J.K. Rowling launches new site 'Pottermore' and teases an upcoming announcement


Do you feel that? That frisson of excitement, that magical feeling of antici…pation? Almost exactly one month away from the release of the eighth and final Harry Potter film, J.K. Rowling has created a new website. Named Pottermore—it doesn’t take a linguistic genius to realize that’s an anagram for “More Potter”—it appears to be only the promising words “Coming soon” and Rowling’s signature. Although, if you click on one of the owls framing the page, it takes you to a YouTube account with a countdown clock that teases an announcement from the author which, as of this moment, is exactly 6 days, 14 hours, 11 minutes, and 23 seconds away. Wait, now it’s 22 seconds.

It looks like J.K. is taking a page out of the book of J.J., as the website was found via some good new-fashioned viral marketing. Ten coordinates were given to Harry Potter fan sites which, when combined and plugged into a Google Maps-powered website, yielded the ten letters that spell P-O-T-T-E-R-M-O-R-E. To Potterheads out there who are all set to go into conniptions over the possibility of another novel, you might want to hold off. Scholastic told EW that the announcement will not be a new book.

So what will it be? My guess is one of two things: either a comprehensive, fully immersive Harry Potter website (which would be awesome) or the revelation that the series will soon be available as e-books, a development that has been a long time coming. What do you guys think? Any other possibilities?

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  • Tim

    It’s not going to be another HP book that continues the story…that much I can tell you. I am thinking its going to be some sort of comprehensive guide to the characters and what happens to them before, during, and after the events of their time at Hogwarts…much like the Star Wars compendiums they publish every so often. I would love to have some sort of reference for the HP universe personally and hope they do have something like this in the years to come.

    • k

      They said it would NOT be a book.

      • Sosmart

        shut up

      • if its not a book, who cares?

        I honestly only care about further exploring that universe, and short of a new book – exploring the backstory of Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort OR the adventures after Hogwarts – I could care less, if JK is not careful, she could turn into George Lucas, milking her franchise, teasing fans with empty calories.

      • Dan

        I 100% agree. A countdown to the release of ebooks would be incredibly lame.

      • jordan

        I can’t imagine they would spend time on making a Pottermore logo if it was just the release of an ebook. I’m excited, though!

      • Annabeth

        Well who said it had to be an ebook of SHORT stories? It could be an ebook of the 2nd generation(as in Harry’s, Ginny’s, Ron’s, and herminonie’s kids)at hogwarts.

    • k

      I hope it’s a guide like that, and I hope it’s in book form (maybe the statement above only referred to a new book as in a new novel, rather than an encyclopedia type thing?). I don’t really care about a website; I’d rather hold HP things in my hands! And I really hope it’s not just ebooks, which do absolutely nothing for me. But we’ll see…

      • crispy

        Didn’t she successfully sue some guy who was planning to publish a Potterverse guidebook? And she said the reason was because she wanted to write one herself? That seems the most likely thing.

      • Ian

        Unfortunately, she also said it could be years before she ever got around to doing it, let alone finishing and publishing it.

      • Anna

        I agree. I really doubt it has anything to do with ebooks. Why would she change her beliefs about them now?

      • AB

        Yeah, and it HAS been years since the last Potter book came out, so what’s your point?

      • Erika

        It has been about 4 years since “Deathly Hallows” was published..

    • madame pooch

      What you suggest sounds very much like the Harry Potter Lexicon which, although not written/compiled by Jo, is quite excellent. The secrecy and anticipation of Pottermore are intriguing, and somewhat reminiscent of the golden years of waiting for the next book release. Sigh, I do miss my midnight book parties.

    • Rush

      It’s going to be a MMORPG.

      • Some Guy

        That was my first thought, too. I’d give it a go.

      • Mason

        Ohmygod. that’s what I think it is too O_O I can’t even wait.

    • elizabeth

      sure likes thats gonna happen

  • kelly

    Don’t know, don’t care, but excited!

  • Ellen

    The HPANA editor has seen it and said it’s “breathtaking in its scope and beauty.” So I’m guessing it’s more likely to be a web site or game of some sort than E-books

    • Adah

      I hope it’s not e-books. I really respect JK Rowling for not going to the dark side. I really hope it’s a new website but either way, I’ll all a flutter with anticipation.

      • Mike

        The dark side of “e-books”??? What, because it’s not paper and takes away from the traditional form of reading? I don’t have an e-reader or anything (yet) but I never considered it going to the “DARK” side. Anyway, I would surely hope they wouldn’t launch a viral campaign to announce e-books. But, then again, Apple had a countdown to the arrival of The Beatles music on iTunes…so…I dunno.

      • E-book lover

        What a silly comment. How are e-books “the dark side”? What’s wrong with them?

      • RobertaK

        E-books can make reading more accessible; my mother-in-law can no longer hold most hardbacks due to arthritis, and text size in paperbacks can be a problem. With an e-reader, both issues are solved. Sounds more Dumbledore than Voldemort to me.

      • MelindaB

        E-books only enhance reading and regular books. If she were releasing something ONLY in e-book form, then I’d be cranky. While I could get it on my “Kindle for PC” program, it would be less than convenient.

        RobertaK–“more Dumbledore than Valdemort”–love it!

      • SMS

        I agree that ebooks are the dark side. Trees vs. rare metals. New technology = destruction of books.

      • Diane

        As a person who commutes by bus about 2 hours every day I can tell you that my Kindle is worth it’s weight in gold. I don’t run out of things to read-or carry two books at a time. I’m thrilled with the ebook world and hope JKR jumps on board

      • Heather P

        As much as I love paperbacks, cuddling up to J.K. Rowling’s giant tomes is not appealing to me. I’ve gotten the final four of her books the day they came out. So paperbacks were not an option. E-books would be a lot easier on the carpal-tunnel. I’d buy them again in e-book format even though I already own the set in print.

      • Tom

        Ebook are terrific. Eventually libraries will carry them, along with all kinds of emusic, and emovies to watch for free. Suck it.

      • welshgirl

        i have an e-reader and was SO disappointed that i couldnt’ get the hp books on it. i have the whole set (actually, there are 2 sets in my house!) but i wanted to have them on my ‘nook’ so that i could take them anywhere…because honestly, those books are large. it’s almost like a comfy blanky i could take while traveling. i’ve already loaded it up with all my jane austen, another comfort staple. I really hope she adds ebooks to her plans soon!

      • shuzchic

        I love thesebooks – own them all but I also commute and ebooks would be amazing!!! Don’t need the money JK? Donate to literacy programs!!

    • Liz Lemon

      Some site confirmed that it’s NOT a Harry Potter fansite aka social networking site. So now I’m utterly confused.

    • Sarge

      “Breathtaking in its scope and beauty…” does this sound to anyone else like a possible theme park? Not like that one at Universal Studios, I mean an honest to God theme park with the castle and grounds/Hogsmeade?

  • Genoa

    Whatever it is, I want it. Rowling owns me.

    • Lucy


      • Charly


      • mollie

        oh i know ME TOO!!

    • Liz Lemon

      Exactly!! And this new Youtube Countdown clock is getting me even more PUMPED!!
      JK Rowling’s announcement are always huge, so I’m so excited!! The last time she made one the Wizarding World theme park was confirmed. :D

    • patsy


    • Mason


  • Jenn

    I’m guessing an interactive online RPG. Personally, I wish she’d focus on writing another completely new series instead!

    • Liz Lemon

      She has been writing. She said recently that she’s been working on about 3 different projects. Since this is JKR we’re talking about, she clearly likes to take her time. Hopefully, one of those books will be released soon.

      • Jenn

        You’ve made my day!

    • CelticGwen

      OMG! A Harry Potter MMORPG! That would be awesome! Pick you house! Pick ur classes! Battle dementors!

  • Wendy

    I’m hoping the announcement is that there will be a final Harry Potter panel at SDCC this year. Typically they don’t do panels for movies that have been just released (HP opens Friday & SDCC starts the following Thursday), but it would be a killer way to close out the series & it would dominate the press coming out of Comic Con. I really hope Warner Brothers can make that happen for the fans.

  • A.W:

    a picture of her crotch

    • crispy

      I heard it has a lightning bolt scar on it.

      • Sosmart


    • reading teacher

      Knock it off–such an inappropriate comment for a ‘discussion’ about the author’s works. Grow Up!!!

  • Paul Reiser

    Maybe it’ll be about a series of books about a wizard who teaches at hogwursts. You know, just a normal guy, two kids, bunch of wacky friends and he’s just doing the best he can, you know? I think, um, you know, that could be a great sitcom.

    • Sosmart

      Paul, your show sucked.

      • Paul Reiser

        You know, I’m sorry you feel that way. I have 2 kids, I’m just doing the best that I can.

      • reading teacher

        WHAT???? Yet another inappropriate comment

  • Nikki

    Maybe a new book? (crosses fingers)

    • Hunter

      Why do you care, since you obviously can’t read… The article CLEARLY states that it “will NOT be a new book.”

    • Liz Lemon

      She said that it won’t be…yet.
      However, that doesn’t mean this new site won’t be used to announce a new book sometime in the near future.
      She’s been working on that Harry Potter Encyclopedia and a few other projects, so they’re bound to be released eventually. It’s been 4 years since her last book.

  • Kelly Petska

    It’s going to be a Harry Potter MMORPG…duh…

    • Kristen

      I agree. I think this will be what is coming.

    • RumbleRoar

      I hope its not, just another way the youth will involve itself in video games, and not read the books. I wish it would be a book either about James and Lilly, or about Dumbledore’s early life (grindelwald ect.), even though she says its not a book :(

  • Jason

    I am soooo hoping for digital versions of the books… Like in a MAJOR way. I have all the hardcover books (most bought more than once due to multiple readings)So to have a digital version would be awesome and YES I would be willing to buy them all again no matter the cost!

  • Renee

    I’ll be happy with a website, but I REALLY want the e-books. I need them on my Kindle so I can read them whenever I want. Giant hardbacks (yes, we have all 7 in hardback) are not conducive to travel.

    • Paso

      That’s what they make paperbacks for. The new versions are quite small and fit easily in a purse/backpack.

      • E-book lover

        Trust me, paperbacks cannot compare to an e-book reader when you are a voracious reader that can consume many books over a vacation. It is just not feasible stuffing your backpack with 4 thick paperbacks when you can just bring along a slim Kindle.

      • Greg Allan

        I’m quite certain that hauling around all seven books everywhere you go, even in paperback form, would be terribly inefficient.

    • Liz Lemon

      I don’t think I could read Potter in E-book format. lol. I just love having those in physical format.
      But JK Rowling recently confessed her new love of E-books in a new interview, so I think she’s getting closer to allowing the Potter books to become available in E-book form.

    • MelindaB

      I own them all in hardcover, as do my two oldest sons. The younger two kids each have their own set of paperbacks, so my family has given Jo a good amount of money. :-) If I had a Kindle, I’d want them in e-book form, too, so I’d always have them with me.

  • D-Unit

    Anything but a new novel and people are going to feel cheated on a announcement. I would buy the books in e-book format but I don’t think that deserves any real hype. Maybe it’s a MMORPG World of Warcraft style.

  • Chrisy

    I hope it at least is more of a after…

  • Diego

    I guess that she’s going to released a comic-series and give us a spin-off from the original books, maybe with Harry’s kids.

    • anna bean

      I heard she could potentially release new books but from the perspective of Lily, James, and Snapes time at Hogwarts. That’s just a thought.

      • Liz Lemon

        In that documentary, “A Year in the Life of JK Rowling,” she said if she did write a new Potter book, it would be from the perspective of Albus Severus Potter.

      • GMP

        it will be awesome. But its not possible. The announcement apparently not about the release of a book.

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