Amanda Knox book? What publishing insiders have to say


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According to a recent LA Times poll, most American readers believe Amanda Knox should get a book deal.

So Shelf Life asked major players in the New York publishing world about the desirability of an Amanda Knox book. Although some of the editors and agents we reached out to were unwilling to comment out of fear of jeopardizing current or future book deals, the impression we got is something that’s been obvious all along: Pretty much every agent and publisher in town would love to make an Amanda Knox book happen.

Especially attractive to publishers is that Knox is a sympathetic figure without the “ick factor” of Casey Anthony, the other major headline-maker this year. It makes all the difference in the world to publishers that the public believes Knox is innocent. “People vote at the bookstore when it comes to any big case,” said a prominent editor. “You need to ask, ‘Where is the court of public opinion on this?’ That’s who’s going to buy the account.”

One tip-top New York literary agent, who didn’t want to be named in any article that even mentions Casey Anthony — since the court of public opinion has clearly sided against the Florida mother — said that publishers became interested in the Knox case “within the last several months, once the DNA evidence became suspect and there was a general mood in the air that a verdict might go her way.”

While there has already been a major international book about Knox — Take Me with You: Conversations with Amanda Knox in Prison by Rocco Girlanda, written in 2010 about her life behind bars — a first-person, post-acquittal account would be in a different league entirely. “It wasn’t until fairly recently that Americans decided it was time to care about this young woman, and I think they came to care about her very deeply,” said the agent, who is certainly interested in adding her to his client list. “I think her experience in her own voice, that includes the verdict, that includes coming home, that includes reintegration into American society, and what she thinks of her future as a free person and what she’s going to do with herself, is an important part of the last act of this story.”

An editor I spoke to doesn’t believe Amanda Knox would “hold a candle to Jaycee Dugard” in terms of publishing world interest, because Dugard was a victim in a “longer, more calculated, heinous” ordeal. But the agent I spoke to, however, disagrees, citing Knox’s overseas sales potential. “This story was bigger in Europe than it was here. It’s a big, big book for publishers all around the world.”

The agent, who’s no stranger to hotly contested book auctions and high advance figures, asked me to guess what Amanda Knox’s book rights would go for. “Two million?” I offered, to which he responded, “At least.” He guesses the amount will probably be more than what Dugard received. No editors wanted to speculate on a number.

While the publishing world is avidly interested in an Amanda Knox book, not everyone would be willing to push for it at Knox’s personal expense. “What Amanda Knox needs to do right now is get her life together, not make a book deal,” said an editor. “She’s lost four key years of her life. She’s got hugging and kissing and family time to do.”

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  • UGH

    See you on Dancing With The Stars or Celebrity Apprentice next season!

    • jerk

      I hope so, something good needs to come out of this for her.

    • Feh

      Doesn’t EW have something new about Lady Gaga or Glee or something?

    • Cygnus

      I’m hoping Hef or Larry Flynn floats her an offer she can’t refuse.

    • PedroDilan

      Shame on the Kercher’s for trying to put the blame on Amanda and Raffaele. Blaming ionncent people for a crime that they did not commit won’t make your Mez come back so back off and stop hating Americans! We all know Rudy Guede is the murderer. Seattle loves you Amanda!

  • Seriously…

    Does Knox have herpes or something? She always has something nasty around her lips.

    • jerk

      You’re a creep.

    • Carly Corday

      I’ve noticed that too. Ick. You’re only a creep to someone who inexplicably “loves”( and thus feels blindly protective toward) this notorious, total stranger. THAT’S creepy.

    • Jenna

      YOu do know that the herpes virus that causes mouth sores is not the same as the sexually transmitted disease right? So please stop spreading inflammatory b.s.

  • Blah

    Now that she’s in USA where she belongs, she can cash in on making porn, too. She should co-star in a group sex flick with Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson.

    • Mac

      shame on you

    • wow

      You are seriously unbalanced. You need to see a sex therapist you loser pervert.

    • 1)

      That’s not even funny, and 2) OJ is in jail. The key to absurd humor is that little touch of realism that means it COULD happen. Your idea is just stupid.

    • Carly Corday

      Blah, you and your idea are unfunny and stupid only to someone who inexplicably “loves” (and thus feels blindly protective toward) this infamous, mousy, complete stranger. THAT’S stupid (but kinda funny).

      • Jenna

        Its also stupid to blindly hate her.

    • lol

      I lol’d

  • ken

    amanda knox have people forgotten she blamed a innocent man for the murder.she has conned a lot of people .she is just too good to be true.

    • Baked Waker

      Or maybe she was desperate. Too bad she is not as righteous or honest as you, Mr perfect.

      • Curt Hennig

        Theres only one Mr. Perfect, and thats me!!!

      • Carly Corday

        I do cartwheels, too, when I’m really Really REALLY feeling desperate, and blame random people for things I’ve been accused of. That’s just normal and nice, right? Thank God. I was afraid it made me a sociopath, but not really too afraid.

      • Jenna

        @Carly – what she was actually doing was Yoga poses to relieve stress brought on by sitting in a chair for hours. And next time you’re being abused in an interrogation room for several hours, being cuffed on the head, and screamed at, and given suggestions and basically brainwashed THEN you can judge Amanda for what she did to Patrick Lumumba.

    • Deb

      She was interrogated for hours and scared out of her wits answering questions she only half understood without an attorney present. She just wanted it all to stop – classic forced confession henced why it was thrown out by the judge.

      • Lisa

        The confession was thrown out by the judge because there were no lawyers present. Which didn’t hurt Amanda, because it didn’t exactly portray her in the best light either.

        But while we’re on the subject of pointing fingers, might I point out that DAYS later, when she was a lot less confused and pressured, she voluntarily wrote in her prison diary implicating Raffaele (and vice versa – he was also implicating her in his prison diary). Really makes you think, doesn’t it? About what seemingly good people would do to someone they initially trusted when it comes to saving their own behind, I mean.

      • @Deb

        You don’t have your facts right. The judge threw out the murder conviction, but NOT the conviction regarding Amanda lying that the bar owner did the murder. Amanda was sentenced to 3 years for that, and since she was already in jail for almost 4 years, she was let out.
        Amanda’s parents were indicted on charges that they lied to the press about her supposed scary interrogation by the police, and their claims that the police forced her to confess.

      • Bob

        Pretty white girls don’t go to jail.

      • HMH

        No, Deb’s facts were right Amanda’s original “confession” ie statement was thrown out because it was determined to have been obtained by illegal means.

        She definitely deserves to pay Patrick back, but I don’t think she accused him out of malice. She was in a foreign country being grilled overnight. The police ALREADY HAD IT IN THEIR HEADS THAT PATRICK WAS INVOLVED because he had texted Amanda earlier that night telling her not to come into work, Amanda texted back “I’ll see you later” in Italian.

        Apparently in Italian, “see you later” is taken quite literally and the police read it as “I’ll see you later tonight” or “Let’s have a secret rendezvous and kill Meredith.”

        Amanda retracted her statement the same night when she wrote that note stating that she didn’t think Patrick was involved, but she was asked to visual what might have happened if she had hypothetically “been there.”

        Also, there’s a language barrier people.

      • HMH


        What do you mean “pretty white girls don’t go to jail.” She DID go to jail, she was convicted after her first trial. She spent four years in jail.

    • Juneau

      Not to mention she paid for 4 years for that mistake and believed she’d be there for life. I’d personally would love for her to cash in on a book. She’s been through hell and didn’t do anything wrong.

      • Donnie

        How do you know she did nothing wrong? It’s not like there isn’t evidence. Just not enough to convict. Instead of just reading the quick stories, actually look at the whole story. This isn’t someone at the wrong place wrong time, she lied about everything including her alibi which was constantly wrong and changing.

      • Lisa

        Didn’t do anything wrong? I think most “haters” would agree that while she wasn’t the one who kill Meredith, she was involved in the murder in SOME way. If she was 100% honest her story would at least be the same and match with Raffaele’s… but it didn’t. There were the little things, like where the Harry Potter book was, and why she had to go home to take a shower when she could’ve taken one at Raffaele’s. Amanda herself may have tricked herself into believing that she didn’t do anything wrong, but she was definitely hiding SOMETHING, and unfortunately no one will ever know what it is.

      • @Juneau

        Amanda repeatedly lied about where she was and what she was doing. She lied saying that the bar owner did the killing and that she heard it happen in the next room. She later tried to blame her boyfriend for the killing. She changed her story so many times, that she can’t be believed to write a truthful book.
        BTW, Amanda still has a conviction for Slander (which means she’s a convicted liar.)

      • HMH


        You’re right. There was evidence, but it all pointed to Rudy Guede, someone with a history of breaking into houses and stealing from them. He’s even thrown a rock through the window while burglarizing in the past.

        There was no proof that Raffaele and Amanda had ever even spoken with Guede, why would they all get together and murder Meredith?

        Guede did it alone. In Merediths room, his dna was everywhere, he left a bloody handprint on the pillowcase and bloody footprints all over the room. His dna was on her purse clasp, and Amanda was convicted on robbing her.

        The only forensic evidence they had against Amanda was not in Meredith’s room, where the murder occurred. THEY FOUND HER DNA IN THE HOUSE SHE LIVED IN. What a shocker!

      • mocz-nick

        This is a lie. Amanda knew Guede, It was confirmed by the guys living downstairs. There was a kind of party in which both of them took part. If Guede acted alone, why did he lock Meredith’s door? The guy didn’t care about his feaces in the toilette but we are supposed to believe that he spent some time looking for her keys and then locked her door… What for? There was Amanda’s desk lamp standing on the floor in Meredith’s room. Who brought it there? Guede? Again, what for? It is obvious that Meredith was stabbed before her bra was removed (the strap and one cup are covered with blood). Do you really believe Guede would like to “play” with someone bleeding to death? Yes they found mixed DNA. What an amazing coincidence! They found mixed DNA of just two of them!! No Filomena’s or Laura’s, just Amanda’s and Meredith’s!! Even in Filomena’s room, not her DNA but mixed DNA of Amanda and Meredith. And what’s more funny, they found only one fingerprint of Amanda. On a glass. Amazing, isn’t it? So many DNA traces but only one fingerprint. You’re ridiculous. Sorry for my English.

  • Laura

    She has every right to have her say after 4 years of accusations and being tried in the tabloid press. I’m curious about her experience.

    • @Laura

      The tabloid press didn’t try her, they took her side. Her wealthy parents hired a public relations team to get her version of the story into the press.

      • q

        Yeah, because schoolteachers are notoriously “wealthy.” Her parents are so “wealthy” that they are now bankrupt from legal fees. And have had to borrow money from their parents.

        And her sister had to drop out of college to get two jobs to help pay the bills. Because that is how wealthy people roll.

      • Jenna

        Amanda was middle class not wealthy. And her father, the Macys executive, LOST HIS JOB because he was spending so much time in Italy trying to help her.
        And did you READ the tabloids? The horrible reports? if you think the tabloids think they took her side you are either as delusional as Prosecutor Mignini or you ARE Mignini.

    • RK

      I’m curious as well.

      • mocz-nick

        And I’m not curious at all

    • Royal

      hahahahaha it makes me laugh how the idiots think adamna is innocent. can u answer why she changed her story SEVERAL TIMES, was seen doing CARTWHEELS just after she saw her friends dead body. Was seen KISSING HER BF AND SMILING, just after being in the police station telling police she was devastated . Why did she accuse an innocent man who had no part in it?? Not to mention she rang a friend and said she found the window broken, and BLOOD ON THE FLOOR IN THE BATHROOM, yet stil tuk a SHOWER!

  • Feather

    I’d buy it as a work of fiction……………

  • ununfriended

    A new musical “Amanda Knox superstar” is expected to hit Broadway next year.

    • Alex

      are you serious that we do not need more laws? How could you think that House Bill 103 would not be a good thing? If you are a woman in hniidg from your abuser, you can be located you through the Auditor’s website (if you own property), or through the BMV website or through voter records. And, we won’t even talk about the laughable lack of shelters for men and women in abusive situations. I’ve known a few women who left violent relationships and homes only to be tracked down by their abusers. These women deserve better protection and far too often, the system FAILS them in a major way. Maybe Jennifer Blake, Ashley Powell and Cindy Trudeau would be alive today, if the system worked the way it should.

  • Well….

    Too soon. People still think she did it so it may not reflect well on her

  • jackson

    Donnie, I’ve read reams on this case. Rudy Guede did it. Period. He was with her when she died, although he says he went to the bathroom and when he returned she was stabbed and dying. So, he did what any good guy would do and fled to Germany.

    Amanda wasn’t there. Guede said it in a taped phone call from Germany. Whatever Amanda allegedly said in a 15-hour interrogation that should have been tape recorded was out of pure abuse and exhaustion. Guede’s DNA was found INSIDE of KERCHER. His fingerprints were found in her purse.

    Get a clue.

    • @jackson

      Even the jury that convicted Rudy didn’t think he did it alone.

      • Jenna

        You mean the jury that SLEPT through the defense portion of Amanda’s trial? How can you trust them?

  • theman

    Jackson is correct. Guede, like Oswald, acted alone. There is no reason to doubt that one strong man could overwhelm and slaughter a young woman. Guede’s DNA, hand and footprints were all over the place. Amanda’s weren’t. Case closed.

    Amanda liked Meredith. Amanda had been in Italy less than a month. She had no history of violence. And she’s gonna kill her flat mate after smoking some weed, and do it with her new boyfriend and a weird local dude? Come on, it defies all reason. I know conspiracy theories are much more fun, but they’re almost always fiction.

    • mocz-nick

      Amanda did have a history of violence (rock-throwing party). Guede didn’t. Follain states that the police found Amanda’s diary with all October pages torn out. It would be very interesting to read them. I guess we could find out how much Amanda “liked Meredith”.

      • Jenna

        There was no rock throwing at that party. People from that party even testified to that. It was just a party, where the band was too loud. The police came to the door, issued a ticket, and left. It was not the riot that the tabloids would have you believe. Funny, how all your info seems to come from the daily mail!

  • wheninrome

    Exactly. Rudy was the killer. It all should have ended there. But you had an unbalanced prosecutor with a penchant for wild theories. Google the Monster of Florence case. Mignini is already sentenced to 16 months for prosecutorial abuse. He’s the Monster of Perugia who found a defenseless young girl to exercise his waning powers. He’s a disgrace and will no doubt be out of a job soon.

    Amanda was an absolute victim. I’m buying her book.

  • Conflicted

    I am conflicted. There are many questions. She sure doesn’t act guilty though. She doesn’t even act like someone who’s trying not to act guilty. She would have to be one of the best liars in the history of liars to pull this off. But it’s not impossible. Some people are extremely good liars. I have seen it myself. Time will probably tell. I do believe that if she has been lying it will weigh on her and she will have problems from it at some point.

  • Carly Corday

    I just realized (so embarrassed!) that I and others have stumbled onto a private message board in use by the people who know Amanda Knox and were present during, or took part in, her trial. Critical commenters clearly don’t know her, were not at the trial, and don’t know the people involved. (Oh yeah: SNARK. You have to spell that out, or the .05% who never realize won’t realize.)

    • HMH

      @Carly Corday

      Right. You don’t know her, so why are you judging her?

      So we should all just assume she was guilty and when they start talking about what was wrong with the evidence the police had against her, plug up our ears with our fingers and yell “lalalala!” as loud as we can.

  • scb

    way too many inconsistencies to turn a blind eye to, where her stories are concerned. Way too many changes in stories, why? I hope she is completely innocent and was just too stoned to remember the facts and hope that she really was coerced inito trying to pin the murder on her boss, etc, etc, etc and on and on and on..

  • georgert

    The tragic thing about about this case is that for the rest of her life this woman who had nothing to do with the murder will have to live knowing that there will always be people who doubt her innocence simply because the media painted her that way while pandering to the ugliest of emotions. Hopefully book, speaking and movie deals will get her family out from under the crushing debt they have incurred, and she will be able to get on with her life, although I am sure money is small recompense for what she has suffered.

    • mocz-nick

      Yes there will be people who doubt her innocence. Not many, because the majority doesn’t care about facts. The majority is stupid and likes to believe in fairy tales about “little angels”. It’s amazing how American media can stupefy people. Just one example. I guess it was ABC material. They mentioned about a member of a jury. He said that he was looking at their faces for about 10 months and he thinks they couldn’t bluff. BUT the ABC didn’t mention that he was a “substitute” (I’m not sure whether this is a proper word). He didn’t take part in passing the verdict. He was there just in case one of the members of the jury was unable to fulfil his duty.

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