Memoirist claims he turned tricks for stars like Cary Grant and Spencer Tracy


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Scotty Bowers never acted in a single movie. But his story may cast a new light on old Hollywood by revealing the hidden love lives of stars like Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, and Rita Hayworth—all of whom Bowers claims as paramours from his heyday trading sex for money.

Literary agent David Kuhn confirms exclusively to EW that Grove/Atlantic president Morgan Entrekin has bought the rights to Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars, Bowers’ memoir of his years spent as a bartender, confidante, and gigolo to a laundry list of showbiz icons. A GI who moved to Hollywood after World War II, Bowers describes how he and friends serviced actors and actresses on leave from nearby studios—using an LA gas station as their base. He says he later became an in-demand bartender who developed intimate friendships with stars like Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift, and Rock Hudson, among others. Now 88 and living in L.A. with his wife of 27 years, Bowers agreed to tell his stories now that most of the celebrities he claims were friends and clients have passed away.

“The book is a window onto the shadow lives of all these people who entertained us and made popular culture, but who in many ways weren’t what they appeared to be,” says Kuhn. “Scotty helped them to fulfill the desires that they couldn’t fulfill themselves.”

Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars is set for release on Feb. 14, 2012.

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  • sara

    Yeah now that they’re dead, they can’t defend themselves. Real classy, just someone out to make a buck.

    • pass

      i smell a fraud

      • SallyinChicago

        I smell $$$$.

    • The Uncool Guy Down The Hall

      You do realize that “someone to make a buck” is pretty much the definition of a gigolo, right?

    • joshwin

      Scotty Bowers is a lowlife hustler. You might as read the “weekly world news” tabloid for all the facts you’ll get in this piece of crap “memoirs.” From the gutter to the bookstands, a new shock-writer is born. And, this agent guy is writing it for him anyway. I would pay exactly twety-five cents for this trash, the same amount you pay for a toilet flush!

  • daisyj

    So, why should we believe him? Does he have photos? Eyewitnesses? Signed receipts? Considering the number of faked memoirs that have been foisted on the public over the past few years, expecting people to take claims as sensationalist as these at face value seems like a stretch.

  • Laura

    Enough already. It’s so convenient that the famous people “outed” in this book are dead and are unable to dispute the claims. Let’s just enjoy their career on film and stop trying to manufacture controversy. I hope everyone just ignores this garbage.

    • ST

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • HD

    This isn’t anything new. Do I believe him? Sure, why not – that kind of behavior happens now on the regular so why would the past be any different? Do I care? Not in the slightest.

  • outside agitator

    this isn’t “Old” Hollywood…it’s the new entertainment biz. very few books, movies or tv shows without a gay angle.

  • Clete

    He probably also serviced Rin Tin Tin, Mister Ed and Silver. They, like the others, are dead and can’t refute what he writes.

  • bropo

    well, thanks for bringing the idiot angle.

  • James

    The question is why this and why now. Do I believe it..don’t know. Using dead celebrities to make a book and a buck is kind of tacky. But at least this is a real person with a real name, not like the trashy tell all books by authors who never met their subjects and sources are “insiders” and the like who they made up to spread lies.

    • Huh

      I can see it. So he;s old, and has a story to tell, and sell. And Yes, they can’t defend themselves- but I think he’s telling the truth. So what if he’s old and wants to make some bank on his story, If it’s true, at least he had enough respect for the dead, (or fear of litigation,) to hold off on it until now.

      • Mark A. Vieira

        There’s no logic in this story. Why would a good-looking, rich, powerful movie star who has his pick of all the eligible partners in the world need some nobody and a gas station for a date? Not to mention that stars were only supposed to date above-the-line talent. Merle Oberon hurt her career by marrying a cinematographer. That’s a fact. This stuff is pornography. It would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting.

  • Fatima

    Hasn’t Cary Grant’s bisexuality been pretty well documented?

  • K

    I’ll consider this a work of Fiction and approach it as a fun trashy read, but nothing to take too serously.


    Sighing. . . People in general simply love reading and learning more of other people’s “dark” sides; that’s why trashes sell. . . And no matter how true or false it is, the story; some people would just do anything for money. . .


    Still, in protest vs what he’s doing, technically speaking, I would stand reading for free a book on this ex-hustler guy’s dark sides themselves spun by OTHERS, so that he could simply come to taste his own bad medicine. Just say’n. . .

  • GHB

    Another old “married” queen, out to make a little cash. Just as bad as Boze Hadleigh. Trash

  • CPayton

    Just more exploitative trash. Sadly there is a long history of writers who will write this stuff. Of course, this fellow won’t have any proof of anything he writes.

  • CH

    This article makes no sense to me. Nothing in it seems to verify the headline, the book isn’t coming out until 2012, and there’s just nothing to back up this extraordinary statement. It’s just disturbing that people are allowed to write this stuff on the Web — I don’t even get a sense that the person who wrote the article has even read the book. So when he reads the book and it turns out that Cary and Spencer did not have sex with this Scotty Bowers, just serviced them as a bartender or got girlfriends for them or whatever, is he going to apologize to Jennifer Grant and Susie Tracy? Men like these two simply did not hire men in the 1940s, when they could have had any woman on the planet, and also ended up in stable, long-term, happy relationships with women. This article is simply not credible.

  • CH

    One other thing — this reminds me of the character of Tom in the nursing home in the British sitcom “Waiting for Godot.” Has anyone even thought to verify that angle, that he’s 88? He may very well be as sharp as a tack — or he may be the kind of 88-year-old that doctors prefer to interview in the morning when his mind is fresh. We just don’t know, but it’s disturbing that no one thinks to raise these kinds of questions when faced with an allegation like this.

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