Casey Anthony book: Publishers aren't biting


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Back when EW asked book publishing insiders if they’d be interested in an Amanda Knox book, the answer was an unmistakable, resounding “Yes.” One prominent editor told us, “People vote at the bookstore when it comes to any big case. You need to ask, ‘Where is the court of public opinion on this?’ That’s who’s going to buy the account.” While in publishers’ eyes Knox is golden, the opposite can be said for Casey Anthony, the Florida mom acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee. It’s safe to say that the court of public opinion finds Anthony guilty, and readers are, for obvious reasons, loath to hand money over for her book. TMZ called around to publishers yesterday and today, and here are some of the statements they received from the big houses:

Simon and Schuster: “We are 100% not interested.  We are NOT NOT NOT  interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, or any member of her team.

Harper Collins: “We are planning on publishing the Prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book.  We’re sticking with the prosecutor.”

Penguin Group: “We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony.”

Another publisher went so far as to say, “Hell no … it’s blood money.”

One publishing power-player told me that hate mail flooded his office when he was associated — erroneously — with a Casey Anthony book project. In fact, the Casey Anthony stink is so powerful in the book world that it calls to mind another project with major “ick” factor: If I Did It, the failed 2007 book — brought to the public by notorious editor Judith Regan — in which O.J. Simpson gave a supposedly “hypothetical” account of his role in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. The book ignited a huge public outcry pre-publication, prompting the 400,000-copy initial printing to be scrapped by HarperCollins. (Soon after, Regan was unceremoniously dumped by the publishing house.)

Unless there’s another editor as brazen, fearless, and nuts as Regan, Casey Anthony will not get a bigtime book deal any time soon. But what do you think — does the cynical side of you think that a book by Casey Anthony can actually be a best-seller? Are there any circumstances under which would you’d buy such a book?

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  • abadstroller

    Um, YUK. Icky, icky, BLECH.

    • Mark

      Any publisher that would dare publish a memoir from someone who killed their daughter would definitely get hate mail from me.

    • Sami

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  • Anika

    I would NEVER spend any money on anything this woman was associated with. You don’t get to earn money for your child’s death.

    • April

      I totally agree.

    • BLT

      I won’t watch her in a televised interview, either. No ratings for that be atch. She should never be allowed to profit from the death of her child, unless the money goes back to FL for the cost of the needless, expensive search for Caylee.

  • AB

    I would never spend money on anything Amanda Knox is associated with either.

    • Erika

      Me either. I have no wishes to read books from a liar who intentionally hurts other people for their benefit…

    • dave

      Why- and how is it that you’re in a position to judge her?? You couldn’t possibly know enough and her or the case to pass judgement.

    • Razor

      I agree with you 100%. Why don’t book publishers find people who are actually helping humanity instead of having weird sex hijinx while studying overseas and getting themselves involved in bizarre murder trials?

      This kind of thing just isn’t interesting anymore. Maybe in the 1980s, but this is a new century.

    • michelle

      Amanda Knox is innocent! How dare you compare her to stupid child killer casey anthony!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    Casey Anthony’s book would never be a bestseller. However, it would probably break records as the most pirated book of all time. People would want to read it to tear it apart, but no way would more than a handful actually buy it.

    • Meg

      There’s a (tumblr?) blog that dissects the whole Twilight series for its appalling grammar, characterization, and writing as a whole. I see a Casey Anthony memoir, written by Anthony herself, going the same way, except with criticism of the trial and her rationale/thinking/behavior.

    • Liv

      Agreed! I would never buy the book but would gladly wait for it at the library. I’d like to hear her side.

      • michelle

        hmm. So, you are ok with hearing the story of a child killer?! that doesn’t say too much about your character!!! So sad

      • Lisa

        Why would anyone buy anything written by a pathological liar? You might as well ask me to write the book…it might actually be more factual.

    • Naseem

      I’d like to make a final post, since I’ve already croeved everything there is to say. BTW: I’m posting from Newport Coast (Cali), so it’s only 11pm here right now not 2am. Firstly, for those people who HONESTLY believe that Casey will walk free at the end of this trial ain’t gonna happen. I’m sorry to be such a killjoy’ to the Casey fans, but you’re literally conning yourselves into believing a fairy tale and you’re not using your sense of logic very well. She’s not walking free, that’s an impossibility. For those people who think that Casey will be convicted of all lesser charges only (Aggravated Manslaughter, Aggravated Child Abuse, Lying to Police) AND who ALSO believe that Judge Perry will sentence Casey to less than 30 years for those charges .you’re DREAMING since it ain’t gonna happen. I hate to be such a killjoy’ but IF Casey is convicted of all lesser charges only (acquitted of murder) then she’ll be sentenced to a minimum of 30 years by Judge Perry; since technically he could sentence her to 60 years if he chooses to run the sentences consecutively (Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child has a 30 year penalty, Aggravated Child Abuse has a 30 year penalty too). Casey has no previous violent felonies on her record but the nature of this crime is so heinous that a downward departure is not justified and Judge Perry is known for being rather tough when sentencing for heinous crimes (e.g. he’s not soft on sentencing and he won’t give Casey a downward departure). Heck, just listen to Judge Perry’s rulings regarding the admissibility of character evidence and you’ll get an idea of just how strongly he views the state’s case and the validity of their evidence. I can promise you that he sees the evidence against Casey in the SAME LIGHT as the prosecutors have argued and will give her a severe sentence (30-60 years) if she’s convicted of lesser charges DUE TO THE HEINOUS nature of her crime and her lack of a conscience. So even if Casey is acquitted of murder she’ll be spending the next 30-60 years in prison and there’s nothing that any of you can do to change this rather obvious fact. (hey, no need to get mad at me since we’re all friends here right?) LOL. BTW: For the many Casey fans who keep saying that the prosecution only proved that Casey’s a liar (but not a murderer) please remember that most of Casey’s lies were focused on OBSTRUCTING law enforcement from FINDING CAYLEE’s body and finding out that she was dead. This simple fact, all by itself, is enough for the jury to conclude that she killed her daughter since only a murderer would have motive to obstruct police from finding out that a victim was dead (accident victims don’t need to be hidden from law enforcement DUH!) Again, to believe that anybody except a murderer would have MOTIVE to obstruct law enforcement from finding out that somebody was dead REQUIRES suspending disbelief (something children often do, but not logical adults). LOL. For those who cling to the belief that her father was a Co-Conspirator to dumping the body (LOL), try watching the JAIL HOUSE VIDEOS where George was desperately trying to find his grand daughter and even tried to bring in an FBI Agent to speak with Casey (if he were guilty himself he wouldn’t have brought in the FBI to catch him DUH!). The prosecution also proved that accident victims don’t need to have duct tape placed over their mouth/nose (LOL, as if that obvious fact even needs explaining). Plus they also showed the decomposing body in Casey’s car and the fact that it was Caylee inside that car (plus the fact that Casey tried to abandon that car and hide it from her parents). Ummm, abandoning a car which had a decomposing body of your daughter in the trunk is not indicative of an accident; it’s indicative of murder (just common sense, not rocket science). To believe otherwise is not to be using reasonable’ logic. Plus they also showed searches for chloroform on her computer and evidence of chloroform in her trunk (oh, it just happens to be the SAME trunk which stored the decomposing body of Caylee). Just a coincidence, huh? You Casey fans are just too much comedy! LOL. The prosecution showed FAR more evidence than any person could ask of them. I mean, I can’t even IMAGINE what other evidence the prosecution could have presented in a case like this (a case where a gun wasn’t used). What else could they have shown? Well, maybe a video showing Casey killing her child (filmed by Casey herself, LOL) or maybe an eye witness who just happened to be staring over Casey’s shoulder as she was killing her child (not very likely, LOL). It really is a strong case and to deny this fact requires the suspension of disbelief (a state of mind where people travel when watching the latest TRANSFORMERS movie, LOL). Anyhow if you disagree with my post then that’s your constitutional right. However, this doesn’t change the fact that my analysis will be validated very soon. I’m sorry to be a killjoy for those who want to rescue the damsel in distress (Casey), but facts are facts and you’re not going to get your wish.

  • Tina

    Thank goodness the publishers are listening. No Blood Money for Casey Anthony

  • wtm

    No and absolutely not. But there’s probably at least one editor out there who’s “brazen, fearless and nuts” enough to try to make it happen.

  • Paul

    NEVER! She doesn’t deserve a dime or any more publicity. As a matter of fact, “anyone” attempting to profit from her case will definitely be on my list of NEVER spend a dime on. If businesses can’t make money from worthy stories, news, etc., maybe they should seek other employment. I’ll be GLAD to help them end their current careers! GET IT!

  • orville

    Theoretically? Only if 100% of the proceeds (and I’m including any fee given to her, any publisher fees/commissions, etc.) would go to children’s charities.

  • Tonya Comeau

    ‘NO’!! C.A. nor any of her advocates, supporters, et al will not get a dime from my household! I am in full control of my faculties and don’t appreciate the people, publishers or any media that is foolish enough to think that I am somehow going to get overly curious and buy.. wrong! Thank you for letting me post.

  • liberti

    Under NO circumstances would EVER consider buying anything that has to do with this flawed, narcissistic person. Moreover, kudos to those in the publishing industry who still have their wits about them and are running en masse from anything that smacks of exploitation of a murdered child. A book by the infamous acquitted murdmom would be an catastrophic failure because of the phenomenon of literally millions of people who have come together after the verdict who are determined not to allow her or her family or her defense team to use the murdered child as an ATM machine. Celebrate the life of those in this society, especially the unsung heroes, who have attained a measure of success in their lives and can be proud of making this country better instead of poisoning it as this incredibly talentless and lying creature has done. Publishing anything with her name attached to it will only encourage other sociopaths to do the same and try to get away with it.

  • julesvernestein

    This reporter should do a bit more homework. #1. We have something called free speech in America. #2.Why are you insulting Judith Regan? OJ’s book WAS a confession, WAS published, WAS a #1 bestseller and Ms. Regan sued News Corp and won tens of millions for their smear campaign against her. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Regan was the only one to get OJ to confess, something the prosecutors were unable to do. Is that wrong????

    • Portia

      Yes, It’s wrong. It’s not a “confession” when it comes after getting off scott free and involves making money. It’s psychotic gloating.

    • donnas0820

      The Judith Regan book was canceled after it was announced, and only 400,00 were printed. It was then recalled, and the remaining copies of the book were destroyed. Several did leak out to the public. The book was not a best seller, as it was never up for sale. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, but with that right comes the freedom not to listen or purchase. Freedom of speech only applies to repercussions or punishment from the government, not from the public. Should one chose to speak in public, the court of public opinion can disapprove and the First Amendment privilege does not apply.

    • Brooke

      “#1. We have something called free speech in America.”

      Your point? As long as it’s not the government forbidding the publishing, there is no Free Speech issue here. Publishers are free to choose what they publish and don’t publish. If they don’t want to give money to Casey Anthony and publish her book, they don’t have to. That’s their freedom as well.

  • ks

    No. Not spending the money for this.

  • Nancy

    I would never buy a book by CA, her family, or defense team. I have zero interest in buying a book by a pathological liar.

  • donnas0820

    I would not waste my money on a “true, tell-all” book by a sociopathic, pathological liar. No money of mine will ever go to her, her family, or her attorneys.

  • qpause

    I would watch Casey Anthony tell her story as long as she is hooked up to a polygraph during the interview and any money she makes go to all the victims including the so called nanny for her troubles

    • Diane

      I wouldn’t even watch her hooked up to a polygraph. She believes her own lies and could probably deceive the polygraph machine.

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