Tina Fey's 'Bossypants' sells over a million copies, proving she can do no wrong

BOSSYPANTSWhether it’s showing up to the Emmys looking like this only five weeks after giving birth, or personifying the 90’s a bit too well, Tina Fey has proven she can do anything. It’s no surprise she went platinum — by selling more than a million copies of Bossypants, not by dyeing her hair to play younger roles — despite her book cover’s off-putting (or fascinating) hairy man-arms. Since its release back in April, the book of funny essays has claimed the top spot on the New York Times best-seller list for five weeks, and has appeared on the list for 23 consecutive weeks in total. On the most recent chart, it appears at number six. Next thing you know, she’ll be EGOTting. Or PEGOTing, in case this whole book writing thing continues to work out for her.

The reasons for the book’s ongoing popularity are pretty easy to see. The memoir-esque sections, which are my favorite parts, give fans a better look at her life before stardom, when she was in her frumpy, sour 20’s. Other sections are shorter and easier to revisit; the touching (yet still funny, as always) chapter, “A Mother’s Prayer for her Child” has no doubt found its way to countless inboxes and refrigerator doors.

Since we won’t be getting our regular Liz Lemon fix until 2012, tide yourself over by reading or re-reading Bossypants. What are your favorite parts?

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  • “she can do no wrong”


    • An Average Sized Mustache

      Might want to check your colon.

    • lisa g.

      She is NOT fun or funny. Plus she has a trait that really p isses me off…where u pretend to be insecure n unsure of everything n everybody but ur really an arrogant pos!

      • may

        You are confusing Liz Lemon with Tina Fey. To me T.Fey appears as a very secure lady who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. You don’t get to run a room of SNL male writers by being insecure/unsure whether you are male or female.

      • Lollie Dot Com

        Wow. A Tina Fey hater? Really? You need a hobby. If you’ve got the time and energy to come up with reasons to hate on Tina Fey, you have got wayyyyy to much time on your hands. You might consider the hobby of kissing hineys…. and if you do, you can always start with mine. :)&-=

  • Chase

    BOSSYPANTS was was awesome. Very funny, very conversational. Even my Mom, who hates 30 Rock, bought it and loved it.

  • Mike

    My favorite parts were of her and her college boyfriend mountain climbing and also the chapter where she responds to her online haters.

  • Alli

    I loved the chapter about her father Don Fey- so touching and funny at the same time

    • AJ

      That was my favorite chapter too. Really sweet.

    • Jennifer

      That one’s my favorite, too. I actually assigned this essay to my freshman comp students, and they adore it almost as much as I do.

  • Zo

    The ill-fated cruise story really had me in stitches.

  • Don

    No wrong, huh? All it proves to me is that shallow people gravitate towards shallow celebrities and like to read shallow books. Idiots, read something of substance at least once before you die.

    • Bus Driver

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you haven’t even read the book? But by all means, pass judgment. You’re missing out on what was actually a great memoir!

      • Ken

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    • Really???

      Sounds like some self righteous idiot, thinks they are better than everyone else.

    • Don

      Oh please BD, I don’t need to read the memoir of someone as overrated and ridiculous as Tina Fey to know it would be an abysmal experience and a complete waste of my time. Books like this are composed for a certain audience that most certainly does not include serious readers and that’s fine, but I had every right to express my opinion on the matter in general and I damn well did so. As for you Gutterball #2, it’s not hard to be self-righteous as you put it in this too-often shallow society, so view me how you choose as I couldn’t care less. Not better than everyone else, very much better than anyone who’d read anything along these lines.

      • Mr. Effing Tea Party

        Tell it sister!

      • Lit Nerd

        I have an M.A. in English, and I rarely read genre fiction or bestselling books because, frankly, I’m a little snobby. Bossypants is a very good book by a skilled writer.

      • L.G.

        Some books I’ve read recently: The Greater Journey by David McCullough (about early Americans in Paris), Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole by Benjamin Barber, Supercrunchers by Yale professor Ian Ayres (he made a little typo in his notes in the back of the book when explaining some of the statistics behind his findings, and I spotted it and e-mailed him about it–he responded personally to thank me, although he never fixed the error in the paperback version which I’m kinda sore about). And I’ve also read Bossypants and enjoyed it for what it was: a collection of amusing essays by a smart, funny lady whom I admire. Some of my favorite parts of the book were her chapter about her dad and her description of her homophobic health teacher, but she also provides a lot of insight into the evolution of the female writer/comedian’s experience in what was once a male-dominated world. And yeah, you’re not really qualified to critique a book you haven’t read yet, no matter how smart you THINK you are, Don. (After reading Tina’s book, you’re not worthy of the name Don. Don Fey, Tina’s dad, is kind of a badass.)

    • bob

      i mean, i am in the “tina fey is amazing” camp, and i enjoyed her book, but it wasn’t anything special. it was a good summer read, with little substance. i don’t think she was trying to do more than that, though. so, maybe the book was fairly shallow, but who was looking for much more out of a comedian’s “memoir?'” (i quote memoir, only because, as is common in this kind of essay format, the book actually reveals very little about fey. it is enjoyable regardless)

  • Andrea

    @Don…what are you reading these days? What’s keeping your brain hard at work. The new Where’s Waldo? How about “Developing a Social Life for Dummies”?
    Why are you such a sad little man? Smile once in a while. I can promise you, a little act that smiling can make your entire day!!!

    • Don

      A little act that smiling can make your entire day? lol Speak English idiot as you’re incoherent, perhaps you should look into some local rehab centers. As far as what I’m reading these days, certainly not this childish b.s. that you’re laughable enough to defend.

  • Mike

    If you give in to trolls, then the terrorists have won!

    • Don

      Neither a troll nor a terrorist, but it’s too late for the likes of you, Mikey, as I can assure you I had already won long ago. See ya Bossypants zealots, you’re all morons.

  • Mere

    When she was talking about the time she gained weight and burned her stomach on an iorn. Amazing.

    • Don

      Reading about her gaining weight and scorching herself with an iron qualifies as “amazing” to you? Honestly? lol I’ve really gotta move on, you folks are incredibly amusing and incredibly depressing at the same tiime. Have fun discussing similarly pointless insights as the above.

      • Wu-Tizzle

        Don, why are you wasting your time commenting over and over again about a post on a book that you don’t care about and think is beneath you? That doesn’t make any sense. Stop picking on people.

      • I Wanna Be Don

        Oh Don, if only we could all be as in depth and scholarly as you. Silly us, reading a book of humorous essays as a form of entertainment… when we should be spending our time as you do, reading only non-shallow books and articles on Entertainment Weekly Online.

  • KC

    Bravo, Don!

    • An Average Sized Mustache

      Don’s on AMC not Bravo you nitwit!

      • Mark


  • Julia

    Tina Fey, bless her Pennsylvania-bred snarky mind, mentions my small hometown in Bossypants. And of course, she makes fun of it but so do I (and love it just the same). So, here’s to DuBois–which has two exits (yes, two!) on Interstate 80 going across radio reception deprived Pennsylvania!

    Thank you Tina….you made my day….

    • kristin

      I’ve been there. About 10 years ago, on a trip across 80, I stopped at the exact same Subway in DuBois that’s mostly a gas station, lol. When I read that. I laughed out loud because that’s how I thought of it too. That’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to a brush with fame…

    • liveon519

      Hey, I’m from DuBois, and it’s actually pretty big compared to the extremely rural area it’s located in!!!

  • Alex

    I just don’t get Tina Fey, she seems like a nice person and I don’t wish her ill, but I have never found anything she has done to be humourous. Maybe I am alone in this opinion and the rest of the commenters can shed some light onto what I am missing.

    • KC

      The smarter people in the world share your opinion.

      • Lollie Dot Com

        Correction, smart or dumb isn’t a factor in who finds Tina Fey funny and who doesn’t. If you have a sense of humor at all, you find her funny. If you have a healthy sense of humor, you find her hilarious. If you don’t find her funny at all, well God luv you!!! You are so missing out. You’re like colorblind people giving hell to the colors red and green because you can’t tell them apart. It’s not red and green’s fault you can’t tell them apart! Your brain is just missing a little piece that the rest of our brains have. We can sympathize until you get snarky about it and then we just think you’re embarrassing yourselves.

        You’re just humor blind. That’s all. You may think Jerry Lewis is hilarious. Now me, not so much, I’m humor blind to the Jerry Lewis brand of humor.

  • TvTroz

    @Don Thanks for spending time reading everyone’s posts and replying with uninformed vitriol. We appreciate your effort and dedication. You must be exhausted. Oh, look at that. It’s time for your medications. Time for your nap… sleep… relax…. there you go…. I suspect that you can write in your sleep…. I know anything you write probably won’t make much sense because of your lack of consciousness, but I wonder if we’ll notice the difference… care to demonstrate?

  • tresorparis

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  • escorte

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