'Star Trek': Life after Khan begins with IDW's 'After Darkness'

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Pages 2 and 3 from ‘Star Trek’ issue No. 22. Image credit: IDW Publishing

Are you a fan of the animated series? I want to sit and watch the entire run, which I have not seen since I was a kid with my Mego Spock action figure.
I had the Megos too. They don’t make them like that anymore. Well, they do, but they cost $300. I love the animated series. It’s a fascinating example of how Trek couldn’t be killed off simply because the live-action series was canceled. It was destined to survive. We ended up using the animated series in the comic twice, first when we introduced the ravenous Glommers in our Tribbles story, and later when we used Captain Robert April in our movie prequel series.

Is there a Trek voice that you find the most difficult to pin down or hold to?
This sounds like a cop-out, but I find all of them relatively easy to write simply because the actors and writers over the years have done such an amazing job of creating such unique characters. And that goes for the new cast as well. The tricky part is actually balancing the various qualities each character brings. For example, Kirk has to be commanding as well as daring, Bones has to show his skill as a doctor and not just be metaphor-spouting comic relief, Uhura can’t just be defined by her relationship to Spock.

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