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Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl’s Top Ten Pop Culture Finales

1)    The TV Series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Kami Garcia: Creator Joss Whedon gave us a butt-kicking heroine before strong girls were a television staple. Buffy Summers spent her nights hunting vampires and still managed to turn in her homework the next day. This show was made of win.

2)    The last Harry Potter book Margaret Stohl: I bought it at midnight and read it straight through. Then I cried.

3)     The Star Wars Films KG: George Lucas created a science-fiction world we all wanted to live in, and introduced screenwriters and novelists to “the Heroes Journey,” which has become a roadmap for thousands of films and novels.

4)    Joss Whedon’s Serenity, aka the end of Firefly as we knew it MS: Joss, when thousands of people show up at San Diego Comic-Con to mourn the ten year anniversary of this loss, you know we have some unresolved issues.

5)    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy KG: Most novels never come close to reaching the epic proportions of LOTR.  I blame the happy ending.  You know the ones—all the main characters survive impossible odds and get everything they want in the end? Tolkein knew that you can’t save the world, or Middle Earth, without a few casualties.

6)    The last Harry Potter movie MS: I went with my teenage daughter, dressed like Luna Lovegood. Still have my 3-D Harry Potter glasses. I won’t get over seeing Harry Potter as a dad and Jenny Weasley with mom hair. Not for a long time.

7)    The Band Guns N’ Roses KG: One of the greatest bands of all time, Guns N’ Roses brought hard rock to the mainstream with an addictive mix of powerful instrumentals, poetic lyrics, and Axle Roses’ unique vocal style, which remain unrivaled today.

8)    The last episode of Veronica Mars, Season Three MS: We didn’t know it was over, but it was. If I could invent a time travel machine and go back to hash things out with Veronica and Logan, I would. I need closure, and that FBI mini pilot episode just didn’t cut it.

9)    Author Ray Bradbury KG: A science-fiction god, Ray Bradbury authored over 500 literary works, including: novels, short stories, essays, plays, and television episodes. My favorite is Fahrenheit 451.

10) Freaks and Geeks MS: I wrote letters, people. I signed petitions. Nothing could save that show – but why not? Two words. Pure. Genius.

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