Cassandra Clare talks 'Clockwork Prince' and reveals what's next for her Infernal Devices, Mortal Instruments series

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I know Tessa makes an appearance in City of Glass. Are there other Easter eggs like that hidden throughout both series?
There are. In City of Fallen Angels, Jace is in prison in the Silent City. He’s in one of the jail cells, and he sees the initials JG scratched on the wall. So, umm, spoiler! That’s Jessamine. It’s supposed to be a little hint about what happens to her [in Clockwork Prince]. How did she get those initials? The more detailing and the more layering you do, the more real the world seems. This thing that was done 150 years ago is still there on the wall of the Silent City. And now you know how it got there. It just makes you feel like the Silent City has a history. It’s not just a place where there are jail cells. It has a real history and you know the people who have been imprisoned there.

So what can readers expect from Clockwork Princess?
We’re going to jump ahead about two months from the end of Clockwork Prince. Will has had a chance to tell people his secret. People have had a chance to get used to it. We’ll see the manner in which they react. Cecily will have time to acclimate to the Institute. And basically, what we’re going to deal with because it’s the third book is the return of the Magister and the culmination of all his plans. And how Jem is a ticking clock. How long is he going to live? How long has he got? What is that going to mean for the other characters? All of that kind of comes together at once.

And how about City of Lost Souls, the next book in the Mortal Instruments?
City of Fallen Angels ended on a cliffhanger. That was equally loved and hated by my readership. [Laughs] Jace is in this place where he needs to be saved. But he’s not really Jace anymore. So the question is, how much would you do for love? And what if you have to do an immoral thing for a moral reason because you love someone so much? At what point do you have to stop trying to save this person because it’s bad for the world in general, even if you love them very much. That’s the central tension that kind of rips up the characters in Lost Souls. The group that wants to save him more than anything else, and the group that is willing to sacrifice him for the greater good.

Anything else you want to add?
A lot of people have asked me about some of the characters that appear in Clockwork Prince like Aloysius Starkweather and Woolsey Scott. A lot of people like Woolsey Scott, which I was really happy about because he’s very fun to write. I would say Woolsey specifically is important throughout on into City of Lost Souls because he is the founder of the Praetor Lupus. He’s the founder of the Praetor Lupus, so we’re going to go more into detail of them and what they do. We’re going to meet Woolsey’s offspring in City of Lost Souls, and I think that will be fun.

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