Young adult at heart: literary classics imagined as YA books


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J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye: “The idea here comes from when Holden is in his sister’s school waiting for Phoebe he sees this obscenity written under the stairway and rubs it out, sees another and rubs it out and then comes across one that is scratched into the paint. And that’s when he realizes that even if he dedicated his life to going around to every school/place and erase every obscenity he wouldn’t be able to get rid of them all. And kids like his sister would still see it and lose their innocence. Of course the FU also makes sense to attract contemporary teenage readers who will correctly identify the book as subversive to social norms. And the FU makes sense in Holden’s quest to find a place without accepting social norms as well.”

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