Listen to an audio clip from Stephen King's '11/22/63' -- EXCLUSIVE

Stephen King, the ever-prolific master of horror, has written a hefty, high-concept novel, out Nov. 8, that combines time travel and a thrilling attempt to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. There’s an exclusive excerpt from the 11/22/63 in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands today, but as an added bonus, you can listen to an exclusive snippet from the audiobook below. (Okay, at more than 30 minutes, it might seem like more than a snippet, but keep in mind, this is a very long book).

Are you excited for 11/22/63? Do you like what you hear so far?

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  • Moderation

    After Under the Dome I’m done with hefty Stephen King books. Short stories and novellas, fine. I’ll take those. I also don’t care about another Dark Tower book. I thought that was finished?

    • DW

      I thought Under the Dome was excellent.

      • heather

        Agreed, Under the Dome was the most critically acclaimed King book in years.

        What a shame people don’t have the patience or depth to read something that’s over 200 pages.

      • Michelle

        the funny thing about “Under the Dome”, was that when I first saw it and read the back cover my 1st reaction was “Simpson’s did it, Simpson’s did it” LOL. Although I cant wait for 11/22/63, I read the 1st two chapters on the kindle book Mile 81 from him.

      • Roekest

        Under the Dome was great, until the end when it fizzled. There was no ultimate showdown (as in many of his other epic stories), the ending was depressing, and the main character (the hero) was in jail most of the time. WTF Stephen?!?!?!

        UtD was nothing more than an overly long essay on global warming.

    • stickittotheman

      I hear ya. Under the Dome was so dense with detail, yet felt so light and phoney. The characters were so 1-dimensional and contrived. It was like he needed someone to do something, so he shoved them into place – whether it felt real or not. I used to dig King, but everything he does seems so obvious and predictable.

      • Regina

        I LOOOOOVED “Under the Dome” (especially Big Jim’s evolution)…until the end. It was such a let down and the buildup didn’t pay off. Heck, I’ve read the book three times and still don’t really get it.

      • TorontoTom

        I’m with Regina – I loved Under The Dome! Of course, nothing will ever some close to The Stand, his masterpiece!

      • Peyton

        f*%k that s*it Under The Dome is awesome! i personally thought it was better then The Stand as far as a King epic goes, UTD was a thrill a minute. The Stand was great but it dragged at parts

      • Arkay

        Seemed to me like he ran out of steam with the Dome and couldn’t find an ending, so he borrowed one from Tabitha’s “Small World”

      • Moderation

        The best thing about Under the Dome was the mention of James McMurtry.

      • Jo

        I totally agree..Under The Dome was a huge letdown!

      • Katrina

        ~*I agree with *Peyton* I have a HUGE imagination and Under The Dome quelled it and I completely understood it and wanted more… the book wasn’t long enough for me. I slowed down reading it so that it could last. The Stand was good but moved just a bit too slow in comparison to what was going on in the ‘Dome’. I would like a Pt. 2 just as long!*~

    • deedee

      so loved Dark Tower; under the Dome, not so much

  • Bosco

    Personally, I loved Under The Dome, but getting back to Dark Tower- is there a rumor of another book going around? I don’t think I would like that either- the ending of the series was just the right amount of AARGH, thank you. And I’m actually relieved that filming it has been put off for now, as well. This new one sounds awesome.

    • Darrin

      It’s no rumor – King did write a new Dark Tower book, which will be published next year. According to King, it takes place between books 4 and 5; he’s got a lot of info about it on his website.

  • Scotty Cole

    The new Dark Tower book is for real. It is called The Wind Through the Keyhole and will come out in 2012. It takes place between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of Calla. Go to King’s website for all the details.

  • Constant Reader

    His last kindle book Mile 81 was so-so and overpriced for as short as it was , unlike UR which was a very good read . Full Dark No Stars had two very good stories , the other two not so much . The cinderblock of a book U.T.D was way too long and overblown while Duma Key was the best book he had written in a long time as the two before that Cell and Lisey’s Story were awful . Hopefully this next book will be as good as Duma Key . I don’t see the need for another Dark Tower book since the series went down the tubes after book four .

    • d$

      Which makes us polar opposites… because I enjoyed Mile 81, thought Under the Dome and Cell were really well done, while I couldn’t get into Duma Key… to your credit, though, I also couldn’t get into Lisey’s Story, and I never read Full Dark. Personally, Salems Lot, It and The Shining are my own King Holy Trinity…

      • Constant Reader

        I’ve read them all and my three favorites are The Stand , It , and probably a three way tie for novellas The Body , Shawkshank Redemption from Different Seasons and Rage from the Bachman Books .

      • David Melnick

        my 4 favorites (so far) are: IT, The Shining, Carrie & Salem’s Lot.

      • Kate

        Glad someone else mentioned Rage! It took me so long to find it, but it was worth it. The Long Walk is another of my favourites.

      • Constant Reader

        Who could forget Titus the helpful padlock from Rage and the effect he had on the story ? Lock me , unlock me I am Titus the helpful padlock – I still chuckle when I think about that !

    • JPX

      I agree, Duma Key is King’s best book in years (even thought it borrows heavily from The Ring). I prefer King’s short stories rather than his 1000 page books, which never have satisfying endings.

      • Anastasia

        Duma Key was one of my favorites. I simply could NOT put it down. And I too prefer shorter stories. It’s called adult ADHD and I think most of us have it these days! LOL!

      • aleksa

        “Duma Key” was an excellent audiobook.

    • ToddyB

      I loved Duma Key. I heard or read somewhere that it served as a bookend to Bag of Bones, which is far and away my favorite King novel. I picked up DK immediately and savored every page. What an amazing story.

  • Alex

    I thought Stephen King retired. HA! You can’t stop a guy who wants to writer and needs to write I guess. Not a bad thing.

  • abadstroller

    There was an episode of “Quantum Leap”, in which Sam Beckett goes back in time to stop the assassination. Things could have gone better….

    • Captain Obvious

      There was also a 1986 episode of The Twilight Zone – Profile in Silver where a man( Kennedy’s descendant ) travels back and time from 2172 and stops the assassination . This causes a impending nuclear exchange and the man sends Kennedy to his future and takes his place in the car getting shot setting history right . Seems like even books are remakes these days.

    • Jennie

      Do you remember the episode where Sam goes back and meets a very young (teenage) Steven King. I thought that was very neat.

  • Joe

    They didn’t mention the release date for the new book – would I guess that the title of the book is also the date it comes out?

    • Constant Reader

      November 8 , 2011 for this book and April 3 ,2012 for the Dark Tower book .

  • David Melnick

    as a SK Constant Reader, this book is going to be awesome. Btw, I luv going back in time. ;)

  • Ry Jay

    There’s a Red Dwarf episode like this plot too. One of the crew transports to the Texas Schoolbook Depository and accidentally bumps some guy named Lee out the window. Kennedy isn’t killed and he ends up impeached because of his affair with Marilyn Monroe and the Russian launch an attack starting World War 3. They end up bringing Kennedy back to the day of his assasination and JFK ends up being the guy on the grassy knoll, taking aim at himself.

    My favourites are The Shining, IT and Misery. I think his last good novel was Duma Key. But he’s getting a tad too nostalgic and brand namey for me. He’s gone from his Big Mac and fried writing, to KFC Double Down.

    • Sugar

      @Ry Jay – You’re joking, right? Because you would not seriously try to spoil it for us, would you? Besides, SK already used that kind of a plot twist in The Dead Zone.

  • Pamela Caswell

    Wow can’t wait to read this new book …. I was born on 11/22/1963 and love to read anything about JFK, The Kennedys and Marliyn Monroe

  • Bebe

    Already ordered this book from Overlook Connection. Stephen King is one of the few authors that is appointment reading — I always buy his books and read them as soon as they’re out. But the one I really can’t wait for is the sequel to the Shining. That sounds incredible. I think my favorite book of his (or at least the one I’ve read the most times) is It.

  • Bebe

    I also loved Under the Dome. It was a true return to form, and I love when he weaves political ideas into his stories.

    • Moderation

      Political ideas in his stories.

      Go back to the scene in It when Bill Denbrough is in college, criticizing his fellow students and the professor for politicizing fiction. “Can’t you you guys just let a story be a story?”

      • Constant Reader

        Yeah a lot of the negative reviews on amazon of Under The Dome were critical of the thinly disguised Bush/Cheney bashing . The stupidity of the people blindly following Jim Rennie wasn’t very believable either . What really is unbelievable is the kindle price of King books , often even costing more than paperbacks , even the really old books . No thanks greedy publishers , I’ll get it from the library if I want to reread it . There is a portion of 11/23/63 in the kindle short story Mile 81 and if the whole book is comparable it should be pretty good . Getting it from the library of course as 17 bucks for a kindle book is way too much !

  • Nick

    After a hearty attempt to read Liseys Story I didnt even bother with under the dome. I miss the days of Monsters and Vampires that King did so well. Dont get me wrong I enjoyed Eyes of the Dragon,Hearts in Atlantis and the Green Mile but nothing compares to Pennywise saying “we all float down here”

    • Constant Reader

      And you’ll float too fat boy – LMAO ! The It tv mini series was great if not totally true to the It book’s storyline only because a tween having sex with tween boys was unacceptable on network tv . I think you should give Duma Key a shot Nick . Get it from your local library and it won’t cost ya nuthin’ .

    • Kate

      There’s no monsters or aliens, but Duma Key does have a pretty strong supernatural element. I reckon it’s worth a go!
      Lisey’s Story took me a while the first time around, but after about five or six re-reads I really enjoy it. It didn’t grab me immediately like IT or The Stand, but i grew on me.

  • Cindy

    I love Stephen. I hope he never stops writing. Don’t get me wrong, are some I love more than others … some not so much … but Lisey’s Story? Are ya kidding? Great story! The Stand, Green Mile, Bag of Bones, Ten O’Clock People, and the WHOLE Tower Series … what a MIND!

  • Q

    I enjoyed Under the Dome, but was also disappointed at the alien spin put on it at the end… they were aliens, weren’t they? Felt like another Tommyknocker storyline … Still love reading Stephen King though!

    • Moderation

      Yes, it was aliens, adolescent aliens, that the characters called “leatherheads”, which made me think of the Clooney movie and old football in general.

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