Perez Hilton's children's book, 'The Boy with Pink Hair'


In a nod to Lady Gaga’s brand of self-acceptance, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton begins his book with “He was born that way — the Boy with Pink Hair.” Parents who aren’t fans of the controversial, sometimes pink-haired Hilton don’t have much reason to get riled up about his new children’s book. It tells the simple story of a boy with bright, “cotton-candy” hair who gets bullied, makes a friend, and discovers a true passion. No, the “Boy with Pink Hair” isn’t a euphemism for “Boy with Homosexual Tendencies,” as some may fear; the book will appeal to creative kids who may have been picked on for their offbeat interests. The illustrations by Jen Hill are engaging and brightly colored, inviting children to linger over the details. Drawings of a tree house outfitted with a tricked-out kitchen will no doubt delight some children. Devoid of Hilton’s signature snark and celebrity obsession, The Boy with Pink Hair is a harmless, fun read for kids.

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  • ol

    Such a hyprocrite, writing a book about acceptance and denouncing bullies while “bullying” people (like kids of celebs) about their looks on his website…

    • ol

      oops, hypocrite…

      • Does he die at the end?

        Is it a cautionary tale?

      • Captain

        Couldn’t agree with you more. How can anyone who has made their money cyber-bullying celebrities push a book about self-acceptance? He has no problem jumping in on Twitter wars and making fun of people behind his computer screen but whenever he’s on-camera he acts like he’s this role model for the disenfranchised or something.

      • Max S

        Perez Hilton is one of the worst internet bullies ever, and a dreadfully poor choice by the publishers. He is one person who should definitely not be able to publish a children’s book.. Just yesterday he published a picture of himself with his pants down, pretending to defecate in the mouth of a cut out of Justin Bieber. It was one of the most deplorable, infantile things I’ve ever seen. I’m very disappointed that E.W. seems to condone this sort of behavior,

      • pang

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      • Perez

        Just in case any of you were wondering…

        1) I wrote the book (well, I HAD it written) because I wanted to make money

        2) I’m about as legit an author as I am a record producer

        3) I care about MYSELF, first and foremost

        4) My website is based on pointing out the shortcomings of others, and gossip

        5) I should hardly be considered a role model for anyone—seeing how I’m hardly what could be determined to be a “nice person”

      • Perez

        did I mention that I am a total hypocrite? I just wanted to clear that up. Now go buy my childrens book.

      • Amanda Casabianca Whelan

        Perez Hilton is SO disgusting like his best friend- Lady Gaga. Cant stand these 2!

      • Lamb4Life

        I think “Lady Gaga” and Perez are dangerously narcissistics.

        They are unwilling to acknowledge the truth about homosexuality. They mislead millions of young, impressionable people by wearing pink hair and fake penis for the sake of ratings.

        How sad. I have already boycott these freaks!

      • Fed Up With Mess

        Miss Germanotta is deeply into satanic symbolism. The music video ‘Bad Romance’, is a mix of deep symbolism with modern day decadence and religious imagery. Parents should be made aware that Germanotta uses occult symbols to permeate much of the imagery she uses in her videos and stage performances. Included in these rituals (disguised as musical performances) is the presence of mind control elements of the horned god Baphomet, and symbols used by other secret societies and so on. As she becomes more bizarre with each public appearance, Germanotti is becoming a female version of Marilyn Manson, a committed Satanist who tears up Bibles and encourages teenagers to kill their parents. Like Perez, she such is the dangers of the “music’ industry today that seeks to control our children.

      • Sebastian

        What Lady Gaga and Perez are trying to prove to youngsters today?

        Come can lead a gay lifestyle, have a lot of friends and be successful in life…. without have to wear dead animals on your head, color your hair pink & be a freak show!

        I call this as delusional narcissist (and Perez wont be getting my money, not in this lifetime)

      • Back To School

        Lady Gaga too wont be getting my money.

      • sgfan1212

        The gay agenda is radical and confrontational. They tolerate NO dissent while they scream intolerance at Christians and those who disagree with their lifestyle. This is the heighth of hypocracy.

      • Im bisexual

        Perez and Lady gaga give GLBT community bad names!

    • Adina

      Actually, after making a public apology for his bullying, his website has made a complete turn around. I would suggest researching before calling somebody a hypocrite. He’s made nice with all the people he’s made fun of and has made positive changes in his lfie.

      • Lauren

        this is actually not true. he hasn’t “made good” with anyone. he is often accused of having roles in the destruction of some celebrities careers (christina aguilera’s bionic album comes to mind). he still “bullies” lindsay lohan. and if u really wanna know what he’s done, google “perez hilton’s letter to britney spears” and see whether or not u think this man is not a hypocrite. even still he takes jabs at celebrities because nothing will ever change his self loathing.

      • kellan

        Karma is a B as people say. I remember when he was saying Xtina album was going to flop and what happened it did (he has an influence!) and when her video came out he bashed her by saying she copied Gaga when in reality it was homage to Madonna’s Erotica!

        Karma well miss gaga her new album is a flop, who sells their album twice for 99 cents just to get album sales? Who on their first song released plagiarized Madonna? Who is releasing a book like Madonnas “sex” Who tour footage looked like Madonna’s “Truth of Dare”, who in their video has a fake gap tooth ? Who is constantly being compared to her greater much GREATER counter part Madonna? I tell you who LADY COPY AND PASTE!!

        She will forever be known as the girl who tried to BE MADONNA!!!!

      • oscar

        Pigrez is the Bully. he bullies everyone that isnt lady gaga. your only as hot as your last album, lady gaga isnt so hot right now.

      • collin

        perez a bully? no lol this will be a dust collector for sure

      • Fatty

        That is a COMPLETE lie. I can only think you’re either Perez or one of his interns to say something as outrageous as, “after making a public apology for his bullying, his website has made a complete turn around”. Gzo to any page on his website right now and he’s cyber-bullying someone. He only DOESN’T cyber bully gay celebrities, Lady Gaga and… that’s it. He’s everything that is wrong with the 21st century.

      • ray

        It is much more easy for them to call someone a bully when they are a bully. Perez has said sorry and is doing much better with his site.

    • Ash

      People take his website too seriously. Hollywood is filled with narcissistic, idiot and pretentious people, so it’s good that someone puts them in their place. It’s not like it’s gonna affect their paycheck whether or not Perez bullies them or not. So c’mon, relax.

      • apple

        @ash right and he is the leader of these “narcissistic, idiot and pretentious people” relax? so its ok to pick on celebrities to benefit HIS POCKET?

    • aaron


      • Carolyn91

        i think its because of perezhilton i stopped being a lady gaga fan :(

      • Melissa

        Wow, in denial much? Gaga has already been “happening”! She has something like 5 Grammys, and has sold tens of millions of cds, has been named Artist of the Year by Billboard, and #9 of Vanity Fair’s Influential Business People list . You can’t stop what has already happened! Lol!

      • apple

        @Meilissa Lady GaGa to be honest her last album isn’t as great as she said it would be. I’d prefer Fame GaGa over this new wierd GaGa anyday.

      • undertaker of pop icons

        LOL so true..isnt that from the movie Mean Girls? HAHA LOVE IT ———-> Gaga is definitly not the it girl these days, her eyes were all methed out when she performed at the #VMAS

      • Corey

        smh @Melissa Grammys so has Cyndi Lauper and look where she is at? and Milli Vanilli they won a grammy that doesnt mean anything. bottom line the album didnt meet expectations SHE SET. No matter how you put it she has lost her mojo and is running out of steam

      • VICTORIA


      • ulloap

        yikes this gal needs meds asap

      • jdr

        Carlyn92… I agree. He did worse for Gaga than to Christina.

    • Amanda Casabianca Whelan

      Hard up for cash just like his idol.. Lady GaGa the Copycat !

    • Statia

      I like Gaga, but not too fond of Perez.
      Maybe you should stop hating Gaga on here, considering she has nothing to do with this book. And it would also be nice to not have gay hate on this.
      Seriously. Perez sucks, so what? It doesn’t mean gay people suck.

  • @ol

    When Perez Hilton first came on the scene, he was a total bully to people and I never liked him (poor Rumer Willis!) But now, he’s gotten a lot more chill on his site and credits this to all the bullying stories where kids have been committing suicide. So I respect him a little more now, and this book sounds pretty cool.

    • DiW

      @ol, Looks like you’re the only poster here that’s actually been paying attention to what Perez Hilton’s done with himself recently. He is for sure a changed person like you said and his site no longer has that mean spirited, bullying personality. People do change and it seems he has.

      • Cindy

        like a zebra changes its stripes?

      • jdr

        I go to his website and he is slowly leaking his real self. He hasn’t really changed.

      • Max S

        He’s no changed person. He may have stopped drawing pictures of people peeing and penises in white ink, but he still allows his dreadfully nasty bully nature out in many of his blogs. Maybe not so many as previously, but he just can’t help himself. He’s a hypocritical creep and he’s incredibly biased towards some celebrities.

    • Samuel G.

      You’re not entirely correct. He’s changed somewhat. He still judges and bullies. Look at his posts about Lindsay Lohan. Leave the girl alone. Why does he have to report all these stories about her and then put in his two-cents in like he’s the ultimate human being? He doesn’t have a right to judge anyone yet he still does. Improvement – maybe. Still a far cry from a good human being. He isn’t.

      • Allison

        Well just about every website makes fun of Lindsay Lohan…and why shouldn’t they? She’s hardly trying to better herself in the public eye. If she wanted people to stop talking about her she should, oh I don’t know, stop breaking the law? Just a start.

      • popadop

        I tend to agree with you…he always has to put in his two cents, which are typically critical and biased. I especially can’t stand how he condemns marijuana smokers, as if they need to get clean the same way heroin abusers do.

      • jan

        You sound a little judgemental yourself, saying that he isn’t a “good human being” … it sounds like he wrote a positive book; why are people down on that? Why the automatic response to be bitchy in comment boxes?

      • Cindy

        You are right! Lilo doesnt deserve this bullying did his mom not teach him to not hit girls especially when they are down. He is a disgrace to the gay community! I know many gay people and they dispise him. If linds were to commit suicide i am sure he would be the ONE TO BLAME!

      • Allenski

        @ Allison i see your a pigrezz supporter. Why didnt he report when Lady Gaga was being accused of plagiarism by a Korean Girl Band producer or making profit off the bands she made for Japan? Isnt that breaking the law?

      • Hillarygurl

        @popadoop Yet he supports Gaga who openly states she smokes pot and does cocaine and her Monster Tour pratically was a huge commercial for Drugs with her Syringe stair case

      • ray

        Don’t forget, his site is STILL a gossip site. he is going to talk about people to a degree. But he had gotten much better and has stopped outing people and going to the extream. Give the guy a break. Everyone does things they regreat. It took him seeing kids killing themself to calm down. I wish some of you internet trolls did the same.

      • Sara

        true he posts about lindsay lohans downfalls..but he also posts about multiple other celebrity triumphs, he can’t be blamed for the bad turn of events in lindsays life..his site is a celebrity gossip the end of the day, it’s a blog, typically blogs do tend to include the authors opinions, anyone who doesn’t want to read these opinions is under no means forced to visit the site…it’s mindless entertainment, the same as most celebrity gossip sites…going to check out the latest gossip about celebrities on any site is generally gonna lead you straight to blatent mockery and opinions…he just gets more stick about his because he puts his name to everything he writes and doesn’t hide behind a ghost writer…

    • ol

      You’re right, I haven’t been on his site lately, because why would I go to a site I know to be filled with malicious gossip and hate. If he has toned down his bullying, it’s a step in the right direction. But I don’t know if you can say he has totally changed, you have to wait awhile to see if he truly has or if this is a temporary thing – you never know, he may go back to his old ways.

    • mixxer

      It’s not just lindsay lohan, he might say he’s changed but actions speak louder than words. Everything from the picture he posted a couple days ago of him with his pants down and “pooping” on a cardboard cutout of justin bieber, to his attempts at “publicly humiliating” michelle bachmann by creating a contest to find a picture of her in cargo pants (apparently her PR didn’t want her photographed in such), speaks otherwise. Perez Hilton has always been a bully and always will be. He’s just more passive agressive now.

    • TOM….

      exacactly why his site sucks now….who still goes to it….

  • Bobby F

    He is a hypocrite. After the things he has said and done, he cannot go back and say the opposite. It’s like a mean girl trying to say she’s not really that bad when she is.

  • jasper

    he makes things worse for non stereotypical gays like myself. also he is just a plain horrible person. and makes my eyes bleed.

  • G in PA

    So people can’t change or learn or grow Bobby? Is that what you are saying?????

    • jdr

      Perez really hasn’t though.

  • le topknot

    The fact that he’s a hypocrite or not really has nothing to do with this article. The book seems to have a strong and positive message, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that will matter to those 5-7 year-olds who read the book.

    • Lauren

      i just cannot help but be upset at someone who’s going to preach a message to children and profit from this book, yet is the person LEAST deserving of it. his financial gain is unfair.

      • TAMMY

        you hater!!!!!

    • Hillarygurl

      i wouldnt read that to my kid i am surprised this book isnt being boycotted tbh

  • desiree

    I honestly think he has changed for the better. He opened his eyes when he heard all the stories about the gay kids getting bullied. You can’t change overnight. Its a process. And as for that troll Lindsay Lohan, she deserves it. She refuses to better herself.

    • sandy

      with all these suicide happening he has NO REASON OR GROUNDS to pick on and constantly BULLY Lilo none zilch…NADA!

  • JayC

    I’m so proud of Perez Hilton and I admire all that he’s been doing to teach about acceptance.

  • Autumnsfall

    I think this is a great book with a great message. It’s intended to boost the confidence of today’s youth so that they don’t feel like they are as different as some bullies make them feel. If I had a child I would definitely be willing to read such a book to him/her. So what if Perez Hilton wrote this book? Who cares if he’s bullied celebrities in the past? I want my kid to know that it’s okay to be different, don’t you? He writes a celebrity gossip blog. Most of those celebrities go out of their way to maintain their relevance so they tend to do stupid things to remain in these gossip blogs. Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton can take a few malicious words. It’s part of their job, it’s part of the gossip business. I don’t condone his actions, but at the same time it’s apparent that he has made an attempt to rectify his wrong-doings and for that, I applaud him and his new book.

    • piggyrez

      i dont think bully should write a book on not bullying ..its just plain stupid if any parents buys this book..itll support this moron’s pocket!

      • ray

        just like your name, you’re a bully yourself. So anything you have to say is pointless.

  • Vighorois

    I hope that he takes a minute of his busy schedule to auto-check spelling in the book. Unless he deliberately leaves those errors in as extra exercise for the kids!

  • cathy

    Perez Hilton is a hypocrite! He talks about NOT bullying with this cheesy book….yet, he makes his living by bullying and bashing everybody and their brother in Hollywood.


    What a tool!

    • Demetrio


  • Tdawg

    I read the Perez column daily. I read it not because he keeps me up to date on Lindsay Lohan because, honestly, I just skim right over those posts, but for the topics that he brings up that don’t get covered in “traditional” media. He talks about equality for homosexuals (DADT and Prop 8), about bringing light to the “It Gets Better” initiative, to the atrocities and hypocricy in politics and the world, and to the good that a lot of celebrities do that don’t get attention on ET or People. Yes, he still sheds way too much light on Lindsay and Paris Hilton and the like, but really, what he ultimately does with his celebrity now is shine a light on things that mean something – like children accepting each other for their differences. Way to go, Perez!

    • Lincoln

      You want news on DADT, Prop 8, equality for gays, and the It Gets Better” project? Try The Advocate. Not only is the magazine and its website educational, it’s anti-bully and your support actually helps many Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered groups all over the world. The fact that you go to Perez Hilton’s website for gay news is laughable. You’re putting money in HIS pocket. What does he do with that money? He throws lavish concerts and big birthday parties all for his pretty little self. Get real, girlfriend.

    • eilliM

      Perez publicly outs alleged celebrity homosexuals and posts blogs with tags like ‘Gay Gay Gay’. He reinforces a negative stereotype and invades privacy. No, he is not a mouthpiece for the gay community, he is POISON.

  • Jdavis

    I have read perezhilton blog since the beginning, he has evolved over the years and thats what is important. You can not simply say hes a hypocrit or that he is a bad example for the gay community. If you think your so self righteous that you are the model gay citizen then you need to step off your high horse. As for the book, which is what this is about, I think that he is setting a good example and maybe people should stop being so quick to criticize.

  • sandy

    Perez Hilton has worked extremley hard to spread the stop of hate. His career did start off as snarky and somtimes cruel but the past year he has seen the error in his ways with the suisides of young teens for being bullied. He has started dedicatng huge portions of his site and advertising to stopping violence and bullying. This book is just another step in his road to redemption. His heart is good and while he does occasionally attack a celebrity it is not for being different or homosexual, its for continuously making horrible decisions. Go perez!

    • Lauren

      it wasn’t just snarky. google “perez hilton’s letter to britney spears.” once u read that, CRUEL is an understatement.

      • yollie

        He likes Britney :)

    • Demetrio

      “Perez Hilton has worked extremley hard to spread the stop of hate” tell this to Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Nicole, Jlo, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton basically any one who isnt gaga (vomit) he has hated on. S

      Should his book be supported. A book about love, acceptance, and a person who preaches hatred and is a constant bully? Absolutly not!

    • Aunt Jemima

      Seriously, If homosexuals are serious about being accepted one must wonder why they do not distance themselves from this man and his idol- Lady Gaga.

  • Lyona22

    Let’s be frank here. Who cares who he is, what he’s done, etc, etc, etc…
    Are people not allowed to write books for children, just because of what they do or say (or have done/have said). Just look at Robert Munsch. A celebrated children’s author for years, who was addicted to alcohol and cocaine. It certainly didn’t make him any less of a writer, did it? He was still able to touch thousands of young lives with his stories. I’m not trying to glorify how people live their lives here, but it’s a friggin’ children’s book. How about we focus on the material and quality of the book, rather than who wrote it.

    • Lauren

      thats all well and good… but there are kind people out there who struggle with life every day and u have this douchebag who treats people like garbage PUBLICLY and is going to profit from it. i can see why people are upset. it might be the best children’s book in the world, but he doesn’t deserve the chance to be able to sell it, plain and simple.

      • Sebastian

        @ Lauren

        Do you personally know what’s he doing with the profits? Are you associated with his agent, accountant or publisher?

        For all we know, he could be donating any part of the proceeds to a charity that combats bullying. We have no idea what or how he’s using the proceeds.

        So unless you somehow are intrinsically tied to how his profits are managed – your claims are baseless. And you’re being as critical as the person your calling out.

      • Sarah

        @ Sebastian
        The best way he can combat bullying is by stopping the bullying himself. And im sorry but taking a passive aggressive stance while doing it does not make it any better.

      • Lauren

        @sebastian – it is QUITE obvious that you have never read the horrifyingly cruel things that this man has publicly stated about fellow human beings. you may be right and he may be donating his proceeds in part to anti-bullying charities… but this man is so self-absorbed that if this was the case, he would make it well known to the public. he’s trying to glorify his image, and therefore would brag relentlessly about his plans for his earnings.
        also, criticism is fine, but this man has been downright EVIL in his past. if it was just criticisms that he was throwing out, i’d be the first person to come to his defense. what he does is bully, yet writes a book about it…. fair? no.

    • Sebastian

      @Lyona22: THIS.

      I’m by no means a PH fan, but I completely agree with Lyona22’s statement. This post was about the children’s book he wrote – not about his ethics, behavior, or moral code (past or present). If the post was about any of those things, then people absolutely should be commenting. But it *wasn’t*: the post was about the book ‘s positive message.

      Perhaps this book was one of the steps in his journey to be less judgemental. Moreover, the people slamming him in this forum are hypocrites: each of you were thought it was perfectly acceptable to go off-topic in order to judge him and his actions.

      And I must give a THOROUGH eye-rolling to those who have to refer to themselves as “non stereotypical gays”. Instead of acknowledging the fact that GLBTQ people come in different personality types and temperments – YOU foster the belief that the majority of queers come in a singular type…but you just happened to be “blessed” to not fall within it. Queers – like any hetero – can be bitchy or thoughtful, selfish or giving, savvy or moronic, cold or big hearted. So that type of thinking perpetuates stereotypes just as much as any homophobe’s. So “thanks” for putting us in a box, douchebag.

      • lalala

        Um…the book is saying how bullying is wrong and that it’s wrong to be picked on for the way you look. The people talking about his behavior here are pointing out specifically that he bullied people, including some for the way they look (therefore the “hypocrite” comments). It is totally not “off-topic” at all.

    • Daisy

      There is a HUGE difference he is a bully who writes a childrens book to NOT be a bully?!

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