 or 11 years trying to reflect it in fiction. Then in 2008 I met a young woman who had cancer who was a reader of my books, and through knowing her it became possible to write the story. READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'Bloodrose.' Plus, author Andrea Cremer teases the shocking conclusion of the 'Nightshade' trilogy -- EXCLUSIVE


Bloodrose (out Jan. 3), the third and final volume in Andrea Cremer’s best-selling Nightshade trilogy, ends with a twist so shocking that publishers have been keeping close watch on advance copies. This thought-provoking page-turner centers on Calla Tor as she faces the ultimate battle between the Keepers and the Searchers. If you’re having a hard time waiting until Jan. 3, check out the exclusive trailer for Bloodrose below, and also read what Cremer has to say about her next novel … and that surprise ending!


'Why We Broke Up' by Daniel Handler: See the funny, charming trailer -- EXCLUSIVE


Daniel Handler, the author who wrote the bestselling Series of Unfortunate Events children’s books under the pen name Lemony Snicket, is back with his first-ever young adult novel Why We Broke Up (Dec. 27). The book, beautifully illustrated by Maira Kalman, tells the story of first heartbreak through a series of ordinary objects that carry deep meaning for two teenagers, Min and Ed, who are ending their relationship. This concept has inspired an interactive website,, where readers can anonymously share their own breakup stories.

To ramp up to the book’s post-Christmas release, Handler took to Grand Central Terminal to interview passersby about their tales of heartache. Check out the exclusive video below! READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'Pure' by Julianna Baggott -- EXCLUSIVE


There’s no shortage of dystopian YA novels out there. The subgenre has gone past being a trend, and now it seems to be reaching a saturation point. But even if you’ve read one too many post-apocalyptic teen novels lately, make room on your shelf for Pure by Julianna Baggott, because it’s a good one. Dark and wildly imaginative, it tells the story of Pressia, a 16-year-old girl badly burned from the Detonations, a man-made catastrophe that has changed the course of history. The Detonations have divided the world into two classes of people: Pressia and the other damaged people who live in a dangerous, ash-filled world; and the Pures, who live protected under the Dome.

The film rights have already been claimed by Fox after a heated bidding war, and the book comes out Feb. 8. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. If you thought Lisbeth Salander was a bizarre-looking heroine, you haven’t seen Pressia yet! READ FULL STORY

'Clockwork Prince' by Cassandra Clare book trailer! -- EXCLUSIVE


Cassandra Clare, the author best known for the Mortal Instrument series, is back with the second installment of her other New York Times best-selling series, The Infernal Devices Trilogy. As you count down the seconds until Dec. 6, when Clockwork Prince hits shelves, we have a haunting, cinematic trailer that will transport you to Victorian London, where Shadowhunters roam the misty streets, the Magister is up to his dark deeds, and the Tessa-Jem-Will love triangle continues.

If the voice in the trailer sounds familiar to you, that’s because it belongs to Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, who also narrates the audio versions of the books. The third and final Infernal Devices book is slated for Sept. 2013. See the Clockwork Prince trailer below! READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'The Future of Us' by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler -- EXCLUSIVE


Thirteen Reasons Why and Tangled authors Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler have teamed up to bring you a nostalgic yet forward-thinking new novel, The Future of Us, out Nov. 21. Think Back to the Future meets The Social Network: It’s 1996, and two teenage best friends, Emma and Josh, get a CD-ROM for America Online in the mail, but when they try to install it, they stumble onto a website called Facebook — which hasn’t been invented yet — and see their lives 15 years into the future! But their future spouses, careers, homes, and status updates are not all they expected, and the vision changes every time Emma and Josh refresh the website. This inventive novel has fun with 90’s pop culture (“Heyyyy, Macarena!”), but it also delves into deeper themes about young people’s anxiety about an uncertain future. Check out the exclusive trailer for the book below! READ FULL STORY

Butch Walker parodies 'Reading Rainbow' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Über-producer Butch Walker, who’s made hits for everyone from Weezer to Katy Perry, has written Drinking with Strangers: Music Lessons from a Teenage Bullet Belt, out Oct. 25. In it, Walker taps into his 20-year career and offers a humorous and insightful look behind the scenes of the music business — and he definitely doesn’t shy away from delving into its dark side. What better way to tout an irreverent, booze-soaked rock and roll memoir than to take a page from Reading Rainbow? You don’t have to take my word for it! Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

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