'Star Trek': Life after Khan begins with IDW's 'After Darkness'

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Alternate cover for “Star Trek” issue No. 22 (image credit: IDW Publishing)

If Star Trek had to eliminate two of these three tropes, which one would you save?  1) Stories about time travel.  2) Stories about teleporter malfunctions. 3) Stories about a crew member who turns bad (or seems to, due to mind control/impersonator/evil-double).
I don’t believe in no-win scenarios, but if I have to choose, I’ll keep the shape-shifting/mind-possession stories. It’s interesting to watch the early episodes and realize that the “mental” stories were so prevalent simply because they didn’t need a ton of visual effects. They relied on the talent of the actors to tell the story. Even now, when effects are readily available, I think the best stories involve the characters interacting with each other in unexpected ways.

What would you like to see in the next Trek director now that J.J. is feeling the Force of a franchise switch? Either in qualities of the person, their priorities or background experience?
I hope it’s someone who understands and enjoys the spirit of the first two movies, a spirit of optimism and adventure and family no matter how dark things get. I don’t think it matters whether the new director can speak Klingon or not. But do they love these characters? If they do, we’re in good hands.

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